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 - good n'pre- eoin- would be In two principles...
good n'pre- eoin- would be In two principles coni- f i n d they oilmf k e hoTd of the from' r w«re would get AT Waelder, Tex,. Fob. 7.--- The News' reaponden t sot an cxtpTc$kn flrom eome of the .roprescntiitivo men of town to-]U«.y afl followa: T. H. 'JVIppe [Hogg-]: "A tfood wpJrlt at tejuled '"" ' ..... " " ...... " Trlpp t h e C Clark inL'ethiff i!l Dallas. W jlzo, and Jiiuflt. I. K. Hubert [Hogg]: "The proposition sma to bo fa-lr, and I fovor the two ex ceutlve commtttces 80*ci'in^ a commute made up from both wlnpa and Utavlng ul matt^ns for future action l f t , " D. -M, 1/odd-s IllOffg]: "The ivHolutlon; o f ' t h e dark iH»mli. in uhc main, y approval,'; b u t r think Hogg's ap^ecl there t h a t meet con- t'he non- the fhe accept a don't committee the regular I to do ouKh-t to meot 'ihcni luilf -\v:iy. Conce* aloiifl Prom Ixjlli «ldM «.ix.- t'ho iwoper Ohlnc Kick Ciu-noyhnn IIJoK'g]: "ftefor^ I give tin oxpi-tjfKl(«i J would like lo know which oiiii of Mfitloek'R ifTfOrtnd Iptte-rs «re rm* rcct--the; OIK- In Tho News or the one in tho Post of 2d Instant? Thev differ widely In .their wording- and meaaiiiK. The »pll oHme aUnjt by thfe conimlsslo-u Isauo, wild 1 don't "beli'ive in a Jmnnony j)iiroha^ed ·bhe expense of vrlnclpje for the sake 01 chatiKfliiff H f"w ofUwK." N4uk Mlllur |H«KK); "I don't see how wo iMti have liunnony as proponed by elr.h-er Clark or HOKK. When a!! and water win mix and when a railroad magnate a hfi.ysced then these matters wJI* for jidju»t th«niwl\'«a. Tha i-allroud commta alon minat stay." M. V. Mcytrr '[Clark]: "I moat lieartllj Indorse tlie retiolutlonfl of the Cl«LrkLtes and am for ropresentiutlon on a baala 01's vote 'in 1S92." \V. .1. Fisher [Howl: "I favor the D«;l- IH* lu-ojjojtuiyifs except -the part rela'tlvff to 't'he people's party. I think -there fljre S anbs of the · populist platform that are emocraitlc." , J. M. Henderson [HoKg]: "By all means tne^ proposition for cornpi-omirte should receive CuLiriicoua ajid Kenc'ixtu.H ooiiHidora- tkn. If -some of th« lead^rn on each side wore out oC the way we could harmonize." Qeortitt Lynah jHoHK]: "The Ckirk people thrmrgrhoi.t iiJie wtate are genuine, 'true democrats, nnd we need them. We would not -have them aacriflce a particle of iprm- cJnle, *,onor or self-reapeot. I a m ' f o ClevoLmnd vote of 1802 to govern." W. K. 1'^aaon [IloKKl: "Get togetiher \sllchout reference to Clark, Cleveland or Hogg." .1. a Hill [Hogg]: "I indorse both the state and national plat forms. The Clark people are good democraita and should have an eqiial dhowing wlt-h the Hoj«r demoaratis. The propostUon by the Clark racoon 19- more Ilbwral rhan I thought U would b*. Past are 'Settled. Let UH put oaide aJl prbjudlcea and bitterness of feellna: aatl come togetlier as loyal damo- crata."

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 10 Feb 1894, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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