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"Sports and Pastimes" - The Royal Camn3nn I'rnnoons huve found H...
The Royal Camn3nn I'rnnoons huve found H necssarj- necssarj- to postixine their aoouAl sports until Monday next, the 23rd Inst. The dismounted events. Ill commence In the roornlnir nt l a.m. and the mounted event early In the afternoon. The public are eonllallr Invited to Fort tvborne barracks enclosure, enclosure, where the sport will be held and no doubt there will be a large attendance, ai It In eeldora that iuch programmes can be witnessed free of charge. The entree fur the different eveuis are a follows: BI.SAUXNlTKD. Half-mile Half-mile Half-mile rare (pi. Spark", He. Morris, ite. Mclver. yuarter-mlle yuarter-mlle yuarter-mlle rare-IHe. rare-IHe. rare-IHe. Morrl. lte. MacAlplne, lte. Hutt-r, Hutt-r, Hutt-r, Ite. Mclver, lie. Jan. Stcrrett, W. C. f'yer, , F. Iturnhanu 100 yarl race Ite. Rutter, Pte. Alllston, -lte. -lte. Ilarrett, Ite. Nlcoil, lte. Morris Ite .llacAIitne. Pte. Me-Iver, Me-Iver, Me-Iver, lt, Ju. Kterrftt, W. C.Dyer, Tin. Hlron, W. F. Burnham, O. H. Lane, ... rutting shot-It. shot-It. shot-It. Al ston. It J. K. .Ma"Al diif, Ite. V. V. Tnnnon, l te. .Ins. Sn-rrcH, Sn-rrcH, Sn-rrcH, K. II. l'almer, Tho. Hirort. II. H. Matthews, Kt. C'nrro.l. Strt.-Tpt. Strt.-Tpt. Strt.-Tpt. Judgin. Long Jump, runnlnc lte. J. K. M.ie-Atpln-, M.ie-Atpln-, M.ie-Atpln-, M.ie-Atpln-, M.ie-Atpln-, ltf. MriK IV. Al Ixton. lte. Jan. Sirrett, Tims. Il.ron. Mclver. Throwing Cricket ball Kgt.-lnst. Kgt.-lnst. Kgt.-lnst. Hobkirk. lte. AMton, 11.". Jus. Htcr-rett. Htcr-rett. Htcr-rett. Thou. Hlron. Hirt.-Tpt. Hirt.-Tpt. Hirt.-Tpt. .lurtges. Ban 1 race, L'i-'O L'i-'O L'i-'O yanU-('.l. yanU-('.l. yanU-('.l. McM l;an, Ite. Lone, If. Mcl. Nieoll, W. F. ISn rnlin m. Vaulting with pole Pte. W. A. Dver, lte. J. K. MnrAlidne, lte. l-llston, l-llston, l-llston, C. O. (.Inrltson. lie. Mclver. Hurdle rac-V. rac-V. rac-V. F. Ilurnham, II. II. Matthew, lte. Jus. Herrett, W. A. Dver, C. I, tlnrkson, lte. J. E. Mac-Alpine, Mac-Alpine, Mac-Alpine, lte. Ii utter, Mclver. Kicking footbnll-lte. footbnll-lte. footbnll-lte. Alllston, Ite. Rarrett, V. A. Iyer, lte. J. E. Mac Alpine, Morris, lte. Rrennon, Sgt.-InMt. Sgt.-InMt. Sgt.-InMt. Hobkirk, Fgt. Carroll, Hat.-Tpt. Hat.-Tpt. Hat.-Tpt. judges. MOUNTED EVENTS. Needl' and thread race Sgt.-Inst. Sgt.-Inst. Sgt.-Inst. Hobkirk, Cpl. Npnrks, lte. Uutter, lte. Thom, It.'. Nicoll. ( pi. McMillan, Ie.-l-pl. Ie.-l-pl. Ie.-l-pl. Ie.-l-pl. Ie.-l-pl. lUioiules, Ite. II. l'nliiur, lte. Jn. htrrrett, W. A .Vyn, C. t. Clark-win, Clark-win, Clark-win, Morris, I'te. U. Ward, Ite. Thou. Hiron. lte. J .E. MacAlplne. Head and post erjrt. Inst. Hobkirk, Hobkirk, Its. Uutter. lte. AllUton. Corp. Spark, lte. Thorne. Corp. Mc-Mtllan, Mc-Mtllan, Mc-Mtllan, Lc. Corp. lthoniles lte. Lane, lte. Henry 1'nliner, lte. Jns. Kterrett. lte. I). A. Dyer, l'te. C. (1. Clurkson. lte. H. Ward, lte. Tho.t. Hlron. Its. J. E. MacAlplne. Tilting at ring Sergt. Inst. Hobkirk. Hobkirk. Ite. Ituttrr lte. Alllnton. Corp. Spark, lte. Thorne. lte. Nicoll. Nicoll. Corp. McMillan. Lc Corp. Ktumde lte. Henry I'almer. lte. Ja.stTTrtt. Ite.D.A. Dyer. lte. ('.. ClnrkHon, lte It. Ward, lte. Thou. Hlron. lte. J. E. MarAliilne. Tent pegging Kergt. Hint. Hobkirk, Hobkirk, l'te. Uutter, lte. -Alllston. -Alllston. Corp. Sp'irk, l'te. Thome, l'te. Nicoll. Nicoll. Corp. McMillan. Lc. Corp. UhoBdm. Ite. Henry rainier, lte. Jan.sterrrtt.lte.K.A.Dyer, Ite. C. (i. CliirkHon. l'te. It. Ward, l'te. Tho. Hlron, Ite. J. E. MacAlplne. Lemon cutting Scrgt. Inst. Hobkirk". Hobkirk". lte. Kutter. Corp. Spark, lte. Thorne, lte. Nicoll', Corp. McMillan. McMillan. I-c. I-c. I-c. Corp. Khoadee, lte. Lane, lte. Henry I'almer. lte. Jn. Ster-rett. Ster-rett. Ster-rett. lte. 1). A. Dyer, lte. C. (i. Clark-eon, Clark-eon, Clark-eon, I'te. It. Ward, lte. Tho. Hlron, . lte. J. E. MacAlplne. Victoria Cn"w-eTirt. Cn"w-eTirt. Cn"w-eTirt. Inn. Hobkirk. Hobkirk. Ite. Uutter. lte. Tliorffe. Ite. tane. l'te. llrennnn. lte. II. I. Matthew. Matthew. Ite. Jit. Stem-tt. Stem-tt. Stem-tt. lte. D. A. Dyer. Ite. II. I'almer. Ite. C. (1. Clark-on. Clark-on. Clark-on. lte. It. Ward, lte. Tim. Hlron. Egg and mmii race Sergt. Inrt. Hobkirk. "lte. flutter. Corp. Spark. Ite. Thorne, Ite. Nicoll, Corp. McMillan. McMillan. I. Corp. Ithoadee. I'te. Lane, lte. Henrv Palmer, lte. Ja. Ster-rett. Ster-rett. Ster-rett. lte. 1). A. Dyer. Ite. C (I. Clark-eon. Clark-eon. Clark-eon. Ite. It. Ward, lte. Tho. Hlron. lte. J. E. M'leAlplnn. The eonict!tor whone name In the mounted event are nnirkel with are flrt clirn men. and they compete compete together, leaving nut thoe not o marked to a content nmoiigt their own cHm for an entirely epnrate wt of prltc. Only llrt cln men, however, however, can compete for the eup. A fl-'ilng fl-'ilng fl-'ilng fonny. Ed. MrKrown. the well known local authority on pugllUm, received a letter letter yeotcrday from Rllly llawklti. who la reciiMrntlnic health and trength at Banff. The letter wa nhown to a Tribune rejmrter. In It , Han kin nyi that the watcra of Banff have cured hi rlieumatlm and that lie feel In rxcellent condition after hi rvt. In tart, he conclude with theo word. "The Mt day of my life I cjjhcI to are tlila winter." lie alo refi-ra refi-ra refi-ra to hi coming ronteat with Jack McVullffeln ronlldmt trm aa II he had nlwolntriy no doubt n to the rvult. HawkltM win rrturn to the city alHiut Monday nrit and during during the week A Inning eilutullon w1U be given nt one. of the rink. In which ll.inkln will liow the puMI.' how n prlie flgliler trnln, going through the dt ill of the diy work. Then he and SlrKrom will put on the glove for a few romnU, showing the Th an. clnil'lc and manly aide ol thn art. "Although the llove " yn Mi"-Keoun, Mi"-Keoun, Mi"-Keoun, "unould be good rnth to raw a good crowd to give Itiily the wnd o(f he drrvra. It I not all we Intend to give the public for their money. Who liould rail In mv tore to-day to-day to-day but Tim I'lynn, well known throiigboiit the continent a an rt-cedent rt-cedent rt-cedent crntlfie Inner who ha faced the boat in in on Uth rontinenta, II fniight (harb Mitchell to a draw whrn the latter wa in M prime. ut after he, Mitchell, had fought Millivan and among hl many other engag" menu. I'lynn haa f.mght Fltialmmon round and Hall H without a dr-rllon dr-rllon dr-rllon In cither ra. J. f. lUui-. lUui-. lUui-. the well known !rt who read what yon enld In the Tr!tin nlxoit I'lliv laat week, knowing H.mit wa to I here wrote me a dny or two ao eaying that to do Ifawkliwi a good tnrn he wvnld at hi own mwNiae end a man t. hoi a friendlv round or two with I'lynn. I hll telegraph Harno a on h the arrangement ar com-tled." com-tled." com-tled." McKeown a Id further that the match Mwt Hawklue and IfrAa Utfe waa now eur t rome off at an mrJ dat. Billy lienayd, trf UtU- UtU- wa, hn poteI $2,!()0 and MinneniM-11 MinneniM-11 MinneniM-11 and iMilnth lcker of llawkln were anxlou to rnle the amount to S.-,,ihh) S.-,,ihh) S.-,,ihh) a ride and Me.Vullfie' Itarker lieli g ripially confident there could lie no douiit a to the affair coming off. The citizen who admire the manly art without it brutal tide, said Mr. McKeown In concluxlon, will have a treat In atore nnd nothing will be done which would olfend anybody. Bowling. Col. J. 0. Moore h i been appointed umpire, ami Geo. Murray, Sr., alternative alternative u in 1 1 Ire for the match' of the bowing club, which b"g.n on Monday. The draw 'will be nind1 on Friday evening and If there are any extra "il' matchra, they will be played off on Saturday. .M'et. The third anil deciding match between between the St. John' and Winnipeg will be played la the Driving park till afternoon. The following team of the W. C. C. will play agalntit St. John' thin afternoon afternoon at H::tll Hharn: J. C. Phillip. A. J. Tuekwell, J. Macdougnll, C. B. JitecjueH, C. P. YVIlwiu. C. C. Pardee, W. Bain, It. J. Slirimptou, E. K. Boultliee, II. Cumeron, F. J. Eoulton. The Tnrr. A mat'-h mat'-h mat'-h rac 1 to lie trotted nt Exhlbltlou park on the 2Hth tnat. It i to lie a mile race, be! !l In 5, for $150 a lde, and among the conteat-nnt conteat-nnt conteat-nnt will Im W. O'Connor' "Mona Marche," nnd Ike McLaren' mnre, "Maud Stanton." SPECIAL RACE. Milwaukee, Wk, Sept. IS. Oentry won the Ilnrt two heat of the special special race; Pntchen eecond. Time, L U31-1, U31-1, U31-1, 2;03a-4. 2;03a-4. 2;03a-4. Aip tlr. The trellmlnnrlea of the acull race '.M-tween '.M-tween '.M-tween Dan Murphy, of Winnipeg, and J. L. Hackett, of Uat I'ortugn, Iwve lieen arranged. The event will take place at Selkirk on Saturday, Sept. US, for a piirae of $230 given by a unrulier of gentlemen of that town wIhi want to Mpularlze the good regatta course on the Red river there. The rnco will be two mile with a turn nnd all arrangements for the comfort of thoao who go down to wltni'H It. It 1h poHHllile Hint a tieclnl train will be run to enable Wlnnlpcrtgerw to come Uick on Saturday Saturday evening but till will be left for the Winnipeg oarsmen and friend to arrange. The race 111 lie clib fly Intereatlng a lietng the flrxt time when Hackett will row with a pro-feNHlonal pro-feNHlonal vMioxe upeed I comparatively comparatively well known. During the pant wi Hackett Ua never lieen piiBlj-ei'.towerlnx piiBlj-ei'.towerlnx head nnd Hlioulder above hi opjMineiit nnd the luterext In the coml'i'c race will lie to irti how he fnre when he meet a wary nnd ex-perlei:cd ex-perlei:cd oarani'in like Murphy. Murphy nnd Harkett will go down early next week to Selkirk to fnmll-larUa fnmll-larUa tluni Ivei with th coure. SPECILATIOX AS TO THE 0lT- ; comi: ok Tin: race. There 1 romldcrahle eeulatioti in town n to the outcome of the rare lietween Murphy nnd Hackett. Not a few of the Wlnnlieg boy are pre-pareil pre-pareil to back Dan agaluxt the ltut Portngo wonder, while other hold that Hackett U Just atartlng out on n career that will be a brilliant a Haitian'. Shaking to a reporter of The Tribune tin morning, Dan Murphy aald that ivn the rourae at Selkirk were In extra good water, without any er current, the contestant contestant would only need to row over the courae once or twice to get nxed to It. They will, therefore, go down Saturday morning nnd row over the courae once or twSoe, nnd row the nice nt 4 o'clock In the afternoon. No arrangement lint toen made a yet regarding a ejieclnl train. (!At D.VI U IS LIBF.UAL. Toronto, Sept. iH.J. J. Onudanr, champion cnller 4 America. ny that on Ing to the atrue of the en-mm en-mm and hi having other engagement he cannot at present accept .Wag Harding' challengn to race In England, England, but add that he will row KiiglUhmnu In Texa one week after the regntta nt Auatln for. '.,,".iKi side, and will allow hlui $300 rxpenae from Fngla nd. pa hall. New York, Sept. 18. -Today' -Today' game In the National lUiaebnll league were ae follows: . At New York The game lietween New York and Philadelphia wa pot poned on account of wet ground: At Ronton Ko-ton Ko-ton Ko-ton H. Bnitlmor 0. At Wnahlngton-Waahliigton Wnahlngton-Waahliigton Wnahlngton-Waahliigton Brooklyn Jt. At lmlavllle Flrat game: Iul title 2. ht. Iuil t. Second game. Loulavllle ft, St. Itul 2. At Cleveland Cleveland 10, CI nc lint I D. At I tttaburg-l'lttuburi tttaburg-l'lttuburi tttaburg-l'lttuburi 0, Chicago I'uillMlc. Auatln. Tel., Sept. 1. Governor Cullrrtoii tod.iy refined to ripre an opinion In reference to Judi; Hnrat opinion favorable, to prli tighter, but from bl netlon It I el-dent el-dent that he Wl l e fon-e fon-e fon-e to the fight, lii'tw ilhatKiidlng the derision. derision. v A ur.Fi:itr- ur.Fi:itr- New York. Sept. It.-A It.-A It.-A meeting be held at the office of a )Mrtlt'g paper In thin rllr at 10 :u o'rlock I'rblay morning for the purpo elocting a referee for the l'nrhrtl 1 llialinmi'lia fight. Malinger Yen-dig, Yen-dig, at Jtiilen. and Brndr will represent represent th Florid i Athletic rluK 1 itl-slmmoii and Corln-tl Corln-tl Corln-tl rva tiely. Varkllag. New York. Hcvt ll.-Ort ll.-Ort ll.-Ort the steamer steamer Majratie. which aallisl for Llver-pixl Llver-pixl yeterdiy. were tmmodore (lieimle, liid lMiiren a Ultimata friend, and Hnllmaker Thi. lialiey. Mr. Katioy ti kn.1 a Utile lf.re drt'rtiire. He Mild he hnd a goM time, liked the ple on till very miwh. but that Amevlran tut swe of huneor. "Th difference jiotwswit th lw rarer on th md dny t7 th raee" said he, "wsi a matter 4 merely 4t Inrhew. Valkyrie Valkyrie w In rat to Mama. " "What do yi thh k of the Amerl-Cn Amerl-Cn rros-eut rros-eut rros-eut sail T" ",nt very much. I think thai cju 4 nik avi uucU uoney bulldirg

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