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POW - '. : . : - ., " . . , . . . ; . ' glory . given...
'. : . : - ., " . . , . . . ; . ' glory . given the brutality practiced by iha Bate , foe. We will only ,siV ibat4suchl .a: - . ' r; j slowly ;'J. EXPERIENCE IMA NORTHERN PRISON impoTtitecci j'and wlen told Jbnt Le , . ;: had purchased Mh-articles in tho jvanj iu , m7 w, pjaio, was oruerea ro snui nis mputa, Mr. M 0, , Wallace:;: ..U that they-respected tint n6 more Ibart1 rEAR SiitMlaving ben.pris-;olheVdaBeces L oondrti - but a? oner for near four and a-balf months,! jhere have been M y stittmCDl3. I have concluded to write a few lines ' Uiahed b 0Qr rBlu'ined prisoners; for your papt reiving a sbort'detailj w, c, Bul D descriptoof of my -experience during the dys ; j, -- wil, - - tha't . '.j, H 'fi , of my captivity. It will be-ternem; bered that I wa?, with several others, ' . 1 . . t uluuuk nuuui welt; ooiuo vuiwis uv;ui i i " ...i . : i . i . o . m - : . r- -r government cannot certainly sexist the 8lh Tenn. Keg.' and Lieut J. C j - tk - 1 v , ' ' r, j i' m i under the rule of such autbcritida as. Franklin, of the 44th Tenn. Reg.,',t,0 xi? eu:A V a-L' ' . 0 . the VVMRhinornn fofitrnmprif . Thi captured at thegreat ; struggle at q of thcmseTe3 baV Mnifreesboro.; We were carried to became 'ditpd ; an Ar T.in' Naihvillo oa.the lst of January, ColnV dcs-.,;e thft funw; j:i.c...i:i '1 A t ' ' -4 . r '.-o - aau connaeu cioseiy auer oeing ra- ,flUer q (if rcieu until man7, yin. . vve were pul on ovfrain for Bowling Green, Kywith. the understanding that we were going - to ; Yicljsburg for ex change lit Hawlintr Orpfin wa wpr Iffllon t'fo ITmlfe nl iha rXmna nn tirnrr v. ..w r, v- ---- that we j would report next morning promptly. Frcm there we were sint under strong guard to Evansville, As a 'matter of course we. keep tbii . ' ' '; ".' $ J ' ' " . !" eyes; i : : 5 There is a1 bill cow before Con-' gress for another draft; a We will wait ' paiicuujf iui ib, nuu tueu we expcc trouble. What J write Io yoo nowj; is confidential. ,;, We are making preparations to resist the, draft.. it , tt be done with detcrminatibn.'A determined expressioa is seen on Xh4:' countenacce of;, every Dembt-rat.-' Ind, ogiio given 'the .limits of the Icit, where' we snjouroed three days, waiting the aruval of a boat to carry usJoMckbburg. . At length on the morning cf the ;14tb a boat arrived and we were putaboard with sufficient rations' for the trip'. ' So Boon as" nil was ready, "we bad procured rooms for the tripr we were 4nf ormed by. the of- all to corselves. , Whea thht c.mes to pass yoa will not bear of men &-cl iag what the bounty." is, nor what their1" monthly tvages are to .le. '. Indiana 1 and Illinois are-already' in a tUze j"' all that is wanting is Nor ths alarm'-f to be given We have co toe to .the: concjaiion that if ,we . fight it .will ba B for ' principle and not for idgger. I , suppose you beard' that the 80th. bad"1 gone to Ticksburg.-'1 They'passeJ''' ficera iaicommand of , the prisoners JRinJy; about a "week ago. : Twelva 7j in Dvansviile for the Officers. . Oo tbe boat we were told to carry our b'ggage as .ve would not probably return 7.t6' that; boatr arid to settle with tbe clerk of the boat, This we did, And when we arrived at the house ; . !', . t i ; , ' cere suDDerwas DreDared we were ... , ; t . ,i ....... - . ' put linder Strops' PUard nntl closelV confiued till morning, when instead of going to Vicksburg we were "put on the cars and conveyed to that miserable place h.it we have so often heard of since our brave men have had. th misfor t u n a fo be ca p t u red, Camp Chase, Ohio, where we were cloely searched and r? our .money,; pocket-knives,'.and many other sinalkr arti-, cle8 taken , from us, after whwb we were put in prison where, we remained until the JOthof April, during which time we were deprived, of nil papers except ',.,lhe ' Cincinnati. Commercial and tho Ohio Statrjburnal.fThe latter has smceH)een burned ia retal- ... j ... . , . t iation for .the arrest of Ube great peace leader of that State, Vallao-dighm.' I will. here say that; the Journal office had been closely guarded for sbaie timb b'foraj we left that place tq prevent bcjng mobbed by lbe Copperheads In retaliatioq for the Crisis, which was mobbed while the editor (Medary) vwas absent at Cincinnati.,. The Abolitionists were forced to replaca, the type acd press immer diately by the Copperheads, ? ss the Abolitionists i call tbe&:' u "On ths 9th of April wa'were or- that we could not get off before the! boats went down., ; I fear if there Ss?: 15th, and that supper was prepared j another fight at Yicksburg,. we . will , uvvcr gck iu eeti, some or me lu. . Creek bdys any more." " ' ' ' . .- - ' ': . y . .' r. . - . .; Thoosfinds of fiacb letters are ia j , terccpted by tbe AboIitionisJs in tha.. army, who seek to cutoff communis catioq between the soldiers' and their'! friends nt home, to keep tLem froni . deserting the army, a These 1 letters -' are published ia ' the; Northern jouf -1 nals,!ihd efforts made to ahreat thb 3 writers but invvainl; 'Peace papers are also suppressed in tha army,' n'ei 3 bet do they let' their sbUlers- ' read 3 1 an Abolition sheet, when. they ! admit J ? a.nctory ori the part of tbe'Cohftd- - erate?, wf icb-.of cou.se'they artf forced to do very often, as victcrics t; I of much importance are very seldoni vfti luvift jsaiw . jmy VltfilU a. fjal- tial victcry nt the great s'trugte ' at'" Murfre'jsboro, lat ih? Nashville Ub-' '" ' ion ia speaking of tlje bittlej said ' : J We regret to say ihat this graat " ; battle orfive'days hard fighting,5"' it ill have ta be fought over Io decide!7 the contest that they"(the7.Rebels) , , ff ll back very Vf fuctantly and vcon-Mu tested evtry inch of lhegrcnad,jhat Teonesseeansio particulni wcrestrog- ' gliog betiveen life and death,?: ? vli Bat as buir independence is cctluiDi-? which tbeylaro forced to! admit, wa ?ca deem it unnecessary to writa'moje in r r.f In ft L . I " . i. ) dered lo be' ready early4 next morn iogr. to sfart bfT for Citjr point. ..The next dayj' however at 2 o'clcck, - we wera - marched but of the filthy pfis 1 J ' ,.L- I'm.- -.. . , ' . As I am now- abcut to depart' for , the field, ! 'hopblbat ypur piper """ J will , be circulatVd in'our cam.tberai-1 J 1 ifotefwishing'yoS'a' long and 'bafrV811 life, muoh-'soccees in the 4ifaiurb't r": am; sir, your jn63t "obedre'nrservjaat, , yr - 1 . nH-.ftk - ' r . TbTT?T ' r Both ttt 'touisvineand 'Nasbtllb' the frame work of vefy bridge .andl : lre3lIa:ubonihD:roauTis in readinesii ' n bo, jna at a tibie: whcc wB fell into h' J. t ... .'I r r.t 4, i r -i .... , i ; . . ut w i i u , lu.f f ai a , anticipation, br, j their , destruction des of Uewprid, and, tripped of iby put forces.iKac b btidge.ano! tre3- blankets, overcoats, mony,-glove3j shirts, and Jrfany other things ofery little valoe,' bat esteerbeifbighiy, by the?. priionersV" Many it bs were forced to come ont ofoyr shirts in I tbe" presence'of Yankee' wbtneni tho' ippearea to enjoy tnemselyes noely 'oyer the tinforufcte'bfljcersrambn2 tyhom iras.Bti Gen'l Chdrclill, who was 6trtpped ofi his ' overcoat, gloves,' fpurs, aad many other things of lcss fill i I nrimk ..a1 . ,1 . . ... . . i3 desltojed, the to;tteriaLfof rccVo- , ' Eiruclion is in conatantTeadin'ess'abJ iastaatlyentbnf " " ' - C:- ' 5 iijjy-i.. i. 'l ti fhe slege of Suffolk, wbic& ws5. . kept;0p only some three or Toufv' weeks, enabled vGed. Lncg'street.toilu githcr up, bocides Jarga qamtiiws ;;t cotn, over n miliipn, and a half pbunda., cx of rbaicon.. At -present market j-rioea . this would brin npw ards of t o miU " ' 1 lions of dollars.

Clipped from
  1. Fayetteville Observer,
  2. 28 May 1863, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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