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 - a AI . . . to publish the following contained...
a AI . . . to publish the following contained in the mail bag: It's from tht Economy Gang yes friends they're in again. NObe; "We submit ti you, for your undivided attention, a few newspaper clippings as follows (Then follows several items including my parting shot before leavinl narrisDurg, aaciressea to tne "unties in tne Estai - ella Case," and asking "Are you ready to cry 'Uncle' and admit I was right.") In addition there were several jottings from Soortine News. one from Alan Gould's Sports Slants, and the nnai averages oi the Majors, as published in the Philadelphia Inquirer. . In closing, the Economy Gang states "And now, Nobe, we, as defenders, rest our case. It is up to you"! : Well, inasmuch as I started the thing, I suppose suppose it is up to me, and here goes. Call it a hunch or whatever you will, I cannot see Bobby Estalella staying up there in the big leagues. Of course, the type of team that the Washington Senators have been sporting the past few vears cannot exnetlv be classed as big league. The first thing they will do to Bobby nexl year, when they begin to measure him, will be to bunt him out of thti league, or at least from third base to the outfield. Now, you devotee! of the Cuban, please remember there isn't anything personal in thesi remarks they are merely my conclusions after watching him for a summer. And another thing the American League pitchers will murdel him with a wide curve, for he'll never quite get over being a sucker foi it. It would be just my luck to lose out on my prediction, but I can'l see him staying perhaps he will, and honestly I hope he does, but if he does, it won't be at third base, I don't believe. No sir, his itinerarjl wUr possibly read like this. Washington to Albany. Perhaps stay therj if not, back to Harrisourg if Joe Cambria is still here. If I'm wrong, remember I've eaten humble pie before, and can do it again, and if I'm right, just remember it. AT that some of the clippings the Economy Gang so kindly clipped and dated are interesting, and for the sake of those who sided with the Cuban in the summer word battle, I am publishing them. Here is one coming out of Washington. "Bucky Harris is jubilant despite the lowly status of his Senators in the American League. The reason is a young rookie, just brought up from Harrisburg in the New York - Pennsylvania league. The youngster is Roberto Estalella, native of Cuba, who has chased Cecil Travis off third base in short order. "1 think we have a big league player there," chortles Bucky. Harris. "He's game, cool, tough, smart, and gee, what a hitter. From the way he's lashing that ball I think he'll develop into a greater hitter than Pepper Martin." From the Sporting News: "Estalella came from Harrisburg, touted as something of a hitter, but the young Cuban was not regarded regarded as a serious rookie threat to Buddy Lewis of Chattanooga. Yet, from the start. Estalella has surprised Harris. The Cuban possesses one of the greatest throwing arms of all American League infielders, and appears to pack a lot of power at bat. His fielding must be improved upon . . . The Senators pitching has improved improved during this belated spurt, but most of the credit must go to Estalella. who a year ago was playing only informal ball on a sugar plantation in Cuba ... He was reported to be a good hitter but a weak fielder. However while he has been batting over .300, it has been his fielding that has improved." And from that it would look like your correspondent's name waa "Mud", but let's wait and see. If I'm wrong, I'm not going to push a peanut all over Market Square with my nose, but will see that Harrisburg is kept well informed as to his progress. "None are so blind as those who will not see." I wonder, can this apply to me. Thanks for the letter, Economy Gang. INASMUCH as this column today has a summery tang, being all about baseball,' we got to wondering what the next local season! will bring forth. It all started out very rosately last year, what with Mr. Cambria declaring in bold stentorian tones that "Anyone developed in Harrisburg WILL remain here the entire summer," and then could hardly wait until the season arrived to start trading them. The Island looked like a trading place for war prisoners, so frequently did they come and go, What we would like to see in Harrisburg is one interested in local baseball to the extent that civic pride and interest would come before the pure and outright love of selling them on the mart as rapidly as they become good prospects. If that happens and it could if Joe Cambria, or anyone else cared to do it, then Harrisburg will back baseball as it should be. Half of the attraction in watching the Senators play last summer was gambling on how many you knew on the roster from the previous game. It was ever so much fun, doncha know, to wager that about all the boys would be back tonight, and go over and find how wrong you were. CCTOtEn A am I - ty - NUDE r KAN IN NOBE FRANK LI, b M

Clipped from
  1. Harrisburg Telegraph,
  2. 19 Oct 1935, Sat,
  3. Page 10

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