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Angus C Snyder - 13 THE "SCKANTON'TBUTH. F1XID A'TvA"!? T E'B...
13 THE "SCKANTON'TBUTH. F1XID A'TvA"!? T E'B NOON, APRIL H, 1905. v v Candidates and their friends should now devote all their attention attention to securing the largest possible vote before 10 p. m. Saturday, April 15th. After Saturday night a small number of votes are given with each prepaid and contract subscription. This extra advantage in votes is worth making an effort to obtain. Two of the Four Special Prizes, which will be awarded Saturday, April 15th., to two of the out of town Candidates, one man and one woman, regardless of their vote, as compared with the vote of Scran - ton Candidates. ' There are fourteen prizes, which will positively be awarded to the New Prizes on Exhibition All candidates and their friends should see the SPECIAL PRIZES which will be awarded to the four candidates candidates having the largest vote at 10 p. m. Saturday. Two of the prizes arer A "cut glass water set; consisting of a Dorlinger water pitcher, six Libbie glasses and a splendid 16 - inch plateau of French bevel edge glass set in quadruple quadruple silver plate. This is one of the most beautiful sets in the city, and is on exhibition In the window of George V. Millar & Co., Washington avenue. Another prize, a gold watch, may be selected from an assortment now on exhibition exhibition at the Bee Hive Jewelry Co. One of these watches will be selected Leading Candidates! The following candidates have the largest vote among the out - of - town candidates, and in the six out - of - town districts respectively. If the 14 prizes offered to out - of - town candidates were to be awarded on to - day's vote, the two candidates who would win in the TWO SPEC - IAL PRIZES, and the TWO GRAND PRIZES would be: , Miss Amy Williams and John F. Farrell. If the 12 District Prizes were to be awarded according to to - day's ote, they would be won by the following candidates : DISTRICT 5 - . ' Miss Elsie Powell, Dunmore, and Charles P. Savage, Dunmore. DISTRICT 6 - Miss Eula Carey, Carbondale, and ... Elmer Brokenshire. DISTRICT 7 - Miss Margaret Kearney, Pittston, and W. L. Pace, Pittston. ' DISTRICT 8 - ' Miss Verna Tiffany, Dalton, and Peter Kelly, Jermyn. ' ' DISTRICT 9 - Miss Gertrude Morris, Taylor, and Michael Lyman, Old Forge. DISTRICT 10 - Miss Mary Murray, Hawley, and Dudley Humphrey, Towanda. Many changes are constantly being made in the standing of candidates. candidates. Candidates and their friends now realize that every effort must be put forth to secure as large a vote as possible before 10 p. m. Saturday night. Consequently a heavy vote is predicted, which may greatly alter the standing of candidates, and it is possible that many new names will appear in the next announcement as the candidates having the largest vote. The question in the minds of all now, is WHO WILL WIN the TWO SPECIAL PRIZES awarded at 10 p. m., Saturday? Saturday? District 5. ... I DLXMORE WOMEN. Kiele Powell. X. Blakely Mrs. A. L. Nolan, 1737 Jefferson. Mrs. C'hax. Flack, Walnut ..... Sullie Gilligan Marie Bronson, Elm Mrs. V. F. Gibbons Mrs. P. Ft Reilly. Ward Kale Corcoran, Dunmore.. ........ Frank Bingham, Pine Grace Chamberlain, K. Blakely.. Margaret Reirdon, Elm Ruby Yost. N. Blakely Delia McDonnell, Smith Court... Florence Bruning, Brook .Mary Early, E. Drinker Elizabeth Teevan, E. Drinker.... Kate Connerton. Pine. Mrs. A. R. Snyder. Dudley. Anna McGowan, 346 Chestnut. ..mis . .4670 ..36S0 ..3065 ..2125 ..1925 ..1840 .. 440 .. 360 ... 315 .. 245 .. 190 .. 145 .. 85 .. 30 .. 15 DUNMORE MEN. Charles P. Savage. Dunmore....... Bert Nolan, 1737 Jefferson Frank Sacco, Dunmore H. F. Marshall, Dunmore...... , R. B. Hicks, Dunmore M. V. Seeking Howard Chamberlain. Erie Office., Timothy E. Boland. Chestnut....... Patrick Fahey, Warren Charles Sloat, Pine John Schlenz,. Pine Stephen Langan, Y. M. I. Rooms. Prof. Michael Costello, X. Blakely. James O'Boyle, Dunmore Dominick Dempsey, Dunmore Patrick O'Hara, Dunmore Philip Davis, Duumore.. Anthon McHale. 247 Elm ......... George Russell, Bloom James Gtlmartin, Clay. . John McGlone, Jr., Apple. . , . . Austin L. Guffin, 801 Electric. Wm. Weidner, 215 Butler. 4670 4015 2305 1730 1185 1145 570 425 420 3J0 260 . 155 133 45 25 15 10 District 6. ' CARBONDALE WO MJENV Kula Carey, Reynshanhurst May Horan, 50 Scott Mary Barrett. South Side,. May Moffit. 36 Woodlawn Mrs. J. F. McDonnell, 65 Eighth.. Mrs. P. F. Hughes, 59 S. Church.. Maud Stephens, 29 Salem May R. Campbell, 120. Canaan , Lizzie Murphy.' 142 Spring!.. ...... Alice Rashleigh, 36 RrVer .'. Ella. Farrell, 70 Pike. ,... .2060 .1935 .1735 ,1635 . 975 . 880 . 755 . 670 . "655 ."185 . 405 Jennie ramtr, raiimwn LIVELY VOTING' ffi AEL OUT - OF - by the winner of a SPECIAL PRIZE to be awarded Saturday night. These prizes will be on exhibition until the close of the contest, June 3d, and will hen be delivered with the Grand and District Prizes to the respective respective winners. Don't fail to see these two prizes, they are as attractive as you ran imagine. - The other two SPECIAL PRIZES are: First, two round trip tickets to Saratoga, Lake George and the Ad - lrondaeks with a stop - over to see the New York State Capitol. Second, two round trip tickets to Montreal, Montreal, Canada, with stop - over t Buffalo, Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Toronto. CARBONDALE MEN. Elmer Brokenshire, 51 Garfield Timothy J. Gilhool, 23 X. Brooklyn Frank Tralles, 20 X. Main Charles J. Cavanaugh. 25 Dundaff. J. Russell Jones, 3 River Joseph Glennon, East Side Park... John Brown, 50 Brown Patrick F. Fox, West Side Fred Hiller, X. Church Frank McDonnell 55 Eighth. A. 11. O'Malley, 283 Pike Oscar Morgan. 95 Seventh Claude R. Smith, 141 Park JohnHart Burke, 11 South Main... Ray Burke, 35 Brooklyn Frank Couch, 76 Washington Maurice Murray, 85 S. Main....'.... Rexford Williams, Terrace Anthony Hughes. Gordon Fred Lewis, 135 Washington. Dr. Claude Walker. 111(10 05 1460 1805 12S0 1240 1125 705 . 455 445 415 , 405 2!0 205 193 . bo 50 , 15 District 7. PITTSTON WOMEN". Margaret Kearney, Pine Mrs. B. J. Conlan, Pittston Eva Brown, W. Pittston Anna G. Gibbons, Pittston Mrs. John Bresnahan, Pittston... Elizabeth Blewitt, Pittston - . Nettie Gingell, Broad St., Pittstou. Alice McHale, Pittston Antoinette King, Jr., W. Pittston.. .3470 .2815 .2170 .1935 .1790 .1515 . 510 . 410 . 340 PITTSTON MEN. W. L. Pace, PKtslon .2743 Jas. Conway. Frederick Rd., Pilts'n.2225 John J. Hart. Pittston I960 WMlliam Francis. W. Pitbeton 1673 Henry - Roberts, York ave 1615 Edward Parkman, W. Pittstou 930 Jesse Peck, York 930 P. J. Brown, W. Pittston 680 Joseph Loftus, "Pitttston 535 John Heffern, Pittston 5J0 P. F. Loftus, W. Pittston 473 John Scureman. W. Pittston 343 M. E. Golden, Pittston 295 G. A. Cooper, 36 River, Pittston.... 225 E. B. Baldwin, PittHton 210 Albert Enterlch, Pittston 185 W. H. Gillespie, Pittstou ltiO A. T. Walsh, Pittston 140 Charles Curry, Pittston 125 Edward Pancoast, W. Pittston .... S3 Alexander Thompson, Pittston 33 M. J. Manley, Pittston ., , 25 District 8. ARARAT. Miss Golda Leach, Ararat F. Potter, Ararat ... ......1740 ffiST AD' TOWN out of town Candidates. These are two Grand Prizes, ten District Prizes,, and two Special Prizes. ' , ; REMEMBER, OUT OF TOWN CANDIDATES DO NOT COMPETE COMPETE WITH THE SCRANTON CANDIDATES. ' Votes will be accepted by any Agent of The Truth up to 10 p. m. Saturday, April 15th., and will be awarded in counting the Prizes, or if votes are mailed to the Contest Editor, bearing the post mark, prior to 10 p. m.. Saturday, April 15th., they will be counted under the schedule of the first period, in awarding the Special Prizes. ARCH BALD WOMEN. Mrs. Hannah Cavanaugh 1643 Anna Kearney. Archbald 1510 Esther Probst, Archbald 1190 Emily Giidea, Archbald 840 Maud Kielty, Archbald S0 Margaret Cawley. Archbald 645 Nellie Butler, Archbald 290 ARCHBALD MEN. Capt. P. J. McAndrews. Archbald. .1855 Frederick Swartztrauber. Archbald. 1685 Ernest Battenburg. Archbald 1350 Henry Myers. Archbald 730 Michael Rupp 540 Arthur Bishop, Archbald 463 Prof. Michael O'Boyle 440 Thomas Kielty. Archbald 370 P. F. Brogan. Archbald 325 John J. Dotigher, Archbald.... f.... 215 Joseph Coollcan, Archbald 170 Samuel Kiparolla, Archbald ........ 155 P. F. Fitzpatrick, Archbald. CHINCHILLA. C. Gertrude Pease, Chinchilla 1870 CLARK'S SUMMIT. Anna McCormick, Clark's Summit.. 2275 Etta Mann, Clark's Summit 785 Prof. Fred Greene, Clark's Summit . 950 DALTON. Miss Venna Tiffany 2370 Miss Ruth Boll 375 Prof. C. B. Hanyen 16S5 Richard D. Purdon' 630 H. N. Deane. DICKSON. WOM EN. Phoebe Caygil. Dickson ..' 1930 Anna Grier. Dicksou 1370 Josephine Henne, Dickson 540 Lena Kerrick, Dickson 490 Mary James. Dickson 425 Margaret "Hall, Dickson 113 y DICKSON. M EN. James Meehan, Dickson I960 George O'Hara. Dickson 8i0 William Williamson, Dickson 780 Peter Farrell, Dickson 5& JERMYN. WOMEN. Myra Hills. Jermyn - in: Grace Vail, Jermyu 14u JERMYN. MEN. Peter Kelley. Jermyn 2570 Henry Maxwell, Jermyn 1J''0 Richard Walsh, Jermyn Arthur Morgan, Jermyn .j David Jenkins, Jermyn Henry Brown, Jermyn Harry Freas, Jermyn JESSl'P - WINTON. Mary Lawler, Jessup ......199 Margaret McAndrew, Winton u B. J. McGurl. Jessup lajjO Patrick Deane. Winton 4? John Lally, Jessup , 5" MAYFIELD. Amv Williams. Mayfield 5640 Mame Gallagher, Mayfield - SO John F. Farrell, Mayfield 5595 Patrick Tallet. Mayfield John Campbell, Mayfield OLYPH ANT. WOMEN. Mary McGiiUy. Olyphant 2260 Mrs. Wm. Widdow field a:i Nettie McDonald. Olyphant 921( Katherine Kelly, Dunmore St. j 540 Rachel Evans. Olyphant - o Bertha Goodrich, Olyphant. OLYPHANT. MEN. Frank McLaughlin, Olyphant 19.0 Michael O'Malley, Olyphant 19,0 Isaac D. Griffiths, Olyphant ! Frank McLaughlin, Olyphant 4.o Thomas Rogan, Olyphant 4:5o Anthony Murphy, Olyphant 3So PEC K V I LLE. WO MEN. Lena Gendall. Peckville 2275 Pe'arl Hopt'er, Peckville 120 Nora L. Pickering. Peckville 810 Cassie Williams, Peckville ' PKCKVILLE. - MEN. A. W. Jenkins. Peckville ! - & James M. Smith, Peckville ..1040 Wirfiam Allen, Peckville Charles Bettys, Peckville 4So Prof. H. B. Anthony. Peckville....... o X. W. Thomas, Peckville. THROOP. Margaret McCormick, Throop ll - KUerf Goffhey, Throop 1 August Ollendike, Throop 140 William Appleman, Throop S. Prof. John O'Hara Throop bU George Callahan, Throop ! WAVERLY. Pearl Hopper. Wavetiy 1'4 Robert Parker. Waverly 16i Lena Stone, Waverly , ' Lester Tyler, Waverly 210 Joseph Waite, Waverly. VANDLING. Rose McDonnell, Vandling 1775 Margaret Evans, Vandling 14u C. J. Arnold, Vandling 875 District 9. AVOCA. WOM EN. Nellie Murphy, Avoca Maine Graham, Avoca Margaret Ward, Avoca ..1613 - 419 . . 375 AVOCA - MEN. P. F. Devers, Avoca Robert Golden, Avoca Arthur Davidson, Avoca Walter Boylun, Avoca Maurice Johnson, Avoca .... Eugene McAlpine, Avoca... John Hogan, Avoca John Meade, Avoca William Brown, Avoca t COYNE. Xeljie Conway, Coyne ...... William Moonie, Coyne Frank, Berger, - Coyne William Dids, Coyne Frank Judge, Coyne ........ ..153( ..1645 ..1285 .. 540 .. 310 .. 230 . . 200 .. 175 .. 65 445 955 510 213 195 120 yrohjj YWMis, Coyne :i TIE DISTRICTS EDWARDsVlLLE MEN. John McGroarty, Edwardsville.. ..1630 John Oram. Edwardsville 1325 Sain Thomas, Green st 1245 John Bryant. Edwardsville 325 Isaac Edwards, Edwardsville 260 Thilip Richards. Edwardsville..'.... 170 KINGSTON. Mary La. Kingston 445 Lizzie Davis. Centre 240 James F. Mullahy. Kingston ......2233 CharleS Bates, Kingston 1870 MINERS' MILLS WOMEN. Rose Mayock. Miners' Mills 1705 Beatrice Athy, Miners' Mills 1515 Miss Skidmore, Miners' Mills 60 MINERS' MILLS MEN. . Dan Beven, Miners' Mills 1240 George Burt. Miners Mills 1005 Thomas Mack. Miners' Mills . 530 James Barnett. Miners' Mills 320 MINOOKA WOMEN. Anna Burke, Sliuooka 1875 Celia Nalliii. Minooka 1870 Kate Jeffers, Minooka 1645 Anna Kelly, Minooka 270 Mamie Coyne, Minooka 75 MINOOKA MEN. Patrick Mulkerin. Minooka 1965 Michael Judge. Minooka 913 William J. Burke, Minooka 210 Patrick Connolly. Minooka 183 Thomas Toole, Minooka 140 MOOSIC WOMEN. Dorothv Broadhead. Moosic ....'....1105 Nellie McDonald. Moosic 1010 Minnie Edsell, Moosic 655 Blanche Trcgellis, Moosic 495 Stella Levan, Moosic 280 MOOSIC MEN. t Michael Garey, Moosic 1470 William Sanderson, Moosic , 365 Samuel Bowman, Meosic 32u M. J. Munley, Moosic 70 OLD FORGE WOMEN. Nellie Ryan, Old Forge 960 Margaret Pickerel, Old Forge 820 Myrtle Wood. Old Forge 715 Kate Roach. Old Forge 420 Esther Drake. Old Forge. Mary Clarke, Old Forge 1200 OLD FORGE MEN. Michael Lyman. Old Forge 2270 George Drake, Old Forge 1310 Martin Memelo, Old Forge. 1005 John Corcoran, Old Forge 915 Michael Holland. Old Forge 870 Edward Fallon, Old Forge 540 George Drake, Old Forge ISO Robert B. Johnson. Old Forge 140 Thomas P. Jones, Old Forge. Samuel Pickerel, Old Forge. PA RSONS WOMEN. Catherine Kearney, Parsons 1110 Esther Frethaway. Parsons .. 820 Carrie Seiple. Parsons 835 Anna Farrell, Parsons 70 PARSONS MEN. James Moran. Parsons 1223 Terrence Reilly. Parsons 910 Arthur Stone. Parsons 890 Gomer Morgans, Parsons 155 RENDU AM. Katie Clannan, Retidham , 160 Charles Keogh, Rendham 710 TAYLOR WOMEN. Gertrude AVatkins. Taylor 465 Gertrude Morris. Taylor 2335 Anna Burns. Taylor 865 Anna Moreland, Taylor ........ 550 TAYLOR MEN; Casper Ott. Taylor ..1640 James W. Price, Taylor 82a John Henry Harris, Taylor 5,5 Tallie Griffiths. Taylor 400 Michael Murray. Taylor 3ia Edgar Stone. Taylor 15a John S. Evans. Taylor 8i Florence Sullivan, Taylor 50 Samuel J. Phillips, Taylor 10 James Morris, Taylor... 5 Thomas Gibbons, Taylor. District 10. ATHENS. Anna Maloney, Athens ... George Macafee. Athens Louis Stulen, Athens 715 210 10 DORRANCETOWN. Mary Barney, Dorranceton ... FACTORY VI LLE. Nettie Wright, Factory ville .. Miss B. Taylor, Factoryville Frank Kremer, Factoryville . Lottie Carr, Factoryville .1105 ....1260 ....1080 .... 945 .... 175 FOREST CITY WOMEN'. Mrs. G. E. Maxey, Forest City .. Anna Parkins, Forest City Mame Gillespie, Forest City , Elizabeth Hartuug, p'orest City Margaret Evans. Forest City Maine Cawley, Forest City Mrs. F. J. Hood, Forest City , Mrs. Wm. Healy Forest City , Rose Kearns, Frest City ... 2015 1770 880 585 520 435 275 110 65 FOREST CITY MEN'. Prof. J. L. Richards, Forest City. ..1990 William I). Owens, Forest City 1475 John J. Kellehen, Forest City. J. L. Morgan, Forest City Michael J. Walsh, Forest City. Frank W. White. Forest City.. Henry Brain, Forest City Martin Ruane, Forest City 810 O.I.) 290 250 65 635 GOULDSBORO. Margaret Crooks Bertha Crooks Dan Foley Fred O'Rourke. ..1805 .. 160 .. 375 GREAT BEXD. Margaret Stevens, Great Bend 2255 Florence Trowbridge, Great Bend.. 780 Prof. C. G. Thorpe, Great Bend..,.. 633 Michael Barry, Great Bend ......... 4o HALLSTEAD. Miss Lulu Fitzgerald, Hailstead.... 890 Miss Gertrude Read, Hailstead 175 MeMa CrMfell. Hallstead ..... .. HAWLBT WOMEN. Mary Harry, Hawley Winifred Haggerty, Hawley I.... Minnie Miller. Hawley...........:. Miss Mame Weggey, Hawley .. Olgrn Buck. Hawley Kate McHale, Hawley .32) . SSi . VS . 370 . 55 . 5 HAWLEY MEN. Patrick Haggerty. Hawley . Martin Oaffney. Hawley"..... Sid Brink. Hawley Russell Wall, Hawley Peter Hlttinger, ; Hawley .... John Thlelke, Hawley Warren Murphy. Hawley. .2555 .2200 . 420 . 145 . 75 . 45 HONESDALE - vWOMEN. Grace Bishop, East 2670 Bessie Lawyer, Court ". 1450 Antoinette Brown, Hon"sdale 1135 Nan Reed. East 1000 Bessie Healy, Young 1040 Bessie Dudley, Young 920 Edith F. Torrey. Honesdale 963 Alma Schu'lT. SDrine. 875 Gertrude Reilly,. Honesdale 620 Catherine Briggs, Honesdale 375 Edna Doollttle, Grove '. 470 Lottie Theobald, Grove 150 Miss M. Wood. Main......... 90 Mary Carr. Baird 70 Ada Hiller, Church. i Marie MeDermot, N. Main. Martha Volght, Main. HONESDALE MEN. George E. Moran, E. Honesdale 2305 L. Atkinson, Honesdale 1740 Edward Katz. Church 1235 William Baird. Baird 1015 F. Suydam, Honesdale 830 Joseph Barberi. Main 725 Fred Murray, Church 675 Jamga Miller. Main 385 George Deitzer, Young , 140 Sloan Ttuseott. Park 140 Emanuel W. Freeman, Church 135 Walter Sonn. Seelyville 85 Leon Ros. Dyberry 20 Thomas Kllroe. Seelyville 6 Edwin Butler. East. Dwight Dorflinger, Honesdale. KINGSLEY. Georglan'na Steam, Klngsley 30 Eugene Osmon, Kingsley 140 Eugene Loomis, Kingsley 350 LA XESBORO. Miss Etta Barnard. Lanesboro 10 Thomas Carr, Lanesboro , 109S John Fenton, Lanesboro 725 MONTROSE. Julia Coyle, Montrose 430 Clara Winans, Montrose 400 Carrie Thompson, Montrose . 130 John, Mahon. Montrose 1340 FPed Mack, Montrose 825 C. J. Wilson. Montrose. MOSCOW. Prof. W. E. Brown. Moscow 2495 MOUNT POCONO. Nellie1 Labar 140 Mrs. L. T. Smith 25 F. M. Bisbing 870 James Walton 2S3 NANTICOKE. J. C. Roth, Xanticoke 2650 . . NEW MILFORD. Miss B. Howe. Xew Milford 465 Clara Inderlied, New Milford 10 Martin F. Hand. New Milford 670 F. G. Inderlied, New Milford 280 NICHOLSON. Florence Wilkins, Nicholson 825 Mrs. Edson Lewis. Nicholson 25 William Friel, Nicholson ;..1610 Harry Stevens. Nicholsoi 570 M. I McMullen, Nicholson - 330 PLYMOUTH. J. F. Spry, Plymouth 1910 SAYRE. Lottie Charter, Sayre 3070 Agnes Weaver, Sayre Jiu Nellie Harrigan, Sayre 235 Dell Higgins, Sayre 175 Charles Palmer, Sayre, 1880 John Hammond, Suyre 4.ja STARUCCA. Mame Reddington, Starucca 1645 Iva Mumford, Starucca 1235 SUSQUEHANNA. Elizabeth Cahill, Susquehanna 2720 Jtiargaret McMalion, Susquehanna.. 725 John Buckley, Susquehanna 2105 Jay Barrett, Susquehanna 80 STROUDS BURG. WOMEN. Mabel Dunn, E. Stroudsburg 2905 Buela Seiple, E. Stroudsburg 1635 Carrie Bell, Stroudsburg 825 STROUDSBURG. - - MEN. Guy Reber, E. Stroudsburg 1425 Prof. Ralph Wood, Stroudsburg ..'. 735 Dr. C. C. Cross, E. Stroudsburg 735 Charles Warman, E. Stroudsburg.. 630 Frank Landers. Stroudsburg 485 Finley R. Porter, E. Stroudsburg .. 55 Ananias Warmen, E. Stroudsburg .. 15 George Torbett, E. Stroudsburg. THOMPSON. Viigia Brown, Thompson 1740 B. F. Barnes, Thompson 195 TOBYHANNA. Martha Huey 770 Mame Tournier 165 Adam Strouss 283 John Fahey. . TOWANDA. Mrs. Margaret Dunphy, Towanda. .1585 Floy - Lilly, Towanda 160 Dudley Humphrey, Towanda 2870 Frank Walsh, Thompson 825 Lew Fri.sbie, Towanda 150 Prof. John Stuart, Towanda 30 TUNKHANNOCK. Catherine Voss, Tunkhannock 1S65 Mame "Wall, Tunkhannock 425 Thomas Boyce, Tunkhannock 805 W. C. Kittridge, Tunkhannock 280 UNIONDALE. Daisy Bronson. L'niondale 1953 Alice Barringer 160 B. W. Pease. Uniondale 113 E. G. Burdick, Uniondale 33 WILKES - BARRE. WOM11N. Maud Hosier, Jonas Long's Sons.. 1010 Mary Mason, S. River 2383 WILKES - BARRE MEN'. Lilly D. Mak, Controller s office . . . . 2330 Frank Harte, Wilkes - Barre 2090 Bessie Sutton. Madison 965 Sam J. Connors, Wllkes - Barre . 875 Wm. Miller, 79 Gilderslicve.. 74:) Capt. James Kenney, Wells bldg... 635 Ralph Wolfe, Cinderella 510 Wm. Herring. Pennsylvania ....... 470 F. E. Schuler, 115 Ross 345 Wm. C. Cooke, S. Main 275 Prof. C. H. Weaver, 366 S. River 125 WYALUSING. Mrs. W. X Thompson, Wyalusing..l600 Mrs. Hattie Wagner, Wyalusing 473 Abbie Chamberlain, - Wyalusing 55 Profv C. J. MeCord. Wyadusing. . .1365 Oscar Brown, Wyalusing 320 "Folk for President" clubs are now - being organized in Missouri. It is to be hoped that Mr. Folk will not permit these demonstrations to draw his attention attention attention - from the fact that there is a lot of important work for Folk the Governor to attend to. Chicago Rec - ord - Hehald (Ind.). T Bishop Potter's Remarks Last Night orf "The Drink Problem" Problem" Were General - t REV. MR. BATEtiAft PRESIDED Rt. Rev. Bishop Henry C. Potter, of New York, famous as ttte dedieator of the "Subway Tavern," "addressed a small audience in the Court Square theatre last night on his chosen subject. 'The Drink Problem." It was expected that he would have something tor say about his famous "Subway Tavern," as had been advertised, but the bishop disappointed his audience in this respect. respect. ' ; The bishop reached this city .Sat 1:50 o'clock yesterday afternoon over the Lackawanna. He was met at the station station by Rev. Frances Batemen, rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, with whom Bishop Potter worked in New York: Rev. Dr. Rogers Israel; Major Major Everett Warren, John T. Brown, and George Kiotz. He was escorted to HotPl Jermyn. atid later was driven to the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Klotz on Madison avenue, for dinner. Rev. Mr. Bateman presided at the lecture and introduced the bishop. At the conclusion of his address, the audience audience was invited to ask of the bishop any questions concerning his lecture, but none took advantage of the offer. Bishop Potter handled the great social social problem in its abstract features. He urged the solution of it by the love of one man for another, and the realization realization of the unfortunate environments of those who are subjected to the temptations temptations of the drink traffic. So many thousands condemned to a life of monotonous and narrow reiteration.' reiteration.' he said, was largely responsible for the drink evil. After a man had completed a day of toil, he wanted some sociability, something to do to relieve relieve his mind, and quite naturally he turned his direction towards the saloon, saloon, for there he can find the evening papers and friends of similar mind. The bishop discussed tenement house conditions in New York, pointing out how the wretched life in a crowded tenement "drives a very large proportion proportion of the population by an inevitable pressure in the direction of intemperance." intemperance." "These people drink to forget their misery," snid the hishnn DISCUSS THE I TAVFRfl SILIS H. TWINING OPTICIAN 131 PENN The Title Guaranty s Trust Co. Of Scranton, Penna. MARCH 31st, 1905. Capital ........ .... $772,900.00 ; Surplus . 267,175.00 ! J Special Reserve 85,000.00 f Undivided Profits 207,412.40 CORPORATE SURETY BONDING. Officer in All the Principal Cities of the United States. Now the spring - cleaning time is here, you might find that you need a pair or two of lace curtains. We are showing the finest assortment in Scranton. They come in all styles, includ ing Nottinghams, Corded Arabians, Cable Nets, Swiss and Bob - inet Ruffles, Battenburgs, ' Cluny Laces, Irish Points, Renais - sance effects, etc. Our prices are just what you have been look - ing for. Come in and look around. ' . Lackawanna Curtain Co., CHAMPIONS OF LOW PRICES. 124 WASHINGTON AVENUE. Opposite J. D. Williams' HAYTI MAKES ' COMPLAINT. Thfragh Mr. Leger, Minister, to This Country, Objection Is Made to Minister Powell. SAYS HE OVERSTEPS PROVINCE W'asfiingtofis D1. C. April 14. The Haytian minister'here, Mr. Leger. called called at the State Department yesterday yesterday to present to Acting Secretary Loomis the objections of his government government to what they have been pleased to call the alarmist dispatches which United - States Minister Powell has been sending regarding the internal conditions of Hayti. No formal demand for his recall has, however, bjeen presented, and Mr. Leger's call' this morning was simply to acquaint Secretary Loomis with the situation from the Haytian standpoint. WOMAN BRINGS ' TRAMP TO TIME. Washington, N. J.. April 14. Mrs. Elizabeth Emory, a comely widow who owns a boarding house here, has no fear of tramps. Wednesday one visited hpr door and asked for his breakfast. Mrs. Emory said she would provide him with a breakfast if he would saw kindling wood for an hour. The tramp agreed. On finishing the meal he refused refused to do the work, and, laughing at the woman, left. Mrs. Emory put on her shawl and, hiding a rawhide whip under it. started started In pursuit. She found the tramp in the center of the town and demanded that he return and keep his part of the agreement. He 'laughed at her again, and the woman lashed him until he bogged for mercy. A crowd watched the whipping with delight. The tramp was glad to go to work. Mrs. Emory marched him back to the woodpile and the crowd followed. She stood over him for two hours while he worked the bucksaw. DICKSON CITY. The different committees appointed for the St. Thomas Church fair are working diligently to make it a success. Already a large number of beautiful and useful articles have been donated. A great many people have taken the opportunity opportunity of purchasing tickets for the lot of land donated by the. Dickson City La ml Company. AVENUE. 3 n '' X

Clipped from The Scranton Truth14 Apr 1905, FriPage 10

The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania)14 Apr 1905, FriPage 10
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