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TO age, invalid father. Henry son boy's f r o m e ho weapon. and a him felled r neighbor his wife he his axe. attacked s k u l l and w h e n his came saying: across had him Do- has to domestic y i n g she owed the d Jennie because f r o m cream were refused u t a mop, fast containing two died more or OLD RAILROAD TOWN IS SWEPT BY FLAMES Because Scott Lauver Wanted Revenge on James Crosby Many Buildings Burned SET MATCH TO TIMBER ON OPEN SIDEWALK Woman Barely Escapes With Her Life, Merchant Injured and Postoffice Destroyed (Special Dispatch to Tiic Journal) WADSSVORTII, Xuv., J u l y Tire t h a t was started in f r o n Crosby saloon here this m o r n i 4 o'clock by Scott Lauver, who sought revenge lor supposed i n j u s t i c him m o n t h s ago, destroyed 11 business places and residences, caused several close escapes' from death and threatened to burn up the w h o l Lauver deliberately b u i l t up a on the s i d e w a l k in t r o n place ana t h e n w e n t away. For t w o hours the flames raged f o t e the} were discovered, and the saloon, w h e r e they started, was r u i n s belore the fire department called. Then, when the v o l u n t e firemen tried to extinguish the blaze, the water picssure was not suflicient to throw a stream on the buildings, which were all on the south side of the t i a c k . Several times the was earned to the n o r t h side, were extinguished in time, through the efforts of a bucket brigade, which also saved the rest of the town At 1:30 o'clock this a f t e r n o o n fire was at last stopped the following structures had been d e s t r o y e The Dcstrojenl Buildings George Nickalus' saloon. Justice D a \ i d Warshcim's office The postoftice. The Chinese bakery and restaurant. N. A. Hummol's b u i l d i n g . Crosby'.; saloon. Crosby's blacksmith .shop. Unoccupied residence E. G. Griswold's residence. McCulIough's b u t c h e r shop. E. G. Griswold's warehouse. T«o u n o c c u p i e d houses, Dr Kichardsun' ot Ely. Tho total loss is estimated at $25,000. and the only insurance-^ that on the stock in Griswold's store, the only damage to w h i c h w a s smoke. Ifov. (he Hotel Was Sin eel The Nevada Hotel, one of the largest b u i l d i n g s in the town, saved through the strenuous efforts of tho citizen f i r e m e n . Across the t i o m i t and S O U feet east tne had l i t t l e opposition in their The only s t r u c t u r e that complete i n c i n e r a t i o n in the Griswold's general merchandise store. Griswold's waiehouse, which was buiiied-, \\ as used for storing gram, harcUxiiro and othci goods s-old by him. Justice of the Peace Dave War- sheirn, one of the burned out, lost the records ot his office. The postmaster carrii d some of mail out of his olfice w h i l e the structure was on fire, but a few parcels mail u e r c destroyed, and the otlice inspector at Reno has been notified lo come here and m a k e g o v e r n m e n t repoit. ' Some XarroM Kscnpes Mrs. Rcick Mai tin, who vas living in the Grisuold residence while t h a t f a m i l y is visiting in from her bedroom just in time to escape the (lames. The roof was ablaze and she had to j u m n through window. F r i e n d s carried her to a residence nearby, and .she was treated for her injuries. E. O. G n s n n l d , owner of residence in w h i c h Mrs." -Martin was living, fell from the roof of the house, where he had c l i m b e d to sparks, and his j a w was broken. was taken to Reno for treatment These two are the only ones reported a m o n g the injured. Incendiary Confesses Lauver, who caused the loss, was arrested at 1 o'clock, and confessed to the incendiarism. After Constable Milo Crosby, uncle of the owner of the saloon, against whom Lauver holds a grudge, obtained the admission of guilt, the constable had to work hard to prevent some of excited residents from removlna the prisoner from the jail, and inflicting summary punishmdnt on him. His capture and subsequent confession formed the exciting climax to one of the most eventful periods In the history of this place. Suspicion pointed to him from the first but, when arrested, he stoutly maintained his innocence. His peculiar actions, the knowledge of his hatred for by, and the fact that the fire was started on the sidewalk in front 'Of Crosby's saloon added .to the suspicions of the property owners, however, and Lauver was pressed to tell his reason for committing deed. Finally he told the story. He said he had not liked Crosby since the latter shot his partner, he had waited until today to satisfy the grudge. Remaining awake until the other residents had all gone to bed. he gathered planks and tinder wood, piled them in front of the saloon, which was on the north side of Main street, in the block east of the Nevada hotel, and started the flames. Then he went away. The fire must have burned from 4 until o'clock, when it was first noticed the residents. (Continued on Page Five) k

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  1. Nevada State Journal,
  2. 22 Jul 1907, Mon,
  3. Page 1

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