Connecticut Chess by G.E. Avery

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Connecticut Chess by G.E. Avery - !! CONNECTICUT CIIE By G. E. AVER! i r iifiv...
!! CONNECTICUT CIIE By G. E. AVER! i r iifiv MvomiiirB I is' Visitors welcnim It has been decided by the of-! i fleers of the Connecticut State neces-j Chess Association that no fur- arejther efforts will he made to pro-1 have an outin? of the members ! this season. There will be meeting of the team captains and executive members of the league at the rooms of the Hart-upon some-1 ford Chess Club on Friday. Oct. 4 at 8 pm. Television oe- a week ago several persons of "Later YeaiV' appeared on tele-manent . ti.i.u r,-,r,.,, demonstrate that life docs not at 6."), or retirement time, Iv,, imnf !. ,, nt tiinm nicked hecause of his Hartford Chess Club treat- sim- writings on chess in The Cou- rant. Here is what I would have fold them, if time had per- iS;n1ittPri I graduated from Hartford Public High School in 1898, The following year, a classmate and I decided we wanted to see the city of Washington. So we took train' down, and carried along our bicycles, After we ourihad seen the city, we started back on the bicycles, covering how- 60 or 70 miles a day One night we put up in a small town m I Pennsylvania, and found there were no amusements, such as wheth-fortunately. con- movies, in town. So my friend said he would teach me chess, We drew a chess board on a large piece of paper, cut small squares, on which we printed the names of the pieces. I have continued interest in the game since that, date. In 1926, The Courant was printing a chess column, and the writer had to leave town. He gave my name as a successor. So I tried it and evidently got by, as I have been conducting the column ever since. Game Selection Quite a little is being made .of Bobby Fischer, who first won the title of U.S. Junior Cham- andjpion, and then took the greater B-KN5 J12 Q-R3 , PxN n- Z, t; tri tP'xti 28 R-Kl 1 29 Q-Q8 ch 30 NxR title of U.S. Open Champion, He also stood high in the Rosen-wald Trophy Tournament. The following was played in the latter tournament. Note that Bobby used ten checks before mate. Fischer Black N-KB3 P - KN3 B-N2 0-0 P-Q4 PxP P-B3 QN-Q2 N - N3 B - N5 N-R3 NxN NxP Q.N3 NxQBP KR-Klch B-K3 BxB ch N - K7 ch NxP ch N-K7 ch N-B6 ch n. Byrne While 1 N-KB3 2 P - B-l 3 N-B3 4 P-Q4 5 B - B4 6 Q - N3 7 QxBP 8 P - K4 9 R-Ql 10 Q - B5 14 BxP 15 B - B4 16 B-B5 17 K-Bl 18 B x Q 19 K - M 20 K-Bl 24 Q-N4 25 QxP 26 P - KR3 27 K - R2 31 N-B3 32 Q-N8 33 P - R4 34 N - K5 35 K-Nl 36 K - Bl 37 K - Kl 38 K - Ql 39 K - Bl 40 K-Nl 41 K-Bl PxB R-R5 NxR RxP NxP RxR B-Bl B-Q4 N-K5 P-QN4 P - R4 K-N2 B-B4 ch N-N6 ch B-N5 ch B-NS ch N-K7 ch B - B6 ch R-B7 mate Solution to last week's problem: B-R5 KxB R-R4 ch KxR Q-N4 mate In the following set-up by Gulayev, white is to play and win. r:

Clipped from
  1. Hartford Courant,
  2. 29 Sep 1957, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 66

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  • Connecticut Chess by G.E. Avery

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