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Butler The Winner - BUTLER THE WINNER Indiana University Team Wiped...
BUTLER THE WINNER Indiana University Team Wiped Out in Yesterday's Game. It Was Lopsided All Through, and Ended in Victory for IUitlcr by a Score of to 0. The football contest between Butler and Indiana universities at Athletic park, yesterday afternoon, was a jug-handled affair, with the handle of the jus on the side of the Irvlngton boys, the State University representatives not succeeding in making a single score, though they battled nobly and met with a superfluity of bruises and bloody noses that will require soothing embrocations for some tifne to come before they aire restored to their pristine beauty and iiupplenes of sinew. The redundancy of "Haw! Haw! Haw!" in the college yells found a fitting response in the wind, which whistled over the Held In the rawest afternoon of the season. The play was not as lively as It should have been, and was lacking In brilliancy. Neither team was In good condition, the Indiana University fellows lelng tender and easily barked, though playing" pluckily. They brought with them as substitutes Mitchell, Myers, Hottle and Schooler, most of whom were needed by reason of the casualties of the game. Game was called at 3:13 p. m., with Syrett, of Uloomlngton, as referee, and Joss, Butler's coach, as referee. The teams lined up as follows: BUTLER. Barnett Center Taylor Right guard Losey , Ieft guard Uster Right tackle Payne Left tackle Parker x. Right end Moore Left end Rurford Quarter back Hall Left half Fcmerville. captain Right half Scott Full back" INDIANA. Fhafer, captain Center Podd Right guard King Loft guard Green Right tackle Brewer Left tackle Gass Right end Hrrkless lcft end Helm Quarter back Hcl.'oway Left half Hagleson Right lalf Miller Full back The Indiana team came provided with an unusually ornate and comprehensive yell, which would have wearied the echoes to reverberate had they achieved a victory. It went after thiswise: "Glorlana! Fran.c;Jpanni. Indiana! Kazoo kazah, kazoo, kazah, I. U., hurrah! I. U. hurrah! hoopla, hoopla! Stato University, rah. rah, rah!" Tfce yell of Butler was simpler, and as there was more occasion for its use was not unwieldy: "B. U., B. U., rah. rah, rah, rah! hurrah, hurrah! Butler! Butler! rah, rah, rah!" Indiana won the toss and chos3 the ball. Butler chose the northeast goal, and the gume began. The Stats moved forward with the regulation V wedge, and mada ten yards, when the ball was lost to Butler on a fumble. Left half Hall got the oval and made a fine dash down the field, his flight belnc ably covered. It was a dash of sixty yards, but counted nothing, the Solnt being made that Brewer had been eprived of the ball after he had called a down. Butler took the ball after three downs without progress by Indiana, and moved "toward goal. FIRST POINT SCORED. It soon became , apparent that Dutler was fleeter of foot and the team better in hand than Indiana, though' the latter did some excellent rush-line work, center rush Shafer being a tower of strength. Parker, of Butler, got the ball in a fumble and made a good seventy-yard run, some fine blocking being done by Scott. Touchdown was made, but Scott failed to kick goal. Butler, 4; Indiana, 0. Indiana started the ball in a wedge, Eagleson carrying the ball twelve yards. After a. stout scrimmage the ball passed Into the possession of Butler. The gains by Butler were small, but were sure, the play being chleMy around the ends. Second touchdown by Butler, and another failure to kick goal. Butler, S; Indiana, 0. On the next line-up Indiana carried the ball forward eighty yards and lost it on a bad fumble by Helm. This was followed by a serie3 of scrimmages, with varying chances, the push favoring Butler, which never at any time allowed the ball to get within hailing distance of the adversary's goal. Somerville carried the ball over the line and made touchdown, which was followed by Scott kicking goal. Butler, 11; Indiana, 0. On the next line-up Indiana made seven yards on a wedge, and alter three down? without further gain Butler took the ball, which was passed to Li.ster, who made a gallant run round the end for tifteen yards. Indiana took the ball, which, after being sat upon by- Burford, went into tha hands of Moore, who made lifteen yards for Butler, to which was aded ten yards by Lister, and was then lost to Indiana, The visitors failed to profit, and Butler was again in possession, litre the lndianas did some famous bucking, and Eagleson, th2 colored right half of tht visitors, made some excellent play, carrying the ball ten yards into the enemy's lines, Brewer increaMng the distance byeight yards. Miller punted, the ball fulling: in ttoucft. Uutler got the leather, and a proihbing run vw headed off by a prompt and daring tackle by lierkless. Indiana lelt a moment's encouragement when Holloway made a gain of lifteen yard3, whicn was followed by smallsr gains on veU;e rushes. Parker, for Butlen, made a long run across the held and gained eignt yards. Mooro curried it ten jards iurtner, and lost to Indiana on a fumbie. The play then progress-M with varying chances until Butler got th baii witmn three yards of the goal line, when time was called. SECOND HALF. On the second half Butler opened brilliantly with the flying "V," the famous Yale strategy. The movement took the enemy by surprise and Somerville carried the ball onward twenty-five yards. Here Indiana struggled nobly against the wedge which had closed and was moving forward slowly, but with seemingly Irresistible power. Shaffer threw himself before the wedge and went down under the heap. He was taken out with hl3 nose bleeding profusely. On examination it proved to be broken, and the big center rush was, much against his will, compelled to abandon the field. Several others of the visitors here showed up with, bloody noses, wniie others were scratched and bruised. Holloway was taken out of a heap breathless from a kick In the stomach, but soon recovered and resumed play. Shaffer claimed that he was struck by Butler's right guard, and others of the visitors raised the cry that Butler was slugging. From this time on the game was all Butler's. Another touchdown was folio weil by a proal kick in -short order. Butler, 20; Indiana, 0. It was remarked that the Eatler player indulged in too much interference with their hands, but as the fieli was becoming dark it was tli:!icult to e.ee exactly what was taking place. The spectators overran the field and several times seriously interfered with the movements of tha game. On the next line-up the usuai scrimmage followed, in which Herkles3 went down with the breath knocked out. Hall, of Butler, who had done excellent work in the first half, distinguished himself In th closing minutes of the game. Here he carried the ball to within an inch of the line, where he was heavily thrown, but held on to the trophy with a grip of steel. Indiana wrangled that he had not called a down tD which he made answer with the little breath he had remaining that he had called down and was ready to spell it. If by so doing he could make it clearer to the comprehension of the rival team. A touchdown and kick to goal followed. Butler Indiana. 0. By this time it was so dark that thr players could hardly be distinguished, and the onlookers swarmed over the fieU. Lister carried the ball to a touchdown, but the attempt to kick to goal was a failure. Butler. 32: Indiana. 0 There were yet twelve minutes to play, and in one-third of that time Butler again carried the ball to a touchdown, wh'ch was followed by a goal kick. Butler, S3; Indiana, 0. In the last rush as the players swept across the Held a number of spectators were caught and went down, while the players went over them like a herd of stampeding- buffaloes. The same was then called. .

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis Journal,
  2. 29 Oct 1893, Sun,
  3. Page 8

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