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Chess by Isaac Kashdan - 6 Part II-SUN., SEPT. 22. 1 957 SLM SttgtlW...
6 Part II-SUN., SEPT. 22. 1 957 SLM SttgtlW ClVXtS BY ISAAC KASHDAN INTHNAtlONAt ORANDMAITIR AMrtM foltwi 9m Chm fWitor, IJk. Tlimt Ut Afiftfu M. CalU. GHESS VS. WOMEN FOURTH IN HOLLAND TEAM PLAY Despite 2 0 victory in the "final qualifying round, the Imorlran team failed to Cain a b e r t h in the championship phase of the Women's international Team Tournament in Em-men, Holland, according to a re-nnrt frnm tht New York Times. Mrs. Jacqueline Piatlgorsky of Los Angeles ana Mrs. uiseia Npw York, represent . ina tha TinitPd States in the event, finished in fourth place " with a score of 7-5 in becuon of the preliminary play. Winnpr in that section was Vast Oprmanv with 10-2, fol lmvert hv Rulearla. 9-3. and Hun gary, These three teams advanced to the finals along with the three winners In each of two other sections. Th Anwicans scored 2 0 vie tcries against Scotland in the EMYirwi rnnnd and Luxembourg in the seventh round. They also defeated Austria Dy imj-w, wun ..Mrs. Piatigorsky beating Frau Zeblnge of Vienna wnue Mrs Gresser drew with Frau Haus rpr. Both Americans drew against their Bulgarian opponents, tne - match ending, 1-1. Against Hun-earv. Mrs. Piatigorsky drew with Miss Eva Kertesz by per petual check after sacrificing a piece in a fine attacking position. Mrs. Gresser lost her game to Irene Hoenich in this match. In the onlv shutout for the Americans they lost to East Ger many by 2-0. The best score of the tourna ment was compiled by the Rus sians, who won every match in Section 1 with a point total of 11-1. Mrs. Olga Rubtsova, worn en's world champion, and Mrs Kira A. Zvorykina. Soviet na tional champion, allowed but two draws, against Holland and Rumania, Holland was second in the section, 7Vi-4V, and Ru mania tool: third place, 7-a. The closest battle was in Section 3, which resulted in a first-place tie at 8V4-3V4 between West Germany and Yugoslavia, Third place was also tied by England and Poland with 8-4 scores. On the tie-breaking system England was placed third and thus advanced to the championship finals. The United States team is continuing play in Classification Section A, which is composed of teams finishing fourth or fifth in the preliminary rounds. They will compete in round-robin play against Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Ireland, Poland and Scotland. The remaining teams will be similarly matched in Classification Section B. Following are the team totals and games from the event: SECTION 1 Russia 11 llreland 8 Sept. M. ISM TIMES PROBLEM 3105 Br W. A. ShlnkmiB BLACK 6 Holland . ... TA Franc Rumania 7 Finland Czechoslovakia S I SECTION last Germany 10 I Bulgaria .... 9 , Hunianr .... 7vi United States. 1 SECTION Scotland . Austria Luxembourg West German? Yueoslavia .. Enrlsnd .... Poland S'i 8 'A 8 8 Denmark Norway . Belgium 3 V. 3 2 Gresser US. A. White 1- P-K4 2- N-KB3 3- P-Q4 ?-NxP 8-N-QB3 G-B-QBi l-O-O 8- B-K3 9- P-OR4 10- B-N3 11- P-B4 12- Q-K2 13- PxP 14- P-R3 15- QR-Q Jb-K-K SICILIAN DEFENSE Oresser U.S.A. cVflpdman Scotland Black P-OB4 N-QB3 PxP N-B3 F-Q3 P-K3 B-K2 P-QR3 O-O B-02 R-B P-K4 ONxP 0-R4 Q-B2 N-B5 White 17- B-B 18- N-B5 19- RxB 20-B-N5 21- BxN 22- N-05 23- NxBch 24- Q-BJ 25- RxP 26- R-KB 27- O.B5 28--N5ch 29- O-RS 30- B-QS 31- Q-R6 32- RxN flteedman Scotland jsiacx J-B4 BxN N-K4 BxB Q-Q PXN R-B2 i R-Q2 K-N2 K-R N-N3 C-K4 q-K ResiEni 1 m H fA an n -i tT ri jij ,6 )Mk - mm mm wk rii ft rFi n 1 1 4 WHITS White mates In two. TIMES PROBLEM 389 Br O. Wurzburi BLACK 8 .A ' J c n n n 9 WHITE 4 White mates In three. Today's problems are lightweight compositions by two of our greatest, composers. They should be Just difficult enough to be interesting. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 2891! B-KB4 SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 2892: K-BS If BxR, 2 Q-Blch; if K-N8. 2 Q-K3cn. SOLVERS' U8T niniR. n. Burns. W. H. Griffith. W. W. Irwin, W. s. Moore, M. Morris. Tliree pmniij .. v. or..- er, H. J. crawtnra. w. wiiwnri, n. f. Durkwald. J. It. uooawin, i. rlrhsen. E. K. Penter, Mrs. L. Oue- senberrv, S. D. Ress, N. P. Bnsemnai, O. Rudder, L. A. Victor, A. E. Wood. Two points U 3. Slupko. N tenser One polnt-D. W. Feller. OH. Ketchum. J. Morris Jr.. J. H. Mosh- Icr. M. Rosen, M. w. m. .u. oiccn Jr., .1. G. Tarr, J. P. waisn. York, Bobby Fischer is taking on Rodolfo Cardoso of Manila, junior champion of the Philip pine islands. After completing three of the scheduled eight games, the score is one win apiece and an adjourned game in which Fischer has a favorable position. In the third game, the most exciting of the series to date, Fischer played the Sicilian De-fpns After an advance on the Queen side he won a Pawn and seemed to have all the better of the game. Fischer continued to play for material advantage and on his 30th turn took another Pawn. Cardoso had been quietly preparing for an onslaught against the King and Fischer's loss of time gave him the opportunity for a decisive mating attacK. Following is the score of the third game: THIRD MATCH GAME SICILIAN DEFENSE FOUR KNIOHTS' GAME Ptatliorskr Kertesa U.S.A. White 1- P-K4 2- N-KB3 3- N-B3 4- P-04 8- NxP '6-NxN "1-B-Q3 i-PxP 9- 0-0 10.B-KN5 fr-e-B3 12- OR-K 13- N-K2 14- B-B 18-Q-N3 Hungary Biacx P-K4 N-QB3 N-B3 PxP B-N5 NPxN P-Q4 PxP O-O P-B3 B-K2 Q-B2 P-KR3 B-KN5 B-Q3 Platltorsky Kertesi U.S.A. White 16- Q-R4 17- N-N3 18- N-BS 19- BxB 20- BxP 21- QxP 22- P-KB4 23- R-B3 24- QxNch 25- BxQ 26- R-K7ch 27- R-R3ch 28- P-B5ch 29- R-B3ch Hunnary BiacK B-K4 B-Q2 BxN N-R2 PxB P-B3 BxNP K-R oxg KxB K-R3 K-N3 KxP Drawn STKIXKR CLUB TOURNEYS The Herman Steiner Chess Club, 108 N Formosa Ave., will run two tournament sections of 10 players each to start Wednesday evening, Oct. 2, and Saturday afternoon, Oct. 5. If sufficient Interest develops, other sections will be started at later dates. The tournaments will be srxHV sored by the California State Chess Federation as part of its membership drive. Entrants must be members of the federa tion, for which the dues are $2.50 a year, arid pay an entry fee of $1. The tournaments will be rated by the U.S. Chess Fed eratlon. The main purpose of this se ries of tournaments is to afford an , opportunity to beginners and slightly more advanced players to 'compete in such events. It is expected that only players with U.S.C.F. ratings of less than 2000 points will take part CHESS LEAGUE MEETING The Southern California Chess League is meeting Thursday evening at the Herman Steiner Chess Club. The main topic for discussion will be the holding of tournaments in co-operation with the California State Chess Federation. Irving Rivlse, president of the league, announces that a num ber of new clocks have been re celved and will be distributed to clubs at the meeting. FISCHER WINS IN JERSEY Bobby Fischer, the 14-year oia urooKiyn expert wno re cently captured the U.S. Open and Junior Championships, add ed the Open Championship of New Jersey to his growing list! of titles. Fischer wound up his sched ule in the tournament played in East Orange, N.J., with the wla ning score of 6V-V4. Anthony F. baiay or uougiaston, ui., was runner-up with 6-1. Third and fourth prizes were shared by Ar thur Feuersteln of New York and Robert Sobel of Philadel phia, who tallied 5Va-lW. FISCHER-CARDOSO MATCH In another of a series of interesting matches staged by the Manhattan Chess Club in New, 8. Almiren S. Boris O. Castleberrr R. Clark J. Cross L. Enequist K. Forrest T. Fries C. Olbbs H. Gordon C. Henderson Mrs. Henderson F. Hufnacel P. Kelemen J. Mrso w. Meiworm N. Robinson L. RoJas R. Seltser B. Bchaefler Mrs. Simon O. Boules Cardoso White 1- P-K4 2- N-KB3 3- P-04 4- NxP 5- N-OB3 6- P-KN3 7- KN-K2 8- B-N2 9.0-0 10- P-KR3 11- P-OR4 12- N-OS 13- OxN 14- P-OB3 19-Q-Q 16- P-B3 , 17- B-K3 ' 18- R-B 19- P-KB4 20-RxP Fischer Black P-QB4 P-03 PxP K-KB3 P-QR3 P-K4 B-K2 O-O QN-02 P-QN4 P-N5 NXN Q-B2 B-N2 N-B4 P-QR4 B-R3 OR-N NPxP RXP Cardoso White 21- R-KBJ 22- R-OB 23- N-B3 24- RxR 25- BxN 26- PxP 27- N-05 , 28- K-R2 29- R-B2 30- P-K5 31- B-K4 32- CS-N4 33- N-B6ch 34- Q-R4 35- QxPch 3B.P.KG 37- O-NSch 38- QxPch 39- R-Q2chl Fischer Black -N3 C-N5 PxP OxR PxB P-B5 B-B4ch B-NS Q-W QxP P-N3 B-N3 K-N2 R-B K-B R-B2 K-K2 K-Q Resltns THREE PERFECT SCORES IN SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP Only three players remain with perfect scores after three rounds of the Southern California Chess Championship Tournament being contested Sunday afternoons at the Herman Steiner Chess Club. The leaders are James Cross, Robert Cross (not related) and Irving Rivise. Close behind, with scores of 2V2-V2, are Robert Hamman, Gene Rubin, George Soules and Dr. S. weinbaum. Following are the results of last week's play: BOUND THREE R. Lorber M. Gordon D. Youni S. Yarmak R. Martin a. Rubin J. Weiner I. Rivlse R. Cross ' S. Geller S. Sholomson M. Kerllenevich V. Proctor S. Weinbaum D. Amneua L. Simon T. Golden R. Hamman G. Barrett Mrs. Grumett N. Vatsos I. Bsafir CALIFORNIA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP KINO'S INDIAN DEFENSE Evans White 1- N-KB3 2- P-B4 3- P-KN3 4- B-N2 B-O-O 6- P-Q4 7- N-B3 8- P-K4 9- P-OJ 10- N-K 11- N-Q3 12- B-K3 13- NxN 14- Q-02 15- PxP 16- KR-K 17-R-K2 18- P-N3 19- P-B3 20- B-Q4 21- BxP 22- NxR 23- N-Bt 24- OxB 25- OxQch 26- P-KN4 27- K-B3 28- BxN Maron Black N-KB3 P-KN3 B-N2 P-Q3 P-K4 QN-Q3 O-O R-K N-B4 P-QR4 KN-Q2 P-N3 NxN P-B4 BxP N-Q6 N-B4 Q-Q2 P-K5 PxP RxR R-K BxBch Q-N2 Kx B-Q2 N-K5ch RxB Evana White 29- K-B3 30- P-KR3 31- N-RSch 32- R-O 33- N-N3 34- K-K3 35- K-Q4 36- P-R3 37- R-KB 38- N-R4 39- R-K 40- PN4 41- PxP 42- P-BS 43- PxP 44- KxP ' 45- R-KT 4fi-R-K3 . 47- K-454 48- R-R3 49- K-B5 50- R-K3 M-R-K8 52- R-KRch 53- K-04 54- R-K8 55- K-K5 16-K-KS Maron Blacic R-K2 P-KN4 K-N3 P-R3 R-B2ch R-IUch R-K4 R-K 1 R-K2 R-B2 K-R2 PxP K-N3 HPxPch PxPch R-BS R-B2 . R-B7 R-B2 B-B B-N2 B-B B-N2 K-R2 B-B B-N2 K-N3 Reslsna I QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED Almtren White 1- P-Q4 2- P-OB4 3- N-OB3 4- N-B3 5- B-B4 6- PxP 7- Q-B2 8- P-K3 9- P-KR3 10-B-O3 11-PxN Cross Black N-KB3 P-K3 P-Q4 QN-02 P-B3 KPxP B-K2 N-B N-N3 NxB Q-Q3 Almsrea Whlt 12- P-KN3 13- N-KS 1 4- 0-0-0 15- QR-K 16- P-B4 17- BxB 18- QxP 19- R-RS 20- O-B4 2X-P-KN4 Cross Black BxP B-Q2 P-KN3 M-N3 BxP PxB N-B3 Q-K3 O-O-O Res tins CARO-KANN DEFENSE Suchobcck White 1- P-K 2- P-Q4 3- N-QB3 4- NxP 6- N-KB3 8- N-N3 7- B-Q3 5- O-O 9- R-K 10- Q-K3 11- P-B3 12- N-KS 13- N-RS 14- PxP 15- PxB 16- NxNch 17- P-B3 18- Q-K4 19- B-KRC 20- B-K3 21- OxN 22- P-ON3 23- OR-B 24- R-B4 25- B-Kt 26- OxB 27- R-K2 2R-K-B2 29-OR-B1 JO-Q-B Bchmitt Black P-QB3 P-Q4 PxP N-32 KN-B3 Q-B2 P-K3 B-Q3 O-O P-B4 P-QN3 B-N2 PxP BxN Q-B3 NxN N-Q4 P-N3 4-B4ch NxB Q-N5 KR-Q R-Q2 QR-Q X-Q8ch P-QN4 K(8t-OS Buchobeck Whin 31- Q-B7 32- R-K4 33- QxRP 34- K-N3 35- K-R3 36- RxR 37- O-N 38- P-ON4 39- Q-KB 40- K-N3 41- Q-KN 42- P-R4 43- PxP 44- R-N4 45- P-B4 46- K-R2 47- RxPch 4S-P-N3 49-K-FJ 0-Q-N6 51-S-QSch 53-Q-K7 4-P-N4 55- Q-N4 56- K-S-4 57- K-R3 58- K-R4 59- 4S-K7 ReaKns Bchmitt Bick Q-N5 Q-B Q-R3 Q-N4ch R(8l-07 RxR RxRP R-N7 Q-R3ch , Q-Q7 P-N4 P-R3 PxP RxP Q-Bhch . RxP KB Q-B7ch R-B4 RxR K-N2 Q-N3 Q-B4ch QxKP a-KiKh -B7ch Q-BSch fl-OBS Q-BS

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 22 Sep 1957, Sun,
  3. Page 72

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