Donations to aid victims of the SF 1906 earthquake

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Donations to aid victims of the SF 1906 earthquake - o Ctttgefes Daily (Etmc& 8 ALL AMERICA QUICK AT...
o Ctttgefes Daily (Etmc& 8 ALL AMERICA QUICK AT RELIEF RESPONSE. Intense Humane Feeling Is Shown, and Offers Ate Showered on Mourning City's Committee Tendering Everything Mottal Aid Can Bestow. BY THE ASSOCU TTT ASHINGTON, April 19. The W: for the relief of the San Francisco earthquake sufferers waa amended by the House Committee, the amount being increased to $1,000,000. SENT TO PRESIDENT. Vice-President Fairbanks alined the California Relief Resolution, appropriating $1,000,000, at 5:10 o'clock, and It was at once Bent to the White House. PRESIDENT SIGNS BILL. The President at 6 o'clock tonight signed the join resolution appropriating $1,000,000 for the San Francisco sufferers. PRESIDENT'S APPEAL. President Roosevelt has issued an official appeal for aid for the earthquake sufferers,' tha distribution to be made through the American Red Cross Society. The immense sum of $2,525,000 has so far been reported as subscribed to the sufferers' fund. SAN FRANCISCO. April 13. lp.m.-The Committee on Safety, consisting of fifty prominent citizens, met with Mayor Schmitz this morning and or ganlzed a Finance Committee com posed or James u, ineian, i. y , lieu man, Claus Spreckels, J. Downey Harvey, Thomas Magee, J. L. Flood, William Babcock, W, F. Herren, M. H. De Young and Robert J. Tobln. Before the meeting had organisscd Claus Spreckels gave $25,000, Rudolph Spreckela, $10,000; Harry Tevls, $10,000; Gordon Blandlng. . $10,000; Eleanor Martin, $5000; J. E. Flood, $5000, with a promise of more. Mayor Schmlt announced that the water company promised a supply of water this afternoon In the Western Addition, and In the Mission by tomor row. Committees were appointed'' to take charge of the relief of the destitute, and the work has already begun. Golden Gate Park will be the main refuge, and supplies will be sent there. SUFFERERS SEEK REFUGE. Boats are being provided to take people across the bay, and thousands are availing themselves of the privilege. The University of California at Berkeley has volunteered to take care of two thousand. Mayor Schmltx has made his committee of fifty citizens special officers, with full power to represent him and with power to requisition men, supplies, vehicles and boats for public use. Unless supplies are rushed In and arrangements made for their distribution, trouble Is feared within a few days. Even men of wealth cannot obtain food with all their money. Gens. Funston and Sumner, in com mand of the Federal troops, are rendering great service. Refugees who go to the Presidio are being taken care of, but the number that can be accommodated Is limited. Except for an occasional accident, there has been no additional loss ol life reported since yesterday. People have had time to leave the burning districts, though most of them have lost all of their belongings. BERKELEY'S GREAT WORK. fBT THE ASSOCIATED r-RESS A.M.J . BERKELEY, April 19. Extraodinary relief work for the benefit of tho vast population which was rendered home-leos by the San Francisco earthquake is being accomplished by a local citizen a' committee headed by Rev. E. L. Parsons, pastor of St. Mark's Episcopal Church. The work of providing meals and sleeping accommodations for the large numbers who are pouring into Berkeley by every train from San Francisco is being Joined in by University an! townspeople alike. , President Wheeler has thrown open the grounds of the university to the weary refugees from the burning city across the bay and the churches have undertaken the task of supplying great quantities of food. Meals will be served from a great tent which has been erected under the campus oaks, while sleeping accommodations will be provided by strewing the baseball field with a deep layer of straw. If the weather proves inclement the homeless will have the opportunity of sleeping in Hanuan gymnasium. Tents also will be placed on the campus. WOMEN TO BAKE BREAD. All the parish houses of the Episcopal churchee of the city have been given over to tho use of the needy, and many charitably inclined citizens are giving their extra home accommodations to those from across the bay. A special request has been sent to the women of Berkeley to bake all the hread they possibly can as there la a distressing bread famine on the other side of the bay. This Is accounted for by the fact that all the bakeries that' have been left standing are not allowed to build fires under their ovens on ac-viunt of the danger of starting other tiros through damaged chimneys. The Native Sons and Daughters, and Benevolent and Protective Order cf Klks, kept open house last nigh. nt the relief of the poor. GIVES MEDICAL CARE. Medical attention for a large number of persona Injured In the San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fire is being provided In Berkeley. The local hospitals have been thrown open and the medical men of the University town are bending- every effort to alleviate the sufferings of the unfortunates. Among those who are believed to be fatally hurt are William Cunningham, whose skull was crUHlnl in the col-lanslnar walls- of a hotel, and C. W. Harris, a lumberman of No. 90S Howard street, San Francisco; who t-lv hurried about the tvfl. While every attention is to be given by the citizens of Berkeley to the homeless fian Franciscans, care will be taken to prevent any lawlessness during tii time that the University (.-rounds and homes of the college towns re thrown open. To provide adeqne rrctection all the student cadets of the V niverslty of California wre sum-renied to report at the armory tonight mn-i riPtaJlpd for ruard duty. larre number of special deputies T ave been sworn In by the chief of police to prevent thlevtnr. INDIANAPOLIS RESPONDS. fBT THE ASSOCIATED PRESS-AM INDIANAPOLIS. April 19. After a r - !,suHr.tSon with a number of Indlanap-r is buMncf smen at noon today, r 'yor Charles A. Bookwalter int Vi following telegram to Mayor !( fill of teao Francisco: ' ( c people of mdianapoils author io wait a draft upon m for IW.OuO I r , i : f of tr-.e suffering people of u. Vrw if further assistant v! ! s ' - :-'it-d." V a - v ;i tor rrlicf has beta is TED PRESS A.M. resolution appropriating 500,0()0 sued and any sum in excess of the $10,000 will be forwarded to the stricken city. PENSYLVANIA WILL HELP. fBtTHTS ASSOCIATED FRESS-P.M. HARRISBtJRG (Pa.) April 19. Gov. Pennypacker today sent the following telegram to uov. i-araee or uauiorma; "If tonight help Is needed in San Francisco that Pennsylvania can ren der, let me know." MONEY FROM NEW YORK. (BT . -E ASSOCIATED FRESS-P.M. NEW YORK, April 19. Elghty-flve thousand dollars for the relief of San Francisco was raised on the stock exchange within twenty minutes today. WELLS-FARGO'S OFFER. tBT THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A.M. 'NEW YORK, April 19.-Wells, Fargo & Company announces that they will .transport supplies for the sufferers at San Francisco free of charge which are addressed to aiy San Francisco relief committee or any public officer who may have charge of the distribution of it. ROCKEFELLER'S GIFT. fBT THE ASSOCIATED PRKSS-A.M. NEW YORK, April 19,-John D. Rockefeller today authorized his agents in San Francisco to expend $100,000 for the relief of the homeless and destitute of that city. . TENTS ON THE WAY . (BY THE ASSOCIATED FRESS-A.M ) PHILADELPHIA, April 19. Pursu ant to tho order Issued this morning by Secretary Taft, the quartermaster department in this city today shipped to dan Francisco 3500 tents, all that were ivallablo In the depot. SACRAMENTO IN LINE. BY THE ASSOCIATED I'RESS-A.M. SACRAMENTO, April 19. Citizens of Sacramento at an impromptu meeting on the Courthouse steps in this city this morning, raised $50,000 in twenty mln-jtes for the relief of the earthquake n& fire sufferers In San Francslsco. It was decided at the meeting to lmmedl- itely start steamers for San Francisco with supplies and to continue sending steamers every day until all suffering is alleviated. STOCKTON SENDS PROVISIONS. (BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A.M.J STOCKTON, April 19. The Stockton Chamber of Commerce has organized a ellef expedition and this evening a big iteamer of the California Navigation and Improvement Company, donated for the occasion, will leave Stockton for San Francisco, laden with provisions, blankets, clothing and other supplies. On board will be 100 tons of potatoes jnd other vegetables, in addition to anned goods, bread and foods, ready to eat. Donations of food and money am oourlng into the headquarters of the Relief Committee which at this writing. i o'clock p.m., la sanguine of securing $20,000 in cash In Stockton. TACOMA'S QUICK ACTION. tBY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A.M.J TACOMA, April 19. Tacoma will send 100 tons of supplies to San Fran-jisco by the steamer Nelson, leaving tonight. Ten thousand dollars in cash will also be wired tonight by the Chamber of Commerce. The cltv has divided into districts with a committee in charge of each and a careful canvass for funds will be made. The school children are today making contributions upon request of the school board. MAYOR SHOWS NEEDS. BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A.M. 1 SAN FRANCISCO. April 19. The fol lowing appeal for aid has been sent out by Mayor Schmits to Gov. Pardee, and shows the destitution of the people and the dire need of food and shel ter: Send all supplies and tents possime to Golden Gate Park. Have bakeries in small towns bake all the bread they can. We want bedding, food ana tents.' BIG PORTLAND GIFT. BT THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A.M.I PORTLAND (Or.) April 19. In addition to the "Telegram fund of $15,000 raised yesterday morning, Port land business men. up to 2 o'clock this afternoon, had contributed $S5,000 making a total of HU'J.OW aa told ror the relief of the San Francisco earthquake sufferers.- 6EATLE RAISES FUND. (BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A.M.J SEATTLE, April 19-Through the "Times" and the Chamber of Commerce of this city, nearly $40,000 has been rataed at 2:30 o'olook this afternoon for the benefit of the San Fian-clsco sufferers. SANTA ANA CALLS MEETING. BY THE ASSOCIATED PKESS-A.M. SANTA ANA. April 19. The Cham-ber of Commerce and the Merchants' and i.anutaciureis' Association have called a mass meeting to organize 'for the relief of the earthquake sufferers In California, and have sent a message to Mayor Schmits stating that the' town would help to the best of its ability. MISSOURI'S OFFER. BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A.M. SACRAMENTO, April 19. Gov. Pardee today sent the following dtspa'ch to Gov. Folk of Missouri in reply to an offer of aid for San Francisco sufferers: "Thanks for offer of help. ThTe are thousands of homeless people In Han Francisco and other towns, and food and shelter must be furnished. At the eatne time, people of the Fat nhoull uri'r --retaiid that tha area af fected by J eojio'iuniie is only about it i1 i : t "". t ! j i V, 1- jct i .' ;. i "If -, -. -,.-,'lM til ?' 'J I f Flood building (destroyed.) ' Cost $4,000,000. one-fifteenth of the whole State. The great Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys and all the northern and southern portions of the State escaped the disaster. In San Franclso most of the destruction was wrought by fire and not by earthquake. "GEORGE C. PARDEE." DENVER SHIPS SUPPLIES. BY DIRECT WIRE TO THE TIME3.1 DENVER, April 19.-ExclusIve Dispatch. Denver started the first train-load of supplies to San Francisco tonight. . QUAKE MAY CHANGE CANAL. TBY DIRECT WIRE TO THE TIMES. WASHINGTON, April 19.-Exclu-slve Dispatch. The San Francisco earthquake probably will result In a sea-level canal being built across Panama. PARIS POSTPONES EVENT. BY DIRECT WIRE TO THE TIMES. PARIS. April 19. Exclusive Dispatch. The Franklin statue unveiling ceremonies planned for today have been postponed on account of the San Francisco earthquake. They will probably take place a week hence. JOHNSTOWN CALLS MEETING. BY DIRECT WIRE TO THE TIMES. JOHNSTOWN (Pa.) April 19. Exclusive Dispatch. Mayor Youtlg issued a call today for a mass meeting to be held tomorrow evening for the purpose of devising means to send help to the earthquake sufferers In California. When Johnstown was visited by iha flood disaster, San Francisco and Los Angeles were among the first cities to respond promptly with substantial help. and all the contributions were paid In gold. Johnstown residents have not forgotten San Francisco's generosity and it is believed that the subscription at the meeting tomorrow will be liberal. TRAIN LEAVES PORTLAND. BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS-P.M. PORTLAND (Or.) April .19. The Southern Pacific will run a special train of twenty cars, leaving here at 6:15 tonight for San Francisco carrying ten physicians, twenty trained nurses and 800,000 pounds of provisions The train is expected to reach Sn Francisco Friday afternoon. SEATTLE SUBSCRIBERS. BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS P.M.) SEATTLE, April 19. Seattle will subscribe $100,000 through Its Cham- u SE BULLETS ON LOOTERS. Mayor Authorizes Troops and Police to Stamp Out Criminal Activity. (BY THE ASSOCIATED PRES8 P.M.J SAN FRANCISCO, April 19. Mayor Schmitz this afternoon Issued the following proclamation to the people of San Francisco: "The Federal troops, the members of the regular police force and all special police officers have been authorized by me to kill any and all persons found engaged In looting or !n the commission of any other crime. "I have directed all the gas and electric lighting companies not to turn on gas or electricity until I order them to do so. You may therefore expect the city to remain In darkness for an Indefinite time "I truest sit citizens to remain at home from darkness until daylight every night until order is restored. "I warn all citizens of the danger of Are from damaged or destroyed chimneys, broken or leaking gas p'pes or fixtures or any like cause." Mayor Schmitz has addressed in appeal to the people of Oakland, asking for bread and food supplies of all, kinds, tents and bedding. Golden Gate Park will be the place where the destitute will be taken care of. "We Want th pro things." adds the Mayor, "and we vjuit tUem Immediately," I"" 'ft" 1 i ber of Commerce, and has asked Prsi oent J. J. Hill of the Great Northern Railroad to send the 20,000-ton liner Minnesota, now In this port, to San Francisco with provisions and to bring tack sufferers. CHICAGO FEARS. CHICAGO, April 19. Exclusive Dispatch. Hundreds of anxious people in Chicago strove, yesterday, to get news concerning relatives who are believed to have been within the earthquake circle at San Francisco. San Francisco business men stopping In the city vrere also unable to learn whether their families were safe. Theatrical people were greatly concerned for the welfare of the grand opera singers billed for the Coast city this week. Caruso and Mme. Fremstadt appeared last night in Carmen. No word has been received from any of them. ON BOARD OF TRADE. . On the Board of Trade little knots of men talked over the situation, recall lng friends whose wives, daughters or other relatives are visiting in San Francisco, and were In danger of death. Not In years has the board been so much agitated as by this shock. PUBLISHER HOWARD'S ANXIETY. Chief among those torn by anxiety was B. Frank Howard, publisher of the Dally Trade Bulletin, whose two daughters. Misses Anna and Grace Howard, are believed to have reached San Francisco. MRS. CHARLES COUNSELMAN. Mrs. Charles Counselman, widow of the late Board of Trade member, and her daughter, are in San Francisco, It was recalled by the board members, and probably stopped at the Palace Hotel. James Ball, who recently returned from California left his daughter in San Francisco. , THE BOOTHS. Mrs. William S. Booth, wife of one of the most prominent men on uie board in Chicago, and Frank and Al-hnrt T?nnth. hla brothers, are in San Francisco. Friends of Booth expressed fear that the three snared in me eann-quake disaster. They live in the western addition. RICHARD FRANK. Tftrhnrd Frank, is , another board member who hopes yet fears to hear details of the quake. , His mother, he said, Is now stopping at the St. Francis Hotel, in San Francisco, ana no in formation has been received as to her self as yet. OTHERS FEARED FOR. Among others for whom anxiety Is felt are Mrs. Robert Weston, Mrs. Ernest Hall of Evanston and her son's wire. Mrs. Milton Hall, wife or a well known Chicago physician. The trio, who had been in Southern California for some months, expected to be in San Francisco this week. SAN FRANCISCO EXCITED. At nariv all of the oromtnent Chi cago hotels are Callfornlans, many of them residents of San Francisco, and they were of the throng that made demands upon all places likely to receive early and accurate information. R. A, REDMOND'S GRIEF. Robert A. Redmond of San Fran claro had lust registered at the Audi torium Hotel when informed of the disaster. He nearly collapsed. "Oh. my God, my wife and babies," he shouted. A moment later, he had rushed from the hotel, his grips In his hand, and entered a cab. He is supposed to be on his way back to San Francisco. PAYMASTER COLBY'3 SON. Capt H. G. Colby, U.S.N., a pay master stationed at Han tTancisco, reacted Chicago today. His son, H. C. Colby, with his wife and children liva at Ts. ' :TZ Pierce aveuue, uur Dlocks west of the business district. FELT IN MARYLAND. WASHINGTON, April 18. Excluslvs Dispatch. Seismographio machines of the Weather Bureau the observatory of the Coast and Geodetic Survey at Cheltenham, Md., showed distinctly the earthquake tremors d'le to the great phenomena In San Francisco. The Weather Bureau announced that the total . ground movement record was fourteenth of an inch before the stylus of the seismograph recorded guch a variation that it left the six-Inch paper provided for its course. Experts point out, however, that such an actus', movement Of the ground here would have been felt by Individuals and that the ground movement was not so great as indicated. - Never befcre have the n.aehlnes at the Cheltenham observatory nho'vn guch ft disturbance. Otto H. Tlttman superintendent of ths Coast and Oeode;) Survey, at noon today rendered this report to f ."-retary Metcaif of the Department c Commerce enl Labori . .-. .-...j .... .- ii. 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The suppressing and In dangerous praise. highest not neces-saryg before Tonight, hunger what sold for instances At 6 more the attempt Bread Berkeley distributed by the Mayor the hills, with below little together In are hunger The calls of and most These increasing, and doing all and ; Oakland food, themselves unless Express to $50 give any LIQUOR Liquor were hundreds bottled arrived. the drop the the mob s tBT Telegrams city been Armies has done shock one ' An Los to desert, nothing is San sums offered visions

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