Dimmitts - crime 28 Sept 1899 The Des Moines Gazette

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Dimmitts - crime 28 Sept 1899 The Des Moines Gazette - CHRONICLES. WHAT IS GOING ON IN DES MOINES AND...
CHRONICLES. WHAT IS GOING ON IN DES MOINES AND POLK COUNTY. and bogus never selected many Bitters good plenty get vitally, debilitated. excellent Mirror in an is a doubt line liberal are the high- will Sat- Saturday MONEY ORDERS CAN HE BOUCHT AT NIGHT. After October 2 a. money order desk . will be operated i livery window the general de- the postofllce. clerk will be there from & p. m. until midnight every night except Sunday This will be found ;i great convenience lo tlie business men of Hie city. Mails from Chicago coming in by t he Northwestern at 5:40 In the morning will be worked on Hie train between Ames and Des Moines, as two clerks will be sent to Ames by the 2 a. m. train especially for the IMirposc. This will Insure the getting out of the local mails with the matter by this train at least an hour earlier than at present This sclu Is probable after October 1. as Postmaster Schooler and Assistant Van Dyke arc working on it. wag flowing from tilu nose, cunt a mouth. BCIIHOII and Dlmniitt li gont'. H was found upon investlgat! that the assault was i Maxwell had opened the cell do else a half dozen dangerous cri iuals would have escaped with t two. H was also learned that Bens and Dimmltl, after gaining the pn lie corridor separating the jail frt the jailer's quarters, ran ba through the water closet and into t court house yard through the we entrance. They ran west throil, Plumb street to the north and sou alley between Eighth and Nin Ireets. Here Benson, who was b fooled and limping, probably from cut br ning. -MAYOR MACVICAR, AT HOME. -Mayor John MacViear returned from lie Syracuse convention of the League of American Municipalities last Sunday evening. His own words best express his opinion on Uiis subject: "No man, be fie a iile citizen, can g ing without being official or a pri- to such a meet- pressed with th earnestness and honest intent of the delegates. So many deeply interesting topics were taken up ify one above another ay that the city in- that to until giving not unfair, or municipal ownership of wate gas. electric and street railway plant ght your Keokuk, which of service a or them, of will the open b(: will Mr. frequent duties its I the mo hi the entered. | was certainly food for ' thc.. D ... expression from some of the brightest men in this country. And they did not merely talk around the subject. They went into detail as to lighting, water supply, railroad ownership and other things To see -i man get up and talk intelligently and in a manner that the opposition was unable to refute, of the generation of gas, the construction of water works and laying of mains, the testing of electric and gas lights and many tilings of that sort, does a man good who believes In municipal ownership. And, furthermore, when debate and contention came, and the corporation attorneys. j|, c managers of big plants, got up and gave figures to show that municipal ownership is bad for the people, these delegates were right up to the front with refuting figures and arguments that made the fur fly. I think this was tnc uest convention yet held." CHARLES PERRY ARRESTED. Charles Perry was arrested by Slier- iff Stout Friday In Cherokee and Saturday night was locked up in one ot the steel cages in the county Jail Perry is wanted for jail breaking-, aiding prisoners to escape and for as saulting an officer. He is one of the four men who assaulted Night Jailer Vickers six weeks ago and escaped from the county jail. The other prisoners were C. C. Etue, alias Smith, wanted for horse stealing In Boone and other counties; John Van Scoy, held for highway robbery and Martin lev- erton, held for highway robbery. The escape was a sensational one Perry, who was serving a jail sentence of tine months and who had but thirty days to serve at the time of his escape, was a "trusty" and was used by the Jailor and his assistants to sweep and scrub up about the jail and the jailer's quarters. On the afternoon lie- fore the delivery, according to the story told by one of the prisoners who did not escape. Smith was taken fi the cage for a consultation -9 attorneys by one of the jailerY ants. While he was talking Perry hurried into the jail and called the guard away, saying that some one wanted to see him. It is claimed the guard thrust Smith back into the cell, swung the floor to and set the levers. but forgot to turn the combination on the door of the lever box. As soon aa he was out of the way Perry threw the levers and let the prisoners out and then locked them in a cell in which lie was generally confined TJVGI night That night when Vickers undertook to lock him up for the night, Perry and the other prisoners overpowered him, gagged and bound him, took his keys from him and made their escape. Later Vickers was found tied ustained while ru rested a 1 pair of shoes from ho was passing through t: alley, and. turning, ran south tlirouj the alley Into the railroad yards. Dii mitt turned north and was last se crossing Walnut street, still using tl alley to hide his movements. Dr. Patchen was immediately BUT moned, but by the time he reach* the jail Maxwell, who hud rallied su fluently to say that Benson and Dh mitt had assaulted him and escape had relapsed into unconsciousnes rallying slightly at intervals, when 1 became plained ng •ick at his stomach and eoi jf fouling ill. He was unab all the afternoon imd la evening to talk, and appeared not realize what was going on aroui him. Blood was coursing from Ii ears, mouth and nusu, and at eac fit of vomiting great clots of Woo that had gathered in his throat we thrown up. , Dr. Patchen rcma int that to wlth llini for a » hour and when 1 'ould be wenl away Sili(l: "Maxwell is suite ing now from concussion of the brail I cannot tell how seriously lie is hnr but my judgment is that the innc skull lias been fractured and th: there is bone pressure against tl brain at some point. I cannot te thte is now; it may be the base of the brain, in which evei tiie result will be fatal, or ii may I on top of the head, where it can Ii relieved by an operation. I may h able to tell exactly tlie nature of hi injury tonight, but probably will nc know before another day. He is bad ly injured and his condition is pro carious. The weapon used was blun and produced an external bruise, no a cut/' Dimmitt and two of his brothei have bad a long criminal career ar have been arrested and jailed for number of offenses, generally f< house breaking and sneak thlcverj His brothers are now In the pen!ten tiary, and Dimmitt only rcturnct from there about three months ago He hits served two terms in low; and one In Minnesota for housi breaking, and was charged at the time of his escape with breaking Into a laundry barn near West Seventl and Center streets and stealing a quantity of harness. Dimmilt is a mulatto. Is 36 yea:., old, weighs 150 pounds, is five feet eight and one-half Inches tall ha: very broad shoulders, but walki stooping. His eyes are especially large and protruding and his nose ft prominent and crooked. Benson was indicted for larceny from the person In November, 1897. He is accused of stealing a quantity of money from N, I. Saxon, of Cainsville, Mo., while the two were on South Fourth street together. He was jailed, _but A. B. Stoner, a professional bondsman, furnished ball for him and he jumped hlB bond. He was apprehended about a week ago In Kansas City, and had just been returned to jail. Benson is 27 years old and white. He has brown hair and blue eyes, weighs 135 pounds and is five feet ten and one-half inches tall. He is very slender. He was barefooted when he escaped, and when last seen was limping from a cut or stone bruise. He had also managed to steal a pair of light running shoes. Later.—Since tbe above was put in type Benson has been captured. The chief of police of Olewin arrested him as a suspect of the fellow wanted in Des Moines for jail breaking. Sheriff Stout went to Olewcin and identified Benson. ith his assist- to the bars in one of the steel ca HAVEYOUANY PART OF $100 to ivcst If you can make from such in- 'stmciit from 33 to so Per Cent Ho nth I y If so, you can Invest from Sii) lo §Ioo in Mocks, Grain, etc., through a broker of 20 years experience who will give his services to you free if lie fails to pay ymi divided!) of Kf> per c Sheriff Stout has been making a d( termined effort to capture all of Hit, escaped prisoners, but has been particularly anxious to return Etue. or Smith, who was held by the sheriff of another county, and Perry, through whose treahr.firy the prisoners were enabled to escape. He says that he will lodge complaints against Perry with the grand jury on all thy charges enumerated, and will use Ills influence. to see that ho is prosecuted for them all. He is anxious to secure a lon& sentence for him, " DESPERATE ASSAULT ON JAILOR MAXWELL. Albert R, Maxwell, county Jailer, was assaulted in the jail Monday by escaping prisoners and sustained injuries that may terminate fatally. His assailants were Fred Benson, an all-around crook, who has served time and was'awaiting trial for larceny from the person, known to the police as "Peggy" Benson, and Edward Dimmitt, known to the poll as "Elza" Dimmitt, a house breaker monthly o , invest through hii Write at once for circular letter givii full information to .1. WEAVER, Investment and Commsion Broker, 481 WOOD ST. I'IITTSIIINIG, P. , ho has tloiifi time and aiting of the grand jury burglary charge. The weapon used was a heavy piecu uf wood torn from a bed leg. .Monday ai 3 o'clock Maxwell went to the cell on the west side of the jail and near the north end. in which several iiriponrrs awaiting trial were [•onfined, and ordered Benson and Dimmitl to get their clean am! come with iiini to the bath room. The iiipn gathered up their underwear and walked to the bath room, where they were locked in ami permitted lo bathe. Half an hour later Maxwell went to tlie b;itli room for them and, marching them in front of him. returned them to tho cell. Both prisoners were inside the cell room and Maxwell was unlocking Uic cell door when they assaulted him. Which one used the club no one knows, for the si>ot where the assault was mtule was screened from those inside the cell by solid sheeting. As nearly aw could be learned from Maxwell and the prisoners, both men jumped on him and one smashed him over the head while the other field him. The prisoners in Hie cell Ibe scrimmage and rushed owartl the door to see what was go- IIIR on. When they reached it Maxwell was lylns In the narrow corridor surrounding the jail and blood UNION MURPHY MEETING AUDITORIUM. There will be a big Murphy mas meeting in the auditorium next Sun day afternoon at 3 o'clock. Franc! Murphy will tell of his army experi ence, his work among the men, an something of the general character c the men he found in the army. Mi Murphy was appointed by the gov ernor of Pennsylvania as chaplain o the Fifth Pennsylvania, and was will the regiment at Chickamauga. Mr. Murphy was present at tin meeting of the ministerial associa lion Monday, and everything went of harmoniously. He made a short talk regarding the meetings and tbe worl which was being done. The following resolution was adopted by the association: Resolved, That the Ministerial association of Des Moines recommends to other like bodies of Iowa the carrying forward, in their respective communities, of a temperance revival of pledge-signing: Observation and investigation have demonstrated that there are many boys from the age of S to 18. who have not had an opportunity of signing the pledge in temperance meetings, and in ; reach this class alone great and lasting &' can be accomplished. Resolved, further. That wo express our .-mpredatmu of the value to our city of tbe nu-utings which Francis Murphy is conducting and heartily approve of bis methods of work. Is and kidney* act irnuinillv, tic I|JCK, euro tiwulJK-lics. Mlllousiii'sfl nr i nation. All (inuariots. (div-l?r>). ! of Ohio, City of Toledo, Luci inly. as. ink .!. Clii'ney mnkcs onth Hint lie " " P /-,. I'do. < flr ml} nnO , nmri>olTAni"fur'^Bi-Ii t "niid U OTcr > ' a< •:iinrrli tlmt riinnol be cured liv tl of Hairs Cntnrrli Curt-. Prank J. Clionoy. •tim to before me und snbscrlUiil i ;»rcsoni!c>, tills Gtli day of Dccrnilior, , SSf). A. W. Glenson, •ill-) Notnir I'ttlillc. 11-H catarrh Cure Is tnkcn Jnlerniil] .•Hid nets directly on tliu blond nnd tm (urn siirCiioeg of the system. Spud for te R J. Cl!?nc.v & Co., Toledo, Ohio. Hold by dniKBiatB. TBe. Hall's Jflmlly I'ills nro the beat. a 20 10 13 11 12 4 40c 7 3 Is a full ind Fancy uc 2 llx-i. .Oc Hop ;ioi Tooth 7orn S'o. 1 ihiB iRFMTLT UT ! T 'E HI.-ITI l!uild. r Illzli ' " ! "" JJUQOIES.

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  • Dimmitts - crime 28 Sept 1899 The Des Moines Gazette

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