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THE STATE FI THOUSANDS OF VI8IT0RS THRONG 8TREET8 OF THE STATE CAPITAL. 8TATE FAIR FEATURE8, 8ECOND WEEK. PROGRAM FOR THE SECOND WEEK Horse Show, Auto Polo, and Famous Automobile Racers Among Star Attractions Added to the Program. Oklaobma City. — Record-breaking crowds from all parts of Oklahoma and the entire Southwest are swarming to the seventh annual State Fair, which opened on Tuesday, Sept. 23, for a period of twelve days. It is a better- than-ever fair, with the state's finest products on display, and.there Is every indication that the attendance will more than double the crowds of last year. Oklahoma City Is putting forth every effort to make visitors and friends from all parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and other points have the time of their lives. The opening day of the State Fair Tuesday was featured by the spectacular arrival of United States soldiers, a musical festival in which four bands took part, songs by world-famous grand opera singers, sensational harness and running races, many celebrated vaudeville acts and hundreds of other big, extraordinary and exciting events. A regimental band accompanied the troops and the Model Military Camp, located on eight acres, is thronged daily with people who are anxious to see Uncle Sam's best fighting men at close range. The soldiers give daily exhibitons of sensatonal drills and maneuvers. One of the first tilings to impress the visitors In the splendid condition of State Fair Park. The grounds are In improved condition with regard to flowers and foliage. Gorgeous beds of cannas, magnificent groves, miles of cement walks, thousands of brilliant electric lights at night and sixty big buildings and barns that are in the pink of condition just begin to tell the story of the general appearance of the grounds. In a word, the grounds of the Oklahoma State Fair and Exposition, .consisting of—160 acres, have been converted into a,garden of beauty. The next idea of the State Fair and Exposition concerns the magnitude of the fair itself and finally the unusual quality and range of the attractions and exhibits. Displays and premiums and prizes are larger, competition is keener, races offer better sport, and in every respect the fair excls formr exhibitions. The live stock show will doubtless be the greatest in the history of the Southwest. The poultry building is overflowing, swine barns are filled with all the breeds that thrive in the Southwest, the sheep show is fine and there is not room enough in the immense Agricultural: Building for the county collective exhibits and individual displays of products from the farm, field and garden. Conditions in these departments are Indicative of the conditions prevailing in all the other big buildings and departments. Track events this week have included harness and running arces, vaudeville acts between heats and races, concerts and novelties, such as chimes and bells, by Natiello's Band, solos by Miss Olive Elsom Scharf, a noted soprano, and Joseph C. Ramser, a famous baritone. At night, In front of the big grandstand, everything except the races has been repeated before great crowds that could hardly be accommodated. • Sunday, Sept. 28.—Musical • • Festival. Inspection of grounds • • during day and Immense Night • • Show. • Monday, Sept. 29—Soldiers* • • Day; Boys' and Girls' Schools' • • open; Horse Show week. Auto # • Polo for four days. • • Tuesday, Sept. 30.—Kentucky • • Day; Socialists' Day; Swine • Breeders' Day. 0 Wednesday, Oct. 1 — Young* 9 Men 'B Democratic Clubs; Knights • • of Pythias Day. • Thursday, Oct. 2—Derby Day; • • Fire Insurance Agents' Day; Bee 9 • Keepers' Day. • Friday,, Oct. 3—Mammoth pa- • • rade of live stock worth nearly a 6 • million dollars. • Saturday, Oct. 4—Auto Races • • by world's champions. Awarding • • premiums In "Better Babies" 9 • Contest- A 9 ' Hotel men, officers of the State Fah and others interested see indications by this week's attendance of an extra ordinary crowd in Oklahoma City all next week, when new and startling events will be added to the daily program of the State Fair and Expos! tion. The advance guard this week has been bigger than ever before and before the close of the fair on Satur day, October 4, Oklahoma City will entertain a throng of record-breaking proportions. With nearly one hundred hotels and thousands of boarding houses, Oklahoma City is in a position to acqommodate half a million people. An Important feature of the second week of the fair, for four days begin ning Monday, Sept. 29, will be Auto Polo, the world's most dangerous sport. This wonderful game, described as too fast for the movies, will take place in front of the grandstand Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next. week. Still another great feature for the second week will be the brilliant automobile meet on the last two days, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 3 and 4. Louis Disbrow, the world's circular dirt track cham-pion; "Wild Bill" Endicott, dean of the famous Indianapolis speedway; "Heine" Ulbricht of New York; Joe Rikrent, the famous Los Angeles helmsman; Claude Newhouse, and others, will endeavor to make new gasoline records. -Owing to the fact that "the 'top rails of the inner and outer -fences have to be removed, .there will be no horse racing on the last two days. / The fourth annual Oklahoma Horse how will also feature the second week \ of Oklahoma's greatest fair. It will open Monday night, Sept. 29, in the J mammoth Live Stock Pavilion and continue for five nights. Natiello's | Band and grand opera singers, the Three Duttons, society equestrians; | Alexander the Great, "the man mon- j key with the human brain"; Shaw's j Co>r.edy Animal Circus and other acts will be Horse Show features, things considered. All things considered, the second week of the fair really holds out more big events than the first, notably the great auto polo games and the automobile meeting. All the great features that have thrilled this week will still be on the grounds and no person in Oklahoma can afford to miss the big BDOW this year. ^ Explanation of Potlatch. The word potlatch is a corruption of an Indian word common among the Pacific coast tribes, meaning festival of gifts. At a patshatl (potlatch) celebration the more personal property an Indian gives away, blankets, ornaments, etc., the higher he stands in the estimation of his neighbors, and the more he expects to receive in return at the next potlatch. The festival is also accompanied by music, dancing and feasting. TORNADO SPORT AT STATE FAIR 1 An Exciting Moment at Sensational Auto Polo. The only original Hankinson's Auto Polo will be staged for the first time in Oklahoma at the Oklahoma State Fair and Exposition for four days of the second week.

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  2. 25 Sep 1913, Thu,
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