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 - was "Miss of Mr. at-the Weber Prom of .shape of...
was "Miss of Mr. at-the Weber Prom of .shape of decorations sweet jars, the college ' cards the pink were Mr. and Prof, Prof. Dr. J. Merlin A. and Mrs. and and- Mrs. K. G. Tanner: Eva Marian Frank Ruth Melba McKay, Cain, Elma Holmgreen, Ferrln, .Cortez. Jen-, , .'Veto'- and Kas-" Harrison WEDDING IN HOUSTON OF P ROMINENT, ^embers, of; the arranging .-for the-annual' fashion revue-to'be 'given^next club, and Mrs. Elsie E^e. ; Badcon, Sherman ; Clarencb- Gean Wallace Irwin Donnel Hensley-Cortez, LeRoy Mr.'- and.-:Mrs. .George S. Eccles- No w^oB.'Horiey- .moon'In ^Mexico . j Now · on - their honeymp'oiu^in Mexico, Mn and Mrs. · George.-S. Eccles, whose marriage was'a'.^so-: ciety event of. Houston. Texas, , .on March 4,. will arrive in'Los Angeles this week and^ after. ' touring California by motor will come home by. way of Portland, Ore. '-The first of May will see them .established in · Ogden. and many ;smart affairs have been planned', to welcome the bride. Mrs. Eccles.'was formerly Miss- Dolores Dors;, and j was house guest of Mr., and Mrs;. Marriner Eccles last-winter,, when! she. was much entertained, and so- | ciety is 'looking forward to having.] h e r here permanently. · · · ' . : The ' following account of ,- the wedding from the Houston Chrp'n.-. icle OC March -5, will be of interest. "A beautiful bride of last night- ·vvas Miss Doroles Dorc. daughter o f , Mr.' and Mrs. James Henry Dore. I whose marriage to George Stoddard' Eccles .of Ogden, -U.tah, was "····» -sol- emnized at the First Presbyterian church, with Mr. William. States Jacobs reading the impressive ser- .vice. The wedding .was a notable event of statewide interest.' and had been preceded by an unusually 'large sprles of. affairs for the brido and bridal party. ; SPRING DECORATIONS. "The church-setting .was"distinctive of. spring,', the altar space-,,re "sembling; a' charm ing sylyan-glade'r-| wherein grew masses'of-flowering' treasures..of- the ·w.qo'dlan'd.' .As. a. background' "the- evergreen· -foliage* of "the. forest was.-interraingled.wttlv ' feathery ·' branches -'. of- flowering.' · shrubs and'palm's.' Against .this'banking the .heavy, clusters -or ·pear and cherry.blossoms stood.out in charming, relief. Guarding t h e ] se'm'i-cir.cle'.-th'us" 'arranged wer.v urn's 'holding hawthorn bushes and tall shrubs of. feathery .effect...Pedestals, held branched, candelabra in-j which gleamed cathedral tapers,-; and intermingled with, the altar or- · namentation were myriads of soft Delton Tom-- I ^earning ' tapers in graduated ,ef- fec( . wMoh S hed · luminous' rays over the b r i d a l ' p a r t y during .'..the. sole'mn' ceremony. A curtain -· : ot' ^^ . smilax covered the wall space, be- the altar, and .smilax was; ar- r p , ranged in.festoons overhead across EVENT the alcoved space. The glossy vine twine* the church,. intermingled with branches of flowering; cherry. The large center chandelier -formed a framework for garlands of! smilax which fell in showers about. 1he incandescents. · . "While 'the guests/were gathering a program of music associated, with weddings was given. iMrs. 1-t. M. Garwood -and Mrs. James 'L.. Storey gave as a voice duet; 'Still As .the Night,' the soft strains merging into the familiar wedding music which indicated the time of the ceremony. . GORGEOUS COSTUMES. "The brido entered with hev father by whom she was given in marriage. Her exquisite costume of marvelous ivory satin in straight, silhouette was embroidered 'with motifs of pearls and finished at thu liem line with heavy banding of the pearls Narrow bead drapery hanging from tho shoulders was caught at the wrists. The long court train depending from .tho shoulders was'bordered.-with rare princess lace and ornamented with orange blossoms. Over .this beautiful creation fell the soft' folds of her misty tulle veil, like a sot., cloud. The veil was worn to .fall over the bride's face and adjusted with a coronet. of : the rare lace and sprays'of orange blossoms S^e, carried a . shower.. bouquet of-or-. chids and lilies of the. valley. · prom took place of the o.f used in the purple colors, .room used- low baskets peas the archways Easter of purple distributed composed and by the committee, Stone, Following the march, patrons guests. with which an woven so a tradition significance Willis CI1 iu:s ....-- -- White; Nelson: j The frocks' of ^the^ brides a^t- Stewart; business, Lavon advertising Mildred and Donnel tendants were spring theme Monohan team at a delightful eyon- the ' McGregor at one reflective oj. Mrs, Leslie Duftorr arid Mrs. George 'Noble Jr.,. sisters of the -bride. 'attended her as matrons o£ honor. Mrs. 'Button wore delicate green 'chiffon with goaets of real lace and flower trimming at the waistline. and'Mrs. Noble was In Dink chiffon, also having the rare liace godets and -flouncing, and flower trimming. Both carried old- fashioned nosegays of tulips and sweet peas,' Vhich harmonized with their frocks. Miss Mary Cujllinan as maid of honor was inyel!ow .chiffon and lace and also carried the same flowers in the same design-- ing -The group of bridesmaids \vore delicate .chiffon frocks, '-in pastel .' tints, witft slippers matching the hue. .and carried the colonial bouquets '.ol. sweet peas and ' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,,. _ _ _ _ . . orange I tulips i n ' harmony. Miss. -Jane was in lavender. Miss y Irand colors. Chew in peach. Miss Ella-Rice Ben...Calnoun, .· William.·.Taylor;. Jr.',and Browne'. Gwathh' gr.ooms- men.- LARGE RECEpTIOlv"'. Following " the ; church" 'ceremony a 'reception' was held, 'at 'the,' home ' Rome, on Mr. "and. and : - of - -where 'the .p rived. i'e make their Fri' " ":i -S was" "delfehtSlv" fe^iBrennanJs' tured S - : - Tutlp^eeSa^-Sea^'-Mrs. James - calendulas,'gave floral charm, and e .... . .backgrounds. The -wide'stair railing I n - t h e hall ·was twined with smilax arid the fireplace in. the: drawing 'room Mrs. urday for jrday. will join the east. veiled by'a-shower of the'vine, with. Mrs; all 'silver vases f i l l e d - w i t h ' t u knd roses placed amid the-foliage l a n d on the-mantel.-In: the dining'room! Jr., _\ ' . _ ._ · j j ~\^ _ .,,4 n v,rt" ^ At*A \ f . f i l^r _ 'a -lilies of the valley were .used, the fragile blossoms' 'being clustered, in dainty. crystal"bowls /and; vases. The' bride's table 1 , · overlaid- -.with handsome, coyer, · -was. veiled.'with will be" Mrs: .weeks with Mr. and clouds 'of tulle .'caught, .'.with', the are ".in bridal blossoms. The'heart shaped j'fcw m wedding 'cake.' 'enVbossed : with -or- ·. . - .. · .* 'ange blossoms stood'at: one..'corner, .Miss,, a'typical .bride, directly.'across ap- Thursday- ; . .rt,,..:-.,,. -4- n - ^ , i o tn'r-Q i-»A-\i7Ar . nf I P.-h'nz bower · of IChez fern fronds: The chaz.delier' above! western was twined with foliage. .'.with. a-[of-her shower o'f the ' lilies .vof. the:,valley j h e . -- -falling, to the ,-tulle- '.·. tain--a--'-numb'er mings, "'Mrs. John;-.Wr]:ey.,-Lin:v- .Jr. The brid.e' was.- in. ch'arg'e ."of Miss Is'iria Cullinan 'andf Miss'"Louise MacClain.' "Punch.;.was "served, on a' wide gallery,, 'which.;'was'., latticed, . . with 'smilax and-trimmed :-witn'tu^i Mrs. lips.,.: .TOUB ;IN MEXICO. . ,Mr: and-Mrs. : Geprgij:.Ec'cles- left i Mrs. Joh.n n.ext ^ ~.A + not- return John "S.'.. Roberts at midnight for an ^tended, wed- ·j';__-i^^ .rrv,«v.^r,-'fir=f- tn.-.Mexico' ·--- =_ 'ding'.trip.,. .They. go."first- to.- Mexico' City, then-to--'Vera.'.Cruz,-, back-, to California'.where,-; -after .-.reaching Los ' Angeles',' they -g'b ; ' : overland -in their 'car to San-. Francisco,..Port, .Ore., ; t'hen on to Ogden,'Utah, their ".future" home. .- The ' : br.ide". ,is traveling, in a moflish ensemble;-suit of lanvin green jewaltbne," banded ·with .fur,-' with',frock- of,flat-crepe noon -in Reed-hotel.-- · .* · . . - ' - Mr..-and have..returned-, trip north-west." '·'·'- ; · ·. '._· '. V '-. Mr.'-and'. hounce.--.'the,'!; 'Miss Nora" Eccles -of Ca . ifornia, sister ol the groom, m . . . pearls, tinted/to,match'vtheir.frocks. table--and were -.- .. -- . , ^j^Q^uQggi LJIC Q-A-VJ^JI^I o .-IHVI/^ICJL-- -O.JI\A shaped Lmireau shade with real lace-.aaoi.n-. ^ . . f . Lo - s; ._ in 'g e ' 1 'g s ;'^ I j s ' s - i Daniels prize ment, and'. Miss Louise;.-Darnels....of .. f ;C( j rsic:ill ^'. an d'-:"Miss'- Winifred in the-same.-. t6ne,-andvsmart;smaU. fl aug )it' e 'r - hat'to match,. The-.bride s-gifts to; s . re her. .attendants \\;ere. jf .chains;..'of · · after dinner went Corsicana in. -blue with real lace, insets over pink.- Mrs. Dore, moth-": er of the bride...-wore-a handsome v . -i ' · ! gown of green chiffon with. crystal Dixon and silver' embroidery, a slender Irvine, Hrain. of .silver ribbon, falling from Sampson, -.Herbert and 14 young danced the shoulder beneath a silver 'rose. Mrs. Ellen. .Eccles, mother of the groom, was in amber georgette overlaid with beading. -Their corsages were'of sweet peas.. James .Pullman ' of San; RO-served, as best; .man and Messrs. of .'.Corsicana 1 Smith 'of ' Miss; Dorothy :Herringt'ph;:.'aatHjh'- · :Her-. Mr..- make theLr-home. . · · · ''' Wednesday'," with Mrs. ' ·1 per' - o - Stories ".by by- they.- had; were;' lickt re- Leslie · Dufton. George Noble Jr.,. St; tor .of ·Mr.' : An'd'-Mrs.''- : ir;rcd..W- . : Hcr-. .-.. The ringtoh-. -.who is-attehdiiw-.sch' pohed..-' St'. Etienne,-: Fr'ancc';'''1eft'.Tuesday|Weclnesday,QYeningVApril I jlorick.'Cravens..;- Harold ..Connor;! with'' : a'party.-tovpassltlie'-'sDririfflW.eb'e'r"£j'mnasivim,.;

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 29 Mar 1925, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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