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Gates Art collection 2 - (Gates Art Collection Guarded at All Hours He-!...
(Gates Art Collection Guarded at All Hours He-! bp-coming even- a . (ai- - Twenty-fifth ex-J0f , ! is im-": i ) iriSr in hotel lobbies and club by is indifferently wandering into the Fifth i avenue galleries in this city and picket.. .. - go- Hdward Hrandus at No. Ml" Fi-tn. wu!iavrn,lf, amj happened to see several ! r.nintiuss that suited his fane v. Sep-j ala,in2 himself from a sum of jlOO.OMi'.' h g,.,,,, the paintings and earned! ! tn, ha(.k home with him. be-1 Tn(, value of the Gates collection i In-li'id. of j i I j ! of, a ' r. '.-Will economical1'-f is ct-tinjj triu-U of 'Lis hs- ' a a nt was loom,.,...,,, ., ti.;- .r,.a t.v..rl nmnilmmd ' , jf wa .ted a copv was r?-- "'placed in the hands of every important on, ibrarv grt ilorv in t,o world two to- , ,)(, Hsill th,t time: j M., Ueep all of them in inv local , hr , have got so manv of then a'ith(lt , Kt mix.,i p. Tlmt'l. whv 1 tomorrow- , H ,Hta lopued. ' i ... Vateliers Keep Viil Day anil XiIit Over Treasures in (Jotliam Hotel. Kental of $ K5.000 Yearly Is Paid for Quarters Hous ing' Them. Xew York Not Surprised Because Gallery Is to Come Here. (Predal to The Sunday . Tribune.) New York, June 2. As announced sc-vci::l weeks a;o, .New York is to lose the art collodion of the late .John W dales, mid Minneapolis is to hav: a nal to tlie noied collection of Thor.iu Harlow Walker, the millionaire lumber kiiiK. The Hates collection ix one ot. the best, known private collections ot valuable paintings in the country, and, although rarelv ou public exhibition, it is noted for its genuineness and completeness. The collection is to be taken to Minneapolis bv Charles 0. Gates, son of the financier, who is to build a magnificent home on the shores ot the Lake ol the Isles in that city, which is feaid will be Becoi.d to none west ol .New York eitv. The Gates collection has lonp b.ien housed in the Plaza hotel here where, betore bis death, Mr. Gates occupied the entire fourth floor, paving th.' enormous rental of $4(1,000 a year. Wh n the old Plaza hotel was remodeled five years bro, Mr. Oateo engaged the fourth alterations this floor' was fitted accord- floor ot the hostelry, ami during tnc ma, to plans given bv the financier or ljg own px(.Uf.iV(, use- At the time Mr. ! (.ates ease, thjs apartment it was j t houjjht thai the high water mark in ,H)iaitment ' rentals had been reached, : .j-hp highest .rent at that lime in the mtvnii;,, ..aid hv Charles .M. Si - hwab, thc steel king, in one of tin uptown hotels. He paid $10,000 for ai exclusive suite of rooms and when it was announced that Mr. dates had arranged the lease of t"ie fourth floor of the Plaza for $46,000 per .annum, it created no little amount of excitement i;i realty eircles. Furnishings Simple. The keynote of the furnishing of Mr. dates' magnificent apartment u one of simple elegance and an inCdli gent adaptation ot the accepted styles of furniture to meet modern conditions. Kvery piece of furniture in the rooms is of American design and manufaetuvc, and unlike many of the extravagant living quarters in New Vork, the tin- nishings are not within the strict lines a prjod, but the livable ,)P1.j0(s an, adapted and : models of adapted and harmouized in tbe roorag, Wno thp ,(,Rtii of Mr. Gates, the apartment has been kept closed and strj(.tv guarded night and day, t0 the valuable art omenta, and pan.'.- intra that are in the rooms. The entire art collection and furnishings were left to the financier's son, Charles O. Gates, and thev have been kent at the hotel awaiting his disposal. ( onsequeiitly, the announcement that tne .voiiii'vr Gates intended to remove them to Mm- neapolis caused little surprise in this city. His art collection was to .loiin w . Gates nothing more than a hobby. U-i- like many noted collectors or art ol-jeets. lie had no agents working for him on the lookout for valuable paint ings hidden awav in some remote cor- ner or tne gioDe, oui, uiu an oi ins u u selecting and purchasing. As he himself put it, after strolling , into one o' the naileries in this city in WZ and laying $75,000 on the counter in exchange for Rembrandt's valuable "St. Paul Imprisoned": i" Whenever I have, a . i little! loose money and see a picture that strikes my fancy which can be bought I usually biiytt," Mr. dates had a natiit ot treating Aniintmna unit fiettinrr tnnfyiinq a.WAir- .no 011r some j.amoiis painitng, pay cash for it, and tucking it under a s arm stroll back to his home with When he purchased Henibrandt 's "St Paul" in this maimer he caused no end of excitement among art dealers and collectors r,ne nirrhr he utrollnrl into the Bulb-rv r,j . 2.ono.0ll0. and has heeui ailed one of the most complete collec tions ol paintings in America. It is esiwciallv rich in examples of the work of the Barbram painters. These are practiei'llv - - all represented Cuvoi, Trovon. .lacques. Ilia., Iupr, Daubigny. Millet and Ibuisseau. The early English painters are in it too lioninev, Raeburn, Reynolds, Hoppn-'V! also those painters without which no collection is complete, such as Ziemanii Hchrever. Many Rembrandt's Included. The collection abounds, too, in vaia-blo examples of Rembrandt's art "St Paul Imprisoned" is one of the best. known of this artist's work, and was purchased bv Mr. Gates in 10o2 from Brandos, the well-known Fifth avenu.' dealer. He paid $7.'),lt00 for it. tittle is known about tlv picture except tha! it is one of the earliest pictures pair.r-ed bv Rembrandt at l.eyden. betwe.n the ynars 162" and Hi'H, during the last four years o' hi stav there. Only about'' a dozen religious subjects ner; painted bv the famous artist. The St. Paul csinas is extremelv huge and hns siood the wear and tear of four centuries being damaged perceptibly. . , AmoiiL' the noted works Ot art in lire collection is niie entitled " Hr'dge- on a ( anal at eince, uy me rr"ncii colorist, I'cbx Zeim. It is a picture of a canal, water blue and tranquil, between high houses, the facade of a church and other buildings. In the foreground a stone budge forms nr. arch, under which a gondola is passing; in the background beneath this arch is s"cn another bridge. In the water : reflected Ihe w hite and rose colon .1 wads of Ihe buildings brightly illuuv-noted bv th lat rays of the setting sun. In Iho te''t band corner is th 1 signature of the artist., In U'oll the dates collection became so extensive and of such a varied n. ' tnre that the financier decided to eati u. w,.,i ns rivato collectors and frien i of Mr. Gates. He did this more for his I K '.t t h. fnr th.. ,,!,. ; c new ices. Man This man the and eve ihe with in drug ice topped with in. tiro u n 1 it

Clipped from
  1. Star Tribune,
  2. 02 Jun 1912, Sun,
  3. Page 8

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