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Uncle Dan - 1990 Midst Of Biggest Military Operation...
1990 Midst Of Biggest Military Operation Vietnam This is the second time in eight months that Bush will go on vacation during a major military operation. Last winter, during the U.S. invasion Panama that involved more than 20,000 Marines, Bush went on an 11-day holiday vacation to Camp David, Md., his adopted home-state of Texas and then to Alabama. He did interrupt the trips, however, to get a Christmas Eve briefing at the Pentagon, Pentagon, and to visit wounded soldiers at two military hospitals in San Antonio on the morning of New Year's Eve. "Look, I don't make any cover," Bush said during that vacation. "I'm going to be enjoying myself and I think the American people understand that I've worked pretty hard all year long." "So I'll keep this path and I hope it is correct." During his 25-day vacation in Maine, Bush will certainly have some work. Besides monitoring developments in the Persian Gulf, he will continue efforts to reach agreement with Congress Congress on a new deficit-cutting budget. He also plans to attend a couple of GOP fund-raisers in New England, and make a quick trip to Baltimore to address a convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. But mostly it will be play in his beloved Kennebunkport. In his 66, years, Bush has failed to visit Kennebunkport just one year. Blair Co. War Memorial Committee As of August 1st, the Blair County War Memorial Committee has compiled the following lists of Blair Countians \vho gave their lives in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In spite of all our efforts to have a complete and correct list, we are aware that there arc still some omissions and corrections to he made. Some of the lists only contained the last name and initials. We ask the citizens of Blair County to assist us by furnishing any missing names, please give as much information as possible and a phone number where you may be contacted for verification if necessary. Send this information to BLAIR COUNTY WAR MEMORIAL, P.O. Box 3115, Altoona, Pa. 16603. If you wish to correct spelling or furnish us with a first name you may call Trig Woomer at 946-3758 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. All corrections corrections and changes must be in NO LATER THAN AUGUST 25th, when the order for the plaques will be placed and the names will be cast in bronze to be placed on the Blair County War Memorial Intown Altoona. Contributions to the War Memorial Fund will continue to be accepted, especially those in memory of a listed person, until September 1st, at that time we shall begin to make a list of donors to be placed in the time capsule. Please send all donations to the address listed above. Thank You, Blair County War Memorial Committee Tom Carnev, Chairman Bianconi, Nicholas Charks Carothers. Cecil W. Bradford, Leonard Edward Clapper, Gean P. Brantner, Wayne Eugene CalTarelli, Charles J. CancUla, Nicolis Carey, James E. Cam, Robert M. Jr. Allen, Robert F. Bishop. Robert G. Brunnhuber, Gcurge dark. Curtis W. Combie. Cloyd M. Confer, Herbert R. Claycomb, Clarence J. Curry, Richard J. Dambeck, Robert C. Delozicr, David V. Drake, Glenn S. English, Glenn H. Jr. Crawford, Jesse M. Defibaugh, David N. Dodson. David I. Jr. Dodson, Thomas V. Dowell, Dale W. Ebersole, Donald W. Fawka, Ernest B. Feeman. James O. George, Stephen F. Haidicl, Ralph L. Hammel, Ralph L. Hainley, William R. Heuston, Gerald W. Esworthy, John W. Fitzgerald, John Timothy Fochler, Donald E. Getz, Meyer Lewis Green, Ward M. Green, William E. Aarons, Jack Ackerman, Walter W. Adams, Charles E. Adams, Robert E. Aikey, Richard D. Ake, John R. Akcra, Herbert C. Alanipresc, LP. Ammerman, Albert C. Jr. Anchors. J.E. Anderson, James c. Andrews. Joe T. Andrews, Robert C. Ardrey, Lawrence W. Ausun, Richard G. Boer, Eugene H. Bailey, King E. Bair. Merle w. Baird. Ellis L. Daish, Henry O. Baker. William R. Ball. Walter, E. Bait. Uoyd E. Bane, William K. Barley, George K. Hirnhill, Robert L. Baron. Stanley A. Barllcy. Victor K. Bassctt, E. Bassncn. Thomas R. Baum, Thomas G. Beard, Alfred Beard, Franklin G. Beck, George G. Beers, Joseph E. Bel], John J. Bcnn, Charles D. Benner, Theodore R. Bcrardi, Warren Berry. Ralph H. Beynon, Carl W. Hick. Albert E. Bickel, Robert O. Bigelow, Guy K. Bigelow, James E. Birtner, Austin Black. Clyde E. Black. Martha F. Black. William R. Blattenbcrger, Cletus C. Blontz, Arthur L. Bloomfield. Edward K. Bock, Alvin E. Boggs, George F. Boring, Ellsworth Boslei, William J. Bowcrsox, Walter E. Jr. Bowen, Thomas V. Bowser, George H. Boyle, Kcrmit H. Bozzarcllo, Atu'lio J. Bradficld, Herbert L. Bradfield, Robert E. Brady, Jack 1. Bramlinger, V.W. Brede; Earl J. Brenneman, Johnson Bridges, John F. Brobcck, Theodore E. Brooks, BJ. Jr. Brower, Robert L. Brown, Richard E. Brown W. E. Brubaker, Brooks J. Jr. Brumbaugh, Milton 1. Brunsman, Harry E. Brunhuber, John F. Bucar, Joseph Steve Buchanan, i 7 rank S. Buchanan, James 1. Buchanan, Richard V. Budd. David K. Burkhart, T. Burlingame, Frank C. Burchfield, Marion C. Burket, Harry E. Jr. Burket, Ralph S. Burnett, Francis E. Bunerbaugh, John Butt, John W. Byer, Paul E. Cain, Walter F. Jr. Calderwood, A.A. Camp, Frank B. Campbell, II. Campbell GP. Campbell Robert C. Cancilla, Nicolas J. Carles, Richard S. Carlin, Bernard J. Carmosino, Damuel J. Carr, Eugene S. CssateUi, Joseph J. Cashman, Clair A. Caso. Frank J. Casselberry, Waller F. Catich. Stanley R. Cazen, M.L. Chambers. Jack E. Chambers, Sheldon L. Chaplin, William F. Chatham!. SJ3. Chille, Louis J. Clapper. Guy A. Clapper, Guy Jr. Clare, Harry D. Clements. J.C. Coffin, C.B. Cohn, Benjsmin J. Colbert, John C. Cole, Robert T. Colombo, J.C. Colombo, Vicenl J. Confer, Robert L. Conrad, Adam G. Conrad, Harold J. Constantini, James Corbin, R.S. Corrigan, James C. Cosentino, James L. Covert, F.M. Cowher, John B. Cox, Kenneth E. Craig, Charles F. Jr. Craine, John C. Cramer. Wilmer B. Crawford, Paul B. Crist, George R. Crousc, J.II. Crook, J.C. Crump, Earl C. Crutii, J.O. Damiano, Anthony J. Davis, Clair W. Davis, John C. Davis, Raymond 0. Davis, Robert E. DcAntonio, Frank D. DeMatteis, R.G. DeVore, Harry W. DeWin, William C. Decker, Dorsey F. Delaney, C.W. D'Elia, Guido N. Delozier, Wilfred H. Denny, John M. Detrick, Franklin B. Diben, William F. Dick, George Dichl, Luther H. Dively, Archie E. Dively, Harland C. Dively, Morgan L. Dorficc, Peter J. Doucher, Edward J. Douglas, Howard W. Dowries, L.T. Downing, Raymond A. Jr. Dumm, James J. Jr. Duncan, Dennis H. Dunn, Kenneth R. Earnest, Leo F. Eckhard, Lester P. Eckenrode, William D. lidclblulc, Clyde O. lidclman, Jackson R. Edmiston. Walter E. Ehredl, Charles E. Elder, Ralph J. Ellenbergcr H. Jr. Ellis, Burle A. Eruight, John J. Jr. Ensminger, Joseph Eitep, Galen W. Estright, Alfred T. Evans, Clifford L. Evison, Thomas Ewell, Arnold H. Fanella, Michael Farrand, F.C Jr. Farrell, James J. Fsuth, J.E. Fcsthcrs. Earl W. Feathers, George A. Febbo, A.A. Ferguson, Raymond Ferris, Alfred Fellers, Robert J. Fctzer, Robert L. Fickcs, Robert W. Fink, Ivan W. Fmney. DA. Fuller, Albert J. Fisher, Harold R. Fisher, John W. Fisher, Raymond H. Fleck, RL. Folcarelli, Daniel J. Former, Robert K. Foust, John T. Foust, William M. Fowler, James N. Francis, William A. Frantz, Clarence F. Fraundorfer, John H. Frezza, Alfred H. Fry, Benjamin F. Fry. Leo W. Fry, Theodore E. Fusco, Daniel L. Callow, Charles E. Gargonc, AJt. Garten, L£. Gates, Bernard N. Gates, Qaylon S. Gates, Lester O. Gales, Virgil V. Gaul!. Harry G. Gcarhart, Lawrence 0. Geesey. F.W. Gebhardl, John H. Gehret, William B. Geishauser, AJ. Gensamer, Paul L. Getz, Barney L. Giovinazzo, Sam Glass, Don A. Glass, Edward R. Glass, William G. Glasser, Martin Good, Bernard H. Good, R.F. Gorman, Ralph E. Ooss, William P. Graham, Donald R. Graham, James M. Jr. Grasamyer, James A. Graybill, Clayton P. Graybill, James W. Grazier, David O. Greaser, G.L. Greene, Mix L. Greiner, G.G. Grimshaw, F.G. Grace, William O. Grove, Dean M. Grove, Howard Grove, Thomas M. Grove, Robert T. Gunsallus, Donald G. Gunsallus, Russell, C. Gutwald, Robert R. Haigh, Joseph R. Hainzcy, James A. Haldcman, IE. Haller, Robert F. Halow, George B. Haulman. P.W. Hamer, John C. Hammel, HI.. Handzerilia, Anthony J. Haney, Neil R. Hamish, Charles K. Han, Harry CMH Harris, Robert N. Hartsock, John R. Hatch, Eugene C. Hatfield, Norman W. Haulman, Paul W. Hefner, JX. Heltman, JP. Herron, Jack W. Alexander, John Ralph Allingham, Jess P. Anderson, John M. Appleman, Qyde E. Auman, Charles L. Aurandl, George Howard Baker, Thomas Beach, Freeman B. Beightol, Edward M. Benjamin, Howe H. Bender, Francis A. Bennett, John Henry Berkey, Benjamin H. Bemey, Samuel E. Bickhan, Harry J. Black, John Michael Banner, Guy Leslie Borrows, Paul W. Brandt, Henry U. Briggs, George H. Brubaker, Gilbert Earl Carson, David P. Cashman, William McK. Gathers, William S. P. Cerullo, Lewis Chilcoat, Harry D. Qaar, Franklin Qydo Clarke. John M. Qossin, John Joseph Colabine, John Wesley Cole, Alton C. Corl, Robert A. Crawford, William Morrow Croft, Qoyd Stanley Curbnan, John Edwin Demy, Reuben Denocenzo, Angelo Devon, George P. Diehl, Francis Richard Dodson, Harvey Francis Dossier, Harry O. Earl, Homer W. England, Samuel Arthur Ernest, John Bernard Ewing, Leroy Baker Pagan, William Lawrence Pagley, Ray H. Faming, Winthrop C Fickcs, David Elmer Field, Harry James W. Fink, Aden S. Fisher, Richard Gilbert Folcy, John Francis Fulton, Prank Purrcr, Jacob Charles Gardner, John Howard Gales, James E. Gates, John C Oearhan, Donald L. Glsjsco, Simeon H. Gleason, Charles H. Oralhwohl, Charles Max Gray, Caleb A. Gugluzo, Joseph Gullarmod, Norman A. Hanely, Michael Clarence Herring, Lovey J. Herring, Rao P. Hess, Harry Edison Holland, Clayton M Jr. Kelley, Fred A. Kibler, Alfred J. Kusuborder, Ronald L. Kustaborder, Thomas W. Maguire, Calvin G. Maher, Harold W. Maloney, Charles D. Helsel, Chester R. Hostler, Edward Jr. Ilumerick, James E. Jones, Merrill A. Kantncr, Ira Wilson Ketner Harold L. Hess, Leroy A. Heuston, Paul F. Hcwit, Benjamin H. Hill, Harris C. Kite, Richard S. Heodcr, William E. Hoffman, Clair E. Hoffman, Eugene L. Hofmann, Bruce B. Hofmann, William II. Hoover, Frank S. Horton, Raymond M. Hostler. Roy L. Hubcr. Paul T. Hughes, John R. Hull. Robert M. Hunfcr, Arthur M. Hurd. Charles M. Hurd. Harry N. laia, Albert C. laia, Joseph P. Igou, George A. Irvin, Melvin E. Isenberg. D.E. Jackson, J.O. Johnson, Richard E. Jones, Robert Kasten, RJ. Kaylor, James Kaylor, John C. Keating, John F. Keech. Ray K. Kcilh, Harry S. Keller, Robert S. Kelly, George B. Kelly. R.C. Kenny, R.P. Kibler. John R. Killian, A. Killian. Jack L. Kimmel, Richard C. King, Warren A. Jr. Kisielnicki, Joseph J. Knee, Donald L. Knouse, Martin G. Koontz, P.H. Koesmer, Herman G. Kraynick, J. Kufhcr, J. Kyle, Myron H. Lamca, Eugene C. Lane, Thomas J. Jr. Lang, James M. Lannen, Harry D. Lanncn, Paul J. Lanzcndorfer. Earl J. Lanieri, Michael J. Lauver, Carl J. Leader, R.T. LeFevre, Charles II. Leonard, Raymond R. Light, Paul J. Lind, George A. Lingenfelter, C.F. Lipple, J.A. Little, Robert M. Uoyd, Donald R. Lockard, Charles II. Loenshal, James Lonelier, John Longo, Carl A. Loucks. William K. Louder, John W. Love, Ralph F. Lumadue, Raymond Lynch, Joseph C. Lylle, Robert R. Maisano, Frank Madden, Charles E. Mahoncy, Joseph E. Maines, Harvey E. Jr. Mallory, Jack C. Mangia, Albert M. Mum, Orville A. Mannio, John P. Marshall, John L. Maschkc, Patrick R. Masucci, Donald P. Matter, Robert D. McAllister, C.W. McAllister, Robert L. McBumey, Robert W. McCann. Edward B. Mcdellan, Robert P. Hetherington, Seth C. Hewit, Benjamin Hartley HoIIaburgh. Thomas Lloyd' Hommon, Prank Palmer Hopkins, Ray Clinton Huebner, Leonard William Hunter, Roy M. Isenberg, Alvin Roy Izzo, Frank Xavier Jones, Prank Stanley Jones. William Russell Kalivay, George John Karansta, Achileppa Kay, Robert P. Kelley, Cecil A. Kelly, John E. Kephart, James Watson Killinger, Ben H. Kino, William Klepser. Frank Wilson Kreuz, John Kuhn, Paul Hudson Lehle, Fred J. Marsh, John A. McConahy, Thomas A. McNellis, Anthony F. Miller. Edward C. Nelson, Richard O. Nicholson, James C Noider, Charles J. O'Rourkt, Michael Licbal, Earl F. Uoyd, Alvin S. Jr. Meiss, John L. Moschella. Archie J. NearhoiT, Sanford C. Reagan, Joseph P. McCollum, William R. McConahy, Eugene E. McCoraiel, C. L. Jr. McCormick, Francis A. McCormick, John C. McDermitt, Richard M. McDonough, Joseph C. McDowell, Wilbur C. McGce, C.E. McGraw, George R. Mcllugh. E.A. McKendree, M.P. McKinley, Edward W. McKinley, R.G. McKinsey. Henry R. McManamy, FA, McNichol, John V. Means, Chester, F. Meehan, John A. Menglc, William C. Jr. Meredith, David H. Jr. Miller, Ml. Miller, Lester A. Miller, Meril E. Miller, Merrill F. Miller, Ray I. Miller. Willard J. Miller, William M. Jr. Mills, James A. Mills, Joseph W. Mincin, Severio P. Mingle, George J. Mischock, Michael Mitchell, William K. Montgomery, William F. Moore, Robert E. Morrison, Alvin E. Moyer, George H. Mayer, Luther K. Mulhallen, Donald N. Mullen, John A. Musselman, Ralph Myers, Charles II. Myers, Eugene B. N'ale, William C. Jr. Nash, Kenneth G. Neason, William J. Ncbclski, Peter M. Neff, Charles W. Neil, Raymond W. Nelson, Slanford M. Nicewonger, Qair W. Nicholson, John E. Nicodcmus, Richard A. Noel, Arthur T. Nolan, Robert L. Noonan, PJ.. Norn's. O.T. O'Brien, Joseph On, John W. On, Willam J. Over, Arnold C. Oulerbridge, J. Pack, C.D. Pack, RJ. Pagliera, Michael J. Palumbo, Angelo J. Papadeas, Gus L. Psrros, George C. Parson, Robert I. Patton, John W. Palton, William B. Peach, Marvin Pearce, Robert E. Pack, Herman E. Pensyl, John C. Phillinger, John Philips, Nelda F. Piper, Edgar T. Pitcher, Michael W. Pompa, Anthony J. Pompa, Joseph R. Poplawski, Ban B. Potopa, Walter J. Pounds, Kenneth E. Preston, Robert E. Price, John N. Pringlo, E.P. Pulcino, Benjamin P. Quattro, Albert L. Quinn, John S. Quirin, Eugene S. ' Raible, Eugene A. Ramer. William N. Utringer, Norman J. Lodlck, Frank Lohmer, Michael Albert Loucks, Howard M. Lynn, William E. MacAnhur, Edwin D. Manning, John C. Marshall, Calvin Mascia, Leonardo G. Mauk, Paul C. McConncU, Charles O. McCoy, Raymond B. McDowell, Edward B. Mclntosh, Charles Edgar McKamey, Robert E. McNeal, Orris L. Mitchell, Harry Edgar Mock, Arthur C. Mcconcy, darancc L. Morse, Harry El wood Murphy, Charles R. Murray, Jesse L. Neely, Calvin W. Peoples, James D. Perry, Timothy Rickman, William J. Schmerbeck. David J. Schultz. Sheldon D. Schuster, Joseph W. Spain, Dennis M. Stephens, James C. Silman, William S. Smith, Howard A. Socllner, Rudolph W. Stewart, Harry M Jr. Sweitzer, William C. Teeter, dair F. Szeyller, Edward P. Waller, Clyde Jr. Watson. Robert W. Welch, Donald W. Wertman. Michael Weyandt, Irvin O. Worlcy, William P. Zegler. John P. Vcckov, Joseph S. Wagner, Robert B. Wcru, Francis E. Weyandl, Elwood E. Wilkins. Paul W. Woodring, Elmer James Jr. I Ramsey, Webster L. Randall, Ben E. Rankey, James R. Jr. Ray, John R. Redding, Edmond T. Jr. Reed, Donald E. Refmer, Waldo E. Reifsnydcr, Lyman E. Rcigh. Carl B. Reighard, Roy J. Kcimer, Homer P. Rciincr, James E. Replogle, G.B. Resller, Charles B. Rhodes, Byron L. Rhodes, Frederick G. Rhodes, George D. Rhodes, James II. Rider, James J. Rigler, Richard 'E. Riley, Gerald S. . Robb, Howard D. Robbins, Bruce E. Robertson, K. Robinson. Donald D. Robinson, Richard E. Robison, Bruce S. Robison, dark L. Rodkey, George Roessler, C.B. Rodgers, Russell G. Rowan, Donald R. Royer, Samuel F. Rudy. Ellis E. Runyeon, George E. Russell, Vincent C. Sanders, William J. Saracena, Louis J. Savino, Frank L. Schandelmeier, C.E. Schmidhammer, K. Schraff, Francis J. Schrenk, Edward L. Schum. Walter B. Sciarrillo, Frank A. Scon, William A. Sellers. John L. Shade, Norman L. Shade, Waller O. Shaffer, Donald P. Shaffer, J.T. Sharbaugh, Leonard G. Sheraw, Harry F. Shingler, D.W. Shoenfelt, Arnold C. Shullz, Robert L. Sigrist, Donald R- Simpson, Ralph A. Jr. Simpson, Robert C. Simpson, Wayne L. Small, Myer Smeigh, Earl L. Smith, Horace B. Smith, P.T. Smith, John B. Smith, John B. Smith, Joseph C. Smith. Mahlon C. Smith, Walter W. Sneddon, Robert Snider, William A. Socey, Daniel E. Socllner. Edward L. Somers, Francis M. Sopata, Leo Spaulding, Willard E. Spengler, D.S. Stackhouse, C.E.D. Staerk, M.C. Slaines, Samuel C. Jr. Stambaugh, R.C. Stspp. HJ. Stark, J.J. Starziski, John Stauber, John J. St. Clair, J. Sleele, John D. Slehley, Ralph L. Sleinbauer, John 1. Jr. Sevens. G.Q. Stewart, Elmer F. Stewart, John H. Sline, Morton M. Sloltz, Roy L. Suinc. I5.fi. Sinner, Joseph P. Stoller. Paul R. Straycr. Robert T. Stroup, John II. Slroup, Richard E. Suders, Robert H. Summers, Virgil F. Swope, G.B. Swope, Robert C. Sykes, Harold M. Taylor, William R. Temple, Paul A. Testo, Louis A. Thayer, William H. Jr. Thompson, Arlie L. Thompson, Asbury M. Jr. Thompson, Clifford L. Thompson, John W. Thompson, Leonard A. Thompson, M.L. Tomatore, Andrew A. Trego, H.C. Trclla. A. Trotter, Robert E. Turner, James A. Turner, John A. Turner, Robert D. Tussey, Robert S. Ullcry, A.G. Ullery, Robert G. Vallci, Victor J. Vasey, Louis P. Vogt, Charles J. Jr. Von Dreau, Harry K. Von Dcr Hyde, Don S. Wagaman, Merle H. Wagner, Clyde E. Jr. Waite, Uoyd R. Waite, Eugene F. Waite. Martin S. Walker. Ken Walter, Franklin J. Wallers. James A. Wesson, Sarah H. Weakland, CJJ. Weakland, Wilford H. Weaver, Wilmonl Weber, Nicholas J. Weston, Terence L. Weidlich, Paul C. Westphal, Ray L. Weigand, Ralph J. Weiss, Lester H. Weias, Victor C. Wcstley. Donald L. Weyandt, Earl Weyandt, Jacob E. Wcyant, Jack A. White, Melvin R. White, Raymond L. Whitesal. William II. Wicker, George T. R. Williams, Orvis M. Williams, Robert J. Williams, William T. Willoughby, Joseph B. Wilson, Charles H. Wilson, Harold J. Wilson, J.B. Jr. Wilson, John P. Wilson. Robert L. Wilson, William C. Winrick, Ralph E. Witherow, P.G. Wolf, George A. Jr. Wollberg, II. Wolfe, Howard J. Wolfe, John J. Wolfe, Joseph P. Woollen. James L. Worrell, Joseph B. Yancy, AJ. Yeager, Bruce L. Yingling, Dsvid M. Yingling, Harold E. Yingling, John W. Young, Clifford R. Young, George W. Young, John R. Zeigler, Melvin R. Noel, Herbert W. Norman, Charles O. Patterson, Francis S. Patton, Sylvester W. Piper, William Fluke Pulcinu, Jon Reed, Paul Wilson Rice, Henry Melvin Rigaldello, Donalo Rilchey, Francis B. Robinson, Arthur L. Robinson, Joseph P. Rockwell, Raymond M. Rowan, Charles R. Ryder, Anthony H. Shade, Ralph M. Shingler, Charles H. Sickler, John J. Slsgle. David H. Smith, William Donald Smouse, Earl R. Sollenbcraer, Robert P. Stambaugh, Chester J. Stambaugh, Ralph J. Stiver. John Warren Stoudnour, David B. Sunder land, Grover Earl Teelen, Joseph C. Temple, William S. Tiplon, D. Merl Tiller, John J. Vadacchino, Germaro Walker, Ralph G. Walker, Rilcy Alden Waller, Roy M. Wcible, William E. Williams, Howcll W. Williams, Maurice B. Woomer, Nathan Clark Wyandl, Victor Dewy Wyerman, Albert Raymond YingUng, Edgar Dean Yost, Charles J. Zimmerman, Robert L.

Clipped from Tyrone Daily Herald11 Aug 1990, SatPage 8

Tyrone Daily Herald (Tyrone, Pennsylvania)11 Aug 1990, SatPage 8
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