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 - THE PEOPLE'S NEWSPAPE Today's Newi Today,—...
THE PEOPLE'S NEWSPAPE Today's Newi Today,— News, Pictures and Comici EX ETSJI V B tf W.&.; D I SP A 1 C H E 1 First Door ofeityHallpnSojith Twelfth Street; ESTABLISHED 1891. MURPHYSBORO, ILLINOIS^ J);A:Y, FEBRUARY 9,1924 PER WEEK FIFTEEN CENTS MARION DEFEATS COMING CRIMSON TEAM 2 POINTS Conference Leaders Scared Stiff and Barely Managed To Tuck Av/ay Victory With A Two Point Margin Crimsons Show Great Improvemen In Team Work And Passing. A whirlwind finish featured by two Hold goals caged by Bencini, stibstt . luting at running guard, all but server to defeat Marion Friday night in .one o£ the fastest and hardest plnyec games witnessed on the Crimson court this season. However Marion' nix point load WHS too great and the time too short, and the whistle endec tho. foray with the Williamson county Little Ton conference loaders, pos aessln& the tall side of a 1G-H score From tho initial minute of play •when tho Crimsons gained the lead . with a field goal by Micheal a Crimson victory waY iminent. Tho Yearns see flawArt'.-hack' ! ami forth* until thp'.bb ginning of tho third quarter when a (lurry of "blind" shots gave Marion a substantial lead. This lead was 1 1 cut down in the final minute of play as the diminutive guard tossed two counters through the hoop. It is interesting to note that last night's contest saw Murphysboro come nearer to beating the famed ' Marioniles than any Crimson team ' ha;-) clone in the history of the present school generation. Jilui'ijliyrfboro showed their real mettle last night for tho first time tills Huanon. Against the stil'fost opposition CITY MAY GET N. PAVING FREE State Highway Officials Desire That City Throw Out Section North -of End of North 14th > THIS MERCHANT The, city council met in a- quiet session Friday night, No matters- of outstanding importance came up. The council voted to allow, the city pay roll. The Murphysboro gas company has been instructed to erect lights in East Murphysboro. City Attorney Ramsey was instructed to draw up an ordinance pertaining to traffic crossing sidewalks at alleyways. A suggestion that tho city purchase tarpaulins to be used to cover damages caused by roof fires was submitted by Fire Chief Albert Herring Considerable damage is caused t property by rains and exposure b openings left in root's by small fire and it is proposed that the fire de partment bo equipped with coverings for such damages. It is understood that insurance companies win ^refund the expenses of Huch;iVrecauHons;'-The suggestion' 1 lias, been-j.turned- -oven' t6 Commissioner -Wrjgh£ and, Fire Cute Herring for their disposal. An Hum concerning the opening o a right of way for the new state road at the north end of Fourteenth St was discussed. The state highway of ficials desire that the .property nortl of Fourteenth be thrown out of the city limits so that this section may be included in their hardroad district .if'the property remains within the city limits it will I'aJf to the city to pave this district. ' . Property owners are contemplating ABOUT MURPHY Apropos of Nothing; Say "Miirphysboro, Is the /Best Town in TKis Part of v the Stated -- Bids Knockers to Quit Biting Apropos 1; of •noihing^i^p and 'in Answer 'to ;T a;^n%w^v^rite^ query for news, a Murphy^biofdi.;ine'r : chant, whose voice ^' neY;fcr.sriJiseii in public, said Friday rrionilng^that he still contends ''Murphysboro.ysA the best town in 'this part of the 'state.'' \ And the "sooner merchants and everybody 'else living here decide- to admit the truth and quit knocking-the town that feeds them, and quit Sideling themselves that Murphysbbro is not the best town, the sooner everybody will feel better,''' be -said. Temporarily the M. & O. shops.are shorthaiided. This is not unusiiaVin' the dead of winter.' Against this shortcoming local mines are 'working better than . those viu,, surrounding Only/oii.e jlarge' jhihe here is /working ^.little as/four; days-: a^w^k^a^tfi^: MORTAL WOONDING OF , • • . •. ' i .,...„.-. . : . .; •••••••• SHERIFF LAYMAN E "CIRCLE" MEET SfieifF|^^ Forv; ; Safe Keeping—Galligan, -,,A,,,^ .... ^^(jfe^ Y^un| Deputies, ArmaJ, Appear Here to Arrest • inpage's Deatfro n^Streets^Militia on Scene; Others Haver-f paying brick- plant has resumed full blast, looking to big spring " ship' : ftieiits; The- M., & r &. w'iU soon 'be taking back -many -of the meW-now idle. .The shoe .factory is 'gradually increasing forces as a stitchdo.wn plant and .we have the word of the* company that fully as many workers, if not more, will be employed under the new order of! things there. ^Representatives of Murphysboro's big wholesale plants re.port; that, no- whero around about Us do they find more to encourage retail trade than is to bo 'found Tight. herq at home, in Williamson County, Rushes County Prison—In Statement^ Declarellle: HadAist Eeeted Flaming Circle Gathering When Klan Arrived Polic ! #s^^a^^^2 * Cagle M Herrln last iligHt. Gallium's arrest was engineered by S. G. Young deputies, who came - • •• • t^aesai .v^<*Kicjc»i> **vf.j.**» »»»ic»v •••^••»» ^»----o—-•—, *~--—- '•,--. % -. *^- f - . - , . , iphy^boro to ; get him; GaMigan had left by auto for Marion when J^y^ 1 ™ 1 ' .. AdvicJ via railroad^vires *t 11 a. m. said all coal mined on the C. B. & Q, railroad together with Mine No, 8 nearer Herrin; are idle today, the men massing and taking sides with Klan^ and^ Knights of the Flaming Gircle. Ku Klux • i BULLETIN SPRINGFIELD, 'III.,': Feb., 9—Following receipt of; reports of, ^firing this morning at the hospital «t : -.Her- ; r!n f ;Vl III., .Adjutant ^General Carlos Black ordered:>,the fourv :Sprlnofleld companies, of :-lilJriols National ; Guard to prepare for. duty. - They have as Deputy Sherilf John Layman, • avowed took th're.ei Herrin' policemen/ including Chief -John Ford, who were at the hall, and carried- them to' iy[urphys- boro iu an^'automobile, evidently fear•ing: mob, violence, ." '•'''" , Thip morning a' baud of men went -to the-hospital where the sheriff's fol- hail In Herrin at 9, o'clock last night, foeman of Glenn Young, leader of. the Klan raiders, \yas mortally shot through the back. Later in the night Caesar Cagle, alleged Klansman, was shot dead in another part of Herrin. Police Chief Ford and Patrolmen Harrell and .Stephens remained jail I 14 ty. I pointed out that the eyes of the nation are oil Herrin and bade the men to conduct themselves peaceful-^ ly, ass uring them that Glenn Young ^ would in Herrin but a, little |0 while longer. x Young has terrorized- , our community. "To make matters worse word had been circulated that Young, and Klans^ s '

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