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Scranton Republican, 11 April 1928, page 3 - TO CITY TWO DIFFERENT GUNS FIGURED IN TRAGEDY...
TO CITY TWO DIFFERENT GUNS FIGURED IN TRAGEDY CAPTAIN JONES STATES RABB TO AT ON give the joint initia No. Ladies be held in building O Reilly and others attend the preceded by Jermyn in officers of addresses wm be at members who will occasion com of Penn by will be the South 1 1 Dramatic Plea by Attorney Frank Flanney Who Declared Agati Fired First Shot Features Features Trial Lawyers of Opinion Murderer Will Be Acquitted. MEETS TO committee will in Regal grievances of Loree dls affecting and 22,000 the general state, have James will of North the meet at a meet by the tied up Close Ei miners said Hudson or course today. SOUGHT of Chi authorities Leroy to have Ridge is now Scran of Used on Page Adv. the do attacking, fighting triumphantly votes to re subdued not for he got and al reputa He took court held it Mellon leaders debt set up the it alive routine bills by dragged the stand. galjons annually drew were 3. - in the Lincoln chief, to enforcement the sale the counsel but to appear wanted from During of result of - Saloon use Governor rot have Ueed leaped made it the before his It. witness story He had spent Seven) Den - Miller ft ITOnt. , Adv, Lawyers closely following the murder murder trial of Sam 'Bonita, charged with killing International Organizer Frank Agati, in the Miners' Bank building, Wilkes - Barre, February 16, are of the opinion he has a splendid chance of acquittal following the testimony late yesterday afternoon of. Captain William William A. Jones, gun expert. The captain captain testified that the mysterious sixth shot was fired from a revolver other than the one Bonita is charged with using in killing Agati. Captain Jones testified as a witness witness for the Commonwealth, but his testimony furnished hope to the defense, defense, who have outlined their version version of the tragedy with emphasis on the self - defense motive back of the killing. The captain said the bullet causing the death of Agati was tired from the revolver found in the pocket of Steve Mendola, a companion of Bonita, and who was searched following following the murder. In further testifying testifying the captain' said the sixth bullet bullet found imbedded in the wall of the office, came from either a 3S Colt police positive special, or a 38 Army Colt special. Adam Moleskl, one of the members members of the committee from No. 6 colliery, who accompanied Bonita to the district offices on the morning the shooting, was the first witness called for the defense. He testified that when the committee filed into the outer office, Bonita addressed himself to Board Member Lippi and stated that their mission was to se - , cure an interview with General Manager Morris of the Pennsylvania Coal Company. They were ushered into the inside office. There their mission was repeated and Agati, the witness declared, came into the discussion with an alleged vulgar expression addressed to the defendant. defendant. Then he stated Agati crossed the room with extended hands shouting in Italian at Bonita. He alleged Agati grasped Bonita with' one hand and struck him with the other. Then Moleskl said he was jostled and thrown to one side. He heard the sound of one shot and saw smoke issuing from the Overcoat Overcoat pocket of Bonita. Fled From Scene. Then Moleskl said he fled from the scene with others; taking the elevator from the eighth floor to the twelfth floor and walking down the stairs to the street. Outside he en tered a parked car occupied by Peter Reilly and Alex Campbell, both of whom were shot to death a few days later. He was taken to the court house and later to the Laurel Line station. ' Moleskl was under cuoss - exariilna - tion when court adjourned at o'clock and at several points hi story was materially shaken. At the morning session Captain Jones gave his testimony regarding the bullets taken from the body of Agati and from walls of the office From the bullets he fixed the miss ing revolver, believed that o Agati, as an Army special Colt. A long array of state and city po lice testified to the arrest of Moleski and Mondola, the third member of the committee, following the shoot ing and the surrender of Bonita, a couple days later to state police at Pittston. Several mine workers, of ficials and members of committees who were at headquarters at tho time of the shooting described the scene but little news was adduced. Attorney Frank J. Flannery, one of the counsel for Bonita, opened for the defense with a very dramatic plea, during .which ho stated he proposed to introduce facts to show that Bon ita was attacked when he shot at Agati. "We will call the defendant, and vou 'will hear his side of the story. You have listened to the Commonwealth. Commonwealth. Bonita is a man who was born in Italy, and has lived in this country for twenty years with the exception of a few years, and those few years he was in France in the L. S. armv where he engaged in five ma Jor engagements. We will submit his honorable discharge from the united States army to show that ho served with valor. We will call other witnesses witnesses to support the theory that Bonita was a law abiding citizen, and that he was president ot No. 0 local, directed by the local to nego tiate a conference with the company - through Board Member Lippi. Go To Lippt Home . "In pursuance of his duties on the night of February 15th at 6:30 o'clock ho and members of the colliery griev ance committee went to the home of Board Member Lippi at Exeter. They were Informed that Mr. Lippi would not be home until late that night, and he would meet him the next morning at 7 o'clock. The committee, Mendola, Reilly, Moleski and Bonita went to the Lippi home the next morning at 7 o'clock and were told by Mrs. Lippi that her husband would meet them In the district office at Wilkes - Barre the next morning at 10 o'clock. Realizing that they would have a three - hour wait they decided to go to Wilkes - Barre and seek employment realizing that It would be some time before No. 6 colliery would resume work. Kellly, one member of the committee, procured procured employment at a gas station. They came to Wilkes - Barre and had lunch. Reilly parked his car on Penn sylvania avenue and left the commit tee and told them he would return later. ThA irin fenrlnlu fn1oskl nrirl Bonita went into the Miner's bank and rode up the elevator to the twelfth floor entering miner's headquarters. headquarters. They were not there long when Board Member Llppl called out "No. 6 next". Bonita replied, "There Is no use going In it to arrange meeting for us with Marroris." Llppl replied: "Come In." Agati Attacks Bonita 'Gentlemen they had no business with Agati. No Intention to meet htm there. He was Beated in a chair. Figlock was seated next to him.i Moleskl asked Mr, Llppl for a confer ence with Mr. Morris, saying, "We have our credentials now." At this point "gentlemen, Agati jumped up: "I'll take no more of your . I have had enough, I'll fix you now, as he grabbed Bonita with the left hand and hit him with tho light hand. Agati stepped back pointing his (Continued on Page Four) P. F. & M. T. Howley, Inc., 231 Wyoming Wyoming Ave. Plumbing. Heating, Sheet Metal Contractors. Adv. TRAFFIC In increasing officials of all city until the week of until the custom. Captain charge of terday decided traffic following weather. the volume the lights later hour patrolmen, day's work A voluntary was filed by Mildred 119 South The petition and liabilities Protection Weisenfluh CUSTOMIZE Jo mm ite Mm i OmpressioHSO First impressions arc frequently an J for tlie most part are Lased appearance. A correctly fa ippe variably creates a In Pl keep in mind tl wisely for you. Intl y Hi y creates a lavorabicj 1 1 n planning your wardrobe we eep in mind tne importance or you. in tins spirit :lotl i 1 unsr customised Hickey - Freeniaii I .'Suit! $60 $65 $75 X opcoats $65 Otker Suits $30 $40 Xwln Trouser Suits Topcoats $27.50 $30

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