Great Falls Weekly Tribune, Friday August 17, 1894

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Great Falls Weekly Tribune, Friday August 17, 1894 - SSLmI DAMAE SUIT Lealee Delshe. Brinag Salt...
SSLmI DAMAE SUIT Lealee Delshe. Brinag Salt AgJSa" John seasemu, a Wealthy Sea Rtver ttlsemam. The Complanlt Reads Very Much Like as Rxtraet from the Breeklaridge Breeklaridge Case. Saturday afternoon a maost sensational damage suit was flied in the distriot court. The fair plaintiff and her brother brought the papers Into the clerk's of. tfle and filed them about 2 p. m. The case Is entitled Loulesa Donohue vs. John Spencer and the attorneye for the plaintiff are Toole & Wallace, the well-known Helena firm of attorneys. The defendant, John Spencer, is one of best known cattle m'n in this seetion. li ramnch is up Sun river, but he has made his home in Great Palls for the last year or more. He has always enjoyed the respect of the onmmunity onmmunity and the esteem of a large circle of friends, and the latter are not slow to denounce the bringing of the suit and declare their firm belief in his Innocence. The plaintiff is also well known in this city where she has lived for a good many years, moving in the best society and enjoying the esteem of a wide circle of acquaintances. The complaint reads as follows: The plaintiff complains of the defendant defendant in the above entitled action, and for cause alleges: 1. That at all the times hereinafter mentioned the defendant and plaintiff's sister, one Mattie Donahue Spencer, have been and now are husband and wife, and that at the times hereinafter mentioned the family residence of defend. ant's family was in Great Falls, Montan.. 2. That on the 24th day of January, A. D. 1804, at the dwelling house, or the family residence of the defendant in the said town of Great Falls, plaintiff was then and there stopping and staying, looking after the house, keeping and caring for the children of her said sister, at the request of her said sister and defoendant, defoendant, and that her said isater vae then and there, owing to ill health, ab. sent on a journey in the state of Calli fornia; and that plaintiff was then and there occupying a bedroom in the said house heretofore assigned to her by de fendant and her sister, as a private lodging room, in which said bedroom there were two beds, the one occupied, used and belog the bed of plaintiff, the other occupied by Annie Spencer, the minor girl child of defendant. That on the date last aforesaid, and in the said private lodging room of plaintiff in said dwelling house, defendant defendant willfully. wantonly, violently, rudely, and insolently committed an indecent assault upon plaintiff's person in the manner following, to wit: [Here follows a description of what took place couched in such vivid language as would indicate that the fair plaintiff's attorneys are literary literary artites of the realistic school. Suffice Suffice it to say that the complaint ailegse that the drama of Joseph and Potiiher's wife was enacted with the title roles reversed.] reversed.] The complaint then goes on to bhat by and because of the foregoing acts of defendant, plaintiff suffered great anguish, terror and anxiety of mind and body and was thrown In a state of excitement, excitement, alarm and fear, and was so frightened and shocked in her feelings as to become nervous and and suf.fered suf.fered great distrees of body and mind and that by the said wanton and malicLous malicLous acts of defendant, as aforesaid, plaintiff was further outraged in her feelings, degraded and humiliated, all to her damage in the sum of $25,003. Wherefore plaintiff prays judgment againet said defendant for the unm of $25,0C0 and the coste and disbursements of this suit.

Clipped from Great Falls Weekly Tribune17 Aug 1894, FriPage 2

Great Falls Weekly Tribune (Great Falls, Montana)17 Aug 1894, FriPage 2
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  • Great Falls Weekly Tribune, Friday August 17, 1894

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