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BY ISAAC KASHDAti IKTRNATtONAl OUNUUSTB Ww fcnus OMtt MMw. LA. Vmm 7 : tM M. CW. CHESS STATE FEDEKATION IN BOSBEBEBSHIP DRIVE Tht California State Chass Federation is starting a drive for new .members. This is one of the; best-organized ' chess groups in the country. It runs a number of tournaments 'annu-tlly. These have been growing teadily in prestige 'and popu The federation publishes the C a ill o r m a uness Reporter, which appears 10 times a year tinder the efficient editorship of Guthrie McClain of .San Fran cisco. Through. Its. membership In the United States Chess Federation the CSCF Is the link between the individual chess player and his fellows In other groups throughout tne country. Individual membership to the State federation is $2.50 a year, which includes a - subscription to the Reporter. . Members nave tne rignt to enter ail federation-sponsored tournaments at mini mum rates. Following are the minutes of the last meeting of the federation, which indicates the scope of the chess activities In the State. For;further information write to Chess Editor, Los Angeles Times. CALIFORNIA STATE CHB68 FEDERATION . Minutt of the 24th regular an nual meeting' neia in tne howi cau-fornlan, Fresno, Cal, on June 1, MS7r (1) President George F. Goehler cauea me meeting lo oraer at kju p.m. In the Sequoia Room, which was filled to overflowing. I (2) Secretary KMe Forrest read the minutes of the 19S6 annual .meeting-,, which were approved as read. (3) Treasurer Ralph Hultgren read his report for the past year, which was approved as read. (4) Irving Rivise, chairman of the board of directors, gave a verbal report on the CSCF Tournament Committee. He briefly described the Open Tourney at Santa Barbara ield over tne laae ljaoor uay wee ena the biggest ever, with 96 players,! won by Gil Ramirez of San Francisco. He also described the Closed' Touraev held at San Francisco over the 1956 Thanksgiving week end wim nine players, aiso won ay Ramirez of San Francisco. Then he described the State Women s cnam-nlonflfclh h.ld in La Antreles in December, 1956, won by Mrs. Sonlai Graf Stevenson of Palm Springs overj seven other contestants. Rivise Minted out that the srowlnir Inter est In chess in California, resulting in bigger tournaments, is creating a problem which the board of directors should look Into regarding Improvement of the present rules. Mr. Rivise then explained that much of the success In holding tournaments during the past year was due to the great effort put forth oy mrs. cnaries ttenaerson ox Beverly Hills. At this Doint Lvn Hen derson was accorded applause from the floor, and thanks from President Goehler. (5) Director Al Raymond gave a verbal rerart for A. E. Hoersehner on the Promotion of Special Events committee. He said mat an aireciors had been contacted during the year, but more promotional work would be needed to accomplish the objec tives ox tflis committee, ne aiso recommpnrtpd that a concerted drive for new members to the CSCF on a regional basis be launched at once. (6) 'Nell-Austin, chairman, of the Committee on Ratings, gave a brief account of the activities of his' committee during the past year. It- was his opinion that a California rating system . Is out of the question at this time.' He recommended that we should continue to make best use of the USCF Harkness rating system. Isaac Kashdan offered the opinion that at least three tournaments per year per player are required to furnish the Vjasls. for a nroDer ratine President Goehler thanked Neil Aus tin and his committee for tne worK done and ordered the committee temporarily disbanded 1 (7) President Goehler expressed the feeling of loss caused by the recent deaths of Mrs. Nancy Roos and George Stevens. (S) The following five directors were elected to represent California In the United States Chess Federation: Henry Gross, San Francisco; Soencer Van Gelder. San Francisco: James Reynolds, San Francisco: Irv ing ruvise, J-os Angeies, aiiu ur. Phil D. Smith. Fresno. It Is expected that at least three 01 tnese --aireciors win atiena me S8th tiS. .-Open Championship in' ripvMnnri..' n .Auc-.- 5-17. 1957. and attend the USCF business meetings Held at that time. (9 On mntion bv Lerov Johnson. seconded by Dr. Bruce Collins, thel following 10 directors to the Califor- nla State Chess Federation werei unanimously elected: 1 Guthrie McClain. Su Francisco Bar Area. . S E. Uadstrom. Valicio-RtAwood Em- 1 Dr. 'Phil D. Smith, Prejno-Centisl vajiey. 4 R. Kirch. Monterer Bay Ares. 31. Kasbdsn. Southern California. 6 I. Rivise. southern Cililoraia. 1 Chit B. Wsllter, Rivtrside-Tri-Cotratr Area. ThlftTav VMM TtfPffA S Irry Zlplel, Eeddlns-At lsrr So. 10 Al Raymond, Lancster-At lsrse so. ' (10) President Goehler appointed Dr. Bruce Collins of. Santa Monica as parliamentarian as reward for; his' proven knowledge of the fine: points of the constitution of thei CSCF ri-iS niaripR and Lvn Henderson offered to compile a list of names and addresses of California chess Slayers, accepting sucn neip aj juaj e offered from any and all other members of tne usur . (12) It was announced that r narinw fwhd was nresent) would make it 24 straight matches on the morrow. This would also be true of F. Christensen- (who was not present at the meeting). These two members are the only ones who have never missed a meeting of the CS(KS) On motion by Irving Rivise St was voted to make S10 available to the U.S. Junior team for its Ice-j land trip this summer, and another SIO available to the U.S. Jr. Championship to be held in San Francisco starting July S, J957. (14) Meeting adjourned at 11:12 P m' KYLE FORREST, Secretary. PASADENA WINS CLASS B The Pasadena Chess Club is; winnm- nf the Class a team championship of the Southern California Chess League, sweep- ing through with three winningi matches in the finals. In the last round Pasadena! defeated the Santa Monica 2 team by 4-2, the identical score which they had previously I achieved against Long Beach1 and Santa Monica 1. . Santa Monica 2 was second; with VA-Wi in matches and an even sulit in games as.weu, a-. In third place was Santa Mon ica i. -with l-z ana s-iu. iAng Beach, which tied with Santa Monica 1 the last round after two losing matches, wound .up with -24 and a point score of 7-11. MBS. STEVENSON TO PLAY AT STEIN EK CHESS' CLUB i Sonla Graf Stevenson, USCF Women's Open champion, will play a simultaneous exhibition at tne Herman sterner uiess Club, 108 N Formosa, Wednes-I day evening, July 3; The charge for playing is $2 a board, with a $1 fee for spectators. Advance reservations may , be made - through Mrs- Lyn Henderson, 1561 Linda Crest Drive. Her tele- WHTTK 6 White mates in three. SUMMER SOLVING CONTEST Startin? with today'. nrohlumK. and, ending with the July 28 column,1 we are starting a soeclal solving contest to determine our best solvers. For the best score made during that period, we are offering a one-year subscription to Chess Review, the leading American chesa periodical. Second nrfze -Is . a arx-month ;suoscnpuon to Chess Keview. There la no entrance fee. Points will be awarded In accordance with our regular solving rules, reprinted marks will decide The editor' de cision wui oe xinai. SOKJTION TO PROBUM 2863: K-N7 SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 3MS; Q-B2 -rarest. a jtzpen: , u kzu. 2 S-S3; if BlQ. 2 B-B6: if Nzb. 2 N-Q7; It RxN. z wxaui; 11 n-its, a la-uj. SOLVERS LIST Five Mints W. W. Irwin. W. S. Moore. Two points J. C. Beaver, B. Bushueff. R. CarrolL C. Foster. J. D. Frierson, W. H. Griffith, Dr. J. A Healv. K. G. Howell. W. A. Klefer. K. Lesser, J. H. Murray, S. w. iay , u. a. Henley, jt. renter. K. J. Tavlor. Li; Wilkinson. A. E. Wood, N. C. Wooaard. One joint l. aeviii. j. x. tiustrap, w. c. lutto, w. u. raine, ja. iwsen. Problem 2866 nroved unususllv difficult, with a number of different key moves tried. The most popular were 1 u-tLN, k-hb: 2 jxr. kxf: and 1 QxR, RxQ; 2 B-B3, B-B7! PBOBLEM SOLVING RULES Send solutions to vroblemt to Chess Editor, Los Angeles Times. Please use a separate card or letter for each week's answers. Solutions must be postmarked not later than tne second Tuesday touowmg dudu-cation. Solutions and lists of solvers will be published two weeks after the proDiems appear, unless otnerwise noted, two points will be awarded for correct answers to two-movers', ana-tnree nouns tor -tnreemovers. One point per week will be allowed for Ineorrect solutions. Key moves are sufficient, for two-movers. Principal variations must - be given to ODtaln iuu creait tor tnree-movers. Jane tS, 1M7 - TIMES PROBIXK 2S6t . By O. Btoechl - BLACK Z ' ' - " 1 . o iiynjQED 1 mjfu WHrrx 9(; White oats la two. TOnS PROBLEM 270 Br A Kraeaer - BLACK 1 00 JQ ffl phone is CR. 6-3029. Mrs. Stevenson will represent the United States at the first Women's Chess Team Cham pionship, to he held in Holland in September. The mbhey.raised in the exhibition will go toward her expenses for this trip. EXPERT TOURNEY STARTS. AT SANTA MONICA CLUB The Santa Monica section of the Expert Candidates Tourna ment attracted 28 players, most of them members of the Santa Monica Chess Club. Following! are tne results of tne nrst two rounds: BOUND ONB iL. Karens ... . oison ICForreat ... N. Vataos G. Cutleberrr B. Mints 0 J. Glsh G. Anderson Q. Kern . . J.DeBriae . P. Wrsncett W. Barium J.Jalfra; . A Cherestes 01 A Mlcnaelson .. 1 I J.Looi o i o.rauner Vt O B. COllUU 1 O R.Sle 1 k. tiarsnosrser. 1 W.Holmes ...... 1 LSzaiir 1 A. Kftmoner ... 0 A. Diamond ... 0 IR. seltzer Vi C. Carlson 0 C. Lowery 0 T. Camsbell ... ROUND TWO P.Wrantell ... K. Forrest ..... 0 J. DeBrlac 0 A.cnerestes .. n J. JsMrsT ..... 1 W. Barbam Q G.Kera 0! E. Olson 0 N. Mlnti 1 J. Glsh 01 G. Anaersan ... 0 G. casueoerrr . 1 N. Vauos 1 L. N&mu . . . Game adjourned The Santa Monica Chess Club is holding its annual business meeting tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock at its headquarters in Lincoln Park, 7th and Wilshire. Due to the importance of this meeting, the tournament will not be played that night The third round is scheduled for Monday, July 1, at 7:30 p.m. CITY TERRACE EXPERTS The second round of the Ex pert Candidates Tournament has been completed at the City Terrace Chess Club. The results follow: G. Palmer . . . R. Seltser R. Harshbarcer W. Holmes . . . 1. szazir R.Sale B. Collins A. Mlcnaeison . T. Campbell .. A. Diamond . . J. Loos 0 'C. Carlson 0 A. sampner J.Zlzds 11 R. dart 1 D.YOUM 1 B. Ponce 0 MUsG. Kms ..: 1 W.Pietrl 0 .W.Irwin 1 o. BOBDins .... 01 J. Hamilton ... 0 B.Kakiml 1 L. Thompson . . 1 L. Bellman .... 1 H. Rader ....... 0 e. amoon 1 E. Norman 0 D. Molina 1 1DTH HATCH GAMK Followintr is the onlv came -not previously published of the recent worm cnampionsup series, iwtwin-nlk was two games behind at the time and did not help his cause by a quica. oxaw. - ENGLISH OPBUNa Botwinnlk SfflTslor! White 2-N-OB3 3- P-KN3 4- B-N2 5- P-K3 , 6-1CN-B3 7- P-Q4 8- NJCP Blaekl r-KN3 P-CJB4 B-N2 N-QB3 P-K3 PxP Botwinnlk amrslov 9-PaP HxN 10-rxN hip 11-0-0 0-0 13-Q-N3 Q-N3 14-BxP QxQ 15-BlQ BXP urawn. EXPEB1ENCK BEATS YOUTH Dr. Max Euwe of-Holland, former world champion, was In New York recently on a short business trip. 1 flifinc aovanuure 01 ma nresanca. he was Hutched in two nhlbltlnn games against Bobby Fischer, star of I tne up ana coming generauon. One came was drawn. In thel other,- given below, Euwe's more than low decades aavartage a ex- Serlence soon told. Fischer did not evelop effectively, and was soon crushed by a beautifully timed on- aiauznt. QOEBrS GAMBIT SICLCnD Eawe Whlta 3-PJ3B 3-N-OB3 S-5-NS S-B-Q3 MA laPxp . viiehflr BUdc N-KB2 p-ia . 0-0 Kgf Fiselur wan isiaec U-Sftzrt ' - BzB rMMc7eh ' X-B

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 23 Jun 1957, Sun,
  3. Page 72

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