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GALVESTON, TEXAS. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1955 Vol. 114, N 9 . JI2 preserve, la one Gressner, dog aluo bath of Maryland. to To said received City Attorney the him, Is appear, of Clough a about support what broadcast,' continued. to but I'll members action appear before discussed w i t h appear jury including Contractors Agree to Fix Sewage Lines Inspector Alleges He Was Asked to Accept Inferior Plant Work Fransworth Chambres, contractors contractors for the sewage disposal plant's interceptor lines, agreed to make necessary repairs to the 10th street manholn and certain interceptor lines requested b y engineers and city officials after a several-hour conference Monday at the city hall on sewage plant problems. ' It was agreed the work will itart Nov. 22 at 10th street and avenue A, on the return from vacation of E. J. Black, an em- ploye of the sewer department, who has served as an inspector at Lhe sewage plant. Black will supervise supervise the job. There was a general discussion Monday about the sewage treatment treatment plant operation, reasons the plant does not produce satisfactory Fertilizer, and explanations as to why the present budgetary appropriations appropriations for servicing the $2,700,000 $2,700,000 bond issue for construction of the plant exceed original estimates. estimates. Called Mwti* The meeting WM called by R. 3. Berlin, district engineer of J. J. Rady Co., which designed and had supervision orer the sewage plant. City officials, engineers and representatives of the contractors attended the meeting. Several methods were discussed of how best to repair the Inter* ceptor lines. Major dflCttta caused througBL- tk* tmyroptt stallatlon of several manhole*, particularly particularly the one at 10th and A, city officials claim. After long consideration consideration It was agreed to repair t h e , a ini Mrs. Williams Given Two Life Terms for Murders 1 present manhole rather than stall a new one, Mayor George Roy dough requested requested an explanation as to why the present treatment plant Is not operating In accordance w i t h Turn to Pago 2. Stt THREE Pleads Guilty To Killing Two Sons By STANLEY E. BABB ' ' Km Sl»ll Writer Two 5Cth District Court juries .Monday decreed two sett- tences of life imprisonment in the state penitentiary for Annie Laurie Williams, a 32-year-old Pasadena dime store clerk who used to drive a Cadillac. The woman pleaded guilty to murdering murdering her two sons, Conrad, 8, and Calvin, 9. , After the second jury brought in its verdict, the slim, pale smartly-dressed defendant, through her attorney, asked that sentence bo imposed immjdiately. Judge William E. Stone then asked her the statutory question: "Have you anything to say why sentence should not be pronounced at this time?" "No," Flic paid in a barely audible voice. Judge Stone then pronounced sentence upon her under the indeterminate sentence law, sentencing her to serve not lees than two years and not more thanf life in the state penitentiary. Thin is b?!Ieved te be the Hrst time in the county's legal history that two murder cases involving the same defendant have been tried · la one day with two juries from t h e same special Aiwte Laurie William*, 82, ·miles for a Nrws photographer af a receM of her murder trial Monday in Mth district court. The Pasadena woman pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in couectloB with the slaying of her two young son*. She was sea- to two life terms by Judge William E. Stone. drawn venire. "It is a most unusual situation," Judge Stone commenced. "She'll be an old woman before she gets out of the penitentiary," commented sene Johnsoi murder trial was over. He explained that while there is no set rule on how long a prisoner must serve in the penitentiary before before becoming eligible for parole, It is usually a minimum of 17 yean on a murder case. At Least 31 Tear. "This would mean that she will have to serve at least S4 yean In the penitentiary on the two casts," Johnson said. The district attorney said tht two sentences will be cumulative. The announcement, m a d e by Johnson and Defense Counsel Percy District Attorney Mar- Foreman, '.hat the young woman . Jr. after -he second J MILITARY COURT CAWT TRY CIFILMN Ruling Alters Code WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 HI--Ex- ·rvlcemcn cannot be subjected to military trial for crimes committed e In service, the Supreme Court ruled today. By a 8-3 vote, the court struck "P lted *° Robert W; Toth of Pltts- iown a key provision of the 1050 Jniform Code of Military Justice, t permitted the armed forces to put civilians back into uniform and Man Admits Being At Woodward Home OYSTER BAY, N. Y., Nov. 7-UP--A 7-UP--A confessed burglar told po- Ice Monday he climbed to the roof of William Woodward Jr's home and tried to break in only a few moments before Mrs. Woodward startled from her bed and tilled her husband with a shotgun blaat. Mrs. Ann Eden Crowcll Woodward, Woodward, 39. has told police she mis- .ook her ?5-y car-old millionaire lusband for a prowler when she shot him In the early morning darkness in their Oyster Bay home Oct. rying a loaded shotgun with him, Pinnell said. A tree limb broke and Wlrths jumped onto the roof at a spot right over Mrs. Woodward's bedroom, bedroom, Pinnell said. Ho said he opened a window to an unoccupied upstairs bedroom with considerable considerable effort. A curtain blew out and he became tangled In U, he said. Then his shotgun hit the window alll, making a clatter. It was then Wlrtha heard a ahot fired downstairs. He ran and jumped jumped about 15 feet to a gravel walk below and fled, Pinnell said. Pinnell and other officers cook Wlrths to the Woodward home to ro-onact his story. He gave (.n ac- Stuwcsant Pinnell, Nassau coun- 1 TMTM 1 * ««rlptlon of the room he ' chief of detectives, said Paul iricd to break lnto - Pinae11 Baid ' Wlrths. 22-year-old homeless German German refugee arrested last Tuesday or prowling In the Woodward his neighborhood departed from story to give police - t h e new information. It Checks Out Plnneli said that Wirths was .aken to tho house after telling his new story and that the information information he gave "checked out." Wirths told police ho lied when iio told them Tuesday he was not on the Woodward property at the ime of tho shooting. Actually, he said, he was on the roof arid heard the shot that killed Woodward, Pinnell Pinnell said. A further check showed that the sound of footsteps on squeaky boards on the roof could be heard the regular courts authorized by more clearly in the room below,'Article HI of the Constitution." Pinnell said, and police even found! Black said there could be no j valid argument that civilian ex- .he broken tree branch. Garden Club Meeting Attracts 300 Here court-martial them for serious crimes occurring before their discharge. discharge. Th* ruling, with potential servlcemen must be tried by court- martial or not tried at all. "If that Is so," Black commented, commented, "it Is only because Congress cations to millions, specifically jap- has not seen fit to subject them burgh. As a result, tho Air Force to trial In federal district courts,' The decision left the way open cannot bring Toth, an honorably for Congress to provide for civil, Instead of military trials In cases such as that of Toth. Such leglsla- The decision was expected to tlon, however, could not be made discharged veteran, to trial for'the slaying of a South Korean civilian. have a direct bearing or. the fate of three turncoat GIs arrested at San Francisco last July 29 under the code of military justice. The trio--Otho G. Bell of Hlllsboro, Miss., William A. Cowart of Dai- ton, Ga., and Lewis W. Griggs of Jacksonville, Tex.--are ' now held by the Army at Ft. Baker, Calif. · Reject Reds ·The three were captured by the Communists In North Korea and while held prisoner were said to have betrayed this country by informing informing and aiding the enemy In exchange for favored treatment. They later rejected the Reds and came home. When the three first elected to stay in Red China, Secretary of Defense Wilson designated them as deserters. Then, in January 1954, Wilson ordered them dishonorably dishonorably discharged. Justice Black, who spoke for the court majority today, said Congress Congress exceeded its constitutional authority in enacting legislation to subject civilians like Toth to trial by court-martial. He said: Argument Not Valla "They, like other civilians, are retroactive to Include offenses ;wo murder cases In return for a ife sentence In each case, cams u a sudden surprise to a court room packed with spectators. Johnson said h« had agreed to recommend life sentences for ths woman. Last week and several times In the past he had vowed he would ask the death penalty. The district attorney cited "ih« facts and circumstances of the case" as the major reason he had mad* the agreement. H* would not elaborate. The announcement wa» madt ihortly after Judge Stone mounted the bench at 9:40 a,m. to open court. Foreman brought the defendant nto the court at 9:14 a.m. She was dressed In a two piece knitted suit and she wore a small black hat Mother In Court As soon, as ehe was brought Into he court room she was embraced by her mother, Mrs. Henrietta Ha- Turn to Pag« 2, SM TWO Pennington Co., Workers Cited For UF Giving The Pennington Buick Co. and employes generously supported the United Fund campaign with their contributions reported Monday, officials officials stated. Ed Harder and Robert K Hutch- Ings, campaign leaders said the company made a firm gift of ¥750 and the generous gesture had been duplicated by the employes. The 29 employes gave $474.68, oversubscribing oversubscribing their given quota for a ppr capita gift of $16.34. Officials said both firm and em- ployes have made an all-out effort entitled to have the benefit of the iri behalf of the United Fund for safeguards afforded those tried in three consecutive years. Approximatcly 300 delegates to Lhe annual fall meeting of District Bennett presiding. Mrs.. Farmer will give the address of welcome hope this type of giving will be an inspiration to those em- ploye groups whose gifts have not :een reported in to the United Fund office," Harder said. Final Effort Many volunteers have rallied to the final campaign effort to reach the $338.664 goal which must be made by Novr 15, deadline for the drive, Hutchings said. Whether it comes to a victorious conclusion or goes down as a failure failure depends on the support and he added. generosity shown by the people of falveston within tho coming week, , . vili of Mcndota, 111., and by Mrs. Judy Lewis of Houston, a friend. A virtual posse of Harris county ifflcers was present In court when ho cases were called. They Included Included Sheriff C. V. ( B u s t e r Kern, Harris County Assistant DIs- rict Attorney Ben Woodal, Deputy Sheriff J. D. Walters, Deputy Sherff Sherff Eddie Knowlrs, former chief of wllce at Texas City, and John 8. !*ox, a former Galveaton detective, now criminal Investigator for the Harris county sheriff's office. "The State is ready, your Honor," laid Chief Assistant District At- orncy Jules Damlanl Jr. "Tho defense is ready," announo* ed Foreman. Deputy District C l e r k Anita Reydcr then called out the names of the special venire of prospective urors. Originally 300 names were pulled out of the jury wheel, about me third of them women. A nuirf- ier of the women members of th« lanel asked Judge Stone to excuse hem because they were the moth- irs of children under 16 years of age. One of the women Jurors who tsked to be excused had her little boy with her In the court room. Widow Excused The first member of the special venire to he questioned, Mrs. Eda Belle Anderson, a La Marque widow, WE.S excused when she said she had an opinion in the case, It was while the second, venire- man, R. E, Epperson of Texas City, was being questioned, irmt, tho announcement announcement was made that the de- endant would enter pleas of guilty n each case and that Johnson rnd foreman had agreed on a re coin- Turn to Page 2. See ONE

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