The New York Times (New York, New York) 4 April 1911 Page 3

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The New York Times
(New York, New York)
4 April 1911  Page 3 - BERATES THE RICH AT DINNER Wealthy Man and a...
BERATES THE RICH AT DINNER Wealthy Man and a Writer Exchange Compllmenta at Twilight Club, i The TwUlght Club, dininj last r.lglit at the Hotel Grenoble, discussed the topic ."What Should a. -Millionaire -Millionaire Do a-lth a-lth a-lth His .MPBcy?" ; CTeveUnd Moffftt sup-gested sup-gested sup-gested that financing a muckraktug expedition expedition Into tbe business of selllns; cocaine cocaine In New York would be a worthy object, and Joseph Fels, a wealthy manufacturer, manufacturer, differed, aaylng he would not Interfere with any one procuring relief tn drugs from the effects of unjust economic economic conditions. Whereupon Mr. Mof-fett Mof-fett Mof-fett arose and said: " We hear ; too much hot air from wealthy men about the burdens of their riches and how they want to remedy conditions. Mr. Fels has Indulged in the aame kind of aaseoua oratorr that wa lhaye heard from-Mr.- from-Mr.- from-Mr.- from-Mr.- Carnegie, that U Spoken on behalf of Mr. Rockefeller. These wealthy philanthropists and reformers reformers have been talking a long time and giving money, a long time, but they ftul goodly share of their mill ions. There Is Just as much misery in the world. The wealthy talk a lot about the misfortunes of the poor andabout its being a crtms to die rich, but they seem hsppy enough so long as they can taiK and make a noise about what they give away! ' Murmurs and even shouts Interrupted HM?"ttJand th Chairman had to shout for order. But Mr. Mof fett continued continued to berate Mr. Fela. malrfn a ape- ape- baeiKL0.. Mr.V i"'" rtton that ? U to place the bodies of 800 children who die each month In iondon from preventable causes outside r2t?22!? 5 f rUa.mnt for the " scoun- scoun- Ilremv .Mr" Mo"tt asserted that it would be better to grlve money to every beggar than to think of the examples arising from their misery, and was greeted with shouts of No! No! " Mr. Fels asserted thatharlty was only another natne for the manufacture of beggars. beggars. The wealthy, he said, should use -ki -ki Kmo?'y toholish ths conditions which make people starve In a land over- over- ?Kik...and hejr: m remedy was the abolition of the tax on the Improvements .Lan 1 .Bd th hlh xlng f lnd held without Improvements for speculative pur poses. Count Leo Tolstoy suggested that the best dm a wealthy man could find for his money was to propagate the Idea of International International peace. His statement that Henry George and his doctrines were well known and favorably thought of ln Russia Russia met hearty applause.

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 04 Apr 1911, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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  • The New York Times (New York, New York) 4 April 1911 Page 3

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