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UAIVISTOK AS SECOND-CLASS MATTER. ESTABLISHED 1842. G T O N HEWS. INGENIOUS SMUGGLING. A SENSATIONAL CASE BROUGHT TO LIGHT IN NEW YORK. that some made m of is sub- resigned also Sir. been appointed vice at ont- do so aud .)(·- and short opportunity. York. It Yorktown that the bs has done. of while to the vessels of them. Samoan for from they the York to is and number busy cabinet customs at ]Sew the lath o: army retired, be on hi ap rail vi'e L A Dlscliarseil Employo of a \Vonlthy Froncli Firm Turns Informer, Resulting In Startling Rerulattona -- (Juvcrn- ment Dofrnudotl of ailllloiis. · IS IT POSSIBLE! that you have never tried ttia "Seal of Norta Carolina Plug Cut?" Then you don't know what a goo'X comfortable smoke i's. Yor.n, April 5.--Tho Timon this morning anys: One of tlie most extrno_r- dinary cases of smuggling and fraud iu the custom-house known in this country became became public through tho customs authorities authorities in this city yesterday afternoon. A! lard Sons, a large Parisian firm, tleuling in antiques, art, furniture, rare tapestries, paintings and bric-a-brac, have a branch establishment establishment at 301 Fifth avenue. For a period period extending over at least neveayears t-his house has engaged in the most barefaced acts of smuggling. The exposure was made by a man named A. L. Blessier, who Wai formerly agent ot the linn hore, but who was discharged last : Fcbrnary. Yesterday heavy seizures of smuggled goods wero made, and revelations so far made put the sura that the government has been, "lefraud- ed of at 550,000, and it ',3 thought that the amount will reach $250,000. Many of the wealthiest people o£ the country have pur- chas»d costly "oods from this firm, includ- ine tho Vanderbilts, Orroe Wilson, H. .fc- Ka'y Twomblay, Robert Garrett and William William Bordcu of Chicago. No arrests havo yet been made, as the members of the firm are in 1'nris, and their resident cgent here, Panl Itovlez, has practically confessed the firm s guilt and will be used by the government There is no evidence that the parties named as purchasers of these goods knew that they Tvere'smuacled. On the contrary, it is believed believed that they aro entirely innocent of wrong doing, particularly as they paid not not only f u l l hut exorbitant prices for many articles they bought of the firm. rur.THEr. rAi:na.'LAi:=. W YOKK, March 5.--[Sp-jciai]-- For any years the agent of Allard Son in his city was .a man named Bloissaire. bout threu.years ago he was superseded y the present agent, Paul Hpulcz, who re- des 011 Palieade avenue, in West-Holraken, '. J. Under the rules of the management loi^r.ire was steadily degraded, until last ebrsiary ho was diso-hargsd from the em- l o y o f t h e firm. In revenge for what _ b « laims the injustice practiced against luni, ome weeks zz? Ulossaire cnllad on Special "reasnry Ajr4nt Gc-o. II. Simmons and im- mtfil n'onie startling inforinr.tion t h a t leu o an immediate anil scrutinizing investigv ion ot the affairs of the firm. Special Treasury Agent Simmons toon ouucl that somo smucgletl goods had been nr.-hasod unBU-spectingly from this f i r m y some of thd wealthiest residents and lost liberal art collectors in this city, in- luding Wm. K. Vnnrtcrbllt, H. M. Twomley Twomley of C=4 Fifth avenue, and Orme Wilson f 411 Fifth avenue, also by Robert Garrntl of Baltimore, Wm. Bordeu of Chicago, anc many others. The scheme pursued by the irm vras to consign to their Now lorl n ' B cabinet funnilure in which '.vc-ra con taleil underneath the marble tops and 11 he falsa paneling, costly portiere curtain^ anil rich gobelin t.-ipestrics. Customs Intks, of course, would be paid only on tua 1637 were not his property, ancl'tftt all tha articles alleged m the complaint to have been smuggled were smuggled. BOTH IH5 UEULAUATIOtf and that of tho informant Blossaira was then sworn to by them. The custom authorities authorities do not hold any of the persona who have smuggiad goods m their possession possession culpable, although they will probably have to pay tho duties or have the goods seized. So" far as Is known, ths government has been swindled out of more than 4250,009 by the Iirm, as tho unpaid duties ranue from 30 per cent to 50 per cent ad valorem. · What the total sum will be when the tnve.1-- tigation is complete remains to be seen. A T I O N fo!!owin th h e r s fouui!c coon on il .-.nil ln-roic the the f - i a l !' uVKvk of t u c lilv.-sin^ on. I!:L' ovo:it m v : i i I m i l - v . i p r o p r i a L L ' V o t i i i - I h . ' i v i ' i - m ni-.y ia '.I'.' in t j Co.l llu l i n v , s o f r.'lisioniav- !i. I w l l i I m l l l ' f o r d-iy. ' - . i n . ' i t . t of A n i ' ' : - i il. mill ivinuiial'h; iv- I ti^-vi.-i;.', ii i)f i i i v i t : . ' o f ( : . ! t i n i ! , x ; " - r ' y a n d ir.i'l in t i : » i.Ul:.t ol l i o i c i i n l n w t l ( l i " » . ' : i l ' i f l l i i i l nit'-.l nniM'i'.. lnm. In I l i n 4 i l i .lav I,ni:l !-·'.'. nvi'l IS THE FIFTH A V F X l ' f . fTOHK he smuggled goods wonii' be lemoved purchasers were invariably chargod e.ttra vacant prices for thearticlcs,v.-;tli thodutie out of which tho irovernnieiit had bsen swindled added thereto. Thus a doubl fraud was perpetrated. It is not suspected hat any onu of tho many purchasers had .he remotest idea that the goods were smu^rled. Mr.'II. McK. Twornbley is prouiiuly the most conspicuous victim of t h e firm's dis- iionc-st prap.tio.'---. II's bill for snods ordered from the Xevi- York hot:«; of Allard Sons amounts to S;i5,000. In this lot of poods was an oil painting, represented to lia a Keni- brandt, for wlifch he is now suing the firm, bavins discovered that the picture is only a copy This pic'uro v.-ns srauL^led into this p o u r t r v batw.'t-ii tv.-o d?corat"d doors, one of which w:n intv.niloil for Mr. Twombley's Duse, and can now be seen there. Mr \\'m. K. Vamlerbilt ordered from Allard Sr Sons an oil portraitof hi-flO-year- okl son, last November, which was delivered to him in February He paid the firm «·»', the f u l l pric?, on tho picture. Tne iirm KOt that thronrth free of d u t v by paci;- i n - i t b s h i n d the glass of a mirror against the wooden back. Tho frame was sent separately. separately. WTIEN" THE GOODS Ar.r.IVKI) the picture was taken out of the back of the mirror, framed and delivered to Mr. Vau- derbillby Blo!s.=nire. now the government's i n f o r m a n t . Among; Mr. Orme Vilsoa's'i whioh flsure cu the list of ths smuggled articles is a largo quantity of rich portieres, pottery, bric-a-brac, a rare French cluck and n i n n y other costly article? article? They were brotl-'ht over in February, 1S37 nnd rm-^.,1 t h r o n a h the cr.stoin-hotiso by Paul Ujult-i's w i f e as he;: own household household en.ct?. . Treasury Aqent !?imii:on5, having pro- tressc 1 far e!ioii::'u by last iio-.ulay n i u h t to warrant him in n-.:ikii; 4 ; a sM'/HM, he had the-1?-- s;.uy p a v o r s L-xocuto.l a;-.d t- bis ai.l Sr -ciVi T r i a s u r y A Wilts J. C. Citin- i'l.iuk F i n l - v . ^i.-.-:al As.'iit M i n e r nnd t h e i-.r.ii-mnn;. il!.x-; ii;v. w!-.o h.-.d .-f-.-n d.'puti::,'1 as ail oili.-.'r. rii-'y won! !-· ii.« l'".flh Avcr.uo. liot.d aiiM lum.-'.inoi. t l . - r e inn-i of t l i e r . i i i i i t . a:-..', at V^Vh;.-:;'1 ;ie=,..iy m;'r'.n--i-,' pu-oc-i'.ii'i 1 . I"'s stc-n 1 . .-.'-: F i f t h n v o i i U ' j A.s --iou as tl.e j a n i f o r ol Me U^l^y'rla 'p'-lpl'ur'-.l . : ri':-.i'iii : -"in"I it5' of iVi'i'ii'ii stuiVe.l 'with r;.:!i l.v-._-. i J - ' : ' ^ ' r i ^ . not b, on luii-.'.eked. Tlie fact that Allard Sons number among their patrons some of the most select and wealthy families in the United States will probably increase the sum up to £1,000,000. No No arrests have been made in the case, bs- cause all of the Ailards are out of reach, beins in France, Whether they can be extradited extradited and punished is a question 03 which the government officials will express no opinion. . Their representative, in this city, Paul "ouiei, can be puuishsdi however, and it m nly by ttie clemency of the treasury department department that he is not behind the bars. Tha act that he has practically turned state's vidence, it is supposed, will save him froui he state's prison. SIAIS TOPIC OF-LALK. ^EW Yonii, April 5.--The smujcglins Dperations of Allan! Sons of Paris and ew York was the main topic of conversa- ion to-day at the oftice of tho special treasury treasury agents in the custom-house. The hlther- o high standing of this house and the imminent social and financial standing ot ts customers have added interest to tho case. The ofiice.of tha firm was open as usual to-day for the transaction, of business, nnd Paul Houlez, ihe ng?ut of the Una, who was before Collector Magoue yester- .lay, was in charge. Special Treasury Agent Simmons, who unearthed the swindle, is of the opinion that tho evidence that the nrm smuggled hundreds of Uionrnnils of dollars'- worth of dutiable gooda into the country in tho seats of uatkiue chairs .and in quaint mirrors is conclusive. T It is not expected that anythinu f u r t u will be done in the matter u n t i l Secretary Win-lorn is heard from. Tha facts in the case wero embodied in n report sent to Washington last night. So arrests hava yet b A ' 11 made. A renorter called at tno warprnorns of Allard Sons this morning, aud W. H. Secor, counsel for the Allards, end Mr. Koulez, asent, said: "THIS WHOLE AFFAir. is an outrage on a most respectable firm, and the result will show that the Allarda BTO innocent ot any attempt to defraud tha government. It is the work of a discharged employe who has token advantaga of the fact that nil members of the firm are absent in Paris preparing for the comiug exhibition exhibition They were aware that it was coming," continued Mr. Si-cor, "and two · weeks ago cabled Mr. Roulez to consult with mo in resard to it. Uhey- were put on their guard by a letter received from Blosnaire. the discharged agent, insti- p a t o r o f t h e present proceeding, and this letter will form nn important part of Ilia defense offered by my clients. My client* are prepared to furnish bonds to auy amount to secure the government from tha alleseil dues of which it is said to have been defr.imled." , , Collector Mutton?, when by fie reporter reporter if there wa- any new developments to-day, said: "I have not beard of ir.iy. What we want row :. the money of whica the government is defrauded." "Is it trno inat ISouic--, the present representative representative of Allard Sons, has admitted tho smugglins?" "He has admitted that- there was sronp:- glins- In fact he stated that ho had stutTe.l some of tho imported chairs w i t h costly- goods on which no duty was paid." "Did he admit this as states evidence so tha the could not be punished?" "No, sir, he simply stated that ho knew about the smuggling." a"." .'·.,:!.·.·.I !l.n i . i i r r o r in whi.-a th.- Van.'.;".-bill Van.'.;".-bill p l c t u i v h a i l ''i'."." conc-.ilu!. a m i on.- of til.. o:T.a;i'.rntal iloov.i l-.-twoen w'nU-ii Mr. T v , . - m l - l . y V iillivci! r , - m b r a n d t lia-.i been :.n.v.;:,!".'.l". A l.-.i',:. 1 i i ' r i u i i t y o: ot'.ior sti-.:l" l - M i - i i i . : v.....'iit i;i-.;-'..s ma iiK-ntifl.-il on tho i-u.'.ioiii-hoini!'i-u oi tin' Iirm, was :ilv.i - i i - i / 1 i ·I'he.-o lirr.i-;s uer.-. .'MMit lo tho beh'.- iire ro'r.n'in t h , - bar.a o:',ia\ and t h o p:ir'y w i - n t ! ^ li.ii;.-.-.' hoii«,-. i l l \ \ t - t H o l W K i M i v.-liev.' I" v !·· :-..-.l n 1"' of tn'.i.'-lru's vahr'-l HI ;i.v ! w l i i i ' h ihi'y f o i i n - l pa.-l-od in :i p l n - h , .vifi. 'I'l'.i-vi t h i n g s v,-e-.-e a!-u M'lit to the An ;'.\-Hiiin:ition win b.'i-.l i:i t l m n f t - ' r , , ,, - , . , o Coll.-ilol- . V i : i . '. , . i : , . , - t i i l - C l , : « : - I . B \\ MeC:..',!.;-.-. im-.l Siu'i'i'il tl-.-.i-ii-.v A :,'lit S!l"imi-,'.i'i. lir.DU'-/.. Iho N -v VoVk n.-.-iit of A l h i n l Jv « ' " . . w.t« |ir,' i-nl in '.vi'l; .-'" r.l"-:""-iiri' t i n ' i i i f i i n i r i n l . Koili"/. mad" a f u l l . on;, .v ion ali'l nalil hn w:s i-i::il/. \ n t ni" !'.,· I'lMiiiw-.Uivr.smMion'. ·nid H.c diniiK^liii:.' of tho (irm. Ho ai'.nut- (..,1 llu.l both hi' :l'in\ IVmv .ullv WITH prC:VIH, as wni yoiiiit; l-'oriiiind A i h i r d a mi'iiiln-v of Hi. 1 li'riu \sho v,n, in i h l i c o u n t r y lit ih.'i t i i n r when (In! V-nnU-rliili i i i e l u r c w,.i uii n.-Mlki-i! m .I fi-iiin-.'.l I" I ' e . i n n l v l i l M I I - ' ' , , . . . . n ( i i i - l h o i - n t m i H i l o i i tin'.' '!"· i;.. nvcv by hh \vlf-. an her HovLiulio OKLAHOMA AFFAIRS. Tlmiisnmls oT Boomers Conep.iled in tit* lirush -Excitement Dnlly Increasin£. TOFEKA, Kan., April 5.--Members of tha state board of railroad assessors just returned returned from a trip through Oklahoma, report report army officers as saying that thousands of boomers are still concealed in the brush, and that if the whole United States army was there it could not drive them out.' Kames are taken, but ninety out of 100 are fictitious. Captain Woodson and Lieuten- diit O.rson are in receipt of telegrams daily to M'-e horses, have them saddle and bridled aud iu waiting on Ihe arrival of trains at Oklahoma City April 22, atnoon. ThepbiecD is to mount at once and by fleet steeds dis- tauc° the rival boomers on foot and captura choice claims. A party of four hoosiera with a balloon are romped near the Antelope Antelope hills. They will make ascent m tha morniti" drift la midair until noon and descend hours in advance of trains and speedy horsei Officials trouble, and say that tho country w i l l be an bidorado for *ood laud ofiice lawyers. Excitement is iu'cre'sius daily, and all southern Kansas is a bl.-ix.s. The assessors t h i u k that Oklahoma Oklahoma Is not what it has been painted. Ilia soil is red nnil tho land is aond chiefly for bay arid corn. Oklahoma was survey."! somo years uTMo, but. the corners are neany ail obliterated now. mil of a Keteor Ee-.orU-d. ror.-i.ixn. Ore., M.'.y o.--A very briUhnfc ' moteor w h i c h shot acro-s tho heavens Sund.iy ovenia^ and was visible in this city v-; 1 .; £ten ail over the country. The .'les'.ial fugitive war ?con by h u n d r e d s out soaiiu A resident of Yelm Prairie. W. T., i claim- t h a i th.i asot^ji' fell no-.iv bis t'ie oi t'je D^.-huets river. He is . · ;,in .· fr.r ',, a'.-.iii':i'.s w i t h every ho;e SM ·.-·-···· ' KJ S ' I V H thr.t tho mi'iOJr i n i ! s f ' . i r i u : l \ - ranld jia^-i-e. throu:ih ·-·ivm-n'.-'.i vu'-hing no;.-o iilci'. a cro.ongi.-a r,:al -.if tinr.-.ilor t h a t was iipp-illiu,;. nud '·.·:·-·-.' i' ' ; t r ; i - k the, e a r t h it i,-.r.iii:leJ ,ln- ; hii'--j Cr-Kii several heiyy b.itlerU's. and tl.j r.'i'.o'u w:-.' b-.'nr i for mi'.os around. Ijiiko Clinrk-s Notos. ]A:;r: C!lAni.t: ; La., April 5.--licv. H. II. 11. IV.r.-iu'lt. t!ie ov:'.nc*elUt who re- c e n t l y hi-M n s i m i l a r inciting for weeks in (!:il\w..'ii, lias '.cen holi'.ing a revival revival i'.ii'i'tins hero for tho lu^t ten days. Tlio pastor-i of t h n Methodist. Haplist anil r r o ' i h v t c r i n n cliurohe-i wii-h their coilf.rc«a- 1 ions are w*\ Aim,- him and much gc..d I:ofn .lone. Tho m o o t i n g will budoi-udtioxt Siuid-iy « U h t . · l.-iko Ch.irl'.'.s eontinaes to grow. l)no fciindri'd new ho-.neA l.avo been b u i l t this ve ir aud pjve.ral othovs ars iui"S-i-r contract. N-.-.-.v YORK, A'.ml r..~Thi P'.nyern' dull on Ci-amer.'i- ;,-.i! wii-. b(-.;ego'l with call- I oi." t h i n moriiim;, iiail hundroaa "t II'- i i ' i l l i e s wi'i'ii mad" rcnar.iin| Ivlwiu I'.o.jtliV, Tlm "real actor in re»Minc ..'...!·-·'.!·; and, af'.lnn on tho ndvh-o ol hit jiiij E'.CI.I i, receive*! n-- rnllcn.

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 06 Apr 1889, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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