Pork Packers Assoc 1881

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Pork Packers Assoc 1881 - part of Is not tbaa.svlf-suslalalng...
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Ibsl la ibis to challenge and tbat ttnanclally, day be will, none but example, and the it hss all true for tbe prom-les prom-les annals be conducted tbe contrary, In c. baa enterlug he dates ben lstb : lstb. and evealug tne dale from Monday this at tbls Instruction- tha ssld of lbs meei-ng meei-ng as possible, possible eur-Ina eur-Ina Treasurer, 18S1. or Association of presenting With : Da. $9,050 02 75 00 33 45 2,606 00 4 66 40 00 150 00 400 00 13 72 $12,643 85 follows: 530 00" 244 tp 4(j3 00 1,446 W 1,887 50 772 05 0to 00 593 91 .S,$-i4 .S,$-i4 .S,$-i4 13 and twenty-eight ra-hesrstHs ra-hesrstHs admission conoert and 17, 11. follows: $10,000 00 l.lwi 00 6.619 7g 1,52 02 87a 02 J19,178 7(1 9.059 at each year by the following COLON KL. MAXWELL'S REPORT. Cixcibmati, October 3, 1S81. To thb Mkstbbrs w thb Pork-Packera' Pork-Packera' Pork-Packera' Association Uentlmrnem At the close of the provision year there is occasion for abundunt congratulation. Whatever doubts were entertained entertained early in tb) season disappeared aa the f ear progressed, so that now the trade can ook back upon a year's work which has presented presented more favorable feature than have been enjoyed in many preceding seasons, uor has this prosperity been confined to the provision provision trade. It bas extended to nearly every department of commerce and industry. Tbe finances of tbe country are in good coudltion. Manufacturers are actively and profitably employed, employed, and the tillers of tbe soil, while having having reduced crops from au untoward season, flud prices coming to their rescue. It Is true a great shadow, unparalleled in its universality universality and its painful conditions lor months, has hung over the -nation, -nation, bnt the foundation of the Government remains unshaken. unshaken. The business of the eouutry, while bowing its head in profound sorrow, and mingling Its grief with all classes, on the occasion occasion of the deutli of "our beloved Chief Magistrate by the band of an ssaaasin, still confides for its protection in the patriotic sentiment of the country, and this, whatever changes may come, will not fail. The tables which are appended, the materials materials for which have been furnished by John H. Porior, Esq., secrelsry aud Treasurer of the United Railroads Stock-Yards; Stock-Yards; Stock-Yards; 11. Andrew Andrew Bowman, Esq., Superintendent of the Miami Stock-Yards; Stock-Yards; Stock-Yards; John B. Foster, Esq.. of the Coviuaton Stock-Yards, Stock-Yards, Stock-Yards, aud Slimer's Stock-Yards, Stock-Yards, Stock-Yards, tell their own story as to the stock business of tne city, and make. In geuersl, a favorable exhibit. The extreme cold of the winter and the dry weather of lha summer operated unfavorably on stock, especially on cattle and sTieep, seriously impairing impairing the quality, and, in the case of sheep, materially diminishing the receipts. In botn bogs and cattle there have been Increased receipts. receipts. The receipts of bogs at the United Railroads Stock-Yards Stock-Yards Stock-Yards aggregate 1106,404 bead. In comparison with 785.K49 head in the previous previous year; at tlie Covington Yards 12o,7bo head, compared with 06.402 head; at the Miami Yarda 56,312 head. In comparison with 57,416 head, aud at Slimer's 71.065 Head, compared compared with 67.V30 head. The receipts of cattle have been as follows: At the United Yards 136,032 head in the past year, compared with 180,021 head In 1870-60; 1870-60; 1870-60; at Covington 00,750 head, in comparison with 67,001 head; at Sinner's 6,078 head, compared with 6.5-iO 6.5-iO 6.5-iO head, aud at the Miami 130 head, in comparison with 848 head. The receipts of aheep at the Untied Yards have been 324,727 bead, compared with 350,902 head; at the Covington 201.rjy9 head, in comparison with 22738 head; at Slimer's 11,734 head, compared with 15,545 head, and at the Miami 453 head, in comparison with 807 bead. The receipts at all the yards aggregated of hogs l.ftrfMUT head, compared with 007,027; of cattle, 263,608 head, In comparison with 244.870, and of sheep, 6.18.613 head, compared with 504.742. These figures, however, while they represent the business of the yards, do not show the actual receipts at this city, inasmuch inasmuch as the stock, by finding its way from one yard to another is, to a limited extent, duplicated, and because there Is some which does not reach the yards at all. Making allowance allowance for tbls, the aggregate recelnla are shown to have been, of liogs, 1,017,661 bead, compared with 976.741; of cattle, 229,776, tn comparison with 220.451, and of sheep, 444,722, compared with 525,554. The aggregate shipments shipments from tne city In the last year have been, of hogs, 272,834, compared with 245,778; of cattle, 108,387, in comparison with 105,485; of sheep, 310,634. compared with 400,697. Of these tt may be remarked, as showing the relation which the bussneas of tbe United Railroads Stock-yarda Stock-yarda Stock-yarda auslama to the whole outward movement, tbat theae yards shipped 249.600 tn the paat year, compared with 218,185 in 1879-60; 1879-60; 1879-60; of cattle. 73.556, in comparison with 76.960, and of sheep, 238.167, compared with 26362. Tbe average gross weight of the hogs weighed at the United Railroads Stock-Yards Stock-Yards Stock-Yards In the paat year was 237.9 pounds, compared wltli 243.M1 pounds in the previous year: of cattle 951.73, in comparison with, 981.6. and of aheep 78.84, compared with 80.8. The average of the hogs weighed at the Miami Stock-Yards Stock-Yards Stock-Yards was '240.37 pounds, compared with 279.58. Notwithstanding the unfavorable trenm-stances trenm-stances trenm-stances the total number of head of hogs, cattle cattle and sheep received at the yards has exceeded exceeded the previous year, and doubtless has exceeded any year in the past, having been, in load aod 1881. 160,688 boad. compared with I, 837.239 In 1879 aad 188o. The advantage of haviug suitable facilities for the transaction of the business of the city has been no more apparent in any department than in the stock buainess,wnich of late years has shown steady and healthful growth. It should be stated, too, that tbe faellliiesdurlng the approaching year are to have important additions iu the yards of the Cincinnati Stock-Yards Stock-Yards Stock-Yards Company Company now in process of erection on the line of the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad north of the United Yards, it ia contemplated tbat these yards will be ready for bualne about tbe 1st of November. With rules for the regulation of trade in the main acceptable to the pork-packers pork-packers pork-packers there has been In late years lew occasions demanding demanding meetings of the Association. Tbls has led some to suppose there was little use remaining remaining for the organization. The benefits of lis maintenance, however, have been strikingly strikingly illustrated by the Important action which the Association waa called npon to take during the paat year on the subject of taxation, lu which its Interests were deeply interested. Almost every year the members of the Association Association are reminded by the losses In tbetr ranks of tha limit placed on our buaineaa achievements. One by one the older members members are passing sway.. Iu tbe past year two ot the founders of this Association, men distinguished distinguished for mercantile honor, business sagacity sagacity and success, and for blgb personal won ii, have departed. George F.Davis and Gardner Phipts are no more. Their names were household words at home, and were well and honorably known abroad. It was fitting that they should be laid to rest, as they were, on the same day. In behalf of the Board of Directors, . Sidmet D. Maxwell, Sec'y. Table showing the number nf hops, oaf tl and sheep weighed monthly at the United Railroads Stock-yards, Stock-yards, Stock-yards, with the aggregate gross weight of the same, together with the aggregate number and gross weight for seven years. The discrepancy between the receipts and the number weighed is explained by the fact that the receipts embraoe hogs both weighed and not weighed at the yards: Total. irS'Si-c?ac irS'Si-c?ac irS'Si-c?ac J : 3.335-SS3! 3.335-SS3! 3.335-SS3! it S5i3ial i 3-g 3-g 3-g S 3 i df 3 ! i

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