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 - The Latest on Polio By ALTON L, BLAKMLBB...
The Latest on Polio By ALTON L, BLAKMLBB Auoctatet Prut Settnet Report* SCIENTISTS NOW HOLD OUT HOPE OF A VACCINE AGAINST POUO, MAYBE WITHIN TWO YEARS--FIRST THEY MUST LEARN HOW MANY STRAINS OF DANGEROUS POUO VIRUS THERE ARE-• THEN VACCINES COULD BE MADE TO PROTECT HUMANS AGAINST ALL THESE STRAINS-• • MEANWHILE THESE IS A STEADY PROGRESS IN TREATING POLIO, BETTER DETECTION, BETTER AND MORE FACILITIES AND KNOWLEDGE TO AID 7WE SICK. MONKEYS HAVE BEEN VACCINATED SUCCESSFULLY, BUT ONLV AGAINST ONE OR TWO OF THE KNOWN STRAINS OF POLIO VIRUS...ANOTHER STRAIN STIU. GIVES THEM POLIO. TREATMENT OF POLIO, BV HEAT, EXERCISE AND OTHER MEANS, IS GETTING BETTER, PREVENTING MUCH CRIPPLING-- HOW WERE LEARNING HOW MANY POUO VttUSCS THERE ARE ••• A WCIMe MAC* FROM AIL OP THEM WOULD PTOTECT YOU FROM POLia VNLIKE PEMCIUM AGAINST PMEU MONIA, THEBE'S NO MAGIC DRUG YET TO MALTPOUO'«8Ur THE SEARCH FOR ONE CONTINUES. CLOSE HUMAN CONTACT APPARENTLY IS THE WAY BV WHICH THE- POUO BUG SPREADS ... WE HAVE NO PROOF YET. To PROTECT YOURSELF, KEEP CLEAN, AVOID CROWDS IN POLIO OUTBREAKS, DON'T SWIM IN POLLUTED WATERS, DON'T GET TIRED. 60 TO BED AT SIGNS OP HEADACHE. NAUSEA, SORE TMBOAT, FEVER, PAINS, OR STIFFNESS IN MUSCLES, FOR THESE MIGHT MEAN POLIO. Sitter Kenny... Polio Virus Has Never Been Seen; Even its Size is a Guess-in-the-Dark By PRANK CADEY Associated Press Science Reporter (Last of Six Articles) WASHINGTON, (AP) — The question of which polio treatment Is best Is a tough one. So are questions surrounding the mysterious polio bug Itself. It has never been seen, even ay the most powerful microscopes. There Is only Indirect evidence as to Its size. It's estimated that 25,000 germs could flt on the head of a pin. The risk of a severe polio attack lessens sharply after a child passes age 10. Beyond the age of 20 there Is only about one case In every 100,000 population even during the extensive outbreaks. Mysteries of Polio Adults rarely suffer a severe or recognizable attack, scientists say, because the vast majority of people are believed to have had polio In a mild form and thus gained a practical Immunity to It without ever being aware of it. It's virtually certain that the disease Is transmitted by "human contact.' But It Is still un- in preventing polio in mice and monkeys. But, as one scientist puUs It, "many workers feel that the jump from mouse to man is too great to be made with safety.' One line of research Is directed at finding a polio virus which would not cause polio In man but would build up his resistance to the disease. Drawbacks of Drugs There Is evidence that certain drugs can kill polio virus—but they would also destroy the body cells In which the virus lurks. For lack of chemical or other weapons to fight the virus directly, doctors generally attack what they term the "symptoms" ather than the disease Itself. Disciples of the Kenny concept of polio believe, however, that .reatments primarily designed to combat effects of the virus may also have some effect on fighting .he virus itself. Sister Elizabeth Kenny con- known always whether the direct. Files contact Is and other Insects have been suspected as possible transmitters of the virus, but no Insect has been definitely incriminated. It Is not entirely settled as to how the virus enters the body, although the strongest evidence points to the mouth and nose. No known drug—not even any of the so-called "wonder drugs" like penicillin—can directly attack the virus Itself. No vaccine has yet proved sufficiently satisfactory to warrant more than limited research use as a possible preventive. So-called "convalescent serum' from the blood of persons who have recovered from polio has been used, but results are Inconclusive. Three Different Strains The search for drugs and vaccines has been complicated by these facts: There are at least three different "strains of the virus, one of them bearing the fancy name "Brunhilde. 1 And within recent (years a virus called Coxsackle has I been discovered which causes symptoms olio Up until was Impossible to "grow" any of he true polio viruses in test ubes. And only certain kinds of aboratory animals can be Infect- d with human polio bugs. Even now only a ngaged in —that Is, growing of virus In test ubes. Vaccines have been produced which are apparently effective Identical with mild a few years ago It few researchers are 'tissue culture' work 2c Per Gal. ** **Vfr l £ 4r **••* «••• *-• OhMoJhoe PasseH Bros. tends that the virus can directly attack muscles and other parts of the body. The general medical concept Is that the virus attacks only the central nervous system and that muscular effects are secondary. Adherents of this letter view say It is more than a "concept." They say It Is a fact oased on scientific evidence. Rules for Action What can you do If the disease should strike your community? 1. Avoid becoming panicky. Experts say there Is no reason to cross the street to avoid pass- Ing a patient's home, that such elaborate precautions are of no avail and only add to any hysteria that might exist. a. Observe the precautions you would observe against any communicable disease. Avoid all unnecessary contact with persons with any Illness suspicious ofj polio. Avoid contact with new groups of people as far as possible. This latter point Is pertinent! to why some authorities caution' against using swimming pools during an epidemic. It is not, they say, that water has been incriminated as a lurking place for polio virus, but that a pool offers a place of possible contact among groups of people from different areas. 3. Avoid over-fatigue. 4. Observe personal cleanliness. Avoid sudden -chilling. If possible avoid tonsils and Students Must Inform Draft Certificates Needed To Show College Status STATE COLLEGE — Pennsylvania State College students, now spending the summer months at their homes or on summer jobs, were advised today to complete the College Student Certificate of the Selective Service System. Male students between the ages of 19 and 25 may secure copies of the certificate (SSS Form 109) from their local board and after completing the first six Items on the form, mall It prior to July 1 to the registrar at Penn State who will complete the remaining Items. Both graduate and undergraduate students, provided they are not veterans, should complete the form. The request to Penn State students Is based on a directive from the office of State Selective Service which was transmitted to all Pennsylvania colleges by the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities. The directive placet responsibility for completing the form on the Individual student and the Institution. Students completing the form are requested to supply In addition to their name and Selective Service number, their date-of birth, mailing address, and number and address of their local board. The college will add information on status and class standing and then forward the form to the local board where the score made on the Selective Service college qualification test will be added. 5. 6. adenoids operations during epidemic. 7. Watch your children symptoms of headache, moderate fever, stiff neck, muscle weakness and listlessness. Call your doctor Immediately if you have any suspicions at all. Operating Revenues Of PP& L Increase Earnings after all charges accruing to the common stock of Pennsylvania Power & Light Company for the 12 months period ended May 31, 1951, were $8,950,168, equivalent to $2,36 per share of common stock outstanding at such date. 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