The Daily Bulletin ends and the Evening Bulletin begins

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The Daily Bulletin ends and the Evening Bulletin begins - ' - I 7 i 3 Euer;ir$ Bulletin, Jhhiu(1 overy...
' - I 7 i 3 Euer;ir$ Bulletin, Jhhiu(1 overy Afternoon ttvcept Still" lny. from 1101) KIiik Street. J. T. STACKER, EDITOR. THURSDAY, MAY, 1G, 1895. For reasons which arc not ncccs-Hary to state in detail here, tho Daily Bulletin Publishing Company suspended its newspaper yesterday afternoon. In substanco the mortgagee wanted a settlement of his claim, and tho ownors of tho newspaper woro given until to-day to raise tho necessary funds, failing in which the mortgago would ho foreclosed. The money was not raised and tho Bulletin Publishing Co., L'd, is dead. In consideration of the transfor to him of the advertising and subscription lists, Mr. B. L. Finney, .former business manager of tho Bulletin Publishing Company, rc-linguishcd his claim for wages against the company and proposes to carry out in tho Evening Bulletin, of which he is proprietor, whatever contracts advertisers may have with tho old company, collecting for tho service only what may bo due from this date. Tho management of tho Evening Bulletin believes there is a field in tho islands for two afternoon dailies; it believes that the sentiments of the people should havo a channol through which they may bo expressed freely, and, it believes this could not be dono satisfactorily if thero was but ono afternoon daily. In politics this paper will support tho present form of Government and with that end in view it has no affiliations with tho supporters of any doctrines tending toward a monarchical form of Government in tho Hawaiian Islands; it will maintain, that an independent republic is best suited to tho interests of tho people. It will oppose tho unlimited immigration of Asiatics except in so far as they are to bo used as laborers in tho Held, and it will encourage and support tho passage of any laws which will compel Asiatics to return to their nativo land at tho termination of their contracts and thus keep this element from competing with whites and natives in other lines of trade. It will advance tho interests of the peoplo who are producing coffee with a view, to making that staple a leading industry of tho islands. It will encourage improvements of a public character on tho other islands and insist upon a proportionate distribution of tho public funds for that purpose. Tlio Evening Bulletin ia not pledged to support the claims of any individual, sect or party it .stands, as tho baby in journalism here, absolutely unfettered by obligations to anyone of any character whatsoever. It does not proposo to antagonise tho officials of tho Republic of Hawaii unless by publish-ing,what it believes to bo a fair criticism of their public acts. Tho proprietor has no private axe to grind and the paper will be conducted free from personalities and without the free flow of mud which often characterizes a nowspaper. Tho management aBks the support of tho people, believing they will get full value for any courtesies they may extend. It iB intended that the Evening Bulletin shall be a journal upon which its readers may depend for reliable news. The Evening Bulletin will bo printed for tho present by the Hawaiian Gazette Co., Merchant Btxest, and will b issued from th office of tho proprietor on King near Fort, next Williams' Furniture Store. Tho paper has no connection with tho Gazette Co., merely being printed thero through motives of economy. Just so long as the health of the community is not jeopardized by the acts of a nowspaper reporter every facility should bo accorded him to obtain tho news. Mr. Frank Hoogs made a very sound kick to tho Board of Health yesterday against the treatment ho received at the hands of employees of the board on the arrival of tho Gaolic a few days ago. His proposition to tho body is printed in another column and should bo accepted without delay. Tho reporters for tho daily papers hero havo as much at stako rogarding health as anyone clso and it is not probablo they will take moro than ordinary chances in getting news for their respective newspapers. Tho editor of tho lato Daily Bulletin was refused admission to tho Australia on her last trip and for what reason tho Quartermaster was at n loss to say. It was only when an officer saw tho ludicrous sido of the matter that he was allowed to go abroad and transact his business. Tho public wants tho news promptly, and, where a vessel is not absolutely quarantined these men should be allowed to visit it for tho purpose of obtaining information that will bo of interest to tho people. The soldiers in tho Government Barracks aro being made to understand tho difforonco between tho system carried out hcretooro and that in voguo in thoroughly disciplined armies. Tho old go-as-you-please methods havo been buried and tho men aro obliged now to follow tho same programme adopted by tho United States Army. It may have tho effect of bringing tho men up to a bettor standard of proficiency in soldiery matters, but it is moro likely to impress tho men with tho fact that tho position is not such a good thing after all. Deputy Marshal Brown has aBk-cd that ho bo permitted to prescribe a limit in which Japanese prostitutes may bo allowed to reside and carry on their vocation. Wo endorse this application and suggest Bird Island as tho most fitting place. If theso peoplo prefer Honolulu tho publication of tho names of owners of property leased to this class of citizens would bo interesting reading. Tho esteem in which tho people hold Queen Victoria is sufficient reason for making her birthday anniversary on tho 24th inst. a memorablo one. Any ono who has over had an attack of inflammatory rheumatism will rojoico with Mr. J. A. Stumm, 220 Boylo Heights, Los Angeles, over his fortunato escape from a siege of that distressing ailmont. Mr. Stumm is foroman of Morriam'a confeotionery establishment. Some months ago, on leaving the boated work room to run across the street on an errand, ho was caught out in the rain. Tho result was that whon ready to go homo that night ho was unablo to walk, owing to inflammatory rheumatism. He was taken homo, and on Arrival was placed in front of a good fire and thoroughly rubbed with Chamberlain's Pain Balm. During the evening and night ho was repeatedly bathed with this liniment, and by morning was relieved of all rheumatic pains. Ho noW takes especial pleasure in praising Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and always keeps a bottle of it in tho house. For sale by all dealers, Benson. Smith & Co., agonts for tho Hawaiian Islands. BOOMS AMD BOABD. TOOMB AND WOkBD JLtt tor ww biiiom hti ai Iluiiwai, on . taken in pairs and the for very thoy find a it is service read-era tiro tend

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  1. Evening Bulletin,
  2. 16 May 1895, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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  • The Daily Bulletin ends and the Evening Bulletin begins

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