Gilliland Murders

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Gilliland Murders - .One; - A: H.v. • K.msii, : lola \ -conll T 1 J...
.One; - A: H.v. • K.msii, : lola \ -conll T 1 J , irfl.>l lnn-lv« T.' lilt .3' f. For Congress, (•II (Ul vBcmicy)-. . til' Oji ri Ilmwy, Folii. trt-iiiujit. Aili-a !»iiikiiiM'>i ht .ruru will lie 1 1 ill - li ill r.'iilv (mlUiciil iii .tt s I 'ol )t ;k. -Mr. Georsc Biir- ''l .iwr.'jii-! ,C:t\)l Kwiiig, Oucar 1(. tl. lCiili;lil, mid otlio» ot ill a(lilrc «M lliti inobtliis;. litulles li.v I IIV IU M I. •JC«rn^ton Townabtp tb« 8o*n« DoutaU Muitlor. of « .- Oilj town, luiiJ liiilml ihc whole oounllv, wiiK Uirowii liit«i llic Krv"M'»l t.'xclt< iinMil. iMontliiy iiioriiliiK 1).V Um iivpiM MlmHwo mull iiml bwuii kllltMl • :\vlill <i iiilfiniKiiiK (<» Jtiiiit' J* l>l<'i'<' "f ,liuul It Mnrmnl.iii UiwiiMhi]). Owlnj? 141 itii iniiilik' wliioli liiiM Mu liiiiK cxlot- •c-diii tlmt jmit ol" llm comity, avory (jtiiMi oiu 'ujmiil""' ^ l''" coiicluHlou tlmtllic'»iunrn'l which hud'resnlU -diHo Uiitall f WHM hotwcfii Ifagueraaiid aiitl- • h-aguiioM, and uU wore oppressed with rthe ShoiiKht of the terrible coiise iquciKJi-.H thot would Iiave resulted .from ijuch I collision, lu tt short time, ho>\-ever, more deftuite reports cauio lii • from Jie scene of the trouble and : was Imrnetl that all those concerned i in it Vfero le.igucrs iiud that the diOi- • cultv grew out ofn dispute over the -owncship of 80 acres of land. Olir V Mora 1 correspondent has briefly states the fabts iu the case as they are cur- rentli' reported and we can not do betted tl au to Insert his account. He sajrs: "It appears that a widow lady by the nime of Hawes has au 80 acre ' t.actofIand that her husband home- stcaddd, adjoining which Is a vacant SOacreson which she has a league claim HughJGuilland also claims the land as • a leaguer but the league does not sns- taln i^s claim. Lost Monday James and John Harklerode brothers of Mrs. Haw<i. John Harclerode, a cousin, and B .young man b.v the name of ]^)bt. McFarlaud went on to said land to pud up a house for Mrs. Hawes. They ivcn? met by said Ouillaud and his thl>3e sons Ike, Joe and Andy who ordered them oil' the promises, but iifterwiard agreed With them to leave it to thcjleague.' John Harklerode then left fo* more lumber, after which the GuiUtihd i)arty came back armed and atoticl>oi>encdfirex>nthti Hirklerwle's shu'>tl|ig Jamos through (he heart killlujl him instantly tlioug^h he was shot (juoo or twice afU'rwijrd. This \v .i8di >uoby the old man while Xhe IjojB wero getting In thelij work on Uoht. i McFftTlancT whom they shot , three times and then flnisliixl with u iix4 »'antllng, literally boating his Iiraiiis out. John Harklerode ihiuie his csi ape b.v night. The Ctulllands • then 1 lountctl and started to Hum boldt. hotly-pursued by the infuriated citizens their ncigliljors, where they surreniered to the authorities. The bodies of the murdered men were taken • to Morau cemetery, accompanied b.v a large c oncourae of mourning friends." Tlie, details of "the alTair will be found In the followiug CJOKOXKR 'S KEl'OKT. I, J. A. Fulton,coronerof AUcu IHIUU ty, Kajusas, being notified that James H^rkll'rode had couiu to his death by ' uulaw|ful meiiQS ou or about the iath day of Feb. A. D., 188^, proceeded to his plfce of residence iu Marmatou township ^of said county, where the dead tiody of said James Harklerode was lying in wait. I proceeded im- mediatsely to summon P. H. McLaughlin, L. p. Brandenburg, A. B. Barnum A. B.I Isaacs, J. M. Spawr and T. A. [Wood, residents of said county as Jnrqrs to examine into causes of the death if said James Harklerode. The jury being duly sworn according to law, proceeded to hear the evl- deuce In the cose. John Harklerode, being {Summoned as a witness was first dijily sworn by me, and in the presence of the jury, testlfleil as follows, to-Witt joux p. IIAKKI.KUODE'.S EVIDENCE: My jname is John B Harklerode, jmy age, 29 years. I am acquainted .with the deceased; Janies Harklerode; : he is toy cousin.. I have been .with j liim for about eiglil years. Ou thc2oth ' day of {February A. D., 1884, I was in company with Kobert AlcFarland and James IHarklerode at the residence of Adam [Harklerode to the place where we intended to build a house, \yhich is near the house of old Mr. Uuilland. Whenjthere I saw Mr.- GuiUand and his two sons, Joseph and Andrew; they cime there after we did. Another pariy came, {Smith, I think his name is) spoke a f«w words and went away. | He said sqmethlng.abuut com mandl |ig peace to iis all, moaning myself, James IlArklerode, Roh 't. McFar- lmul ,J|ihu T. Harklerode and thoGull- lantlji^ He then wtmt away, ho wu« there i bout five mluntttN ; \vi> went on „i .-'>.'•'i rtv t»utovfer 'lii!J''c:ii(t oullor.!] I. .:MI.< H .II.»1V » I- »Axf 'l^Ai^'-^oEiit^' h .lick UU a mwiiillHif • «nd'*ra»i; te>i: , fl' O'llllaiid, Hie ' on«l^ ^who ehot ' J :>iii.«. ,r then i^iu./rom 'thenli wOCb iiiid viistto where WilU« McNett Ilv'fcs. ITiuiHshll Isaw. I MW while there, ; oiiL' shot uiid heard envcral abota while 1 was rumitiig. • I do not know who - ilired Ilie other siiotB. I did not see 3i* CO:j:rxty.i any of the other Guiilands xujakonny nuivc toward MoFarland: did not see any of the GuiUnnd boys nave a revolver; did not'eeo James make a move t<» iret any revolver atittoy time. Aft .Ttho shooting, obouJ 45 minutes, we, ni .vselfttud Wmis McNett, went back lo'tlie place of the shooting. I saw J allies lying ^n the sod on his face a little ways eaist of the; building, dead. 1 saw, also, Itobert >rcFarlond on'the Mouth side of the mad about <inc liuu- dred yards from .lames, lying there deiiii.' No other persons were tliiTc Hnw u revolver lying beside Jainu'4 Did not oxamiuo It. Willis McXelt lives alKjut 100 rods from the housu w had started to build. When I last saw thii Guiilands I was about 100 yards from the housu j do not know where they went nor did not sec them go away. James was about ten steps nway on the out side of the liulldlug when I ^woiit bni:k. lying dead. Hui a square III his left liniid. Homo of us wvfi) iirme<l; wo were nil armed except Itob't. McFnrlaud niid my cousin there. James said "my bottle Is In my boot," I Mupiwse he meant his revolver. I was arme<l, Jumes was armed and thai was alt of us that wen nniiod. My revolver Is at home, did not shoot a single shot. (A revolver was hero prwluciHl.) I do not know It; do not rccogiii/.e It. T saw some person-hand the rerolvrr lying by James to my eonslii, John T. Har- klertKlc. r do not know whetlier aii.y chahibers were empty or not. Wc dkl not kuow whether we would have any dllllculty or not; I thought there might be diftlculty. I think that this Is tlie revolver that lay beside James Never saw this revolver until after the shooting; there are three chambers empty in It. Hlgned, J. B. H ARKI.EKODE John T. Harklerode sworn, sa.vs My name Is John T. Harklerode; I am acquainted with the jleceased, James Harklerode; he Is my brother. I was there befbre the shooting took place and soon ofterward. When there the second time I saw my cousin and Willis AIcN^tt and a stranger besides these I saw the deceased, James Harklerode, lying cast of the building, dead, and Rob. McFarland south of the road In the field, dead. I did not examine any wounds. I saw a revolver lying beside James; this Is it on the table; lias been In my charge since then ; It Is just as I found it; I do not know whoso revolver It Is; I never saw it until after the shouting ; there are three chambers empty. He had the square and scratch awl In his left hand. Signed, J. T. H AKKLKRODE. rVndrew Barber, being sworn, said: My'uame Is Andrew Barber; I was at the place of shooting 80 <m after; I saw: .Milford Donoho t«ko a revolver from the deceased James Harklcrode 's right iMKit leg ; do not know where it Is; I examined the revolver; there were no chambers e "»ipty. I saw the dead bvMlles of James Harklerode and Robert McFarland. •SlgnCll, AXIIIIEW B .VKIIEK. M. H. Donoho, being sworn, says; My name is M. H. Donoho; J was at the pbico of sluwting soon after; saw tiiede :id I MK U CS of .lames Harklerodi and Itobcrt ^fcFarland; I took a ro volver out of the right boot leg ol James lIiirklero<le : I gave it to Cliar- lie Grcoii; tliere were no oliaiiiliers' ennity. .Sigiieii; -M. H. Doxono. We, the jurors in the above imiuest, hiivlug inspected the Iiixly of James Harklerode, and iieurd the tostiiiiony and n )!\de all ijeetlful inquiry, rulurii the following verdict: S TATE OF K ANSAS, \ Al.LEK COL'XTV, ) ' An inquest held ivt the residence of Adam Harklerode In Allen county, ou the 2.3th day of February, A. D., 1884, before me, A. J. Fulton, coroner of Allen county, on the body of James Harklerode there lying deadr by the jurors whose names are hereto subscrilK -d. The said jurors, upon their oaths, do say that James Harklerode came to his death on the 2-5th <'ay of February A. D., 1884, In the county of .\llen, Stati of Kansas, by the means of a weapon commonly known as a revolv|jr, in thi baud oT Hugh Guilland, said revolvei l)eiug loaded with powder, and lend ballj ^and caused to be firwl, and slioi with a felonious iuteac to kill the said James Harklenxle, and that the said Hugh Guilland did then and there with said revolver and felonious intenl shoot.'aiid kill and cause the death said James Harklerotle. In testimony whereof the said ju ors have set their hands tlie day and year aforesaid: S. D. B KAXDENIUTKO. A. B. ISAAl-. A. B Bainuni. .T. M. Si'AWR. T. H. MtLAUOiii.ix. v. A. W OOD. Attest, .\. J. Fux,Tox, Coroner, .•Mien County, Kan. February i^th, 1884. wol'klii Mr, H I I UIII I N, u building the U OIINI), I think ilth woiitnwftyJieforo HioOtill The Oulllniid WXIK did not „ . the old ifmti forlild iix bifthliilV thi< l)oii*n, Nnyliig, "1 forbl'l J 'OtI IllMllllllg hlTl' bpfOfl" tllM^ IVlteNH en." inmeiii Hnfklfroditrenllert, na.V" liijir, "M't» arc Boliig U> liiillii.'' Were siimo l ^ot wofun took j»l«oehiltweon the old masi Gulllniid and James. .They wieut hway, Mr. (^ultlnnd and the boy* Wjentto breaking stalks ^t his was nlioutiiino o'elock—his two soni* were brcnkltig Hta k» near us. The next I saw they were In the far end of the field tflkingi there were,more than tlie tw6 boys. -They next came to^-nrd us; there were two men walking bc- »idc8 the boys breakhig stalks. In nil, there yfete four, Mr. Guilland and his three sons, the other sou being Isaac, who I Ihad not seen uutil thU time. They came within about fifty yards and th^ boys stopped and unhooked a tug of leach of their horses; they all foureatneup to us where we were at the hoiige .we were building; Isaac Guil land spoke first aufd eaid: '. "Kob't. McFar ^nd and that other man, get off them" (I 8upi>o»e he meant me). Robert isays. "I won't do it." The next I ieard was James eay *JO the old man, ''don't you draw a revolver ou me!" Jamee was then standing in the rbiiildin^. The old man was on the out Bide, atxiut four feet from James. The oldmanlsaid "Idid not draw a revolver 3i|ou." I saw him take the revolver ti |«3k to Lis Bide aad I think he il In an Interview with old Mr. fJuil land in thejailon Wednesilay we found him vtiry wllllpg totalk. in repl.v our qiieetioQsThe made the following attitomeiit; , put itluto hlB rigbt panU poeket. ; immediate jy drew the revoircr and my throe soii^ went to where Harklorwh* and Me Farlnnd werel}ullil(ng this hoiiiip. fiirliid them building Itanying this my luMil. irafkl «M-ixle Hrtlil 'It 's ad ~i ll«.' I eallHhhlm n llnr. - Then I I'KW his ])\uUii lUid siiuiiiMil H nt.ini' Il did itol giHid 'niid I drew inliieniiil altol him three or four lime* MeFar tiind shot Miy Hon lauao through (lit finger. tsMoe stfirttHi to rui), MiiFar Jaiid iih ^ked up a seantlliig niid ran af ler hiiii. They ran through a win fenoc when Isaac turned and Jerkw Ihcseaotlliigout of McFarhiiid's hand and struck him on the hoail with it. aud the other iKiyi fijllowetl them and tried to get them t4) quit fighting Isaac and! had pistols. 'I'heothcr twi boys were not armed and had nothing to do with the fight." Lack ofspaoe prevents us fR >m mak ing any commenU on the jnatter. The lesson to be drawn from IHs a plain one and we hope it will be heeded. BTer^r Give l^p. If you are sufferiug with low aud dc- press^l spirits, loss of appetite, general debilili.v, disordered blood, weak coii- stitutlbh- headache, or any disease of a billious nature, b .v all means procure a bottle of Electric Bitters. You will be surprised to see tii^, rapid improvement that will'follow; you will be inspired with new life; strength and activity will return; pain and misei)' will oea«e, and henceforth you will rejoice in the praise of Electric Bi tiers. Sold at fifty eeniM a bottle by Goodhue; & Evaos. •^l^Mea approve oT.yoj/f smoking, 'LltOeJokec." i iv\ he for He 4on g la and hut *lltn give the if he e<l y so, score by era OTcr made, aiul tak|(ii zM

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  2. 29 Feb 1884, Fri,
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