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excellent overview early vending - SLOT MACHINES i I SPREAD RAPIDLY j Ingenuity...
SLOT MACHINES i I SPREAD RAPIDLY j Ingenuity Has Put Them I to a Variety of ! Uses. Slot in ii ell I lies, only a few yenrs ao re - Sdiiled ns a furiosity, liavp liecnnip H flxeil ('lenient in business. Not only tliat, tlii'He tninsnclioiis, minnle I1ioiij,'1i tlicy lie, ngtrri1 - Kiilc ennnnous volnnieM. Tlie very latest aildltidii to tlie list of vending machines (iicnite(l by a penny In the slot Is one put out li.v the nialcli trust, which delivers delivers a sniai box of matches fur a cent on the same nrlnclle which operates the gum and chocolate machines. It Is uo louver necessary for the niiin who Is in need of a match to stop iedcsl rians like a mendicant to hec fur one nor to dive into a saloon to gel a Unlit. If he chances to lie on an elevated station. Ill front of 41 dnic store1 or in any one of a dozen other places where the match machines are displayed displayed he needs lint drop ft penny in the slot to secure a little box with about fifty small but serviceable matches In it. While this may in some measure affect the lads who peddle matches In the office buildiiiKS at a very fair rate of profit. It I will have uo effect upon Hie receipts of the ! match trust, which fiots all the money any - how. Ill the course of lime, w lien the I machines become more numcnuis, everyone ; will be enabled lo carry a little box of ; mulches In his vest pocket and the pleasant ! habit of boiTowhiK 'lights" from other j smokers will pass into desuetude. So much j for the slot machine which sells mutches i to a matchless public. Which of the hundred or more varieties of i the slot machine was Hint on the market It Is now difficult to say. Some dealers declare ' that the weiahlai; machine was Ihe pioneer ; and that the various kinds of vending ma - ; chines followed In Its trail. Others are not i so sure and refuse to commit themselves, j but certain it Is that the automatic scales ! was one of the very first forms In which the slot machine appeared. In those days a j nickel was required to operate the machines, j but as this was eionicthlux of ft tax and ihe i public did not respond as readily as was ex - I peeted the price was reduced to a cent, and I now nearly every machine may be operated ! for a copper. Away back In the early days i of the machine, when it was fiivt attract - ; luu attention, one of the comedians in llen - dcrsoii'fc extravaganzas, which were running jut the Chicago Opera House, had a song I on the slut machine, the chorus of which run: Nimble nickel, ever fickle. Serve you on the spot. You cull ossify your mollier - lll law With a nickel In tile slot. (ililCAT DEVELOPMENT. While the author of this balled probably went a hit too far. the development of the slot machine business has been such in late years that he was not so very far off in summing up the possibilities of the machine. machine. The first weighing machine also rendered rendered a hit of music, registered Ihe height of the victim and allowed him to test his lung capacity, all fur a nickel. Now the penny machines merely register the weight, no one being especially Interested in his height after once learning that Important dimension, which does not fluctuate. Hut the makers of tlie machines did not stop when they saw the money flowing In from tlie automatic scales. They saw at once tlmt the same principle could be employed In other ways to lure untold pennies from the pockets of the public. Tlie move to the guui - vcndlng machines was hatlii'al and rapid. Very many people like to chew gum, but It Is a bother to be ' obliged to purchase a nickel's worth at n time and tote four pieces of It around for j a week or so to slick nil over everything j else In the pockets. At the same time, few j people liked to ask for a penny piece of jgiiiii at a dealer's. It looked cheap. On I the other hand, no one would hesitate to drop a penny In the slot and get a piece of gum Just the right size for one period of mastication, and, therefore, the slot machine machine made a great hit. The maker of The fleet Is comprised of four vessels, the Scheon. Fluorine, Alkaline and (alcluni, all staunch wooden ships, built to withstand the terrible pressure of Ice floes that are almost certain to be encountered on their northward trips. The boats should hare arrived here during the early part of last month, nud It is thought that they have become imprisoned in the Ice of the Arctic regions and are unable unable to pursue their southward voyage. It Is believed some oue of these boats will bring news of the Peary expedition and his parly of explorers who were to have made a dash for the North Pole last year. PORT OF PHILADELPHIA Monday, August 4. Sun rises.... (1.00 A.M. Sun sets 7.11 P.M. l'HILADKLI'HIA. High water. .1.50 A.M. High water.. 2.14 P.M. Ixiw water... tMW A.M. I I - ow water... tt.Ha P.M. KHKAKWATKlt. High water.. 8.4ti A.M. Um water... St.u.1 A.M. High water.. 9.10P.M. low waler. . . ,'t.7 I'.M. Steamers to Arrive at PhilAlelphia. Name. From. Pue. Corem) Liverpool Aug. H Neilerlanil Antwerp Aug. 5 Blaaawmilen Itotienlum Aug. 7 Mackiuuw London Ailf. 8 1'lain't .Mara ltrjstol Aug. H Armenia Hamburg Aug. tl liaverforil Liverpool Aug. u Steamers to Leave Philadelphia. Name, To sail. Time. For. Mackinaw Aug. 6 Ix)Udou North Point. .. .Auir. b London, Planet Mars. . .Aug. l.r Avoumonth Neilcrlainl Aug. LI.. 7.00 A.M. Antwerp llavcrlonl Aug. lti. . ft. SO A.M. Liverpool Armenia Aug. 21 ilauilmrg Noiir.llainl Aug. I'.'t. . 12. (hi Noon Liverpool lViiiilanil Aug. - 7.. ti.oo P.M. Antwerp Arrived August 3. Steamer Milos. German, While. Smyra via New York, general cargo, Atlantic Traiiihrt Company. Steamer Sonthgate. P.ritlsh, Thompson, St. Rapliai l. via lioston, XMM tons liarollte, McCall & Co. Sleamer Beacon Light. British, Kelley, Shields, hallasl, L. Westergaard '& Co. Catlcro, Philadelphia for - sarto; schooner K. C. Allen, Blake, Philadelphia for Boston. Sailed Yacht May, of Rorrientown. ' ItKF.IlY ISLAM), Allioist 3. Passed up Steamers Benefactor. French. New York for Philadelphia; Wlujah. . Simmons. Richmond for Philadelphia; Mllos, Gemma, Blldie, Smyrna for Philadelphia; Ie Lion, French, Krlaml, Amsterdam Amsterdam for Philadelphia; schooner Lizzie II. Patrick, Cyr, Jacksonville for Philadelphia, iu low of the tug Atkins Hughes. Passed down Schooner Bessie Parker, British, Verner, Philadelphia for llillslioro, N. B. MAI'.CI S IKHIK, August ;t. Arrlved - Steamer Beacon Light, British. Kelley, Manchester for Philadelphia. Passed up Steamers fcouthgatc, British, Thompson, Thompson, Boston for Philadelphia; Nora. Norwegian, Stahell, Hillslioro for Philadelphia. PORT OF NEW Y03K Steamers to Arrive at New York. IPF. ACGUST 4. From. .Sua Juan. ...Miiluga .. Liverpool Cronstadt hue AUcirsT 5. fiiliraltar Antwerp Grosser Kurfllerst ....... Bremen . KmImt Willi, der Grosse Bremen . Macduff r...(Jlliniltar Sardinian Glasgow . Steamers to Leave New York. Name. Philadelphia Neustrla ... Georgic Menial 11... Aller Pricslauil Sailed. . .July :to ..July 23 ...Inly 2.1 ..July 111 .July 27 .July 26 .July liii .July 20 .July 21! .July 20 Steamer. Graf Waldersee Sonthwark .... Menoadneo .... Celtic Philadelphia .. K. Lulse La Champagne. Cmlirla Aller Frlcsland Furtiessla Potsdam Mean ha Pennsylvania .. Kaiser YV. d. G St. Paul Germanic Ia Guseojjne. . Aug. Victoria. G. Ktirfurst. . . Lucaula To sail. Hour of sailing. Destination. Destination. 7 .1U A.M.ISouthamptol. 9 0 A.M.ILondon. 4. Oo P.M.! Liverpool. 10.110 A.M.Soutbamptoa. 7 1.00 P.M.! Bremen. 71 I Havre. ! fl no A.M.II.iverpool. 10.00 A.M.INaples. tl! 12.00 NoonjAntwerp. 12.110 NoonGIasgow. 8'IU.OO A.M.lHo'tterdam, l !).uo A.M.IlAindon. Aug. lSiU.OO Noon'Hamburg. Auir 12 io.iki A.M. Bremen Aug. l:t' I""" A.M. Southampton Aug. Li I - lm .oon Liverpool Aug. 14! ! Havre Auir. 14,10,110 A.M. Hamburg JAilg 14; 1 00 I' M. j Bremen N .... ... I'.OO VrU.nU lal.t,.l Ann. HI - ' ...... ,. Vaderland Aug. 10:12.00 N'ooujAntwerp ILihenr.ollern - JAug. lAjlO.iK) A.M. 'Bremen Georgian ..... .Aug. l(i Llverool. .,.... and Vincent, as. phia; Hillslioro, York tug rv. wan. Iaidv er Falk, awful lilt wherever they were put Into operation operation and iu every saloon In town they were constantly surrounded by an excited crowd of gamblers. It Is said thai the percentage percentage iu favor of "Ihe house" In these in another quarter, when there Is an Immediate Immediate response from the gas company. What the development of the slot machine machine will eventually bring about It Is difficult difficult to foretell, nor can it be estimated tiuioliijies was as high as (IS, to which even approximately how tunny millions of chocolate were not far behind the glim trust , i takliisr advantime of modem Ideas and in a short time the city was fairly covered tll(' hu'f vending machines which ! doled nut tablets of chocolate or packages ! of breath perfumes for a pennv. These P'pally on the sttl - ' tloiiH of tli ePViit'( roHils, whor tht'V wofp ! most needed. Tn nuin wlio hud lingered downtown longer than usual and had Imbibed Imbibed things which give a peculiar odor to the breath found it a great convenience to be able tn make his breath odorous of peppermint or violet for the expenditure of a penny, and the machines did a thriving trade. The gambling slot machines made their appearance first In (he form of the llltle "poker machines," which arc still found In nearly every cigar store. These are equipped equipped with the decks of cards so arranged that one card of each deck shows nt a lime, .making a poker hand. The mechanism Is so arranged that the dropping of a penny and the moving of a lever causes Hie tlve decks to revolve swiftly several times, (hanging the cards Hear across the line. On the "hands" thus evolved prizes of cigars were paid, ten for fours, live fur a full house, three for two pair and so on, according to the whim of the dealer and the quality of the cigars. These little machines "'h an "' gambling spirit I Intent In nil men and became h popular Immediately that some genius devised the more pretentious gambling machines, which have since fallen under Ihe ban. ' GAMBLING DKVK'KS PLKNTIl'I'L. These were operated with a nickel nud for certain lucky moves paid ns high ns t - for a five - cent piece, the average prize being slioulu be added the tendency of tin' players to pour back their winnings Into I lie machine. machine. So great became the passion to play lliese machines that the police soon realized they were merely a form of nutoiiuillc gambling and clearly within the statute prohibiting prohibiting "games of chance" with any "other device" and an order was Issued for their suppression. Then ensued a long series of struggles between the police and the keepers keepers of places where the nuichines were In operation. They were so vu - stly profitable that the saloon men objected violently to their removal, but at last Ihey were pretty thoroughly stamped out. These were succeeded by an Innocuous form of uiachlue which, paid winners In brass checks "good at the bar" for a certain amount, but It was soon discovered that this was but an evasion of Ihe law, the checks being cashed In money the same as poker chips, and these, too. were declared contraband, seized wherever found and destroyed. In addition to these "penny snntihers" came machine which gave a certain amount of mild electricity for a penny, penny, operated principally In drug stores, nuichines nuichines which told fortunes for n cent and machines which yielded up a small amount of perfume. These, however, were not a success, as the perfume was usually prelty bail and the fastidious young woman cannot cannot tolerate cheap perfume on her handkerchief. handkerchief. Therefore, the perfume machines i did not do so well. But a thousand others did. When Kdlson Invented the klnetoseope, the forerunner of the blugraph machine, the slot ninohliie principle was at once applied to it anil fTiouxands of machines were placed In operation all over the country exhibiting miniature moving pictures for a penny Iu the slot, and they are taking In tlie pennies to - day. This plan was also followed with the graphophone, many thousands of 'these machines machines being "loaded" with popular songs and set out tn catch the pennies nt places of public resort. How many hundreds of tluui - naiids of dollars have been fed Into lliese machines In pennies no one will ever know, but It Is beyond question that they brought fortunes Into the pockets of their owners. "Penny arcades" have been established In half a dozen places on prominent streets In the large cities, stores literally tilled with these penny .slot innchltii's, which arc crowded usually day and night. PK.ANTT MACHIXKS IIKIIE. Among Ihe later developments of the slut machine Is the device for selling a rent's worth of shelled peanuts. These machines have proved Immensely popular and take In large sums of money which would otherwise not be spent for peanuts, the average person person paying no heed to the ordinary product In the bags on Ihe corner stands, hut readily yielding to the seductions of a slot machine which exhibits the ehcllcd product behind n glass plate and drop a few moiithfuls Into his hand for the small sum of a penny. The machines hnve caused an enormous Increase In the consumption of peanuts and may lay the foundation of the peanut habit Iu many n system. Then there In a machine which lakes n tintype photograph nf Its victim for ft nickel. This Is operated by a strong electric light and It. Is necessary only for tlie subject tn drop a nickel In the slot, stnnd sllll a few seconds In front, of nu opening and the picture Is taken, tlxed, washed, dried and delivered mechanically. The slot machine has added untold thousands thousands of dollars to the receipts of the great telephone companies since telephones were Installed wllh a slot attachment. The call of the operator "Drop In your dime, please," Is now as familiar as the "Itusy, 'call them ngaln" was before the "busy signal" signal" was adopted, N'lrkel slot machine telephones have been Introduced all over town In the last year and have greatly Increased Increased the amount of business done by Hie company. Much similar are the dime slot machines which furnish a pair of opern glasses to all comers In the theatres and Ihe gas trust has lately fallen Into line and has Installed thousands of slot machine gas meters, which furnish n certain amount of gas when ft quarter Is dropped In the slot. When the gas begins to burn dim the house - dollars have been dropped Into the enticing little sluts, but their Invention has certainly certainly lured ninny a coin from a pocket In which It would have remained but for the - coaxing coaxing coaxing legend "Drop a Penny In the Slot." SENATOR SPOONER IN DEBATE In debate Mr. Spnoner well jnsllflcs Ihe cognomen which litis been given him, "The I.lltle tiiatit." Small of stature, his ideas lire large, lie shows himself always a man who lives amid big ijnetions and Is at hemic there. That lie Is a debater rather I linn an ointor appears from the fact thai, unless he can stir the opposition to Inter - nipiloti and retort, he Is nut at his best, lie deems himself luckiest when Senntnrs on the other side of the chamber get up and go at him. It Is when Ills steel strikes film that the sparks fly most merrily. He Is not content with sharp repartee, with willy or crushing rejoinder, though In these he Is adept. Criticism Inspires him to his loftiest flights. A. case In point was near the last hour of the recent session, when unexpectedly a Philippine discussion was precipitated by the Democratic Senators, (in Ihe spur of the moment Mr. Spooiier was put forward to answer them. His answer answer rang true. It Is believed to be the best thing lie ever did. lie cnmplclHv si - Hie guns of the opposition Iu a short I. noil speech which fur years to come will stand ns a model of that sort of debate. Senator Spooiier dues not need to write out his speeches, and never does so. All bis life Is spent in preparation for mooting mooting any emergency that may arise. Ile Is always ready. Ile Is the full man. who can tap himself at will. When he lias n set speech to deliver lie gathers data, revolves it all In bis mind, thinks out tlie order In which lie will bring forward the various points, inches a few notes, and then forgets forgets to refer to them. Hut the spring of Ills Intellect never falls him. Kroiii It runs always a si ream, clear and fresh. Ills Kngllsh is simple, luminous, forcible. As lie speaks It, so it Is printed In the oltlolnl Kit - ord, with little or no revision. Three or four of Hie most noteworthy speeches heard 111 Congress in recent years have fallen I10M1 the lips of Mr. Spooiier, and upon ns many topics. I'rnm u sketch of "Spooiier, .f Wisconsin." by Walter Wellman. In the American Monthly lleview of Reviews for August. about 111 cents. These machines made an j holder climbs up to the meter and drops Punishments of a School. Thomas A. Strep, in I - slie's Monthly for August says: "When I lie John Worthy School of t'liictigu was eivtitecl there wns no law on the statute books prohibiting Hogging, mill so the institution flogged. Soon society society lienril of it, raved, fomented ami sprinkled protests in the newspapers, ami nfteriioon tens, appalled but nut speech - lrss, were ngog with indignation, ami the prent City Council, stirred by the feminine feminine Duster, put. us it were, a gag on soriety's mouth by enacting; an ordinance milking corporal punishment unlawful. Then the solitary cell, known otherwise lis the solitary, or vernacularly, as "the liolr," rnuio into existence solitary ron - liiieiiient for one. two or three days, according according to the offense. Hut it wns found that offenses were roinmitteil for which solitary roiilinemeiit for any length of time would too severe, but which still ought to lie checked liy proper reprimand. To supply this want a new anil peculiar punitive device wns conlriveil. In course of time it lirrnine known us "plowing." n term suggestive of 1111)111111)?; but prison i: c. 'ci.: :..i ; . . i ins new piiiiisoinciii consisted 01 life. ronl unions walking about the lour sides of a large rrctangiiliir hall, the walking being incessant muter watch of n guard, iiml of duration stithVient in length to permit llie sufferer to hear al least one meal gong to whirli lie could not respond 4 1 Original "Captain Kettle" is Dead. Tlie loss of tlie steamer Stanleyville, one of the best boats of Sir Alfred .Jones' Afrl - call Line, near Axlin, will doubtless create a great deal of Interest In all Kngllsh - speakiiig countries on account of her worhl - renoHiied commander. Captain Tubhs Is perhaps comparatively little known under Ills own cognomen, but as the famous Cap. tain Kettle. lniniortallT''d by CiilclilTe llvne, It Is safe to say his name is n household word. Ills startling experiences, ns told by the popular writer, have given entertain - nient to hundreds of thousand In all parts and In all circumstances. Captain Ttihbs can certainly count upon the sympathy nf myriads of admirers. The Liverpool Journal of Commerce. possible of VM1. of by has :i:l. the In st ci of show 1!H, fiscal year, the 000. wllh eom 1, Kx Articles fiscal Iron Cotton Wool Paper Cars Other eept r Iher Itisiks, bulla Spirit Clocks Paints 'lass brass Miiihlc Koap Wool Malt Other have S n tie !" "'"t being 1 I.. ense 1 ""ic una 1 ye, I

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