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Chess by Isaac Kashdan

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Chess by Isaac Kashdan - 3B Part l-SUN., JAN. 1 1959 flnglUg Uimtj 3 BY...
3B Part l-SUN., JAN. 1 1959 flnglUg Uimtj 3 BY ISAAC KASHDAN - INTERNATIONAL GRANDMASTER . Address letters to Chess Hact, LA. Times loi AnseUt 41, CaUf, CHESS 5SE IN LEAD, &fefeATS KESHEVSKY S&;in the most sensational game wfevdate in the tournament for SSfljMJnited States uness nam-SBftnshiD. 15-vear-old Bobby her, playing in defense o at p deleatea tormer c-nara- SMmiR Samuel KesnevsKy, ac- fS&g to a report from the frjpw: York Times. vSHHying in 'the sixth round S-tne tournament ai uie wan- XJStttan Chess Club in New t-yb'rk. Reshevsky countered -Fischer's P-K4 with the Sicilian :pefense. On his eighth turn Re-! v-tfievsky moved his knight to "the OR file, to exchange it for '-Tischer's bishop. This turned out to be a munaer. Fischer promptly seized the opportunity for a subtle combination, based on the lack of mobility of the black queen. He . sacrificed his bishop ana fol- lowed with a move of his ''knight that imprisoned the ' aueen. Reshevsky was forced to abandon that powerful piece in exchange for two minor pieces. :- Reshevsky fought on but A, with virtually no hope. Fischer vsoon won a pawn ana estab lished a passed pawit on the 'queen side which could not be .''halted in the lone run. Reshev- v6ky resigned the struggle after y,42 moves. In two other completed - games last week Fischer drew ;' with Paul Benko and Donald " Byrne to lead the tournament with a score of 4V-1V. He had previously defeated James T. Sherwin and Charles Kalme and drawn with William Lorn-bardy. Reshevsky came back in the. seventh round with an important victory over Larry Evans. who had been in the lead for the first week. Playing the white pieces against the Nim-! zo-lndian Defense. Kesnevsky started a king's side attack, sac-! rificing a pawn to obtain con trol of the king's bishop's file. Step by step Reshevsky gained ground until nis pur suit of the black king was re- , warded. Faced by a threatened vjcKeckmate, Evans gave up his iQueen for a rook but obtained Konly temporary relief. He was 'actually checkmated on the 39th move. As a result Evans and Re shevsky were tied for second at 4-2, a score which was; equaled by Arthur B. BisguierJ The latter is the only undefeated player beside Fischer. Following are last week's results and games from the tour- rament: : ROUND FIVE Benko 14. Flsrrh. er : D. Byrne 0, Shorwln 1; Med-1 'vis hi, Lombardy R. Byrne Bfsg-Mer ti; Weinsteln 0, Reshev-i skv i: Kaune vs. Evans adjourned. nonwn ctv em.i,.. i ni eky 0; Evans 1, Welnstein 0;"b1s-I Bluer 1, Kalme 0; Lombardy V, R. Byrne ; Sherwin Mednts ; -.reiuu) vb. u. nyrne amournen. ; ROUND SEVEN D. Byrne 14, JWelnnteln 1A. BlKtrnipr Rpch.v. Bky 1, Evans 0; Mednis vs. Benko and R. Byrne vs. Sherwin adjourned. STANDING AFTER SEVEN ROUNDS ' -fHscher BIssuler vans -Reshevsky Sherwfn Lombardy Fischer , White 1- P-K4 2- N-KB3 3- P-Q J-NxP S-N-QB3 -B-K3 .7-B-QB4 S-B-N3 9-P-KS 10- BxPchl 11- N-K4I 12- QxQ 13- Q-Q2 14- 0-0 15- B-B4 1MJ-K2 17- QxN 18- N-K4 19- N-B5 J0-P-QB3 21-OR-Q Fischer White 1- P-K4 2- N-KB3 -3-B-N5 4- B-R4 ' J-O-O X -R-K '.7-B-N3 ' . 8-P-B3 .9-P-KR3 t10-B-B2 11- P-Q4 12- QN-OJ 73-PxSP 14- N-B 15- N-K3 -1MJ-K2 17-N-N5 18- P-QR 19- PxP 20- P-ON3 21- QxP M-N-QS 53-PxN JWSxN 25-PxQ Jii-RxP 57-KR-RS 28- QBxP 29- RxB W L 4V2 V2 D. Byrne 4 2 R. Byrne 4 2 welnsteln 4 2 Mednis 3!i 2'i Kalme 31i 3Vi Benko SICILIAN DEFENSE VJ I a 3 IV, 311 J'i 2V: p 4V, Reshevsky Black P-0B4 N-QB3 Pxf P-KN3 a-NZ N-B3 0-0 N-QR4? N-K KxB PxN N-QB3 Bxp N-Q3 N-B5 BxB K-N5 R-B2 R-B3 P-K4 N-Q Fischer White 22- N-Q7 23- Q-KR4 24- N-B5 Z&QxKPCh 27- 0-R3 28- N-Q6 29- RxB 30- P-ON4 31- P-N5 32- R-QS 33- R-BS 34- P-N6 35- R-K 36- RxB 37- P-N7 3B-QXP 39- R-N 40- P-KR3 41- RxR 42- Q-RS Reshevsky HACK R-B3 R-K3 R-KB3 R-BS N-B3 BxN B-B4 KR-B N-Q N-B2 P-QR3 B-KS B-B3 PxR QR-N N-Q , R-B2 KRxNP RxR Resigns RUY LOPEZ Kalme Diacx P-K4 N-0B3 P-QR3 N-B3 B-K2i P-0N4 0-0 Pll N-5R4 P-B4 -B2 N-B3 KXP OR-Q P-N3 B-B P-B5 PxP P-N5 P-R3 NXN PXN QxQ B-B3 KR-K BxB R-07 Fischer White 30-R-QB 31- BXP 32- RxBP 33- P-ON4 34- K-R2 35- P-N5 36- K-N3 37- R(3)-BS JB-K-U4 39-RINI-QS 40- R-Q8 41- K-K5 42- R.R8Ch 43- RxB 44- P-B7 45- R-Q5 46- K-Q& 47-P-N6 49-K-Bi 49-R-QB 50-K-N 31-PxR 52- P-B8IQ) 53- RxR 54- K-B6 55- K-0S 54-K-Q4 S7-K-Q3 Kalme Black KR-K7 PXB K-R2 R-K8ch RxP R-N7 K-R3 RI0-QN6 RxKNP, B-K3 BxP K-N2 RXR R-R R-K7ch K-B3 R-QN7 R-QB R-B7ch RtHxPch K-B4 RXO P-N4 P-N5 K-B5! K-B6 Resigns JV5-P-QB4 inj-P-KNI 5-N-0B3 4-P-K4 7-P-Q5 &KN-K2 9- P-0R4 10-BPxP 110-0 12- P-RS 13- PxPe.p. 14- Q-B2 15- P-N3 14-R-N 17-B-N2 18-N-R4 - 19-RxB ' 20-R-R . 31-0N-B3 . 22-N-B 23- R-R4 24- P-R3 25- N(3)-R2 2S-P-QN4 . 27-NxN 28-QxP SJ-Q-N3 KING Reshevsky WWte 1- P-0B4 2- P-CJ4 - 3-P-K.N1 4- B-N2 5- N-KBt 6- 0-0 V. 7-N-B3 ' -PxP 9-B-K3 10- N-QS 11- B-Q2 12- N-R4 13- B-QB3 14- BxB ltP-KRJ .-13-Q3 ; 17-N-CJB3 16- KR-Q KING'S INDIAN DEFENSE . Byrne oiacx N-KB3 P-KN3 B-N2 0-0 P-03 P-B4I P-QR3 PXP QN-02 R-N P-QN4 NXNP N.M- N-Q2 P-QR4 B-QR3 BxB R-NS KN-B3 K-K 0-N3 N-K4I P-BS R-N4: N-OS rXN RxOP R-CJ4 'S INDIAN DEFENSE Evans White 30- Q-B2 31- PxP 32- R-N6 33- K-R2 34- RxP 35- RxR 36- RxN 37- P-Bi 38- Q-N2 39- P-B5 40- P-KS 41- R-Bi 42- R-Qi 43- 0-Q4 443-KB4 45- R-Q5 46- P-R4 47- R-Q4 48- R-Q2 49- B-g5 50- R-K2 51- B-N2 52- O-NS 53- R-KB2 54- K-N 55- B-B3 56- K-N2 Resigns . Byrne Black RxNP 0-R2 R-N41 RxRP B-B5 QXR BxN B-K3 R-Q Q-B2ch BxP Q-R4 R-OB Q.B R-K 0-B6 B-K3 P-R4 B-B B-B4 R-0 R-05 Q-BS RxPch O-QS R-BS B-N5 Kalme uiack' N-KB3 P-KN3 B-N2 00 P-B4 P-Q3 N-B3 Pxp Q-R41 B-B4 Q-Q B-02 N-KNS KxB N-R3 P-K31 Q-K2 KR-Q Reshevsky White 19- Q-QS 20- RxQ 21 - N-K 4 22- QR-Q 22-RU-tl2 24- N-Q6 25- N-B3 26- P-KN4 27- P-NS 28- NxN 29- NxPcn 30- P-B4 31- N-K4Ch 32- N-Q6 33- BxN 34- N-BSch 35- RxR Kelme Black OxQ B-K P-N3 KR-B R-B2i K-o P-B3 N-B2 PxP KXN K-B3 P-KR3 K-K2 R-0 BxB NPxN Resigns CLtTB TOPRNEVS TO START h.ntrtpt! mnv ctill hn maris In three tournaments being staged ' this week at leading chess ; clubs. Following are the de- - tails: 1 Invitational tnnrnnmpnte, fr,r- ' masters and pynprts u-ill ctnr "Wednesday at the Santa Mon-! , ica rsay niess uiud, i-iincoln . Park. 7th and Wiishire in Ran .ta .Monica. Thp pntrancp fpa ic -S10. A Class B tournament will ; 'start tomorrow evening, with .a $2.50 fee. For further infor- , - mauon can iierDert 1. a Dei : tjac 4-9162. Jan. 4, TIMES PROBLEM 3025 By W. L. Barclay BLACK It 30. WHITE White mates In two. TIMES PROBLEM 3030 By S. C. Dutt BLACK i WHITE II White mates In three. Black Interference Is the theme In both our problems today. In 3029 the long diagonal is blocked at several points, while in 3030 the black pieces Interfere -with each otner potn on me ranK anu iue. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 300S: Q-B3 SOLUTION TO PROBLEM 3034 : 07 If IfvnP m vRP. 9 R-R3: f K-07. 2 B-Nl; If K-K7. 2 QxP) If K-B7, 2 B-Q5; If P-R7. 2 R-KIch. . Above-Is the composer's Intention A "cook" or second solution Is '-RrKBI. If K-Q7 or K-K7, 2 Q-NS; If P-R7, 2 B-Nl ch. SOLVERS' LIST Five points W. S. Aaron, F. Aks, C. Cresswell, M. Chutorian. C. Foster, O. T. Hambaugh, J. Kaufman, M. Margolis, m. Morris, it. Neumann, E. E. Penter, W. L. Rankel, J. Roper, M. Rosen, R. D. Sylvester. Three points E. B. Bacon, J. C. Beaver, K. R. Dussubieux, J. Gotta, .1. Haidostlan. A. E. Hamnel. G. TV. Poitevln. MaJ. H.' Trlwush, L. A. Victor, D. Wegleln. Two points N. Lesser, M. H. iueiernans, k. l,. lur- lev. rt. S. Wacihlnptnn. A. E. Wood. une pomi ts. reyer, r. j. xuma, T. C. Waters. The East Side Open Chess Tournament will start Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the City Terrace Chess Ciub, 3875 City Ter race Drive. The entrance fee is $2.50. It will be a six-round Swiss system, played Wednes days. To register call Bernard Oak at AN. 1-6567. The master tournament of. the Herman Steiner Chess Club will start at 12:30 p.m next Sunday at 108 N Formosa Ave. The entry fee is $10.50. ADout 20 players are expected to compete in a 10-round Swiss system. Call Gene Rubin at! OL. 5-6072. SPANN AT CHAMPIONSHIP Jerry Spann, president of the u.s. uness t ederation, was present at the opening ceremo nies of the current tournament! for the U.S. chess champion ship, which for the second year has been combined with the annual Rosen w aid Trophy Tournament. Following are e.veerpts from Spann's remarks, which should be of interest to all chess players: I think we can all aerep that organized chess, as well as general cness interest, has taken a decided leap forward durinir this oast vear. How many times lately have you seen a chpss hnarrl and nlprp-i In a movie or tv production, eltner as pan. 01 me plot 0r m we selling .' . . . or in n slick mac.i7.ine .-id? . . . or In a fahric or Ipwplrv desien? . . . or In an interior decor? I am sure all of you have read Al Horowitz's new chess column in the Saturday Review. These are all indications of the rising surge of Interest In chess In America. Of course, there are more graphic and significant manifestations, and tne outstanding success of tne VJSCF-Rosenwald Tournament is one. A year ago tonight I stood be- iore you wnen we openea tne nrst such event,. and strong as it was it is certainlv ecllnspd hv the second annual tournament, for this is the strongest chess championship ever organized in the United States. uunng tne past year we nave sel our two renrosentatives Dlav at Portoro?. and rlistlnmilsh them- iselves -with tonfllght nlav. followed nv we i-rtpserven nrnmot ons in their international ranking. This coming year we will see one of our sons ana an adopted son play in nrooamy tne strongest 01 tne candidates' tournaments. Last fall we sent a team to the Chess Olympics for the first time in six years ana maue a creuuame showing. During the past year the ieueiauun mumuprsnin nils ucpii in creased bv 1000 new members, and me American iness i- ounuation nas launcnea a drive for sustaining members who will contribute tax- exempt dollars to a general chess junu. The impact and import of all these events Is self-evident. But not so self-evident as the vital causal relationship! The single significant contributing factor is the effective co-operation 01 tne American t,ness Foundation and the U.S. Chess Federation to which I sav bravo, and long may it live: Bobby Fischer Nearing Second U.S. Chess Title NEW YORK Jan. 3 V Pifteen-vear -old Bobby ,fc ischer of Mew iork. moved within ons-half noint of win- nine his second straieht na- itional chess title tonight when he defeated Arthur B. Bisquier of New York in 86 moves. The victory in a 10th round adjourned match gave , Eisner an standing com pared to 7-3 of veteran Samuel Reshevsky. In other matches todav. world junior champion William Lombardv of New York defeated Larry Evans, New iorK, in 4i moves and KoD- ert Bvrne of Indiananolis :turned back Edmar Mednis, New York University stu dent, in 48. Charles Kalme Philadelphia, and Paul Ben ko. Hungarian pyi'Ip nlaverl '50 moves to a draw.

Clipped from The Los Angeles Times, 04 Jan 1959, Sun,  Page 36

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