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 - New Police Bullet Kills What It Hits I I c j ,...
New Police Bullet Kills What It Hits I I c j , . . by berries, CLAYTON. Calii i A P ; - A new k i n d of bullet finding its way into po!- :···- revolvers is i .;rtually guaranteed to ki!! anyone it hits, and eliminate (he hazard of ricocheting into an innocent innocent bystander. "My concern was for the safety of the otfieer and .:he safety of the 'passerby," 'passerby," Police Chief Billy H. Lorifnor ·inid in explaining why he bought 400 rounds ot the potent new ammunition ammunition for his sivmaii department in this t i n y town 30 miles east of San Francisco. "Clayton doesn't need to have an officer shoot at a bank robber coming 'hrou^h town and shoot someone innocently innocently coming out of a restaurant," l.orimor added in an interview The town, with 3.000 population, ciuosn't even have a bank. l.orimor said he picked the new (Jlaser Safety slug" after reading a tederal report which said it was the »nly one of 30 types of bullets tested which didn't ricochet. He said that once the .36-caliber bullet enters the body, the slug's nose shatters and spews hundreds of tiny fragments in a cone-shaped pattern'. Death is a virtual certainty unless slug hits an arm or leg, and in that case the limb will be damaged extensively, extensively, according to the manufacturer, manufacturer, Jack Canon of McAllen. Tex. Canon said in a telephone interview interview that unlike the infamous dumdum, dumdum, or hollow-point bullet, his product product is acceptable under the Geneva ··invention. The former Anny officer said he received a patent on the new bullet last year. He said he isn't able yet handle big orders from large police departments, but some police officers officers already have purchased the slugs for use during off-duty hours. The slugs contain 330 bits of "fine chilled shot" suspended m Teflon. Canon said, and expend ali their energy energy inside the victim

Clipped from
  1. The Amarillo Globe-Times,
  2. 13 Sep 1977, Tue,
  3. Page 14

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