Claims Famed Colossus Was Only Hollow Sham

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Claims Famed Colossus Was Only Hollow Sham - Claims Famed Colossus Was Only Hollow Sham i...
Claims Famed Colossus Was Only Hollow Sham i LONDON, ENGLAND Withe Withe seven ancient wonders of Sritish scientist Thursday night Herbert Maryon, 79-year-old 79-year-old 79-year-old 79-year-old 79-year-old sculptor-archaeologist, sculptor-archaeologist, sculptor-archaeologist, told a meeting of the Society of Antiquaries Antiquaries the giant statue was: Too small to stand astride the harbor of Rhodes, on the Island off the southwest coast of Turkey. Made of thin bronze sheets instead of solid bronze. The statue, of the sun god Helios, was the work of a sculptor sculptor named Chares, who spent 12 years on his masterpiece. It was erected in 2S0 B. C. An earthquake earthquake tumbled it 53 years later. The story handed down through the years is that the statue stood with a beacon in its hands and one foot on each -The -The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the world, was described bv a as a hollow sham. Cigarette Tax Collections Up State cigarette tax collections showed a gain of more than $200,000 last month compared with the same month last year, the Iowa Tax Commission reported reported Friday. The 195S legislature in-rrrased in-rrrased in-rrrased the tax from two to three cents per package last July 1. The cigarette revenue side of the harbor entrance, with enough clearance for ships to pass underneath. Maryon said he has determined determined from a study of classical classical inscriptions that the statue was in fart 120 feet high and the harbor 600 feet wide, which would make the famous atrnddle an anatomical anatomical impossibility. Furthermore, he said, his research research indicated the heroic figure figure was not cast in one piece, as hitherto supposed, but was made of bronze sheets beaten Into shape and riveted together. Maryon estimated the thickness of the sheets as equal to that of a British penny about one-fifteenth one-fifteenth one-fifteenth of an inch. . The ancients' belief that (he statue stood astride the harbor of Rhodes has long been regarded as having no basis other than popular fancy. The Encyclopedia Americana says there is no known authority for the statement that vessels could pass under its legs.

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  1. Des Moines Tribune,
  2. 04 Dec 1953, Fri,
  3. Page 11

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  • Claims Famed Colossus Was Only Hollow Sham — Herbert Maryon AP Colossus article

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