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 - President, t h e ' . pr-sceful ^ Communist*,...
President, t h e ' . pr-sceful ^ Communist*, that m a k e s ] Presi- concept --stressed t e r C h u r c h - which closed here said th:s a t n(^ nation he subordinated the President world The n d ways were the j. M. Collins ot I Eaton Is Dead ' "·- of the w i t h a parti- leave U.S. Hails Over wai over irsla'n r. s. ,,» a Tl:e on xil c a r m * prepared for munis.! course i{ reruh::'- Co 1 ., f t o n e would r ' ni;il a Former r,ium;in relnse ' here, I leftwinj; hi? Col. i h e new to revere ernment ed arm* prior In hower he tried the J. Vl. Collins. '3. for HI years a farmer in ihe Faton c o m m u n i t y died at 7:K a m. Wednesday at the . Weld C o u n t y C.eneral hospital, told reporter, w i i h , where q u o t a - , June 25. Mr. ( ollms. widely o a p a r t y In the c o u n t y and state. a n y - ' o n e time candidate for there and over his long residence in VieM hoards and In m a n y organizations, some ot which he Preil- j helped to found. He was horn Jan in expected Thursday Salvador the government. : Guatemalan · ··· . . inaian c a p l l n i UT n Choestoe. C,a., and was married , li . CommU nlsts .1 _,, t o « 9 ICOf, in \ a n TwlcES. ... week ,_ -end the foreign l n ere on J a n . 2. ISfif, lo Nan TWICES. of Stale T h p y moved ln F.atou In 1S9T and ___ _ i r ^ mi _ _for , ivell Bince t h a t time on the same lhal Ca!lU i lo [arm one and Ihree quarters miles hjs own junta. and led to t ~» ...» , , a n i ) , f r s said he , « __ _ ga.,,,^., - Thouirh no formal -ea«e-fir« and was its first treasurer. ^ D een proclaimed from either his job to look i __ n off ._, e h(J he|d m a n v yp ars . He ; a n f i s h t m back. i ajf( bepn a ,| earn n and had halted. Latest inio the news | ^ u m Mhf[ ( . h u r r h offices . H e . c minutes be-; ^ chi!rter m e m her of Baion stale of Zacapa a tan ' Mason | C tnAfe N - 0 . j j n s and its sec- well ; · , He Wa6 a charter mem- try's chief port on the ;!!;" O f Eaaiern'Star Xn C7 and be- 'it was w a n t e d j" , l n n i j £ i i l ',,, , hf , odri fellows, the the army's :. and the Shrine. I forces had is was closely associ-! I". le development of irri- who northern Colorado. In the .. k.,.,,.,4 n f tv,p l a H m e r med.a h u a j toll over Wned "' to see er and ans over said It tried to Communists are he- Central American s a i d dent and superintenden^of latter for a great many years, until en( . 19..1, when ne rei-rca. e mment in its Pomto Gro P : d er 8 °c S ompany ofV'eZ ' in 1904 and was it secretary since thai time. He never missed an ' a n n u a l meeling. In tact, at one ; time, when he was ill, he called the meeting at his home and «o was able to attend. on i n c Mr, Collins was a. member of Energy j ^ fj r E l board of the Weld County Dr - J - ! General hospital, and was serving U i n p i i""- ~ · vjctiei a J i i v o j ' n . « . ··"-- -Robert one ot t h e j l t , h e t i m e j t w a 5 opened, atom bomb, no long- i ,| e serve d on Governor G u n t h e r atomic, secrets | 12 m a n war council d u r i n g World character' | W a r __ an(1 ,. as democratic can- i d i ( i a l e f o r governor in 1320. He to appeal. Fcrvel] as 5late p r p s idenl of the " i Farmers I nion from 1315 to 1S2;. ' also heins a member of the national he t h a i event nell lor T h p ( - ollinSPS - (iv e children sur| v j v e their f a t h e r . They are · MaT c i .- linl 0 [ g^u Lake City. said | ^. 16) ; Mrf era. : will l w : i a f t e him | Marvin J. Collins of Eaton; ! Mrs. Gladys Woodrow ot Denver. Miss Alda L. Collins ot Eaton, and James M. Collins Jr.. of Eaton. Mr. Collins is survived also by «^» grandchildren, seven great, children, and two brothers Joseph £ :«. Collins of Gainesville. Ga and a Boh T. Collins ot Blairsville. Ga. a m Funeral service will be l-nday at 2 3ft p. m. at the Baptist church ot F.alon. and interment Macys is in chp.rp.e. 11 " lon

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  2. 30 Jun 1954, Wed,
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