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Letter to the Editor 1 - -LETTERS to the EDITOR To the Editor of The...
-LETTERS to the EDITOR To the Editor of The Independent: Oh, No! There ain't ao God. II there were, and he wished to man!' fest himself to us hard-boiled old sinners he'd have to hit us with a telegraph pole before we'd condescend to believe. Then we might say "Aw that pole just happened to fall on me/' Just been reading about a. John Gallagher, 1000 miles out at sea; saw, in a dream, his son, being killed in an automobile accident and was so impressed that he phoned his wife before she herself had heard it. Doesn't that look like God's work? Doesn't that tally up with the dream of the 7 sheaves that Pharaoh saw? Pharaoh's dream was attributed to God. Why not Gallagher's? In my own family we have, had, years back, pneumonia such as Mr. Gallagher's experienced; but it was the spiritually inclined who experienced them, never the. hard-boiled. And our college professors, we'd naturally expect to find them spiritually inclined toward religion; .but no, many are agnostic, skeptics like the rest, waiting to be crushed with a brick before they believe. They see the sun rise and the moon make its rounds in 28 days for centuries working like a^clock, and say "Oh, it's just a circumstance in which matter happens to be so situated as to hold its magnetic position. "This matter was cast from some planet in space and took its position through magnetic attraction. Why really it's very simple, easily explained." But he doesen't say who made the matter and who made the space and who kicked it loose from the original planet and. who installed the magnetism. The theologian is at * disadvantage because of the many things in the Bible that are meant to be taken, figuratively and the many things that apply to the people of earlier times, the cave man for instance; Like this —the Bible says, "Get thee a knife sharp as a razor and cut off ;thy. beard." The professor will ask the minister what he knows about that, and the theologian will say "we do not take that seriously". The professor will say "Why? Don't you believe your Bible? Don't you take it ser; iously?" "Well not altogether" the minister will admit. Then the professor, will say "There is a preacher, preaching from a Bible he admits ^he can't agree with" and a professor can put more wrong impressions into the heads of the young than 10 ministers can eradicate. The older part of the Bible applies more to the people of early times, but Christ came to put us right. The Bible does not warn us against moonshine, slot-machines and many gadgets that were unknown in the early day. But it provides us an authentic record of what went before and we must forge ahead and get our bearings from the past. The Lord's Prayer that Christ handed up fits any religion. It's a prayer to God whether you call him Um, .Allah, Buddha, Great Spirit. Jupiter, Jehovah or keus; he's God. He was our God before Christ came and is yet. There is a God and it's our duty to get in touch with him; scientists, college professors and all. Clarence Darrow does not believe in God because he hasn't seen him. He hasn't seen the Taj Mahal either perhaps it is a myth as far as Darrow is concerned. The blustering man said ''Religions all hooey and baloney, nothing to it, all the bunk." "My dog believes the same way" said the quiet man "but he doesn't howl about it." JUST ANOTHER SINNER Massillon, Jan. 16.

Clipped from
  1. The Evening Independent,
  2. 18 Jan 1937, Mon,
  3. Page 4

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