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THE IQLA DAILY REGISTER. FRmAY EVENING, AUGUST 20,1915. .\£0»H0 VALIJKV. 1 (C. U Arnold.) ' •Neosho Valley, August 20.—Mrs. .lay U|ii8li and lier little daughter, who have been visiting in Missouril for two or three weeks, are expected home in a day or tjWo. , ' , I S. T Ba.vley-and family visited at .Mr. Stanfers, south of G «Sj Sunday;, Jt but recently became generally known that Mr. .las. Trainer and Miss Maud Strawderinan were married some timc'duringitbe moi^th of April. The friends of the couple accept the concoaluiciit of the, factjas a friendly joke, which does not.^effeil their good feeling toward them. Tlii now Mrs. Trainer joined! heij^ husband, who is now'at work oil a ilfirm n'ortji of lola, about ^wp weeks, ago. I ' Miss Cora Duiin; a cousin and namq- sake of Mrs. Eloyd Flake, of IMtts- burg. Peiin, has been, visiiing at the lipme of the latter, but ijs'at prjjsent I'isitiiig frionds near PIqiia, from wliicli point Hlie will soon letu ^c f^ir her Penn- sylvaiiia home. • -v EI^zlc. Dickersbn WHS 1 opt from work a day or two by an altac ;k of tonsi- Jitis ilic first of the wreck. Mj-^ Cliff McCurleyandjson, Cliffey, came <l6wji from JCansas City about a week agOi to visit at the liome of N'rs. McCurloy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Fliikp. aiiTtl other relative^ as well. Cllffcy returned home stiveral dayk jucvioiis tq the time of Writing, bud .Mrs. McCarlcy will ifot go back unttP t'iic last of tl'.c present \s'e9k. Mrs! Maltic Lek who cailn^ up fiom Oklahoma soriiel tiriie ago, has been wiitli lier daughter, Mrs. Bert Cleaver, for more than a week. .Mrs. .Ic^sic Oetever. of Glendale. Arizona, nndMrs Oyler [Defevpr, ,of Fall RIvef, arrived hero iwednfjsday. They are related. The husbands of the visiting ladies;will join tlieiii liere. Mr, Albert Ro.senberry, a cousin of iilrs. Floyd Flake, who used to live 1 llcro, Is reported in a low 'state .of' ihealth with hardening of tlic arteries. Mr. and .Mrs. E. B. Butler and their daughter. Rose, returned, from Topc­ ka Wednesday, where they have been attending cami) meeting. I Mr. Butler Will rcturh to Topeka fo continue in the meetings until they close.' Mr.and Mrs. W. .1. Evans and tlieir niece. Miss Telllne Evans, and Miss Helen Allison, .Miss Ruth; Scott and Mis.s Vena Connett, of lola, -and Mr. .lames -Herbert, a nephew of- ,Mrs. came out to the miles' southwest ! Alvona, attendeddiurcli at tlie.Swede cliuicli,Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fronk and children were calling on Mr. Win. Campbell and family Sunday afternoon. Mr. Ike" Brook.s and family spent Sunday with Will Wood and family near Moran. Mr. .lohn Brooks came up hume Monday to spend a few days with home folks. Mr .Irwin Baptist went to Kansas City .Monday with a car load of cattle. Gerald Campbell is spending u few days in Lallaipe witli his cousin, Vernon CainpbelL ' Lester and Vester Cation spent one dhy lastwcok with their cousins, Harold and Gerald CikiTipbell. Airs. Chus. Fursman and family attended tlic liaiid concert in Elsmoro Saturday night. i Mrs. A. Cunningham called on Mrs. \Vm. Campbell Sunday morning, siicnding tlio remainder of the day at. the 'lonift. of Mrs. Chas. Fursman. Mi-, and Mrs. Bert Long syent Satiii-T (lay witli Ike Brooks and family. Saturday night'Irwin .Baptist entertained the. following gentlemen: Mr. Ike Brooks, .loe Miller, Earl Brooks, Robert Brooks, Bert Long, Will Campbell and l-larold ^Campbell. Ice cream was served and all-report aigood time. Rev. Eskridge -tt-as callltij; on Will Campbell Friday .morning, j • Win. Campbell hauled tiogs to lliim- boldt Monday for Arthur Dick . ' . :.IEII1)0. . Aug. 17.—.John Thomas has a light attack of malaria . fel'er. , Mr. Darnold acted as suiicrinlend- ent at Sunday scliool Sunday in iilacc o^ Mrs. Thomas. - , 1 Russell iJarnold sp^nt Sunday willi Glen-Isaacs of Old ilsmore. Mr. F. Fislier altclidcd church at .ieddo Sunday and to( k dinner at Mr. Darnold's. . , ;Charley Tliomas ai d little tended church at .fed' Evan.s. of California,! Evaiis" farm; seven of lola. Tuesday for an outing of several days. The efforts of j ^his nierry crowd to h*vc a good time are being rewarded by pleasant experiences. , iJwight Williams and .Martin Docker t,nnk up night work at the ice lilant at lola. recently; v C. F"ontaine has lieon at work at the Uillarpe smelter io,r the ; two _ wbeUg. Uobt. Shupof is atj work In aj lilaf.'.ismilh sliop in town. liarry Flak;o i^! A<iorkirig witlran ice .wagon ^vnd Di^iikc. Strawderinan arid llaukins are doin.c t.r -ani work on the street iiavin 'g con.trarl"'i'i t,own, while' iiiany otlicrs ior our .farming class are Idoiiig public work iit present of different kinds. .VIrs.: Ilarri'ott llaitkins and Iier daug;!>t,er, .Mrs, Walter Rusli, were at Mr.s. Piirdpm's-Sunday. .Mi-F. I'".. . Shoemaker amilho .boys arc away on /a visit to .Missouri. The weather is so bad for hayiiiak- iiig that it/s-:cems tliat .prairiis grass, will, all spoil witli age liefore it can 1 be init .1 !). Mrs.Howard .Miller spoht a day orj two at Arclicy Miller's |in Fast lola' tills w<;eiv,,avlicro llowarijl lodges during !:is resting: iKuirs. He works at tin; smolicr at Gas;.. .MILIUtEIMTE.MS. Miss lla-,!Cl McClelland, of Bayard, csinic up the first of the .week to visit relatives . j ,vir .Norton'.who has been' here vlslt- ihK his son.-Bert .Vorton and wife, returned to his Fort Scott Monday. ' . ' : : 'I'^muiett .IvaMunyons spent Sunday wj (!i Aiiii^s Sliivcly's, , Tlie people here \vcre very much disappointed' Sunday-niglit'on account s^v KOIKET;- Aug. l!l.—Master Robert Viiicciit returned hoiiio froiii. lliimboldt Wednesday where.he has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Willie Wixon, , Mr. and .Mrs. FriMlilic <!(iy(:tl.(! and daughter called on Mr. and Mrs.'lien Ludliim'Wednesday ('Vciilng. Mrs. H'arry Fioiik and I 'liildrcii siiciil Tuesday at llu; lioiiic of Mr. and Mr.«. R. H. Bennett. I Miss Rosy Wcdiir was in lola Monday. Mr. and Mrs. .lames Russell of Texas have licen visiting Mrs. Russell's sister, Mrs. A. Butts and Mr. Butts. Mr: Will Lockhart. of. Huiiitioldl visited at tlie fUiss liomeSaturday iiiglit and Sunday. Mr. Will-Larson was in lilsiiiorc Saturday. ., " Mr. and Mrs. A. Butts eiitcitaincd at dinner .Sunday, in hoiior of Mr. and Mrs.'.lames Russell and Fred Russell of Texas _and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Powell of Kidder, Mol. the following guests: Mi'. ,ihd Mrs. Carl Russell and daughters from Chanulc, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Foster, (Imparl and Katy fioiii Humboldt; .Mr .J ^d Mrs. Robert Collins, Edna and R^y; Mr. and Mrs. Ovo- ver Russell and Kva, Mr; and, Mrs. Clark ^.Wilbur,'Genevieve and Vernon; Mrs. Willis Gilisob; Ester and Raymond; Mr. and Mrs. Hurley' Butts, Miss Ida ToVnsend, Mr. and Mrs. R., N. Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gibsoif and Pearl ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Will Crawford and son from near .Savoniiurg worn ..callers at the home nl- Mr.• and Mrs. A. Butts Suiirlay afternoon. The Grange had ilieir regular liictit- Itig at Falrvidw Wednesday evening. .Mr. and .Mrs. A. Biitt.s and Rutli and 1 Mr. and Mrs. .lames I^iisseM jcallcd on Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Bennett Friday evening. . 1 • A. Butts. .laiiios i{uss(!ll aii<I .Grovor Riissell liiotored to Huiiilioldt and Cha- niitc Saturday in the Russell car. ..Master Robert Vincent spent Wednesday night at the home, of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Bennelt. Mr. Arthur Ericson and |.\Iiss Anna Ericson wcre^^ guests of Mrs. Dora Wcdin arid fHUiily- Friday evening. Mr., an.d Mrs. 11. .V. Bennett wen; trading in Hiiiiiboldt Wedncsdiiy. ..Mr. and Mrs, Lewis I'^ricson s|icnt a few days last week visiting in Harris, Kansas.} . _ The liiany. friends of Miss Olllc Itii.s-^ soil of Texas, will lie glad to hear of her niarrlage to Mr. Homer Powell of K'lifdei-'- Mo., which occurred August •12th iilt the home of the bride's brother. son al­ io Sunday. Mr. Tliomag lives in Huriboldt but has been attending suiiime r scliool lit ! rente the past two months. [ : Mr. l^enriington, of LaHarpe, iwas in this community . buying stock last week. :Mr. and Mrs. Henry Iliiss drove to Humboldt Sunday. , , Rev. Eskridge took dinner with Mv- and Mrs.-Waugh Siinday.i Cliestcr and Arnold 'Vpkum, Fred Boekeil, Roliert lirooks and flarl Ruble called a( Mr. iJariiold's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Slack, of lola, called on Mr; .TohnI Thomas Sunday, • Mr. G. B, Darnold, Chester and Arnold Yokuiii, /Robert Brooks, l''rancis, Chester and Everett Darnold motored tp lola Sunday afternoon and called on G. W. Lqbney. iMrs. Swan Yokuin's sister froin Say onburg is visiting her. Ar^ihur Dick dellyered hogs Monday for his fatlier. iVIrs. A.Drummond rind family spent Sunday in Humlioldt. Oliver Striibhari was surprised by a numbcr-of his little friends Saturday: iir lionpr of Ills eleventh biflli- day. A fine, time was 'Ijad liy the young folks. Chester Yokiim'.called at Darnold's Wednesrlay. ^ Aiig. 10.—Mi.sscs Mary liyruni and Alic6 WIckiaiid attended SuiKlay Scliool ;il,. Jcddo Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. .Johnny Toiiillnsoji and family motored to Elsiiiore Sunday- afternoon, i ' Darnold brotlhers dclivorcd sheep to Mr. Chambers/Saturday. Russel and phcster DarubUl aftchd- ed cluircli at | Prairie Hall Sunday. Miss Euncie Struiik, visited witli Miss .Maiidc Boeken lasit week. itev. and Mrs..Hatch attended Sun­ day.s'chool at .Teddo.anil took dinner, witli- Mr. and Mrs. Sharp. Park and^ Ores Strunk- spent Tuesday afternoon witli Everett Darnold. Russell Darnold lias a new buggy. Mr. and Mrs. Darnold motored to Elsinore Sunday afternoon and called on Mrs. Eskridge and children. Miss Olive Wickland, Miss M'Ty By- ruiii, Carl Olson .and Elmer Thomas had a picnic dinner Sunday. Mr. and.Mrs. i^en Thomas and Mr. and Mrs, .John Thomas motoroii. to lola Sunday afternoon. .Mr. and Mrs, Darnold and children took supper witli Mr. and Mrs. Harry Boeken Sunday. Carl in Chaniito, Kas. tend our heartiest congratulations. We wish to. ex- FAIUVIEW A>:H .MAPLE UIWW. Aug. 1!),—.Mr. Frank Tlioiiipson was trading in Hiunhpldt Sat.ur/iy. Mr.-and. Mrsi.fohn Waugh, .Mr. and Mrs. .loliii Sharp: and family, and the Joddo jiastor took dinner Suiiiiav with Mrs. Maggie Tliomp.soii and familyj Mr. Frank Thompson went to Kansas City Monday night with a carload of hogs. ^ l'''red Russell called on Mr. and Mrs. ,lolin Waugh Saturday. Mrs. .lohn Waugh aiul Mrs. .Maggie Thompson and family called on Mrs. .1. W. Sharp Monday. .John Forester and Charley Sfafler motored to Humboldt Saturday cvtm- iiig. • Geoigo Mcliilyrc. and family were trading i nllu^iiboldt Saturday. Virgil Thoiiiif.soii came up,from Bart icsvilio to spend a coujiln of wccl<s vi.siting friends and relatives. Art Raiscli, George and Will Klot<5-. bacli and Mr. jJohn Forester motored to,Humlioldt ill tlie latter's car Monday evening. • . Miss Florence Crawford returned liohie Sattirdajj' after a visit willi friends' in Amarillo.. Tc'xas! M..S..C. B. Wright, Mrs. Harley. Wrigli't and children .and nephew .lerry Gleason called on Mr. adn Mrs.

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  2. 20 Aug 1915, Fri,
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