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2/3/1893 - A BLOT ON TEXAS. The Ontufc-red Savage "Not In...
A BLOT ON TEXAS. The Ontufc-red Savage "Not In It" in Point of Barbarism. we invited A Lone Star State Mob Captures a Murderer, Tortures Him, and Burns Him Alive. resolves sell expectations You of in also A STOHY OF AWFUL CRUELTY. PAMS, Tex., Feb. 2.—Henry Smith, the negro who killed 4-year-old Myrtle Vance, has expiated in part his awful crime by death at the stake. Ever since the perpetration of his awful crime this city and the entire surrounding surrounding country has been in a wild frenzy of excitement. When the news came that Smith had been captured and that he would be brought here upon "the 13 o'clock train the people came by train, in wag-ons, on horse and afoot to see the meting- out of punishment. Whisky shops were closed until the mobs were dispersed: schools were dismissed by a proclamation proclamation from the mayor, and everything was done in a businesa-like manner. Officers saw the futility of any effort to quell the crowd, so the law was laid aside and the citizens took into their own hands the beast and burned him at the stake. So horrible was the crime that the punishment, so severe, seemed to the people to be influitesi- mally small in comparison. Bin Crime. The history of the crime is this: Thursday last Henry Smith, a big and burly negro, picked up little Myrtle Vance, aged 3% years, near her father's, Policeman Henry Vance's residence, and giving her candy to allay her fears carried her through the central portion of the city to Gibbon's pasture just within the corporate limits. Thwn he murdered her, covered the body with leaves and brush, and ran away. The cause of the crime was that when Henry Vance was a deputy policeman in course of duty he was called to arrest Smith for being drunk and disorderly. The negro was unruly and Vance was forced to use his club. The negro swore vengeance and several several times assaulted Vance. The father father is almost prostrated with grief and the mother now lies at death's door, but she has lived to see" the slayer of her innocent babe suffer the most horrible death that could be conceived. conceived. The Brnte'u Capture. About 5 o'clock Friday morning Smith went to the house of his wife and forced her to cook him some breakfast. breakfast. After eating- he left and was not seen again until his capture. At 2 o'clock Friday a mass meeting was called at the courthouse and captains were appointed to search for the child. She was found mangled beyond recognition and covered with leaves and brush. As soon as the crime was learned the whole town turned out in the chase. The railroads put up bulletins offering free transportation transportation to those who would join in the search. Smith was tracked to his old home In Hempstead county, Ark., and Tuesday captured at Clow, about 20 miles north of Hope. Upon being questioned questioned he denied everything, but later on confessed the crime. A Mob Mentu Him. Wednesday morning he was brought through Texarkana, where 5,000 people awaited the train anxious to see a man who should receive the fate of Ed Coy. Speeches were made by prominent Paris citizens, who asked that the prisoner be not molested by Texarkana people, but that they be allowed to deliver him up to the outraged and indignant citizens citizens of Paris. On the road the people crowded upon platforms and steps of the coaches anxious to see the lynching lynching and the negro. Arriving here at 12 o'clock the train was met by a mass of humanity 10,000 strong-. Bocced to Be Shot. The negro for a long-time after starting starting on the journey to Paris did not realize his plight. At last when he was told he must die by slow torture he begged for protection. What protection protection could he get with thousands of people from Hope to Paris demanding his life? He was willing to be shot and wanted Marshal Shanklin, of Paris, to shoot "him. He pleaded and writhed in bodily and mental pain in anticipation. Tlie Torture. Scarcely had the train reached Paris than this torture commenced. His clothes were torn off piecemeal and scattered in the crowd, people catching the shreds and putting them away as mementoes. The child's father, her brother and twc uncles then gathered about the negro as he lay fastened to the torture platform and thrust the hot irons into his quivering fiesh. Cheered Wlion He GroE.:icd. Every groan from the fiend, every contortion of his body, was cheered by the thickly-packed crowd- of 10,000 people. people. After burning the feet -and legs the hot irons were rolled up and down Smith's stomach, back and arms. Then the eyes were burned out and irons were thrust down his throat. The men of the Vance family having wrecked vengeance, vengeance, the crowd piled all kinds of combustible combustible stuff around the scaffold, poured oil on it and set it afire. The negro rolled and wrig-gled and tossed Jut of the mass, only to be pushed back Sy the people nearest him. He tossed'I crai again ana was ropeu ana puiiea back. Hundreds of people turned away, but the vast crowd still looked calmly on. Kejoiclncr at the Evcut. People were here from every part of this section. They eiime from Dallas, Fort Worth, Sherman, Denison, Bonham, Bonham, Texarkana, Fort Smith, and a party came from Hempstead county, Ark, where he was captured. Every train that came in was loaded to its utmost capacity, and there were demands demands at many points for special trains te bring people hare to see the punishment punishment of a fiend for un unparalleled crime, and when the news of the burning burning went over the country like wildfire at every country town anvil-; b > >-, ed forth the announcement, Gov. Huge: May T;ike Action. NEW ORI.KANS, Feb. 2.—The Times- Democrat's Austin special says: Gov. Hogg- telegraphed the officials at Latnar to protect the negro, Henry Smith, from mob violence, and after hearing of Smith's fate wired them to take the names of the parties principally principally concerned in the affair for iirose- cution. ANTI-OPTION IN THE HOUSE. Opponents of the BUI will Flg-ht w itli All Allowable! Weapons, WASHINGTON, Feb. 2.—The opponents of the anti-option bill got their'heads together and determined to fight the bill by every method in the house. Taylor (111.), Eoutner and Curn- ming-s were selected as a special committee to lead the filibustering fight as soon as an effort was made to take the bill from the sneaker's sneaker's table. They began a dilatory fight by demanding that the bill be considered considered in committee of the whole. Taylor Taylor savs the opponents of the bill find themselves much stronger in the house than when the bill passed, and they do not believe the bill can get a two- thirds vote. They will fight it by every method known to parliamentary law'. of RAN INTO A FREIGHT. Fort \Vaj-no Enst-JJOnnd Limited In a Collision at Loudoiivtlle. O. PITTSBURGH, Pa., Feb. 2.—The eastbound eastbound limited passenger on the Fort Wayne road, while going- at great speed, ran into a freight train at Lon- donville, 0., at 3 o'clock a. m. Three people were dang-eously injured, injured, while the passeng-ers were thrown from their berths and badly shaken up. The injured are: Eii- frineer John Kopparri, of Crestline, 0.; Fireman Richard Stinsberg-er, Crestline, Crestline, .0.:, George BelVSew York, electrician electrician of the road. The freight pulled out from the side track without orders and the passenger train crashed into the rear cars. Phoclon Ho\\-Hr<i Is Dead, DAJTVH.LE, 111., Feb. 2.—The veteran newspaper correspondent. Phocion Howard, died very suddenly • at 5:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon of heart failure. He bad not been in sound health since last September. Phocion Howard, whose' true name was Jamee William Boil Howard, was born in Eising- Sun, Ind.,. July 4, 1S33. He leaves a wife and seven children. He had been elected reading clerk of the Illinois senate for this session of the legislature. Assigned. CHICAGO, Fib. 2.—The Chicago Milk Shippers association filed an assignment assignment Wednesday, making C. F. Mori-ill assignee. The assets are claimed to be an offset to the liabilities, which are placed at SlOO.OOO. The association has about 2,200 members, consisting- of milk shippers from all points within 50 miles of Chicago. It became involved in litigation with members and was compelled to make an assignment in consequence, Tho Public Debt. of of the what not have An president "Of the factory government. satisfy the government pro.1 not government or one we government of masses He which -•-- , Feb. 2.—The public debt statement issued on the 1st showed that the interest and non-interest bearing- bearing- debt increased £3,105,901 during-the month of January. The cash in" the treasury .was $20,000,000. The total debt, less the cash balance in the treasury, treasury, amounts to 5338,537,005. Since March J, 1SS9, the beginning of the present administration, the bonded indebtedness indebtedness of the country has decreased $250.072,360. Combine Mttkes Threats. NKY/ YOP.K, Feb. 2.—The bill introduced introduced in the legislature for the state to fix the price of anthracite coal is denounced by the Officers of the Reading- railroad and the other companies forming- forming- the combine. The opinion prevails among- them that the bill will never become a law. If it should, one of the officers stated, the companies would not brine: any coal into New Yorkstat at all. OAIAHA, Keb., Feb. 2.—The Bee's Lincoln special says C. W. Mosher, president of the Capital national bank! was released on 810,000 bail. A petition petition is in circulation among- depositors depositors of the bank asking the. court to punish Mosher by Sne only, on condition condition of his immediately putting-up 540,000 540,000 to pay off .claims of needy depositors depositors and 5150,000 to the bank assets. Remains to JBe Removed. RICHMOND, Va., Feb. 2.—It has been determined to. remove the remains of Jefferson Davis from New Orleans to Richmond for interment May 30, confederate confederate memorial day. Lee Camp Confederate Veterans was given charge of the arrangements for the occasion. '{'departure native fied were of United that past the follows: 34,000; 15,000, interests on the capital Americans interests EKIE, Erie Car business other disastrously the mortgage Galbraith aggregate Mr. bill to commercial the United Dominion

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