cynicism wants happiness

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cynicism wants happiness - LOOKING AT LIFE ss By Erich Brandeis ss A few...
LOOKING AT LIFE ss By Erich Brandeis ss A few days ago one ot my fav- . orlfe .columnists wrote a rather sarcastic artlcfe about thoso of us who try to make lite a little more ]>!smsant.for our readers and who believe that decency and kindness and nelghborllness and friendship are some of the virtues that have made'America \yhat she IB, and that there Is still room for them in this new life of hatred and greort and envy and competition and destruction. ,Tlils columnist—a-nd he la one ot the most widely road writers In the country—pokes fun at "the llUIo red schoolhouse, ,crows, bluejays an'. \voodchucks, hog. ""Hng time and the sugar 9 and. In season, pussywillows, gentian, gentian, goldenrod and' snow." * * • H Just happens that this cynical and sophisticated writer hus a fitrm not very far from : my own pluve and that, in his spare'lime, he'lH out* In the fields and tends to his'cows and chickens and his flowo'ra', and his vegetables. And only a couple of weeks ago he .told me that ho could hardly wait for winter, when he goes out to his place near Tucson, Ariz., where there are "the most won- ilerful sunsets and where the mountains have the most gorgeous colorings In the whole world." « * # Cynicism is like Ihe shell of n nut. !t is hard and brittle, but in- skle'there is sweet meat and pleasure pleasure to the palate. ' I tor one have no uao for cyni- stcm and bitterness. Being a newspaperman, I have met my share of crooks and cheap chiseling politicians. I have talked to murderers anil pickpockets, to goliidlggoi's nml adventuresses, to F o u r f I u s h e r s and fakers and schemers and cynic's and sophisticates. sophisticates. It's all shell. Inside everi the worst of them there Is a longing for bliiejnys anrl woodchucks. for pussywillows, gentian, goldenrod and snow. Most of these people who are so wise and so blaso nnd so bnd have Just lost 'something on the way. Tht-y have ' lost themselves, and every last one of them would be glad to be taken by the hand and led back to what he once was and to what be would give his last penny to be again. It is good that we havo columnists columnists iinii orators 10 write nnd talk- about (lie things that are bad and ihat should be remedied. Kvll should be exposed—provided exposed—provided that with the exposure goes suggested remedy. Hut we want to kill evil only to have the good. And the goort is tho very thins which my'esteemed colleague ridl- cults nnd which, deep In his heart, hf> loves so much himself, I am glad that he thunders from Ihe Olympus of righteousness and sop.'iistk'ffllon. that lie blasts (lie racketeers and the grafters and tlio evildoers." I hiipe he will continue continue to do so. While I shall continue lo talk to you of little red schoolhouses and the sugar bush and the blue- Jays and the Woodoh'jcks ai'd; In season, about ''pussywillows gentian, gentian, goldenrori and snow! (Copyrlghl. 191-1. King Features Syndicate. Inc.) Pelicans on Pelican island, confronted confronted 'with it new sign' saying "The .Pellcnns on This Island Hie deserted ilia .place *n~ Kits*.

Clipped from
  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 01 Nov 1945, Thu,
  3. Page 12

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