The New York Times (New York, New York) 29 January 1918 Page 11

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The New York Times
(New York, New York)
29 January 1918  Page 11 - 'GET DOWN TO TACKS IS COLBY'S WARNING Shipping...
'GET DOWN TO TACKS IS COLBY'S WARNING Shipping Board Member Tells Twilight Club to Realize That the Nation Is at War. Huilit'tlilg Colby it live Fedeial Hhtp-pinif Hhtp-pinif Hhtp-pinif Hoard, Who a as a guest of the Twilight Club at a dinner given In tha Grand Hallroom of th Hotel Astor laat tilrht. referring to tno war prol U tus nf th ootintry said tht " w hav not a a yet atruck ou p'o- p'o- of dust fioin Germany's Germany's power," jii.I that a matters now stanl the Allies ar on the definitive. definitive. Th war. h said, w ill not be woe. at dlaner taoiea or with criticism, or the cataloguing of thai mistakes and otnlcslon of public officials. " For heaven' sake." exclaimed Mr. Colhr, " arouso yourselves. (Jet down to larks and reallie that tho I rilled Fta'.ea of America Is at war with Germany." Germany." Heferrlng to the ship problem before tha country. Mr. Col-y Col-y Col-y blaiuaij tha present present critical situation to the action of Corgresa in th fifty jeara that liv preceded th war action whi.h. he addod. hav mad ahlpbullding altnoat an alien Industry so far ae America la concerned. concerned. Rut be added that progress is being made, and pointed out that the pranent greatest ha-'d ha-'d ha-'d of the Shipping Poird la workmen, and In this he Indorsed a suggestion of Jame W. Gerard that It Would tnt a fine poliry to call Into the service of the country the thousands of chauffeur, who are now driving pleasure rara In all rrt of the country. " You know that we need sl.lj and then more ships." continual the teaker Sihia are the common denomination nf all tiAtlonal effort In this war. There la tivduy no other thine mr needed than ships. Money is potent, bait what la money If eur entHi'.ea ai4 ir .o ran-p4( ran-p4( ran-p4( t o ..ill Alrraraa to our allies "We air el nr. 11 it il.-niii. il.-niii. il.-niii. i ) A flerin" r y' buHn-as buHn-as buHn-as la not tt- tt- tcit-Peal tcit-Peal tcit-Peal of making r AutTatio O-manv'a O-manv'a O-manv'a tiaeioiai e aa war ti'l ol ni i i Mia 'ouii't the leM i f the a rll e pared lint Oo'- Oo'- e hsie had lone a' d t tie time la at tiad ahoa we iMiaeiM e overhauling Germany. W have c-l c-l c-l t go to war. We I ice not jet gone We are on the drfonalxe Tie" (nitiwti. la problems! ! I tmliayaail'ir li(, safal In my jiresirtM'e rtitly that he i.(r,,. dered if our are eufforir.g fr.i Ihe ' loalady of 1 last mile ' " The dinner waa atleavled bv more than men anl aomeii. and tlie rkyi lieai4 yir. Colter mere Mr Gerard 'attain 'attain Arthur Hodder-W Hodder-W Hodder-W lltiania of toe Canadian Ann. Mir Kredeiv-k Kredeiv-k Kredeiv-k tilara of the ltrl"lh W ar i'.iiiiiiiin!n. t .rn or I lilted Mill. r.i.liir Jainei A l;-r. l;-r. l;-r. man. Ie. TiiyiikHiu ly4oiara.. eitare-e eitare-e eitare-e Court JuMtt.-e JuMtt.-e JuMtt.-e ie(eice J. et'ear.i. a i J AuTJatu Ihotr.sf.. the last-named last-named last-named at the gueat table i'r. I.V4ot.aca said that Japan s'oo t wlih l"rrat rit VA llion a mir li t - eaerelae of a sympathetic, tolero-n tolero-n tolero-n twl -Icy -Icy toward liimaia ortier svnator o'i4riuan ukM t;,e unity f al the o.,,o IroMixl , e I "root. I--n I--n I--n I--n ! J i.ll.a hhearn' sp-h sp-h sp-h ws a eiloary of reM-dent reM-dent reM-dent Wllat.n and a lialosar uf Ihe air of in Adinlnlatrat Wi.n KEEL LAID AT NEW LONDON. Work Begun on First of & Steam-ghlpt Steam-ghlpt Steam-ghlpt for Government. Apa-CMl Apa-CMl Apa-CMl r TSe r trl fiaae. NKW LOS"DN". Conn. Jan. . In a tduiding nwtorm the f'.tat ket for ix ot.wat.ton temshii that tha GraMton Iron Worka w,l ouUd for thai ;oem-men! ;oem-men! ;oem-men! waa lall this iftertism. AnsaM.g Irvoee a Itnnt the keel la log were C. W. iloraa. rtr.lpal ow ir of the shipyard: K A Slre. Proawler t of the Grolon Iron Work t:ewart ti m-ney m-ney m-ney of .Sea .. attorney Tar t lotiTpanv I' G Hi 'i Vioa. I'ir .lo,l of the I moil aa fxieainahipi mu-pen, mu-pen, mu-pen, and II e lu.i.ghion of lujji.iw. r o of N'e ..rk Tt.e lrml.i. la 'o t roinp y-ted y-ted y-ted tt hut seven! '! auiklng ilsn 'talk at Ihe liinliift Unl l-n l-n l-n l.'oi, eapliy-d eapliy-d eapliy-d by th noa-arrtil noa-arrtil noa-arrtil of tisrea and other IWarv rna4-htT4or rna4-htT4or rna4-htT4or

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  • The New York Times (New York, New York) 29 January 1918 Page 11

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