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belle gunness - weetera sheep J4WJM 10 native lambs IS759740i...
weetera sheep J4WJM 10 native lambs IS759740i western lambs tS7IQT60 Cleveland Uva 8to6tc CLEVELAND a May g - Hogs - Xow erf receipts 40 carsr shipments 00 York - ersMd mixed tB80O585 heavy 3580 tt WW stags and roughs J3 00 MO - i CtveA - Hlger receipts 250 v Sheep and Lambs Lower reoelpbg t i t 04 trong receipts I cars Toledo Qratns TOLEDO May 6 Wheat - Cash And May 101 July 90 September 87 Cbm - Cash 70 May 69 July1 66S September 64 Oats - Cash 61 May 53 July 48 September 17 RyeNo 1 84 No 2 83 No 9 79 Cloverseed October 752 December 1752 Timothy - Prime 215 v Oil Unchanged Butter Creamery 27028 dairy 24 Eggs Fresh 16 IndltnaooIIe Live Stock i 1NDIANAPOUS May 6T - Hog - Re celpts 7000 5010a lower best hogs 5 - 80 Cattle Receipts 1700 steady Sheep Receipt light steady FOrH VVAYNE MARKET8 PORT WAINB Ind May 8 Flour Winter straight 14004 80 bbl Winter patent 1109560 ttbL Wheat 98c bushel Rye 72c bu Oats 50o bu r Bolted and Unbolted CornMealU0O Lt8 per owt i Graham Flour 4000440 bbl Bran 25 ton Shorts 25 ton Mlddlings - 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disposed of There is also a well - founded belief that Mrs Gunness did not perish in the fire that destroyed her home but is aliye and that the body of the Woman found in the ruins of the GunnessThome is that of another woman SENSATIONAL CA3E Events Follow Each Other In and Jraglc Sequence Rapid LAPORTE Ind May 6 The discovery discovery of three more sunken graves on the farm of Mrs Belle Gunness the belief that Mrs Gunness Is not dead but that another body was substituted substituted for that supposed to be hers and evidence to show that there exists in Chicago a second Holmes castle where people were murdered whole sale were todays developments in the Dullness murder mystery An autopsy on the bodies of two men one girl and two children unearthed yesterday yesterday from three soft spots on the farm was held at midnight All had been murdered The bodies which were not dismembered were found to haye small holes In the skull Follow Ing the midnight autopsy Sheriff Smutzer Coroner Mack and the newspaper newspaper men today began an examination examination of the Gunness house ot mys tery and discovered thre new sunken gravesrslmllar in every way to thpse from which the five bodies were dug yesterday At daylight Sheriff Smutzer set men to work digging digging into these spots and he expects that at - least halt a dozen additional murders will be unearthed Sheriff Smutzer also notified the Chicago police police tobe on the lookout for a gang In that city believed to be in the wholesale wholesale murder business for the purpose of collecting Insurance The gang Is believed to have disposed of part ot the bodies at Laporte Mysterious Trunks On April 25 two days before her home was burned Mrs Gunness re - large trunks What their contents were has not been learned Sheriff Smutzer Is confident however that they contained bodies of murJere4 people shipped here from Chicago This leads the authorities to suspect suspect that Mrs Gunness conducted murder j fence to jdiapose of bodies of persons murdered In Chicago ifor their life insurance The belief is growing In Laporte that Mrs Gunness Gunness was not burnerLto death lnvthe flrqat her horn bue that the bbdy supposed to be vhejs 1s realty thaiTof another woman Head Head ltAMI8tnr w Thn hnatafnC tM hlfH thlittfWo headtpt th MyWBVTto br Mrs uunoess is mwsint i ne autopsy neia immediately after the Are revealed that while the head waa apparently burned off the rest of the body was scarcely scorched Mjmy persons be Here Mrs Gunness Is now on her war to Norway The basement and walls of the burned Gunness home weree amlned today and tappings disclosed several hollow places Sheriff Smutzer Smutzer will probably tear these down to hunt for other bodies Peculiar Conduct j The startling revelations of the day have awakened Laporte people to a recollection ot some ft the strange occurrences occurrences at the Gunness home duii Ins the past year Last summer Mrs Gunness rep6rted to Chief of Police Cochran that a child had been murdered murdered In the vfoods back ot her house by a man and woman who had driven past her home The officer Investigated Investigated but could sflnd no trace of the bodyand dropped the case but a week later Mrs Gunness sent her lit - tie daughter to him to state that she could take him to the spot where the supposed taurdered child had been burled Cochran went with the girl and she showed him an empty hole explaining that some one must have taken the body away Cochran now beieves Mrs Gunness slew the child and later buried It A Strange Woman 1 Mrs Gunness hasalways been re garded as eccentric It visitors called she sicked her dogs on them 1 She was frequently seen as late as 2 oclock In the morning walking about her yard Investigation up to nooVtoday revealed revealed these facts In the case That Mrs Gunness married twice both her husbands Philip Gunness and Max Sorenson having died mys - terlously She collected 12000 life Insurance J That Hay Lamphere whom she formerly formerly employed was Infatuated with her was discharged and afterwards arrested on a charge et Insanity on her complaint That Andrew HelgaHne an Aberdeen Aberdeen S D stockman suddenly appeared appeared at the Gunness home and then disappeared js That five bodies were dug tip On the Gunness place7 and that one ot them was Helgal toes That theGunness home was burned on April 27 and that Ray Lamphere was arrested the next day on a charge of murder One of these bodies was that ot Jennie Olsen adopted daughter daughter of Mrs Gunness who vanished several months ago That another body was exhumed this morning Lamphere sits in his cell uncon - cetned lie sayji he can prove an alibi A Neighbors Story A clew which may lend to the iuhj earthing ot three nior crimes In Ue Gunness house ot horrors was obtained obtained today by the sherifrtiurlng a conversation with Mrs - Christoferson the one neighborwoman with whom Mrs Gunness had become friendly Mrs Christoferson declared that a year ago a strange man wearing a fur overcoat appeared tA the Gunness home Mrs Gunness offered the information information that he was a hired man Later he disappeared and Mrs Gunness Gunness wore his coat The womande - clared the man had given it to her before before he left y - Shbrtly after his going MraCprl3 tofersoB says a largeVman wearing a - red mustache appeared and after three weeks disappearedThTrfiio1ttttfoa was volunteered byTfiaTTJuroJess that he had answered fanradvertlaementn M UlMUIIUVtMUl VyW UUIr LUUb PllXI UfiU not pleased him and he had left a wo weens later a ifliraman saia to have been a lumberman from Wisconsin Wisconsin came to the Gunness house but dropped out of eight after a few days and the mistress of the place declared declared she had dismissed him after finding he had two children one a cripple The officers suspect that all three men met with foul play Every step Jn the unraveling ot the mystery seems to tighten the colld more closely about the suspect Ray Lamphere and thought the officers are keeping the newspaper men away from their prisoner the hope to have Important admissions within a few houis Arouse of Fate An ill fate seems to have always hung over the Gunness house Its first occupant Mrs Mattie Alblc who conducted a notorious resort ih the house died suddenly under suspicious circumstances Next two brothers named Breeding died so suddenly that the coroner wa scalied to investigate A little later the next occupant named Edle committed suicide by hanging Then came Mrs Gunness and her reign of tragedy r Body Identified Anton Olson and his daughter the father and sister of Jennie Olson the girl who disappeared after living for some time with Mrs Gunness this morning positively Identified the body found yesterday as Jennie s The head of the body had been cut off and the trunk horribly mutilated Delving In Ancient History CHICAGO May 6 - - Coroner Hoffman Hoffman declared today that he would exhume exhume the body1 ot Max Sorenson first husband of MrB Belle Ounness and made an examination of evidence of foul play Sorenson died mysteriously in Austin a suburb and was burled in Forest Home cemetery The 8tory of Jennie CHICAGO May 6 it was on her eighteenth birthday that the body of Miss Jennie Olson Gunness was discovered discovered burled on the little farm adjoining adjoining the home of her foster mother mother Mrs Belle Gunness at Laporte ind May 5 Mis Minnie Olander sister of the dead gfrl freely discussed her strange story following he receipt of a telegram telegram from the sheriff at Laporte announcing announcing the finding of the skeletdn of the girl She said members of the family were told by Mrs Gunness tho girl was in Los Angeles in school but after corresponding with the authorl ties In hat city theycould get no in formation as to C her wnerotbouU None of the family they said had heard of thegfrl for two TearTen nie was Only eight months old When my mother NHe said Mrs Olander MrTitherhadlmowrrMr GunnW for many years - and when be married Belle Sorenson and the young couple flsktfl to beteJlowed to care fpr Jen - m told they were given charge ot her PapaL never relinquished his claim to her but Jennie was known after that as Jennie Gunness Relative Keep Quiet CHICAGO May 6 - Retatlves M Mrs BelleGunnesfl the dead woman at Laporte Ind at whose country lome flWLbodies were unearthed yesterday yesterday can throw1 little light on the woman history fa the last twenty years Mrs JphicA Larson 992 Francisco street Is the only sister ot Mrs Gunness John R Larson of the samei - address to apephew of the dead woman if 1 In Addition tothfese Mrs Leo Arthur Arthur Olwider 2818 park avenue Is a sister of Miss Jennie Olson the Younggirl bCHeved to have been mun dered at the Gunness home while Antone Nelson 2410 Indiana avenue Is the girls father Mrs - Larson and her son declined to discuss the family1 troubles which separated Mrs Gunness from the rest of the family They said her first husband a mannamed SorensoU died under peculiar circumstances about twplye years ago while they were living la Chicago There were ugly rumors In the neighborhood at the time but the body never was exhumed exhumed It was after Mrt Gunness went - to live at Austin 111 las Mrs Sorenson that she took over the care of little JennleiOlponthenj a little baby who was Efven Into her custody by the father She also - tjhad another little girl UWng with hot at the same time Helgallne Was All Right ABERDEENSt D May 6 - An - drew Helgallne on of the victims In the murder mystery at Laporte Ind whose body wasi found yesterday by his brother Aslie was a well known resident of this county He owned a farm a few miles southwest of the city and was reputed to be in comfort - apie circumstances Last January Jlelgallne lett here with about 3000 in cash to marry Mrs Belte Gunness at Laporte with whom he had become acquainted tnrougn a matrimonial agency He - was last heard from In February and his brother AslpJbfcoming alarmed placed the matt jjjfore the police In this city Hejfaifadvised to go to Laporte andraSjkejlrivestigatlon and was given letters to the authorities there Woman Love Letter Aslle Helgallrlb brother of Andrew Helgallne today turned over to States Attorney SmlthftMrM Gunness letters to hW brothsr and lilraself The letters letters are full of pfesjilon8 of love In one letter Mrs Gunness told Andrew to come to her aiuLto bring all the money he could get KtitS When Andrew disappeared Aslle says he wrote to hlrilGunnesS inquiring inquiring about him anjjjihk replied by making making love to Aslle She asked him to sell all of Andrews property mortgage his own property and come to her with the money Sheriff Smutzer also believes1 Mrt Gunness planned to kill him Last summer Smutzer accused her flatly of murdering the men who had dlsannear - ed while visiting her She denledthe chargeA short time later sheimet Smutzer seyeral times and each time invited him to visit her Smutzer wad suspicious and didnt go Of Local Interest Trthur tV Perry has been appointed trustee In the bankrupt estate of Fred 0 Ens f E S rhllley of St Marys O Is in the city on a business trip He was formerly a resident Of Fort Wayne Assistant Postniastei E U Craw of the local office 19 today attending a meeting of assistant postmasters at Indlanajjblls General Manager Q D Emmons left this afternoon for Philadelphia to hold a oonterence yita President Jones pf the Fort Wajrne Wabash Valey line Hartfords Escape - As the tragedy growi old many little Incidents pf loss of personal effects come to light A letter has been received by Jack Towne from 9 E Hartford a traveling traveling salesman who Is noiy1 at the hotej at Noph JudsonrndT stating that he lost his trunk In the conflagration He had anticipated spending Sunday in the city on the day of the calamity but changed his plans He spent eury other week end St the NewAveIln and was due to arrive arrive list Saturday ATTENTION YEPMEN All members of Fort Wayne Home stead No 376 are requested to meet aUbe home 2216 Broadway at 130 p m Thursday May 7th to attend funeral of pur late Sister Arther Mary M Feichter Members of homesteads Nor858lnd1M05iirfltcd to attend EriH ROGERS Foteman S B ENOLE Correspondent AVELINE FIRE We had Postcards on gale at 7 oclock Sunday riijrttfng Post Cards taken at time tflrejby mall 10c each while batting z two hours later 3 ruinsfe for 25S LONOaNttyfcLTT HOUSE 905 Calhoun I rt Wayne Ind On the Frendiufdrtfiern railway many carriage are lighted by acetylene and the results of ueljlg this method of Illumination Illumination are said to be Wltfactory E6sb L08T On South Wayne between Calhoun and Fairfield trig of gold beads Return to Mrs Harry Nlnde 651 Kin nalrd avenue hazard llnd JlnV LOST - 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Clipped from
  1. Fort Wayne Daily News,
  2. 06 May 1908, Wed,
  3. Page 9

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