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Marilyn Monroe Interview - MARILYN MONROE: . . . is she jvsf a "sexy babe"...
MARILYN MONROE: . . . is she jvsf a "sexy babe" . . . or a real person? . . . Sid Ross gives Monroe Sees Herself America's most envied girl tells how brilliant success can still be perplexing ing for imperfections-taking apart my dress, my voice, my figure, my acting-everything about me. ·HEN YOU'RE an obscure bit player or starlet, nobody cares whether you can act. But when your name is up in lights, it's different. "I do a picture like 'Don't Bother to Knock' and some people say, 'Leave the dramatics to Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland. Keep Marilyn Marilyn Monroe in a tight dress and let her drip sex.' "It kind of gets me. . . . " ' Actually, the public reaction to Marilyn's first full attempt at a dramatic dramatic role (as an emotionally unbalanced unbalanced baby sitter in "Don't Bother to Knock") bears this out. Some critics praised her. But most writers said flatly that she was be- MARILYN's name-plus film title-is enough to bring crowds, theaters find. yond her depth. "Some days I think most critics have ulcers," she says. "But then along comes one who is a human being and who says I'm not setting the world on fire, but that I have promise. "Comments like these are few and far between. I want more." But can she get them? Some factors are against her. Her quips, for example-the bright, quotable quotable wisecracks that reporters attribute attribute to Marilyn. Right here in Atlantic City, for example, she wore a striking, low- cut evening dress. Somebody asked if she minded if people stared. Marilyn allegedly cracked back: "I thought they were looking at my Grand Marshal's badge." Actually, she said no such thing. · Yet such quotes-true or not-add to Marilyn's reputation as "sexy." · So does an assertion (untrue) that in bed she likes to wear "only Chanel No. 5" (a perfume). · She openly admitted that she posed in the nude for a calendar photo-in the presence of the photographer photographer and his wife. Good copy? Part of the growing Monroe legend? Yes-but only part of the story. The fact is that Marilyn is frank to a fault. · Yet now she's afraid to be as open as she'd like to be. Too often what she says has been twisted. "It puts you on guard-and I don't want to be on guard," she says. · Once reporters asked her about her first date with ballplayer Joe DiMaggio. (There's been talk that she would marry Joe. As of this writing, it has not occurred.) · "They asked if we'd talked about baseball," says Marilyn. "Then they calmly went ahead and Invented a story that I'd said about Joe: 'What coordination!' "This sort of thing happens all the time. It upsets me. I can't get used to it, and I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I just shrugged it off. It's 'good publicity,' I'm told. Is it really?" Marilyn sat opposite me, her face changing but beautiful. Marilyn's No. 1 Wish "W! HAT DO you want, Marilyn?" I asked. "Where are you really going?" "My career-it's not the end, and I know it," she said. "That's the one big thing I've learned in the last year. "I don't think I'm different when I say that I want things that con- cern only me and my happiness. «* "In the movie business your career career comes first. But I want to start with my life first-and then pick and choose what else I want. · "For me, marriage and career won't mix permanently. I think a man and a woman should be interested interested in each other basically, with no outside force coming in between. · "Often, in Hollywood, m e women-even married couples, compete compete with each other. That's no good. · "I want something more than this sort of success-something more real, more tangible. Any woman wants another kind of life with a man, marriage, a home, children I'm no exception. "Maybe it's corny to say, but I don't want to be just a woman alone . . . / want to belong." . . . A A MARILYN v MONROE ··^^^^^·^····^^···^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^ -WEARING -WEARING form-fitting crimson gown, Marilyn steps out of car for gala showing of film, "Monkey Business," at Atlantic City. Naturally friendly, she likes crowds. DOOM* 12, 1952 M"*« *·

Clipped from
  1. Independent Press-Telegram,
  2. 12 Oct 1952, Sun,
  3. Page 110

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  • Marilyn Monroe Interview — "I want to belong..."

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