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 - ;0 0 0 0 ii I RATIO DIE." So Wrote a Brooklyn...
;0 0 0 0 ii I RATIO DIE." So Wrote a Brooklyn Man Before He Sent a Bullet ; Through. His Heafc j ' SUFFERING FROil DISEASE. His Life Miffht Hare Been Saved Had He Not Given Way to a False; Taeory Regarding His j ' , Complaint. TEE LESSM CF HIS DEED, .v., ,,::.: v::-y.::f::; v::-y.::f::; v::-y.::f::; On the third floor of an ordinary lodg ing house, in the city of Brooklyn; N. T the police found the body of a lodger with a revolver by his side and a bullet bullet in his head. He had been. dead over forty-eight forty-eight forty-eight hours, and in his pocket was found a book in which was written the following: - . - v . . ;j X "Imtiwdrf hr I a awiat ttom earn, mxxnptiom. I voald irr ma trasl asaia and vork, bo H hi ip bla fbr mam w do aa wbU J mm mUk mmd wtthon uw alioktaa bopa ot tUmm ktar. I , waald Mtac dia; baar siad t ahaU ka wiaaa. I aja aad! Laatbaettybny ajbodj.- ajbodj.- ;..).. I am tired of life because I in suffering suffering from consumption.: I would try to struggle! again and work, but it Is impossible impossible for me to do so, while" I am isick aad without the Uf ' test hop of getting better. I. would rather die;' how glad I shall be' when X am dead! Let tha i city bury my body. ' . ' . -r -r '!. Vt What a commentary en our boasted civilisation! A .per wretch, suffering from what he supposed to be an incurable incurable disease, snuffs out his flickering life with a pistol bullet. Upon whose head shall fall the blame for this deed for his life? Where did he get the Idea that his disease was incurable? Simply from a generally -accepted -accepted old-time old-time old-time theory, theory, which is still regarded by soma as - k ter:::le affusticx - A Brief Outline of; a Sad and Thril-lins Thril-lins Thril-lins Strussle. 'V- 'V- ';. :- :- r , -...,,: -...,,: , ' V Does this -little -little t picture recall - sad tntmories? . . . f ) , Does it carry you ,baek to the almost forgotten past? -To! -To! the days when a ipved one was-the was-the was-the Joy of your home? sou remember the happy hours when the childish prattle jof the sweet little wee tot" was thet sunshine of your existence. How you watched It ' as It budded Into youth and blossomed into utaiuntYl Then, yon remember .how the' clouds eame How the blight of disease struck your idol? how it withered and passed , away. ; Again you see the faded cheek, I the lustreless eye,, j the -wasted -wasted form. ' Tou remember how Skillfully the doctor labored, how kindiyf he ministered. You recollect how tenderly you nursed, how anxiously you watched, how beseechingly beseechingly you prayed. But without avail. The fatal morning Idawned; the doctor whispered those agonising words, "no hope.", and with . the setting of that day's Sun the light of your life went OUt. - I . - ,. - You have a faint recollection of the scene at the church4-the church4-the church4-the flowers, the casket, with its lining of snow-white snow-white snow-white satin, and the . cold.1 sad. wasted face within; . --. --. --. . .- .- You stand again at the open "grave. Tou see the loved one. lowered Into the cruel ground; you hear-the hear-the hear-the awful sound of falling earth upon' the rough box. the minister's solemn, j "Earth, to -earth, -earth, ashes to ashes." and then home., Rut what a charure! The sunshine, the Joy its very life had gone, and the darkness -of -of despair. : I' ' -1 -1 1 i V poisoned; Sad Experience of a Distinguished Distinguished Eastern 1 Savant. MICROBES IN LABORATORIES. Dr. John IL Byron of New York City. ' Wnfle Experimentinir Witn Bacteria Becomes , Infected. " YRATEIS EXPER1EKCE TEACHES. If any further proof were necessary as to the infectious nature of consumption and that the disease is cajised by a specific germ, the recent sad experience of Dr. John M. Byron, director of tha bacteriological department of the Loom-is Loom-is Loom-is Laboratory in the- the- University Medical Medical College in New York, certainly fur nishes it While experimenting with some tuberculosis germs . he - became careless and Inhaled them. Two weeks later be discovered that he bad fallen a victim to the disease. In relating His experience Dr. Byron said: -I -I have been making culture of disease germs for twelve years, and X suppose familiarity with them made me careless, just as a surgeon, frequently cuts himself with his knife. '' X was do. Ins- Ins- soma exnerimenting with tubercu losis bacteria last February, and I suppose suppose that some of them had been allowed allowed to dry how. I don't know. About firtv din after the sxperlments I be gun to feel very weak. I coughed con tinually, and then it flashed across me what might have occurred. Well, i ex-ininM ex-ininM ex-ininM mvneJf. and found X had con nmntinn. and there was nothing to do Ki.t- Ki.t- t.k. nr. of mvseif. Both my lungs are very badly affected, but X hop to get well again." . Tha experience: of Dr. Byron proves DOCTORS TALKd Professional Opinions on an Inter-esting Inter-esting Inter-esting Sufcject. Unanimous and Emphatic In Taelr : Impressions. T regard Osomulsion as a perfect-remedy perfect-remedy perfect-remedy for consumpUon." Dr. Baldwin. Baldwin. Trinidad. CoL "I should regard ' a combination et Oxone. Cod Liver Oil nd Guaiacol as a most valuable contribution to our Hats of medicines for consumption." W. J, Harris. M. D., Beatrice, Neb. "Osomulsion contains the proper elements elements for the successful treatment of lung troubles." Dr. - Wilcox. Pueblo, " CoL -.. -.. "Guaiacol Is- Is- valuable In preserving the whole digestive tract from fermentation, fermentation, and is good for holding up the ptient." J. H. Tyndall, m. X., Lincoln, Neb. .- .- "Osomulsion is one -of -of the greatest discoveries of this century, and I predict predict for It the greatest' possible success." success." Dr. King, Glen wood Springs. Col. ,', - i .. " ',..:. - "A combination of Cod TJver Oil. Guaiacol and Oxone would, in my opinion, opinion, be a very valuable remedy for tho treatment'; of . consumption." W. N. ' Knann. IS. D.. Lincoln. Neb. "In Guaiacol. Osone and coa uver Oil you have a valuable builder up of -waste -waste tissue, a valuable anUseptie end . the life-giving life-giving life-giving principle represented by Oxone." -J. -J. L. Treynor, M. D Council , Bluffs, Iowa. "Osomulsion is ncn a preparation as aU liberal-minded liberal-minded liberal-minded physicians are forced' to Indorse." Jtrr. .Baker. joioraao Springs, CoL "I have tweti coa um ou anu .iuaia- .iuaia- eol with good results." F. A. Graham. M. D., Lincoln, Neb. Osomulsion Is. valuable In all canes of consumption because it contains both heeling and food properties." Dr Arnold. Manitou. Coi. . "Guaiacol I regard as a good remedy. I have given it almost universally tor, the past two years." H, J. Winette, M.. IX, Lincoln. Neb, , I have used Cod Liver ou and anaia- anaia- eol. and have bad excellent results from' them." C Deetkann. M JA council Bluffs, Iowa. "I give cod uver oil ana uuaiacoi in my 'practice, ana nave naa gooa re sults." A. jr., Jrlerce, jo. ja. Hastings, Neb. '- '- I a . ' "I regard Ozomulslon as tne best moderns remedy for the treatment of . consumption." Dr. Allen. Grand Juno-' Juno-' Juno-' tiori. CoLt "nuaJaooI ts Deuisr largely nsea in tne . treatment of consumption by the mod- mod- era physician."-A. physician."-A. physician."-A. D. Wilkinson. M. D.. Lincoln. Neb. "Guaiacol has recently come into use for the treatment of consumpUon. The, clinical results obtained seem to ne aiu, that Is necessary to recommend Its use. H. B. Jennings, M. Professor of th Practice Of Medicine and Physical. Diag nosis in the Council til una jaeaica -oi -oi lege.. f I have used Guaiacol with very good results." G. H. Simons. M. D Lincoln. Neb. t . .. .. "The use of Guaiacol as an annaeptio . together 'With Cod Liver Oil la a great . help in the treatment of consumpUon. Thomas B. Lacey, M. D.. Professor of Surgery in the Council Biurxa xaeoicaH College, Council Bluffs, Iowa. "I believe that Oxone. Guaiacol and Cod Liver Oil in combination would bo. a valuable remedy tor consumption." Frank W. Brand. M. Beatrice. Neb "As at builder up ot healthy Usaua..' Osomulsion has no equal." Dr. Van-tlne. Van-tlne. Van-tlne. Salida, CoL "Guaiacol is a great antiseptlo and irerm destroyer." Victor H. Corrman,. M. D Omaha, Neb. ! "Ozone la destined to play a greati part as a remedial agent In the cure of! consumption." IX. A. Waldon, M. D Beatrice, Neb. . . "My knowledge of Osomulsion leads me to believe that It Is the most successful successful cure for consumption ever ifitro--, ifitro--, ifitro--, ifitro--, duced." Dr. Paulsen, Idaho Springs. Col.' f - "I have had excellent results from the use iof Cod Liver Oil and Ouataooly In pulmonary diseases." J. "W. Bow--man. Bow--man. Bow--man. Bow--man. Mj D., Kansas) City. Mo. , "Guaicaol is one of the best germl-cidea germl-cidea

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 27 Mar 1895, Wed,
  3. Page 35

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