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Ihe de-fenuatit de-fenuatit part and in gud (ictty of as new list parties were a better be has for today. to be p e-seuled e-seuled reeiaureiit ot Anderson, ths In li-mony li-mony Committee, had 1U0.UUU bave Uia of sum-mouiug sum-mouiug thev Dope of aui iu-lormalitlea iu-lormalitlea McKlamajr 1st the Arretted. Butter-worth Butter-worth last night, of the have business baa been the to bave of Institution deslies lo tbe Peni one place of tbe himself a mean with your aspirant Democratic poeeiply take any was as a of the one, and politicians Paige, of connection Secretary of nas been several Convention. County, haa a rec ranks of candi elected Justice who accomplished of her un the death at Lock-bourne, Lock-bourne, was ar lo jail for lo-morrow lo-morrow Erwio. tbe arrested. De issued Newark-What Newark-What Mass. a prin arrested at Griffith at is an 111- 111- intelli to tne from Co William and to the bss live 1 has been that time. deceased mother some six the rea was bad, Am con- con- was not was in death. wa 11 was AlbrUrht. a was veiled doling was ber of sne men. Johu Wcol-iord Wcol-iord do riubt this talk to conceal Is certain, criminal in Saaa Young Courier- Courier- made on coargea count of Con a seal, by ex-imi.u ex-imi.u tbere was passage ol cnaraeu ny coiiearues application on its nv and that the memorandum Congress, of no man m"ou iai- iai- ... full par bad con O. O. F trano Odd-fellows Odd-fellows Odd-fellows votes of for Grand year, which candl- candl- of War- War- Mt Ver of Cincill of Gal- Gal- of Woos- Woos- Wy. Woman s cuniioirs cirsis cmrnE. Talk of Toll -Gate -Gate Keepers. Ths Examination Kotos On, bat the Xonaj . StolsM Bomaizuj Hon Sst. Srtrfal DixfxitcX to Ot Stower. BaTavia. O.. February L At about half -past -past nine o'clock this morning, "Squire Pease's Court convened for the purposa of resuming the examination examination of Chas. Z. Dtmmltt and Jerome Btlnch-fleld. Btlnch-fleld. Btlnch-fleld. charged with the Clermont County Treasury robbery. The crowd In the morning was not so large as formerly, but during the day it Increased to a great number. Tbe first witness called was: Mrs. Susannah Crank Live about one-half one-half one-half mile this Bids of New Richmond, and keep the toll-gate toll-gate toll-gate on the pike leading from Ohio plka to New Richmond. Richmond. I was at home on Sabbath, 11th of November, November, 1877; Charles Dimmitt passed through my gate that night about half-past half-past half-past six o'clock, going in the direction of New Richmond, at a moderate rata of speed. I talked with him a short time. Ho also passed tbe next morning between nine o'clock, going toward Batavla. driving a dark-colored dark-colored dark-colored horse. When eight or He was Dimmitt paxsed through that night be asked mo if bone and buggy and two men had gons through , that afternoon: him there bad. Tbere were two men in tha buggy, and they were going toward New Richmond. Tbe driver was light complex- complex- loned and had a light mustache. Said they were going to meeting, and did not want to pay toll. lo not know any body this side of New Richmond who Is accustomed to go to meeting In that neighborhood. neighborhood. The man who drove was not Stinchfield nor .Issac BonneL I did not notice the other man in the buggy. Tbe two men went through about five o'clock in the after noon, snd returned about nine or ten o'clock that nhtht I was in the habit when people said tiiey were going to Church to ask them if they were go ing to their retrular place of worship. If they were not I collected toll. I did not ask these men whether tbev were eolna to church, but thnuirnt they were not, and so f ld them. I i-k i-k i-k their toll down, but when they returned they told my hus band they had paid ss they went down, aud drove on. My husband said they were tbe same men that passed down, and I told him they bad only paid one way. i went out ana caiiea aiier wem, but they did not stop. John blade l live oeiow new menmona, on we Columbia and New Richmond Turnpike. I keep he toll-sate toll-sate toll-sate three-iouriha three-iouriha three-iouriha of a mile below itew Richmond: have kept that (rate since the first of last April; was home on the lllb of last November; was home all nirrt; bave been acquainted with Charles Dimmitt for shout tweuly four years: I put the toll-gate toll-gate toll-gate down about ten o'clock and keep it down all hil-Iii. hil-Iii. hil-Iii. but do not lock it; no one with a team could hardly raise il without my knowing it; I had not closed the gate at ten o'clock that nicht; if a person had started from New Richmond st ten o'clock they would have reached my gate be fore I went to bed; did not see any one answeriiiK the description of lrimmut and s.inchficld that night: I am acquainted with the roads abwiit there: there la a way a person might go round the gate without consuming more than rive mlnntes more time. They would have to go by a byroad and through a field. Ulnce receiving my subpoena, Mr. Charles Dimmitt and Mr. Mcholscame down 10 see me. it wasiastsun- wasiastsun- dny. Dimmitt told me a bugtry could not go round tnrougn tne neia wnnoui awasemng me. i ioiu him it could. He wan ted lo know who bad been to see me about the matter. I told him Carey had been to see me. He asked if another man. with a scar, had been to see me. i torn mm yea. ne caiiea him McLean. I have caiutht parlies dndKioK the gate by going around that way 1 spoke of. J. It. rJaser l.ivo at unumo, iwiui lire ran this tide l New Richmond, on tbe turnpike leading leading from New Richmond to the Ohio pike;, tne first toll-gate toll-gate toll-gate is kept bv Mrs. Crank, ths next one is kept by me, and the third is kept by Mia Houghty ; i at home ine aiteinoon auu nittntoi isoremocr 17, ls77; 1 keep the gate closed' until I go to bed. hen I open it; Charles passed tnrougn, going to ward New Richmond, about six o'clock that evening; evening; had a talk w,th him; said he was going to New Klchmond ; was in what I ur.derstana lo rx a box-biitmy. box-biitmy. box-biitmy. b'P-bugijy b'P-bugijy b'P-bugijy ; heard Dimmitt talking to my wife: he a'Led, "If I give up the ticket bow ran I set back?" went out to him to talk with him about tna mblw-v: mblw-v: mblw-v: he seemed excited: I was also ex cited; Dimmitt said be was in a hurry wanted to get to New Kicninonn v meet tne Doat, ana asxea me if he thought he could make it. Cioss-extmined Cioss-extmined Cioss-extmined Told me about me packages ot money; said there was F24.UA) takeu instead of A),uiiO; said Mr. Ro'iinson was so much distressed about It he could not lean i much about it r. J. Js lcnois in sow luviiuiuiiui uiv ouats usually pas d 'Wu between lour and five o'clock in the evening; do not know what time the boau nassed dowu that evening; the boats pass up about six o'clock; do not know the stage of the, river at tuat time. Mrs. Klmlr uoncnty i live at nrsx gaia on new Richmond Dike alter leaving Ohio pike, near Amelia; bave hid chance of that gate seven years; have known Chas. Dimmitt some time; I first learned of Treasury roouery on eunaay. utn No vember. 1877; my husband was home that afternoon afternoon ; saw Chas. Dimmitt that evening about six 'dock; be was going toward .ew tticnmoua; was in a bungy driving a bay horse; It was a box-bed; box-bed; box-bed; be drove up ana, smia he would ssy as he came back; I asked him who It was; he said Dimmitt; I told him he could not get through other gates without pass; be add be would pay then; be paid me; be drove in a usual gait; he came back next morning with his wife about nine or ten o'clock. John lavis Live aooui iwn mites irom oatavia, o Union turnpike. Have charge of tbe gate. Was home on the 1 llh of November. IM77, laie in the afternoon aud evening. Saw Dimmitt pass through rtetwaen sun-down sun-down sun-down and dark. Said be would pay as be came back next morning. lo not remember of him inquiring for any body having passed IhrouKb. j John White 1 reside In Batavia ; em a man of leisure; have known Charles Dimmitt four or five Tears: was at borne on the 11th of November last; saw Charles Dimmitt on that day; passed my nouse, going toward new riicnmoiia; was in a otiggy : bay ho se. top of buegy was up; I stopped him snd asked him if be was going to New Richmond; Richmond; hesitated, and said be told them up town he was, "but I will say to you I am not:" appeared appeared to be t lking In earnest: be did not tell me wnere he w.-s w.-s w.-s going: there was a colored m n standing close by; laid not think he meant the answer for anybody but me; 1 called to blm to learn something about the robbery; I did not see any thing unusnal in his manner, more than he was solemn; 1 cm not nouoe stmiuiw ssy muj attention attention to the colored man. nan rev Hamilton Keep tne notei in wis place; also a livery -stable. -stable. I saw Dimmitt on Sunday. 1 lib of No vernier. He got a bay horse of ma It was a sood traveler, mi ouggy was wna i csui a half-box half-box half-box bed. He got a horse-blanket horse-blanket horse-blanket of me. I was laodinu on the corner by my notei. ana ne came over and asked roe for a horse and buggy. He said he wanted oris that would not scare at tbe cars, lie said be was not coins to New Richmond. He left my house between four and five o'clock, ile came back with the horse and bugtry a little while before dinner next day. I did not see tbe horse till after dinner, but be was swearing then. From my knowledge of tbe horse 1 thing be could nave trav el! from New Richmond to Cincinnati tnat nlgnt ery handily. Tbe horse nas a snort step wnen Irst startinc. but he reaches out after driving awhile. . . M. H. Davis I reside in Mew Kicnmono : snow C.ias. Dimmitt; was at New Richmond in the even- even- I of Sunday after tne roooery : i met mmnmi about -even -even o'clock that evening; 1 saw blm first i Cnrch's livery -stable; -stable; met mm next at tsrtring-ra tsrtring-ra tsrtring-ra He sooks of its being bis usual custom to come over Saturday, but be came over to set Frank (my son), the Prosecutor of the county. I sent one of my sons to church to see Franc. 1 asked him If Atl Kooinson sent mm user, ne -mvi -mvi hqqhiuv utn Robinson's lu-Ugatlon. lu-Ugatlon. lu-Ugatlon. ana ne wantea mm 10 go over. Think ne saia ne we going nome wnen ne eft Sprlnger'a He s id tney wouia never gel tne motif r. tie saia tne aetectives naa kos noia oi it. and they bad net gone at it rutht lo get the money; said tbey were a lot of d n fools. The steamer Ohio Is expected st New Richmond at four o'clock every Sunday afternoon ; that time of tbe year it is often a whole night behind time. He said he had not come over lo New Richmond Saturday because suspicion had attached to bim. and he thought be would better suy and- and- look after It. kraut Mavis Live at New Richmond; am Pros ecuting Attorney of the county; was home Sunday. Sunday. November 11. 1H77; went to church. Aa I came nut of church my brother spoke to me snd sa.d my father bad a message for me. Did not see Uimmltt tnat evening; saw mm aooui cigut u uuea next morning. -He -He asked me if there was any inmif I i.hwl ia send over to Batavla. He did not say be had any thing to see roe about; he did not say he wanted to see me on any business; he did not say Alf Robinson wanted to see me. Frank Hamilton Am nneeu years uiu: tire with my parents. Was at nome on Monuay lottow-i.or lottow-i.or lottow-i.or ti, a ,iumn of the robbery. Mr. Dimmitt came borne with the horse and bugiry, and I tuok his wife up borne. Tbe horse appeared to be tired. Did not notice any basket tn the buggy. A. N. Robinson I did not seuii any word by Charles Dimmitt lo Frauk Davis. Milton J. Davis I am twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one years oia : am sou of Geore-e'M. Geore-e'M. Geore-e'M. Davis, hotel-keeper; hotel-keeper; hotel-keeper; remember ihe day Young T itawater came u to laenuiy uimmltt: uimmltt: was standing on sidewalk, talking; saw Dimmitt Dimmitt on the corner of. tha street; Fitxwater ex- ex- c aimed. "That Is the man who was at tne stable Sunday evening after menisci nr ery oi tne roooery. James Glaucy 1 resiue in mutis; s am r'ci here; my grocery on tbe soutn-eaw soutn-eaw soutn-eaw corner oi Main ana Mccona streets: reuieiauer seeinwciw siuir in. Malaria: saw Fitzweller soing out ol own; he remarked he was going over tne brtdKe; I on... n r, in sess Mr. lirimtb aud then Mart 3d dowu street to my place of business; kept my eyes on riUwaller until be got to Kline's build- build- Ins; saw Dimmitt cross tne sir to Hamilton's Hotel and then go aowu tnat s de of the street: Mr. Dimmitt was a little behind Fiuwalter. I tbluk, when 1 last saw mm; 1 think he was crossing the street towara riuwaiter. iieury Day Live lu Malaria; nave uvea nere twu .. . ... . watchman it, i m m iwunrr unui cember after the diisstvenr of tha roblssry: I slept iu the Tieasurer's otnee usually; went to me uuuu- uuuu- ing early in tne eveuing: there are two entrances to lhe ruonc jiuiiuiim, wcu sum, sow urer's office t waich about nine o'clock; there is a doorway between tne AudiUtrs and Treasurer's office: it is a doub.e door had chance of the Auditor's omce; nsrrison is Auditor. Charles Dimmitt is Deputy Auditor. I kent tbe kevs to. the dinereut aoors to mt unices; saw to tne fastening ol the Oikus ana wiuaews so the offices; the door between the Auditor's and Trea-urer's Trea-urer's Trea-urer's offices would lock from either side. Dimmitt came over to the barber shop one night. four weeks before the robbery, and asked me to go over to the office. He took out a bottle from under the couuler and took a orink. and asked ma t i take one. He wanted me to take the key out of the middle door, so he could put one In. At this point lu the examination of Mr. Day an adjournment was taken till eight o'clock to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow morning. . TRADE WITH CCBA. The BlsadvaBlages I'asder Whlets Anaer. lea a Herehaata Laser. Kashvulx, Ttwit.. Febru ary 1. The Cuba delegation delegation returned last night. The Hub-Committee Hub-Committee Hub-Committee to i....rr.ia tha Klonr and Meal trade of Havana. report to Colonel John C. Burch. Chairman of the General Commute, that the great barrier to trade rt-an rt-an rt-an Ciiia and the Slates is the discrimination .oi duties and war taxes. Americas, flour being a special oblect of dieert itnstloa. la duty. Tbe war sax oa Amerioaa aour In Ameneaa Tassels Tassels Is six dollars and eighry-etgnt eighry-etgnt eighry-etgnt eeocs, sgainss two dollars and eighty-one eighty-one eighty-one cents for Spanish floor in vessels. Tbe whole tendency ts In of Spanish importation and against the Ma tea. By this discrimination only one-tenth one-tenth one-tenth the flour imported into Cuba corn 00 from the States. If tne duties were equalized, the States would probably probably furnish ths bulk of tbe consumption, thus increasing increasing the demand on the States fl.600.000 in the one article of flour alone. Close examination of the records show an enormous difference between between the small exports of the States to Cuba and . the amount we receive from tbe Island. Of the exportation of sugar and molasses from Cuba the States get SO per cent.. Europe S and Spain 3. Tbe Committee found Havana merchanu eager to extend their American trade, but unanimous that under the existing commercial treaty the prospect was not flattering. The Committee Committee cite, for illustration, the sales of two hundred hundred barrels of flour, per the New Orleans steamer of January 23d, which brought ST.OUS, from which deduct 13,959 97 for import duty and wsr tax, freiicht and lighterage, ti2S for commissions, Ac, leaves net proceeds, in Spanish bank bills, of K3.0i8 03. When storage is necessary, ten eeuts pet barrel per month, in Spanish money, is charged. The Committee find, in regard to the trade, that prioeaffiuctnate mutually tn proportion to the supply supply aud demand far more than at other average porta. Tbe trade, ur"n the whole, is peculiar, aud as it now exists should be dealt with by our people with an eye of vigilauce. V LOUISVILLE. Specially Beperted for the Eaejairer.1 Chief Fkantz , of the Fire Department, to-dsy to-dsy to-dsy made ten more changes In the Department, to the consternation of the members of the Department. The snow-storm snow-storm snow-storm which commenced Wednesday has oontfnned off and on ever since, and has caused considerable damage In the neighborhood. It is understood that parties to the famous snit of Paine et aL vs. Pullman Southern Car Company decided a few months ago in favor of the plaintiffs. had last evening About agreed ori a satisfactory settlement. settlement. A (rood deal of money was involved in the case. The terms of settlement ere not yet known. Yesterday evening a fight occurred between O. H. Rothacker, editor ot the-Sundsy the-Sundsy the-Sundsy Argus, and a fellow named John Curry Miller, who scribbles for a weekly paper called the Dollar Democrat. Miller wrote a scurrilous article concerning Rothacker in his sheet, and the latter asked an explanation of it during tbe eveuing. when Miller struck bim with a can'e. Rothacker then thrashed Miller severely. Geo hoe Kolb and his lawyer got a terrible set back yesterday in a suit for 110,000 damages against the Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal for alleged libel. One of the reporters of the Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal wrote an at tide at the time Hayes was here about a countryman being robbed at Kolb's saloon, and warning people to look out for thieves in the city. Kolb thereupon sued the paper for $10,000, his attorney having on a previous occasion niea anotner suit against me same paper. After bearing tbe evidence for Kolb, juage jaexson aismiaaea tne case. About five o'clock yesterday morning Harry Doyle, a brakeman on the Short-Line Short-Line Short-Line Road, was run over and killed near Ormsby Station, in this county, Just a few miles beyond the city. He was on freight train No. 20 coming west, and. wss at tending to his duties on top of a car at tbe time of tne accident. In passing from one car to another he missed his footing and feu between. When pinked up a few momenu afterwsrd be was found cut up in a terrible manner. He was about twenty-six twenty-six twenty-six years of age, and was a sober youug man. hav ing been employed as a oraseman on tne !-nort-Llne !-nort-Llne !-nort-Llne !-nort-Llne !-nort-Llne for over a year and a half. He bss relations resiamg in Mississippi. The investigation of alleged Irregularities in the Post-office Post-office Post-office here was concluded yesterday. Mr. I! r m n c rlr nh.KMrl th.t f r. .m XX a v IHTft is. July, 1ST?, thb registered moil was allowed to lie from ten to fifteen hours in the office after its re ception and before its delivery. The charge was Investigated by Special Agent Captain Sara D. Brown, and was fu:ly sustained. The Assistant Postmaster claims that the mail was held back In accordance with the wishes of business men who did not wish valuable letters delivered after business business hours. The irregularities occurred during the administration of Mrs. Porter, aud before the present present Postmistress was appointed. The Polytechnic Society la endeavoring to get control of the Publto Library buildings, and it is to be hoped will succeed. This Society is com posed of tbe leading citlxens of tbe city, and was organized for beneficial purposes. As at present run. the Llbrnry buildings are not paying expenses to any extent, the taxes aloue eating up all re ceipts. The Polytechnic Society proposes to take charge of the buildintrs, devote the library to good and useful purptwes, and if the buildings are exempted exempted from taxation, to add constantly to the store of books. The class of persons who are ac tive members of the Association ua perfect guar antee that their Intentions are fair and will be carried carried out. CHURCH CHIMES. Btote Absnl Oiertlies, Church People and Tbelr Dolnara Eveatta Lecal avad Fereigi. Revivals in Xouia, O. The Pope Is worse again. PaESBYTxaisMUiM in Boston is falling. Spu kg Eon lectured last week on "Candles, Faov. Johu Tvkdaxl was formerly a Deist. Cahon Reakdon bss completed his 100th year. There is great religious excitement in Ripley, O. Church sociables np in Dayton. Ohio, are all "the These Is a big Church scandal in Deckertown, N. J. The Jubilee Singers have gone tt8L Petersburg. Russia . The Rev. Levi, a converted Jew, is preaching in Dayton. Hammond is still making things lively UP in Marysviile. Talk so has a better opinion of politicians than he once had. The Rev. A. C Hirst, of ChiUleothe, has recov ered bis health. Ths Rev. Robert Collyer lectured in Troy. O.. on Tuesday eveuing. The American Bible Society is hard up for money. and wauu f 140,000. There are eisbty Episcopal churches and mis sions in New York City. " Sacbkd concerts are beins si van at the Grand Opera-house, Opera-house, Opera-house, New Yora. The Second Congregational Church. Dorchester, Mass., is seventy years old. A gbeat fall In pew rents in fashionable churobes of New York is antlcipsteJ. The reliaious excitement continues in ear sub urbs. Lock land and Wyoming. HENRY Vim Beech eb says "that be has been subjected to unfair criticism." The Church of Dr. Tel mare. New York, is strnc- strnc- gling under an overwhelming debt. Am intereatinc revival is in prr-rrca prr-rrca prr-rrca la the Pres byterian Church at Lancaster. Ohio. Mrs. 8. M. Perkins is the only female preacher In New Hampshire. She is a Universalis.. The Rev. L. Bennett and wife are visiting their daughter. Mrs. H. Bramble, in Madison villa. Da. R. K. Tavxob. one of our sweetest tenors. haa joined tbe Choir of St. Paul M. K. Church. A Cohobeoatioh al church at Wolcott,. Vt. now uses water instead of wine at tne communion labia Ths Association of Methodist Ministers will con tinue tbe discussion of "Hell" next Monday morula-. morula-. morula-. morula-. Pus St a lev has placed in Westminster Abbey a stained glass window, in memory of bia deceased wife. The EoIscoDal supervision of the Methodist mis sions in Mexico for 1878 falls to tbe lot of Bishop Merrill. Turn Oosoel tern rw .nee raeetlnrs at the T. M. C. A. are well attended, and the interest in them is growing, . Utn Mflla Leonard fs the charming and ac complished organist at the Presbyterian Church in Piqua, a The first lecture of the course to be delivered at Trinity M. B. Church was given last night to a good audience. SnuNoriELD. Ohio is being overwhelmed with a religious revival. Hundreds of people are being converted. The music in Murray's Church, Boston, costs frS.oOO per annum. Tbe choir has a trained chorus of 300 voices. The Protestant Episcopal Church has now a membership of t 1,577. being aa increase the past sir of 13,413. Pi.kdo have been made In twenty-fourChnrehes twenty-fourChnrehes twenty-fourChnrehes In San Francisco for tbe payment of nearly 11,000,- 11,000,- 000 Church debt. Tut Rev. J oar oh Cook perspires nnnlonslv when delivering his lectures, and always uses up three haudkerclilefs at a lecture, Tnt Ritas Memorial Concert takes place on Tues day evenius next, at Pike's Opera-house. Opera-house. Opera-house. Nothing but Bliss songs win be sung. Rkethrr. more than any other man of this see. bss been successful in unsettling the minds of sue people ou religious subjects. The subject of interest Jot now in the Episcopal Church is whether or not. Dr. George F. Seymour shall be confirmed as Bishop. To-HioHT To-HioHT To-HioHT the Gomel Meeting will be led by the foreign Delecatea who are visiting our city from different parU of the country. The Rev. Mr. Steward son, rector of the Eprsconal Church in Xenia. O.. haa beeu called to Philadel phia by sickness ln-his ln-his ln-his family. The Musical Club of the Church of our Savior. tn ML Auburn, gave a pleasant musical entertainment entertainment on last Wednesday night. Da. Chapih. tbe dlitinrulshed TnlTersallst says he has labored not so much to get people out of bell as to get nexi out oi people. . The Rev. Dr. McKee has been holding very in teresting meetings at tne ruin and central Presbyterian Presbyterian Churches during the past week. Tub Lutheran Church of Beaver City, Perm., bas an nil-well nil-well nil-well on its premise, tne now of wnicn is sufficient to pay all the Church's expenses. Rev. Joseph Code will make a lecturing tonr In the w est next spring. viiung trie. Cleveland, io- io- ledo, Detroit, Indianapolis, and other cities. Dr. H. B. Ripoawat's sermon on last Sunday night on "Divine Retribution" was one of the fluest efforts ever made by this talented divine. Miss F. Towksliy, the female evangelist Uf doing doing good work in Vermont. She has converted eighty sinners, and has a sure thing on another cuoice lot. Ths Rev. F. ft. TTovt. D. D.. and tha Rev. 3. J. Hlght. D. D.. ot this city, will both soon give one of their Interesting lectures to the citisens of Law renceourg, ino. The meeting at noon to-dsy to-dsy to-dsy at the Young Men's Christian Association Hall will be In the interest of the Sunday-school Sunday-school Sunday-school Teachers, and will be conducted oy tv. a. w seas. The Rev. Samuel M. Cro theirs, of the First Pres-byteriaa Pres-byteriaa Pres-byteriaa Cburua ot Creenfiwd, Ohio, is only twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one 'years old, and &as bean aa ordained prase her one year. Geo rob Mrrixsa has been pr caching In Washington. Washington. He will soon go to California, and will return return to Ensland in June. Be hopes to return to this eountry next year. . N. W. Lillt, of TipTiecanoe, Ohio, has been employed employed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Hillersburg. Ohio, and will remove to the latter, place In two or three weeks. Father DrsrwY, a Jesuit priest stationed at Baltimore, Baltimore, is a millionaire. His mother was Mrs. Elisabeth Elisabeth F. Denuy. of Pittsburg, who died a few days ago worth about six millions. The three denominations lo tbe State of New York which pay the la ast ministerial salaries are: Methodists, fl. 137.935: Presbyterians, $0,T70; and Protestant Eplsoalians, jlCU72. Bet. J. Murray Bailey subjects for next Sunday's Sunday's discourses are: "A Universalist's View of the Current Endless Misery Controversy." and a travel lecture on "Paris and the French." . ; The Rev. Dr. Stephen H. Tyng announces that On the 1st of May he will retire from tbe pastorate of St. George's Episcopal Church. New York, which be first assumed thirty-three thirty-three thirty-three years ago. A most vigorous revival bos been going on in our lively suburb, Hartwell, for the past fonr weeks, and though but few sinners have been reclaimed, many old backsliders have been returned to the fold. The vocal and Instrumental concert given by the Cincinnati Conservatory at tbe York Street Cou-grearational Cou-grearational Cou-grearational Church In Newport, Kr., on Thursday evening last, was very successful, despite the bad weather. . The Rev. Justin D. Fulton, of the Centennial Baptist Church, is again in demand. He haa received received a call to the Bowdoln Square Bapti'tt Church in Boston, but has not made np his mind to accept or refuse. Victor Emm ant ex's body was buried shrouded in the superb white mantle of a Grand Master of the Order of the SS. Annnnxlata. In wbich earb the sovereigns of the House of bavoy are consigned to the tomb. The duet and onartet by Mrs. J. H. Besttie, Dr. R. K. Taylor. Miss "Donnelly and Mr. Clover, on last 8unday night, at St. Paul M. E. Church, was rendered rendered in a most artistic manner, and was the musical feature of the evening. The Rev. Sherlock A. Bronson, whom the President President has appointed a member of the Committee to test tha gold and silver coinase of the Untied States, lives In Mansfield, but used to be connected with Kenyon College, the President's alma mater. In the protracted meeting at tbe M. E. Church at Millersburg twenty-flve twenty-flve twenty-flve additions have already been made to tbe Church, and .the meeting still cor.tinnea The most of tbe converts are younir, and the Dancing Clubs are therefore demoralized. The rumor that Mr. L. E. Levassor, Organist of SL Paul M. E. Church, is about to re! ten. is entirely unfounded. Satisfactory arrangemeuU were made with Mr. Levassor some weeks since, and be will remain as Orgaautt - and Musical Director of the Choir. Rev. Eben Ballet, Sen., father of the Bev. Eben HVley. pastor of the Seventh-street Seventh-street Seventh-street Congregational Congregational Church in this city, bos been for a quarter of a century the leading preacher of Albany, N. Y., and is at present the Chaplain of the New York State Legislature. A daughter of the Bight Rev. A. Cleaveland Coxe, of Buffalo, was married Thursday to Bronson Bronson Runvey, of one of tbe "first families" of that city. The wedding was a very fashionable affair. There was a reception, followed by a breakfast, at the Episcopal residence. Suhday afternoon the Young Men's Christian Association Bible Class will be taught by Dr. West, at four o'clock. There will be no meeting Sunday night at the Association Hall, in conseouence of the interesting services to be held at the Second Presbyterian Church In the interest of the Y. M. C. A. cause. Ah eccentric London preacher annonnces discourses discourses on "The Talking Donkey." "The Devtl Among the Pigs," "A Little Man Up a Tree." and other odd titles, which goes to -prove -prove that all tbe sensational and crazy preachers are not to be found in Brooklyn and New York. A deliohtpcl time was bad at the Church of the New JeroaJem, corner Fourth and John streets, on last Wednesday evenrag. A supper consisting of all of the good things ana dslnties of the season was served to the guests. Notwithstanding the severely severely inclement weather of the night, the attendance attendance was large. A Qtjirr little wedding took place at tbe parsonage parsonage of Rev. II. B. Ridsrawav on West Seventh street last Sunday evening just after tbe services. The happy couple were surprised by quite a large and interested audience of the yoang folks of Hi. Paul's Church, who "dropped in" to moke Dr. Bidgaway aud wife a brief call. Ma Geo..W. Arbpcki.b, the sweet singer of the Universalis t Zion. is at work in this section of the State, Ond is expected shortly to bold a series of religious religious meetings In this city, in connection with Rev. J.Murray Bailey, at the Plum-street Plum-street Plum-street Unirersal-Ist Unirersal-Ist Unirersal-Ist Church. Mr Arbuckte is said to be a wonderfully wonderfully sweet and powerful singer, and the rising Bliss or Sankey of this Church. A Church sociable, with coffee, lunch and entertainment, entertainment, will take place ou Wednesday night next, at the Plum-street Plum-street Plum-street I'uiversallst Church. An ontanlzation called the "Young People's Improvement Improvement Circle" has recently been formed in this Church, one of whose objects Is to furnish dramatic, dramatic, literary and musical entertainment for the social gatherings of the Church. A good deal of Interest is shown in the Circle, and it promises fine suocess among the young folks. . Intelligence has been received in Springfield, Massachusetts, of the death of the wife of Rev. George 8. Merriam. who was traveling In Europe with her husband. They bad reached London, with the day set for their homeward voyage, when Mrs. Merriam was seized with the fatal fever. Mrs. Merriam was the daughter of Bishop Smith, of Kentucky, the senior Bishop of the Episcopal Church. A charming concert was given at the York Street Congregational Church on last Tuesdsy evening, at which tbe following ladies and genUemen connected connected with the Ciucinnad Conservatory of Music took part: Miss Emma Heckle. Miss Ida Stern, MissLixxle Alden. Miss Sailie Wolstein. Miss Jennie Jennie Strauss. Pmfeesor H. G. Andres, Mr. Job L. Davis and Mr. Jacob Bloora. With such an an-sy an-sy an-sy of talent It was impossible for tbe concert to be otherwise than delightful. The delegates who are here attending the Young Men's Christian Association Conference In this city wiil speak at tbe general meeting to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow morning morning at Dr. Ridgswsy's church, at eleven o'clock, and In tbe evening, at half-past half-past half-past seven o'clock, in the Rev. Dr. Skinner's church. This will be the only opportunity, at this time, of bearing Colonel Hardee, of the South, and others who devote a great deal of time and energy to the international Youug Men's Christian Association work. Pastor FRET was suspended irtrfn the ministry about a year ago, having previously to that time beeu pastor of a church at Millersburs, Ohio. Having Having now repented of the sins wbich Jed to his suspension, suspension, he bas been restored, and basso far grown in grace aa to attend worship at the church of which be was formerly pastor. A few evenings ago tbe minister who now preaches for that church, happening to see Brother Frey st ooe of the prayer meetinKB. asked him to lead in prayer. ThU was the signal for tbe beginning of such a scene of eonfualon as effectually quenched, not only the voice of prayer, but tbe spirit thereof. Most of the chnrch people rose from their seats, and by slamming tbe pew doors, stamping through tbe alalea toward the dnora, and otherwise angrily signifying signifying that the voice of Brother Freyeould not be an acceptable medium for the eenvrvance of the desires of their hearts tn the throne of grace. Brother Frey subsided. The leaders of the church then went for tbe new minister, whose unfortunate desire to be courteous to Frey had precipitated this unpleasantness. In their most forceful style they Intimated to him that he had better vet out, aud that they considered him no better than the man whom be had asked to pray. The slate of religion religion in the Millersburg Church needs tinkering, aud a revival of eommoa politeness wssxld seem to be caiiea lor. Death ef a VI relate YetsrsB, Speftoi tUnatek to tht Ktunurtr. Richmond, February L Henry Easley, an es teemed eitisen of Richmond, died suddenly to-day to-day to-day in the eighty-third eighty-third eighty-third year of his sge. He was a veteran veteran of the War of litlx, aad wsa aa active as a man ox forty to the last. To tht Miter of the Enquirer: -' -' A sentlemsn residins at Walnut HOIs bets me that tbe Dr. H. Cbatlen whose disgraceful behavior you meutioned in your paper test week, nnder tbe heedinr of "Don't Read Tbtarr is a, resident of Bond Hill. I contend that he Is not a resident of our town, will yon please aecioe onr Dei ana oblige A Bono Hill Enquirer Man. is. a. we are ail unnstian people at jsonu nui. (The Doctor has moved away from where he now Uvea. If be were a bichelor his home would be where bis wile and children are. En. Enq. Birdie Darlisg. SL Louis Journal. 'Grease the Sriddle. Birdie Darling." a beautiful uew song and chorus by the author of "Bang My braipiock. (Per My Forteed.M will bave a greater run than aay piece since "barling. 1 am Growing Old." The sneiody te simple and p4siutlve. Price twentv-nve twentv-nve twentv-nve euota. Arranged for rasroer-aaop rasroer-aaop rasroer-aaop guitars guitars arid French harps, thirty-five thirty-five thirty-five cents. Grease Lb griddle, wraie lssri 1 nsr Urease It o'er with lamblenl lard. Pour the buckwheat batter on it From the bowl so brown and hard. And In ocder that Use bitekwheau Be not scorched and burned and sear. Grease the griddle In profusion Grease the ariddle. Birdie, dear. This beautiful song may be obtained at all music stores, or by remitting the cost price to the publishers. publishers. Wlarwesiler'B Care for Conaaaaatless. Winchesters h ypo phosphite or Lime and Soda, for the cure of Consumption and Chronic Dlicetes of the Throat and Lungs; also, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, General Debility, ic This grand spe cific has been established fwy years, during which period it has performed wonderful cures, and ac complished results which no other remedy baaever equaled or even approached. Price Sl and ti per bottle. Prepared only by Wim chest is A Co. Chemists, No. 86 John street. New York. Sold by Druggists. ' - A Challenge. The proprietors of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup herewith challenge the Doctors of the United Suites to prescribe a remedy which is cheaper, more effective, and which can give greater satisfaction than theirs. Special attention Is called to the Statement of the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company, oq the eighths pnge. It is splendid reading, and we advise parties who are contemplating Life Insur ance to read over tbelr figure. "QcKBT; Why will men smoke common tobacco when they can buy Marburg Bros.' 'Seal or North Carolina' at the same price f" . SOCIETY NOTICES. sa-r-OTTrltt. sa-r-OTTrltt. sa-r-OTTrltt. sa-r-OTTrltt. sa-r-OTTrltt. Ol O. F. THE MEMBERS OF XX Flag Spring Lodge, No. 152. L O. O. P.. are hereby untitled to etieud tne funeral of Brother rerainaoa emcser. on oti.uAi,iiiiiiu,si is o'clock A. St.. at Newtown, O. Members ui obiter Lodges are respectully Invited to report at the bail at to o'oioca. iitj 4. v, ssa i n jvu, oeo j. X.OCJ.L WOTICXS. ae For Diane go Fourth sti see Lew Bomaa's, No. U Wast sayA-tf sayA-tf sayA-tf s The only core tor nerves weakness, blood aad skin dieeeaa, eaa be had at tbe Western Madi-oal Madi-oal Madi-oal Institute, 157 Sycamore si, On., O. Advice free. locS-tfl locS-tfl locS-tfl sxa-Nzw sxa-Nzw sxa-Nzw Ton- Ton- merchants, bankers, physicians. darks, and gentlemen of standing buy tbe All-S All-S All-S Tobacco CUrarette. " Mara u is." by the quantity. because they combine all the elements of a fine,i healthy smoke. Sold by flrst-ciaas flrst-ciaas flrst-ciaas TODaooonists. lfe3-etJ lfe3-etJ lfe3-etJ Seaside Llbraet . GOLD PRICE. 2ZL The Last of 'the Mohicaus, by J. Fenimore L East Lynne, bv Mrs. Henry Wood...... 10c 2. John Halifax, Gent, by Miss Mulock. luc. g. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte 10c A A Woman-Hater, Woman-Hater, Woman-Hater, C Reade's new novel 10a LATE ISSUES. 22S. The Marriage Verdict, by Alex. Dnmas. 10c 24. The Deer-Slaver, Deer-Slaver, Deer-Slaver, by J. Fenimore Cooper 10c. 225. The Two Destinies, by Wilkie Collins 10c 226. Tbe Path-Finder, Path-Finder, Path-Finder, by J. Fenimore Cooper 10c 227. Hannah, by Miss M ulock.... IOC 228. Tbe Regent's Dsnrhter. by Alex. Dumas..... 10c 229. The Pioneers, by J. Fenimore Cooper 10c 23L The Prairie, by J. Fenimore Cooper .10c 2XL A Dark Night's Work, by Mrs. Gaakell 10c. 233. Tbe Pilot, bv J. Fenimore Cooper 10c For sale by news-dealers, news-dealers, news-dealers, or sent, post-paid, post-paid, post-paid, on receipt of twelve cents for single numbers snd twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five cents for double numbers, by GEORGE MI'S RO. Vamie water sl. New York. jaJl-3t jaJl-3t jaJl-3t DEATfls. M EARS At his residence. No. 127 Dayton street, Monday, January 21st. at 2 s. M.. of peritonitis, John B. Meats, la bU 34 la year, only son of the late D. IL Mean. Funeral service will take place at the Christian Church, corner Richmond and Cutter streets, on Saturday. February 2d, at 2 P. M. Friends of tbe family invited. 81-3 81-3 81-3 8TRICKER At Newtown. O.. January Sl. 1S78, Ferdiuaud blricker. aged J6 years, 5 mouths and 4 dars. Funeral to take place from the Baptist Church, at Newtown. O.. on Sunday, Feb'y S, 1878, under the auspices of tbe I. a O. F. FOOTE Jau'y Jl, 1x78. at S' A. M., of consumption, consumption, uliver P. r oot, in tbe .'sjih year of bis age. Funeral will take place Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, at tbe residence. 2.V9 West Ninth el, comer of John. Friends of the family invited to attend. Boston papers please copy. - DIM1CK Ou Thursday morning. January 81st, A. Warren Dimick. aged 42 years. Funeral from the residence of his father, Mr. O. W. Dimick. No. 292 Hopkins street, at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Burial private. FAIGLE On Friday, Feb'y 1. 1878, at U M.. John Faigle, aged 17 years, 0 months aud IS days, only son of Mary L Faigle. Funeral from the Cathedral, Sunday. Feb'y 3d. at 1 P. M. Carriages will leave the residence of his mother. No. 26 Chestnut St., st 12:30 P. M. SPECIAL NOTICES. "Dyeing and Soourtnit at Walker's. 61 K, Third. tf t'ovinsTton, Ky.-Ilearge Ky.-Ilearge Ky.-Ilearge st Brlaker removed to Noa 73 and 75 Pick st. fei-lw fei-lw fei-lw aTbs pablie atteatlon ia railed Co tbe greatest liargaiiis in Clocks ever offered in this city, at ROTHSCHILD'S, 264 W. Fifth street, near Central ave. It " ST. Lours. January 29. 1878. sr?f OTIt'E-Freat. OTIt'E-Freat. OTIt'E-Freat. I.STrrrsmb. having beeu discharged from our employ, U no longer authorized authorized to reoresent us in any capacity, nor will we pay any drafts drawn by said lave'combe on us. CURTIS & CO fe2-2t fe2-2t fe2-2t . Saw Manufacturers, SL Louis, Mo. sr fsaiTerera (root I .oat If s Syphilis, or any disease caused by indiacretion.who ore hopeless after trying in vain all the so-called so-called so-called remedies, will find the only sure relief at the old WESTERN MEDICAL INSTITUTE. 137 Sycamore street. Cincinnati. No charge till cured. oc3-tf oc3-tf oc3-tf rn. jaqueh, A Elaejalar Educated Fbyalelaa, aa Diploma Diploma at office will show, continues to treat all forms of private diseases. 8yph Ills, Gonorrhea, Oleet, ac, are treated with unparalleled suncees. Spermatorrhea, or Seminal Weakness and Impo-tency, Impo-tency, Impo-tency, as the result of self-abuse, self-abuse, self-abuse, and which produce produce some of the following effects, as emissions, nervousness, blotches, debility, cough, indigestion, constipation, confusion of ideas, aversion to society, society, defective memory and loss of sexual power, are thoroughly and permanently cured. Medical pamphlets pamphlets for two sum pa Medicine supplied from the Doctor's own Laboratory. Charges moderate and terms of payment as favorable as could be desired. Hours. A. M. to and 7 to 8 P. M. ; Sundays. 10 to 12 M. Office, No. ISO West Sixth EL, between Race and Elm. Cincinnati. O. au4-ly au4-ly au4-ly BTJIXTJINQ ASSOCIATIOIs'S. MONEY I MOXEYI MONEY! ATLANTIC Building Association. No. 4. This Association will sell from 1600 to $.,.000 on SATURDAY. February February 2d, at No. 457 Richmond street Those that are not members can buy too. H. MJbirsiiAKDT, president. A. Rcoolph, Secretary- Secretary- it RELIGIOUS. BISHOP'S FREE CHAPEL. CORNER FINDLAT and Baymiller.Se. vices at 11 A. M. and 7U P. M. Rev. J. Mills Kenarick. Associate Pastor, will preach morning and evening. Sunday -school -school at 8 P. M. lt TOND HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH REV. 13 L. A. Aldnch. Pastor. Preaching TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, at 11 A. M. and 1 P. M. Subject for morning: morning: "The True Foundation." Evening: "Permanence "Permanence of Character In Eternity." It CENTRAL CHRI8TIAN CHURCH. NINTH 8T bet. Central avenue snd Plum. W. T. Moore. Pastor. Morning subject: "The Apostle Peter and the Kevs ot the Kingdom." Evenins: "Heaven and Hell; or. Future Rewards and Punishment." Seats free. It - -rHRISTIAN -rHRISTIAN CHURCH. COR. RICHMOND AND j Cutter sta Elder James Challen will preach TO-MORROW TO-MORROW TO-MORROW MORNING at 11 o'clock, and even- even- ins at 7 :1!0 o'clock. Sunday-school Sunday-school Sunday-school at 9:30 A. M. Seau free. All are invited. It CHRIST CHURCH (P. E-). E-). E-). XENIA. OHIO. Services TO-MORROW TO-MORROW TO-MORROW (Sunday), at 11 A. M. and 7:80 P. M. Bev. Laugdou C Stewartson, Rector. - It C CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. COR. y Mound and Barr streets. Rev. O. A. Hills. Pas tor. Preaching every Sabbath at 11 o'clock A. M. and 7Jj P. M. Sabbath-school Sabbath-school Sabbath-school at 2 P. M. If CHURCH OF THE ATONEMENT, RIVERSIDE. Service at U A. M. and 7:30 P.M. Rev. C M. Sturgaa, Rector. It FIFTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. CORNER Clark and John streets. Rev. A. B. Morey, Pastor. Services at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Ail made welcome. It FOCRTH-8T. FOCRTH-8T. FOCRTH-8T. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. COVINGTON. COVINGTON. Services TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, TO-MORROW, at 11 A. M. and X p. M. rreacning by tne rastor, b. m. jenerson. FIR3T PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. TWENTY-FIFTH TWENTY-FIFTH TWENTY-FIFTH Ward, Cummuurvllle. Rev. John Haignt, raster. tservicea at it a. as. ana 7S r. m. Sunday-school Sunday-school Sunday-school at 9 A. M. Prayer-meeting Prayer-meeting Prayer-meeting Wednea- Wednea- aay evenings. ii" FIRST UNIVERSALIST CHURCH. PLUM Sr., bet. Fourth and Filth Rev. J. Murray Bailey. Sunday, Feb. 8d. at 11 A. M. and 7 -80 -80 P. M. Morning Morning topic: "A Universalist's View of the Current Endless Misery Controversy." Evening lectu-eon lectu-eon lectu-eon Old World Trave a Subject: ' The City of P ris; F.anoe and tbe French." The public are Invited. 2-2 2-2 2-2 RACK M CHURCH. NEWPORT. THt T Pastor. Rev.W. M. Mulleulx: will preach f UN - DAY, morn Ins and evening. ocls Hal "l RACE P. K. CHURCH, A VON DALE. REV. A. I X F. Blake, Rector. Morning service at 11 o'clock. Evening service at S o clock. Sunday-school Sunday-school Sunday-school at 9 o'clock A. M. It 1 RACE METHODIST PROTESTANT CHURCH. T George st,, beL Cutter and Linn. Preaching TO-MORROW TO-MORROW TO-MORROW MORNING and EVENING, by the Pastor. Rev. C 8. Evans. Seals free. All invited. Sabbath-school Sabbath-school Sabbath-school at A. MT. It (1 RACE P. E. CHURCH. COLLEGE HILL REV. TT JOHN H.ELY, Rector. Divine services every SUNDAY, at 11 A. M. Sunday-school Sunday-school Sunday-school 2 P. M. 1 1 T 1ST OF METHODIST EPISCOPAL 1 4 Churches in Oncsanab: A8BURY CHAPET Webster street, between Main ana sycamore, Kev. A. Bowers, raster. P.-eacn-ing P.-eacn-ing P.-eacn-ing P.-eacn-ing P.-eacn-ing at 11 A. JA. sad 7 P. M.; Sunday-school, Sunday-school, Sunday-school, V CUMM1N8VILLX M. K. CHURCH D. R. Baker. Pastor. Preaching every sabbath morning and eveoinw. Sunday-arhool Sunday-arhool Sunday-arhool at 1 P. M. iae-Satf iae-Satf iae-Satf COLUMBIA M. E. CHURCH 1739 Eastern avenue. Kev. U. w. Clark, raster, rreacbing at 11 A. M. and P. M. ; Sunday-school, Sunday-school, Sunday-school, 2 P. M. FA1BMOUNT M. . CHURCH FairmounL Rev. G. W. Kelley, Pastor. Preaching at 11 A. M. and 7V4 P. at. : Sunday-school. Sunday-school. Sunday-school. 2.S P. M. - FIN LEY M. F CHURCH Clinton street between Cotter and Linn. Preaching to-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow, at 11 A. M. and 74 P. M.. by the Pastor, Rev. C. W. RieheiL Sabbath-school Sabbath-school Sabbath-school at 2 P. M. Seats free. All invited GRACE M. E. CHURCH. A VOND ALE Forest Avenue, Rev. M. A. Kicbards. Pastor. Preaching Preaching at 11 A. M. aud 7, P. M.; Sunday-school, Sunday-school, Sunday-school, 9 A. M. M LEAN CHAPEL Ninth street, near Freeman, Rev. J. W. G add is. pastor. Preaching at 11 A. M. ana 74 r M. ; euna&y-scnooi, euna&y-scnooi, euna&y-scnooi, v A. M. McKENDREE CH A pel Eastern avenue, neat Reed. Rev. E. McHugh, Pastor. Preaching at 10:45 A. M. ana 7 r.. ja. ; aunaay-scnooi, aunaay-scnooi, aunaay-scnooi, i, f. as. MOUNT AUBURN M. E. CHURCH Corner An burn and McMillan streets. Rev. W. W. Case, Pastor. Pastor. Preaching at 11 A. M. and 7U P. M.: bab-balh bab-balh bab-balh -school, -school, A. M. PENDLETON CHAPEL Hamer street, near Eastern Eastern aveuue. Rev. Wm. Young, Pastor. Preaching at 11 A. M. and 7Jsj P. M.; Sunday-school. Sunday-school. Sunday-school. 2 ST. PAUL M. E. CHURC:i Comer of Seventh and Smith streets Messrs. MrBumey and Rraiuaid. of the International Committee of tha Young Men s Christian Association, will speak at 11 A. M. Preaching at 1 P. iL by the Pastor. Bev. H. B. Ridgaway. D. IX 6T. JOHN M. E. CHURCH Corner of Lougworth and Park streets. Rev. Henry Tuck ley, "astor. preaches to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow (Sunday), al 11 o clock a. m. and 7:30 P. M. Sunday-school Sunday-school Sunday-school al S'4 o'clock P. M. Seals free lo all. and a cordial welcome to alL UNION CHAPEL (Colored) Seventh street, be tween Plum and Central avenue, Kev. Marshall W. Taylor. l. D Pastor. Preaching at 11 A. M. and 8 P. M.: Sun lay -school -school at 2s P. M. Class Meetings st 8. WESLEY CHAPEL Fifth, between Broadway and Sycamore, Kev. Sylvester Weeks. Pastor. Services at 11 A. M. and 7:40 P. M. Ail seau irea. WAXNCT HILLS M. K. CHURCH Comer McMU-lan McMU-lan McMU-lan and Ashland avenuea, Kev. Henry baker. Pastor. Preaching al 11 A. M. and 7H P. aL; Buuday-echooi, Buuday-echooi, Buuday-echooi, 2X P. M. YORK-STREET YORK-STREET YORK-STREET M. B. CHURCH Corner of York and Baymiller streets. Rev. D. C. Vance, Pastor. Preaching at 11 A. M. and H4 P. M.; Sunday-suhboi. Sunday-suhboi. Sunday-suhboi. A,M, BUCKEYE-aTRKKT BUCKEYE-aTRKKT near Main Preacb-ing at VsU A. M. BLANCTTARD near . ning. Pastor. M.; Sunday-school. BVERK1 TT-8TREET TT-8TREET between Cutter Pastor. Sunday-school. Sunday-school. HEARS CHAP p. st. BACK-STREET BACK-STREET BACK-STREET Thirteenth Al-linger. P. M. ; 6TORR3 Preaching at 7)4 P. UNION every Sabbath H rOUNT ill Rev. MORROW, at M1 T. Rev. E. MORROW at MOUND-ST. MOUND-ST. Eiphth. DAY MORNING "XTINTH-6T. "XTINTH-6T. "XTINTH-6T. I." Ninth, Kev. & W. ROW, morning P1 LUM ST. Plum. MORNING at REV. A. M. pulpit of between Uest and evcuiue. Missionary REFOR M CLINTON A. M. and 2, S&bhaih -school -school CJECOND C7 o! him tor. Services fEV n W M7Hu EVENTH AY. mpnrey. EVENT H-ST. H-ST. Rev. Eben MOIt-W at 11 A. SECOND street, bet ton, Ky. A. M. and 7 at 8 P.M. EVENTH I Rev. Eben TO-MOR-iW. at 11 evening: THIRD street, TO MORROW, Pastor. Kev. THE Auburn. every SUNDAY, Hall, Evans J street, rrencn. P.M. UNION Marshall Charge. VINE-ST. VINE-ST. VINE-ST. Rev. D. 8 ARB A T H. at in the evening -VITALNUT -VITALNUT f Y F. A. A. If. and 7H 200 cases 200 cases 400 cases 1,000 1,200 cases AT W. F. 79 ENGUSH, School. srading, from tne District Schools. Fits Pupils received Wm are asaa-alO-ersl Tsseee met John we arlres. fersta the Bay T 1 rT IS THE 1 assortment aud UpriKbt rooms of r it g tlllCKERINO Just eriiig A Sons' an elegant our Block before Organs sold de9-tf de9-tf de9-tf p at as S. Hand MARBLE OrriCK, H For which The public Infringements. See fa teat is Manufoeturars of Wrought sarDesigns 187 W. Joseph R Cuai A. J. It. He. 83 Cosh Irea aasl rtre-Praer rtre-Praer Irea Designs s4aTutt , J. 3TS

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