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city hall to open to public - ... pitv di ammimp b TLH U WORM New Municipal...
... pitv di ammimp b TLH U WORM New Municipal Building Will Will Also Bq Thrown Open .to the-Ruplic: The following city - plan nl no pro. gram has been suggested for Oakland: Tc obtain, a comprehensive , city plan for remedying existing evils and for. future growth:. I. Gather complete knowledge of facts about the city, at to (1) Physical conditions Contours and grades; streets, main traffic arteries, sauares, and minor residence thoroughfares: water supply jnd scant-tatlon; (2) Economic conditions 1 Transportation; shipping, harbors and docks; railroads, ttrminala throunh and local freight; local and Interurban' rapid transit; surface lines, vehicles and pedestrians; business, factories, warehouses; food rupN. ply, markets and deliveries; relative districts and rones for above: (3) Social conditions Housing, tenements vs. single dwellings: recreation facill ties, playground schools: park, and boulevards; (4) Aesthetic conditions Attractiveness vs. Repulslveness c city; architecture, placirq and, grouo-Ing of public bulldlnas; street adornment; and planting: (5) Legal and nd-mlinistratlve ' conditions Lenal obstacles end lax enforcement; resources of city; financing Improvements. II. Employ eomretent experts to study facts and lay out the solution In a City Plan for the future. III. Secure execution of the City Plan by estnbllshlno a CI" Plan Com-mission, which shall be 1) Repository for surveys, facts and all suggestions for" city; Imorovemerftf. (2) Interpreter of Clty'Plan to che-Jr'up r'atlon of all. proposed Improvements. f3) Amender of City Plan, keeping abreast of progr ress and changes in conditions. IV. Fducate the public to the City Plan Get pressure of nubile opinion behind cltv officials, and secure leili-latlve authority and appropriations to cerrv it Into effect. The public will he Invite I So Inspect the Interior of the $2,000,000 City Hall tomorrow for the first time since Its erection when th Cltv Planning exhibit opens. Owing to delay in Betting the various parts of the exhibit unpacked, the City Planning show will open tomorrow Instead of today, as was originally planned. - .The great harbor model was Installed t the City Hall today cqincldent ' with the delivery of three tons of packing rases of drawings, photographs and diagrams from Hamburg. London, New-York and Toronto. ' ' - mt City officials. Chambers of Commerce, Commercial Club, Commercial Exchange. Women's Clubs, and a large number of merchants and-citizens are lending a lianrj to make this a great object lesson of permanent Improvement on. this side of the bay. Mayor Mott and Superintendent Anderson yesterday-supervised -the preparation of the new municipal building. - .. : When the doors of Oakland's new City HaJJ are opened for the first time at 11 arm. tomorrow the rush1. of. citizens to .see the building and the exhibit Is ex pected to he so great that the Chief of policemen to 1 Police is detailing extra handle the situation. Expressions of interest of many proml-neht citizens yesterday took the form of demanding that something "of permanent good should! come to each of the bay cities from the holding of such a .vas.t show. ' . C. H. Cheney, secretary of the Oakland City Planning Committee, "who arranged the exhibit, Issued this statement today: carrylnsiout any campaign for civic Improvement which is to lead to the achievement of lasting results. It Is only odThmon sense to start with careful program of procedure and tlfl science of city ' planning ' Is founded upon qommon sense and forethought. " A city plan that is ' worth anything can onIy .,, under our pregent 'form of government, by persistent effort; by the enthusiasm of a group of workers, who have the foresighlj to see the great good that can come to the city from coordinating all the .suggestions and expenditures of the different departments for physical changes Into one consistent scheme of city ' ;building. - :rwitb -the ..great-strides that eastern cities are making in city planning,' we must enthuse and convince the cfty officials in ur east bay cities until an appropriation is made for a program study or preliminary' survey of the city's condition and need of correcting existing evils as well as for the sure doubling or even tripling the population on this side of the bay during the next generation. If then ther are progressive city officials who will take up the -work, experts can be employed, first to make this survey of the facts; second, suggest-a solution, and third, work the solution Into a city plan that will live as a permanent scheme for all future development of the city. - WOULD LET. CITY PLAN FRST. "Then the greatest and most Important part of the work to do to secure the execution of the city plan. While a progressive and energetic mayor" or member of the city council may for a year or two make tli'e execution of the plan hls: chief business, the changes of political, and other local conditions eventually in time bring somebody else in charge of the city's affairs who"tS more interested In itomevother problem of city government, "The most successful method Ih this country that has been found Is to have a permanent city planning commission or bureau, composed of public spirited and well-informed citizens of the community, who act without pay, with terms of four or five years each, one going out each year, thus forming practically a permanent force, always on guard. Such a body naturally becomes a repository for all suggestions facts and surveys of the Kcity, sifts and collates what is for the most good, interprets ine plan, checks up the relation of all proposed Improvements and J advises the city commission thereon, and lastly, so amend the plan, after due. study and consideration, that it-wlll keiep abreast of the progressive city and changes In conditions, which years of growth alone bring about. : "Oakland and the other east bay cities can . well louow u, .au oi over litty eastern cities of the United States, in establishing an efficient conservative and constructive city plan commission." ad of ove:

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  1. Oakland Tribune,
  2. 12 Mar 1914, Thu,
  3. Page 13

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