The Coshocton Tribune Coshocton, Ohio Thursday, September 23, 1875

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The Coshocton Tribune Coshocton, Ohio
Thursday, September 23, 1875
 - m,u Tb« A» ha* a larger cireitellmi la Cwaoc...
m,u Tb« A» ha* a larger cireitellmi la Cwaoc ted ta tatd eoMly. . wrt M«Uw MHw, arena pouibfa fw mnmteattoM that appear i tkl« p»p«r. _ _ , char»*a at UM rale of»»e eral« f»r liae. D«altr' Mtleet free. In Mtr to put the AGK in the pos session of 0rery voter in Coshocton county during this campaign, trc wil Turnish it until after the October c lection as follows: ·tefbCtpy, · . 25 Cote. 10 Ooptot to om P. O., $2,00 20 " " " 3{00 60 · ·· " ·· 5,00 The Importance- of this campaign and the extreme loV price of the paper should interest active Rcpvihli cans at every Post Office in Coshoc- ton-eoanty. - - POCOCK A Son's new ad- v«rtUemeat thU week. --The blessing of possessing an overcoat Is beginning to be felt. --When you have read this paper give It to your Democratic neighbor. --J. J.BAKIIJCTTstarted on last Monday with quite a party from this county lor Texas. ; --Dr. O. C. FABQUJIAK, will be at the Central Hotel on Friday and Saturday of next week, October 1st and 2J. --GODFBKY F. BKLBKH.of near Keene, thU county, will sell his chattel property at Public Sale on the 5th of October, next. --Last Tuesday night, the Grocery Stores of Capt. A. H. TIIO.MI-SON an J L. DCCKKK were burglarized for a small a- inotint. --Advertising cost* money; «o does siure rent, and go does all good and useful things. The object of advertising is not locaiison man to spend money, but to muko it. --Bey. T. M. HUDSON, one of the oldest and most highly respected Ministers of the Pittsburgh Conference will visit his Iriemls in Cotboctpn for a few days, and will also preach in the M. E. Church Morning and evening, Sunday next. --On Sunday evening last, near Camp Mills, on the P., C. A St. L. It'y, twelve mile* Pittsburgh, two men, father and son, were struck by a passenger train. The father was Instantly killed and the son baXlly wounded, probably latally. --At the Comity Inflrmary, last Monday, Dr. Tinker, assisted by Dr. Campbell, of Dennison, and Dr. Peck, of New Philadelphia, amputated the left limb of Joseph McDonald,, above ;ilm knee. For nearly a year Mr. McDonald has been a constant sufferer at the In- Jlrroary,with necrosis of the bones of the.leg and ankle. He is now doing well.--OAio Democrat, Sept. 0. ^The Coshocton County Fair held last week was quite a success, considering the inclement weatber the Society had to contend with. The attendance on Friday was very large. The exhibition of horses, implements and vegetables wits by l»r the finest we have ever had. The Floral display in the new Floral Ball, including the many meritorious articles exhibited by (wr ladles was one ot the most attractive features ot the Fair. --On last Friday morning. Mr'. URIAH PAT, while In Coshocton,was Invited by a stranger to go down to a stable in the rear of the Centra) House, to examine some fast horses. Upon reaching the ·table there was another roan there, and the two men then seized him, taking his pocket book from hU inside vest pocket, and after plundering ItoffSTO, throwed tbe pocket book down, which contained $3 aad some cents and then running one way and one the other. On* llor* "Straw."--A vote was taken far Governor on the Cadlg excursion train going to Cleveland last Saturday, and on tbe Coshocton train returning, which retailed as follows: Cadiz train, Hayes 131 Allen 59; Coshocton train,Hayes 105, Allen 63,--making on both trains, Hayes 23G, Allen 121; majority for Hayes 113. The Ohio Democrat may howl about this, but It is a correct report of tbe tote, nevertheless.-- lit a Hat O' onclalBned letters remaining In the Coshoeton Post Office September 22, 1979: Hall. 9. F. Johnson, John IB, *UbaU -Kineade, Caroline Bo-rdwaklraer, Jacob · Laugher. DaTid Bower?, Sherrk Ucttregor. Jo*. Coarari, Jacob Mikcll, John CoeferaB, at i» Sadie MoV icker. Haggle Courtwright. Edwrrd McKennitt, JoK CroMtMe. John.S. Miller. WtaJelcl AH«, Mugartt i. B. ···"fl.«»*V--- . - . . . , _.._. take, George Pamlson, John L. .-- uzjjptfc. J , B«nd«lli,J«cksonA.S ^, ratrkk SUahan, Tlioraa* _TM,v, Joba V. 8«ward, Mist Kate Jla£|, Kdward ; . Wood, Batchie ' fenoo* calling (or tbe above will pteaM u r "adrertUoiJ." We KMVcetfeny «H Ibe ·ttmtJon of tbe cltlMBi of CoebeeloB^» tbe life ilse por tnltofMr.K.«»oi.flB,o* exhtM tloo at J. QLOvga'i Book Store. Tbe work Ii from the hand* of Mr. M, M MOU.AX, of Salem,Ohio, who tordlal Ijr 'extends an Invitation to ail tltoae wliblnf work of tbatclau to avail theoa- aelvea ot the present opportunity, by calling on and leaving their order* with Mbiir.J. Vfjk-nott, Agent, at the Price VM»W, who ibatl be pleaaed to Khre any Information In regard to the work. CADI/, O., July 18,1875. To Whom It May Concent: I take pleasure In laying that I am personally acquainted with the bearer hereof, Mi»g M. J. WATSON, Agent for the paintings of Mr. M. M. Monux, of Salem, Ohio. 1 bavc seen a number of portraits of cltizeni of this place, which were painted by Mr. Mom,**, all of which have been highly admired, as works of art, by our people In general, and which have given tbe most complete satisfaction to those personally interested, my own portrait being among tbe Mfmber. I most cordially recommend Mlsa WATSOX to the social consideration of those whom she may meet, and Mr. MOMLAM, whom she represents, as one among thefl ret American Artists. W. B. HKARN, Editor Cadiz Bepnblican. ..Also re lor to the -Jjillowing. named jrentlemen, wholiave portraits ot 'thi* srtist: Hon. J. A. Ambler, Salem,Ohio, J. H.Tenhnrt, Meadville, Penn. Joseph Derickson.Meadvllle.Penn. J.B.Lyons,Cashier, 1st Nat'l Bank Cndlz.Ohio. Co»Aocton Abroad.--WeTfip the fol- owtng complimentary notice of a Cos- locton county firm, from tlie Chicago JVwf»o(thellth Inst: COCIIKAN, 1IKSKKTT i- CO., Among the most reliable commission seller* at the Enst Liberty yards is the above-named firm, which U composed ( R. n. Cochran, John Hesket, David Ay res, Jr., and W. X. Cochran, nil gen- lemcn of experience in the live slock radio. B. H. Cochran, the senior member of tbe firm, is both a practical farm- ·r nnd stock grower, having commenced Farming and also buying ami selling live stock in Coshocton county, Ohio, in 184C. He was then in his twenty-fourth year' ind a lew years later we see him' the ·wner of n flne farm or 1,600 acres in the onnty named,tlie fruits ol industry,and ntegrity. In short, Mr. CocbrariV es^ ate is worth about $100.000, being imong tbe most valuable in Unit county There are few. men in this country who lave had a larger experience iii the business of buy ing and selllnglive stock r who have handled a larger amount liiring the past twenty-five years than Mr. Cochran. Previous to the organization ot the present linn in February, 874, he bought and shipped large quan- ities of stock to all of the diflerent cast- rn markets. The firm at Hie present ime do strictly a commission business, and they sell for a large number of the rlnctpal western shippers and stock- growers, nnd are transacting u business ecoml to no other lirm in the yards. bfcn Tieik'et is also a prominent dealtfr n live stock, lie also having been a large armor and shipper .of stock from Cos- oeton county, whore he now owns a arm of 400 acres, and other property in he town of Cosh oc ton, o f a total value of over flfty thousand dollars. With is large capital, and. twenty years experience in the traffic, he is a most valn- ble member of the firm, and his in- lucnce is adding largely to its bnsi- ess. David Ayers, Jr., was nlao a farmer's oy, having been reared at upper San- usky, Wyandotte county, Ohio. He as had ten years' experience in the nsiness, having been formerly of the firm of Hedges, Huff Co. He Is an nergetlc, en lerprising gentleman, and as laid the foundation for a promising business future. William ST. Cochran, son ol K. H. Jochrah, and junior member of the flrm s the financial manager, and lias Uio en- Ire supervision ol the office business. W. June, formerly of Marion county. )hio, la connected with this house, arid lias charge of the sheep-selling department. He has had an experience of hirty years, having sold stock at these yards for the past seven years. Previ- March last be operated for the firm of Hedges, Huff Co. OHIO HBWfl. THE scarlet fever again prevails in Youngs town. THE m ami facture of cheese is becom- ng quite extensive in Tuscorawas county.. TUB Governor of California, Hon. William Trwin, Is a native of Butler county, Ohio, Straitsvllle.Ohlo, propose sending to the Centennial a single block of coal weighing two tons, J^aiKs ROBINSON, the circus rider, has een arrested (or smnggling silk from Canada to Detroit. TBS Cincinnati Pork Packers' Asso- lotion has determined to make an exhl- lition ol the hog product at the Philadelphia Centennial, ' THE Newark furnace during the six 'orking days of week before last--U does not run on Sundays--made 127 tons o f iron. , . . - · . - · ' · lnaUon.-- We are In- d«bl*d to Capt. W. 8. CKOWZU. for the Mtow)ngMp»rt (/ the hut Teacher's laalto at Row^.on Satur. H. K. KaMT«l, Weat Bedford, fr«o.W. Ylckers.Orewlen,, 18 " 9, A. JlcClan, KMIK, 0 " J*. S,8«rd«r,CbilI, 12 " w, 0 " J. W. McDonald, Bo*coe, 6 » J. P. I«Ml*f , West Bedford, e ·' J.W.pwfclM, Moscow, 13 « O. D. Varehy. Walbondlng, c · fl « Le«ilti. --Fall line of School Books and Stationery at DISKKT'S drugstore. --A. M. HACKBTT is In dally receipt of Fresh Oysters, for sale by the can or dish at his popular Eating House, corner of Main and Third Streets, Coshocton, Ohio. CVTeachcra will take notice that Examinations for Teacher's Certificates will hereafter be held in the Eoscoe U- nlon School Hows*. --J. S. STOCKMAS, is making the finest boots nnd shoes ever made in Coshocton. He has In his employ the premium workman ol the county and guarantees satisfaction. 5th Street, between Opera House and new Steam Mill. Be has on band a flne stock of ready-made boots made by himself. Bnreka Hair Shop.--MBS. M. DOB- SBY has opened a hair shop on Main Street, opposite to C. Density's Barber shop. She is now prepared to do all kinds of work in the hair line, such as Switches, Curia, Frizzletts, Braids of all kinds, Coloring of all shades, and Bleaching. Hair Cutting, Shampooing and Dressing hair on the head for balls and parties. Something for tbe Ladiea!--I am prepared to make up straight hair or combings Into Curls, Switches, Braids c. Orders can be left at HENRY'S Barber Shop, or-at my residence on Lonwt 8ire«, 34 door East of Railroad. Slits. M. L. HKKHY. ARE MAKING A SPECIAL OFFEllIMG OF THEIR IMMENSE STOCK OF . ? · ; . ' ' · . - . - - - . . . - ? SPRING DRY GOODS Purcbasecl during the recent depressed condition of the Eastern Wholesale Markets, caused by th'e eirtra- ordinarily nnfavorablc Weather reixjrted all over the Union, which has, so to speak, acted like, a ".wet-blanket" upon Trade, and has in consequence thereof induced large owners of goods to submit to sacrifices in brcleYtb move their wares, or in other words, to tempt buyers to purchase. Our Ofl'e rings will consist 'of niamiiflcent Lines of FRENCH AND AMERICAN DRESS GOODS, BLACK AND FANCY SILKS. ALPACAS, CLOTHS and CASSiMERESr ' SHAWLS OF EVERY VARIETY, , HOSIERY. GLOVES, RIBBONS, PRINTS, BLEACHED AND BROWN MUSLINS, , '-\\-.\\.\ TABLE LINEN, TWEEDS, WHITE GOODS,. LACES, c., All of Which will be Sold at Prices which CANNOT FAIL to PROVE MORE THAN ORDINARILY ATTRACTIVE to CONSUMERS. Tlie EXiSCAlTCB, STTLB and BaATIT^ of our h.ava never been, Equaled in this city. -- I f yon want your boots or shoes repaired,go to J. S. STOCKMAN. --J. G. MACAW offers superior inducements to tliose wanting to buy Boots and Shoes, Hats nnd Caps. The latest styles always in stock. --At DISNEY'S Drug Store, you can find Fine Perfumery,Brushes, Sonps,Ci»ars, Sea Shells, Cider Vinegar, Inks, Slates, Stationery, School Books, M. E. Hymn Books, finest, completes! nnd cheapest Family Bibles, and other books, amon" them "The Physician's Wife," by our own townswoman, Mrs. HEI.KN KING SPANGLKR. For goods pure and cheap go to DISNEY'S. !· Tour Life worth 10 Cents.--Sickness prevails everywhere, and everj'- body complains ol some disease during their lijje. When sick, tlie object is to get well; now we say plainly that no person in this world that is suffering with Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint and its effects, such as Indigestion, Costiveness, Sick ITendaehe, Sour Stomach, Heart-burn, 1'nlpataMon of the Heart, Depressed Spirits, Biliousness, c., can take GREEN'S AUGUST FI.OWJSR without jetting relief and cure. II' you doubt this, go to your Druggist, - Dn. S. H. LBE, and get a Sample Bottle for 10 cents and try it. Regularize 75 cents. Two doses will relieve you. --GEN. SHERMAN'S sale at GLOVER'S. now book is on --Ladies',Misses and Children's Shoes nt endless variety at MAGA-W'S. BUM--MONTGOMERY--On tlie nst., by Rev. B. F. Benzelle. Mr. V. H. SELL, of Cleveland, to Miss UATTIS MOSTGO.MKRY, of Coshocton. No cards; PMJXI.NGTON--CDTSHALL--On the IGth nst., at the residence of John »Vm. Himebaugh. J. P.. Mr. DAVID PEOHNGTON to Miss MAHY CDTSHAII.. BARTCHEY--STEWAUT--On the 33th nst., at the residence ol Dr. E. P. Stewart, by Rev. C. Craven, Mr. JOHN J. BARTCHEY to Miss IJA J. STEWART. STKWART--LAVERLY--On the 14th nst., at the residence of Dr. E. P. Stewart, Mr. EBERH. STEWART to Miss BIXA L. LAVKRLY, all of Bnkeraville. m 204 MAIN, and HAY WILSON, ] to*, i* r «M*r| Administrator's Notice. N OTICE is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and rlnly rmalillecl as Administrator ol the Estate of K. w. Marquis, late of coshocton county, Ohio, deceased. AliRAllAM SIIAFKH. Sept. 23. IS'o-pd. IT) O 00 O O O o --On the 31st of August, of Consumption, nfter a lingering illness, EZEKIAL McMiCHAEi., in the 41st ear of his age. BKLSKR--On.the 6th inst., Mrs. Am- JAII, D. BELSER, wile of GODFREY F. BELSER, in t(te 77th year of her age. MARKETS. Coshocton Retail Market. · ' Corrected Weekly, by Kne .* Son. : · ' . ' . CoailoOTOK, O., September S3, 1875. The following arc the prices at which provisions are retailed from the Coshooton Provision Stores: Hams, sugar cnred, per It ........... .... $ Bntter, '» ......... ........ Lard, v Hominy, " ................. Eggs, per cloien, ................. Chickens, peripair, ................. Corn Meal, par suck, ................. Flour, " ............. .... SaH, per barrel, THE ExceUiorQlaai works of Martln'g ''erry ^rc again in successful operation, laving been placed under new management. THE Glasgow furnace, in Tuscarawas county, U now making about thirty long ol pig Iron dally, ina readily sells its product; :Thi company own» 1300 Hores of flne ore: lands. · . A YOUKG man wa»mentlj'fcllltdby H luiog train at Hubbard, Unboning county,while bravely attempting to save the life ol a little child that was atand- ngon the track. The child was also killed. W - _ ^ , _ TM -F«r fideltKhtfni share, shampoo or a nice hftlr-out, go to OKOKOK BOCK'S Co*hooton Grain Market. Corrected weekly by Barney, Demoss Co. EMPIKE SIIIT.S, ) Roscoe, Ohio, September 23,1815. j FLOUR--Ker Carrel, XX $3,00 PerSack.XX a,oo MEAL-Pcr Bushel. DO WnEAT--Perbnshcl, white.'.. l.5 WHEAT--Per Bushel, red, 1,40 CJORV-- " " H) OATS-- » " 30 '· ·· 65 17 32 18 i 17 GO 43 200 1 80 Potato ^S bushel ........................ 40 SPECIAl. NOTICES. The Most Wonderful Discovery of tbe 19tb Century. D E. S . D . H O W E ' S A R A B I A N MILK-CURE FOR CONSUMPTION And diseases of the THIIOAT, CHEST, and LUNGS. The only Medicine of the Kind in the World. A SHbitftute lor Co* Liver OH! Permanently cnm Asthma, Bronchitis, Incipient Consumption, Night Sweats, Loss of Voice, Shortness of Bit-Mill, Catan-h, Cronp, Coughs, Colds; etc., in a few days, like mngio.: Price *1 perBottle. ALSO, DR. S. D . H O W E ' S Arabian Tonic Blood Purifier, Which DIFFERS 'from all other preparations in the immediate action upon the LIVBH, MDWBY AHD BLOOD. ft 1» purely·vegetable, cleanses 1 the system of an impurities, builds it right square up, and makes Pure Rich, Blood. It cures Scrofulous Diseases of all kind:;, removes Constipation and regulate? the bowels. For '-NERVOUS DK. BffclTY » "tOST VITALITY," "URINARY DISKAsks,' and BROKEN J6wN CONSTITUTIONS,''I "challenge the 19th century" to produce its equal. 3 t ' Every Bottle is Worth its Weight in Gold. Price ft per Bottle. , D H . 8'\ D. H O W E ' S Arabian c 0 ^S- Liver Pills They cleanse the ti w and Stomach thoroughly, remove Constipation; contain no calomel nor any other injurioni ingredient, and act ESTABLISHED - - I84O. FURNITURE. r-AHGESr STOCK! __ LOWEST PUICES!! FINEST (JUAWTY!!! J. WAGGONER'S FURNITURE ROOM, 236 . 238 Main St., Coshocton, 0. Having on hnnd at our Store Room a Xtirgc and well selected stock of the latest style and finish, consisting in]or,chnm- bcr and dining sets, Centcr.Extenslon Breakfast Tables, Bedsteads of every -- style, bureaus,wash stands, wardrobes, secretaries, desks, boot cases, Lonnges, spring beds, matrasses, e. Tlie manufacturing and Repairing Department has our personal attention, and we have no hesitancy in' guaranteeing our work to be first- class in every respect. WE MAKE A "SPECIALTY OF TJ IT D E H TAKING, And keep constantly on hand all kinds of Caskets and Coffins, both Slctalic 'and Wo«doftUo latest style and finest finish. Shrouds^ or Robes of all kinds furnished. · A corpse preserver to be used when necessary to await Burial Funerals attended with Hearse when desired;. J9*'Xight calls promptly attended to. J. WAGGONER, September Id, 1S75. NOTICE TOCONTRACTORS S EALED PBOPOSAiS will be received at the Auditor's Office until SATURDAY NOOX, S£FI!£HB£H 25th, 1875, for Heating Jail with Steam, "for particulars enquire at the Auditor's office, or of Sanmel Moore, one of the Commissioners. September 16,1815; REDEMPTION OF LAND SOLD FOR TAXES. Sotice is hej-ebv given,:tha» on the 8th day of September, 18M, Joseph 8. Heslip made his application in dac/orm of law to the Auditor of fcothocton Conntr. Ohio, fer the Redemption of the following described lands sold for Taxes on the third *iesday of January, 1875,- S-Vit: Part of Lot numbered seven (7.) rahreirnmbcr- cafonr (y township nnmbered tbnrlt I quarter ^s^Sht re f^ ss t ? inta f -*?*«*-* * And that on the atKday of September, JOHN G. MAG AW IS IMMENSE BARGAIN'S --I DNT^-- Boots Shoes, ··''".·i". Hats Caps, * Good Goods, At Low Prices, Call and see Us, IS^UO TROUBLE to SHOWGoods! J. C. MACAW. Main Street, Coshocton, Ohio. , POR PRICES OP ANY MAKE OP INSTRUMI1NT, And Save from 10 to 30 per cent. Circulars and Price Lists FREE. H. D. MUNSON A SONS., Kay 14,1875. JUST ARRIVED. A New and Fresh Stock SPRING SUMMER Ready Made Clothing CENTRAL HALL Clothing Store. No. 220 Main Street, Coshocton. --o-ISAAC WERTHEIMER Bespoutfiiily announces to the public that bis ne'iv arrivals compute ever} thing in the line ol Fashionable C L O T H I N G And ho will deck you out with whatever 3-011 may want at Prices That Defy Competition!! With th Hj,est sfeck of FA8HIO5TABI/* STJITIHGSi ever brought to Coshocton, and em- ilo.vingr.onclrat first class workmen, I am enabled to ;MAKE SUITS TO OITOEB in-better style andi ut lower:iatp than any other Ilmiso In this si KtioB of Oh io. SATISFACTORY FITS GUARANTEED; C O S H O C T O N Planing Mill Co., · ~ " » * '**" ' Manufacturers of and Dealers la 1 jA SIT A* " * -\ VMT Doors, Sash, Blinds, Moldings, Frarrfes t Shingles, Lath Batting, ill*! C«n*tantlr «n Ilandl FACTOR AND X.UM9SR YARD Cor WiUnut*Flftb8t*. x g(Mhocton . . Near the Depot B . F . S E L L S ' In Bear of Old American I^OUM,, Maln,8treet, Coshooton, O. AVntG a-gooditock of sound, yoangtraT- eung Honct, substantial and fothlonable . - , , Proclamation. OCTOBER ELECTION, l«75 WiutKBAa, U7.41elnw» of OWo..reaM)«llli« rJuetlons, It i* required of the Nutria 1 of lift touiiiy (ogive uolieo befvnt UtotimoofhoMinf , £· pamunco of *ncb reqablttiMti JOIIM UCNSON, Sheriff ofCothoctm CoiiteOhkuto hereby proclaim and orahckno wn tlia£th* Second Tuesday, being .tlic'lIStti day of October, A. D. !*»», Is by Hie Constitution and laws of'ohln, u- points thcdayon whleli UiequalitodulectorMC Coshocton County, O)ilo,sh«l I nioct in their iK spective townships, Ht .their niunl or propw place of holding elections, Between the Haara «f ·Iz.VclvcK, A. a., an* Six ·'deck, £ 1*. . Audi) rocced to vote by ballot for One person for Governor of tbe Stale of Ohio; One person for Lieutenant-Governor of the state of Ohio; One person for Judge of the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio OncitersonforSeaator In the My of the State ofOMo? tor Senatoral'Dittrlct composed of tae - Coslioctoi : One person for, Erobate Judie of County (Short term); - . - · " - - - . One rwreoirror Clortr oY' Court* for-«*»« county; ~-.« (-«.««.. .vi.uiiuiiu ui VUKJKWton COUBCy: One person for Commissioner of Cosliocton county; · ·. . , One pci-soii for Infirmary Director of Coshocton county. , ····. · -·'- One person for Coroner ol Coshoctou county. You will also proceed to vote for or against the followinjr proposed Amendments to thcCon- stitution of (he State of Ohio, to-wit: tmgoe:at of Ohio, (tlirce-flflths of the members elected to cachJIoiiso agreeing thereto,) th*t it bo and' it hereby proposed to the electors of thli State- to vote, at the next annual October election, upon th.o approval or rejection of tlie followinir a- mciidments, as additional section to Article lour ol the Constitution of the State of Ohio to- will. { · i 1 ','',' *' ' · ' · · · · SEC. 22. A commission, which: ghall consist ot five ,ncmoort,)Bliallliie appointed by tbe Gov- T°fr wii yi*'^Tlc«ni.o^comentoithe Sen. ate, the mclnbprs of which shall hold office for the term of three year* from and after the flrst day of lebruary, 187fl,.to dispose ofsuchpartof the business then on Uioldockcts of the Supreme Coiii-tnsshulU,Vy arrangement between such commission and said court, be transferred to such commission; and said' commission shall have like jurisdiction aiid power in respect to such business as are or may be vested in said court; and the members of «ail oommiMion shall receive a like compensation for the time ."? Vit;l1 '"^judges of said court. A majority ottlie members of said commission shall be necessary to lornvr. quorum or pronoitoce a UeV cision and its decision sliall\eccrtlfl«d;i!nter- ea and enforced as the judgments of the Supreme Court, and at the expiration of the term ol said commission, all business undisposed of, shall by it be ccrtinod to the Supreme court,and (lisiMsed pfasilsaia'comniission had ncvecex- stcd. The clerk and rciwrtcrofsaid court shall be the clerk and reporter of said commission, and the commission shall have such other attendants, not exceeding in number those provided bylaw lor saUl court, ..which attendants said commission mdy'nppointrand nsmoveiatMt* pleasure. Any vacancy occurring in said commission shall fe micd By appointment of the 0Ver n «ee«nd consent of the genne, the Senate be in session, and if tbe Senate, be no« m session, by the dovcrnor, bnt m such last case, such appointment nhallcx- pire at the end ol the next session of the General Assembly. The General Assembly inay.on applicationof tjc Supreme Court, duly entered on the journal'Of thcconrt and ccrtlncd, pitK w^°Jy '·'.whenever two-tltirds of such leach! House, shall concur therein, from time to time, lor the appointmentln like manner of a like commission with like powers, jurisdiction and duties; provided, that the term of any sueb eomniuloB' shall not exceed two years, nor shall it be created oftencnthan once' In ten years. If this amendment shall lie adopted by a majority.of the electors otthe State ofOlilo,vot- tfic next election hplden for the election of Senaton und Kcprcscntntives,it shall become At such election the voters desiring to vote in favor ol the adoption of this amendment, ihall place upon their ballots the words, "FOB THE COMMISSION." The, voto 3 who do not favor the- adoption "of such amendment, shall place upon their lal- JOtS tllC WOl'USj . H E A , . , . . , - oUihft't J«V* AGENTS WANTED "S.gSfaf'"' ! HIOHT SCB1IIS IN TMII M|jLir* : * ·d a BagBi*y»Bt New'Betf'jl* iWi^ttg*·' J. C. McCCBBY ACcsClMfer,,, .£ «r Karriafe Guide, ihowliiR tow rtSTT.?^ ·awslB ^* . . . . . ·*«·(. "Beautiful!" "Charming!" «Oh, howlorelr! 1 ' '-'' "What are they worth," JL , e ]SSZ SEE-,, , c'iMations of those whom the Ian*, ·taut new "··· rrMii'ftiil tylSilSCa Tjx merlean Chromo Publishing Co. Kv«rr-««»,/i will want them. It require* BO talking to MIH the pictures, they speak for l»t»n«jlTe» Caavi .'M ovoi* ontorod to ittko noiwy 9t AtU ·aw*BiMBT*r*"i*i f l»r» send sump for confldcntitl clreuliK/jH: . BKSas1 ASOM *°* Wi^BBBwfc-i W ! B. BLACKS JE»[IRI STOBB " i a»4 * ".*'- ALTl WOBK .WARRANTED TO GIVE SATISFACTION! Second Street, Iwo doors North of Shaw'* China Store, CO8DOCIOM, QUO. Administrator'* Notice. N OTICE is hereby given that theufenln- cd hag been duly aDMlmtad aid --n»--« ' " , - · · · . ·· t .. .,.. NOTICE. , P ERSONS are cautioned acainit p Iwo notes eignad by Simon to the order oi ' 1,1881-both tranifcrced to me. sA_,« rew*rd will be »«« Wr lifloraartSfC can 1«3 obtained, f UatrAngwtliln Princeton, via Warsaw, aBd Kocne.C county, Ohio. ? · · · ' tHUMANOS Keene, O, ' ~ · :*"i i« EI«3 o:; Coshocton county, Ohio. It ii under v^ *^~. *£^r^SttaE* *S *'!!**· COnS,SySSl£St:, sngHnir nisi SS--im. D. Nc . . . . . . Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Ohio. New Culle, Ohio. , By tte General AtttmUy of fkt Statt of Ohio, That an amc:idiuont c (p 5 the *~-»*J^S$SSS$ rticlc of the .Constitution o£ tha At EUGh election tbe vot*n de- ^a^.iaTS.BoSf'as ^^JiaSjfcB j»P «BEEF H IDES Jc SHEEP PELTSi tor which the J?»!Wrt,^tjM*fit Price in CASH, ^ U f . i i ,he mrlaiow of ··, Aot 1tled,e"An.Aet relating icndneBta M'tHe Con- 30,1875, the Judges and ·each township,, J ition to the £ sanio time, make ty, of the -vote ARE SOLD AT WHOLESALE 5 AND 1 RETAIL ; BT ' " ' eo»0. aryl, 18S1, it attne time«f ;»oticc to the 'to select, at humlnh) and or Common ' CHEAPEST ELEGANTLY ILLUSTRATED PRIGE ttSTS, ' Beoford ., Bethlehem. Clark. Crawford Franklin. Jackson Jefferson. .-*.«.,.a VH . . .. U WgrA "^ SLB*?etfc«V* % VJ June and place, and returned to Judge of bato, at Coshocton, apportioned aildhnn Adams Bedford .. Bethlehem . i 7 13 ..B ..13 ..9 Clark Crawford Franklin. Jaokfon. Jeffenou. Keene Llnton Lafayette .8|MiU-Crcek. Monroe .. New-Castle Oxford Pike. .. . Peny. Tntcarawni. Tlverton Virginia ... Waihin White. lame Pro- « .' 7 . ft . 9 K . . 1 '. ' « September, 1175 Dry Goods House LOOK K 9^^0E, FRESII The Next 30 Days 100, piMM MarrbMM Ciihin, ** Baroain. in MM ami Boy. Hat*. JOHN m · M0.4M, MalnSt.,jre*r

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