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vampire 3 - tha authorities to act, and they raided the...
tha authorities to act, and they raided the castle. In a big underground dungeon, they found several of the girls, still alive, and in an oubliette they found the bones of others who ' had been slain. The Countess was about forty and still had a complexion complexion of peaches and cream, like that of a young girl. It was discovered that she drank the blood of the young girls, and also bathed her face and hands and shoulders in their blood, with the idea that it preserved her own beauty and miraculously aided her to retain her youth. The existence of such living human monsters as the Countess Bathori and wild Fritz Haarmann, in Hanover, is believed believed to be the basis for the legends and superstitions about vampire ghosts which have been current for hundreds of years, and which are still current among the peasants of European countries. A whole literature has been built up around these legends, and there are thousands of hair - raising stories, of which the most classical example ia "Dracula." The vampire of superstition, properly speaking, is a blood - sucking ghost, which may be either a man or woman. It is usually supposed to be the soul of a dead man or woman which quits the buried body by night to suck the blood of living persons. Hence, they say, when the vampire's vampire's grave is opened, the corpse is found to be fresh and rosy from the blood which he has thus absorbed. i To put a stop to the vampire s ravaged, when the ' identity is discovered, people go solemnly to the cemetery j open the grave, and drive a stake through the heart, or the head is cut off, or the heart torn out and the body burned, or boiling water and vinegar are poured over the grave. A sister of Prince Bibesco, who has made a study of Roumanian peasant customs, customs, tells how the people of the country - The Orijln.I Strap - Hanger." RamarlcahTe" Snapshot of Three NoctuU Bat. Asleep, Cradling Their Young, Which Arv Hairle. and Wrinkled. side, to - day, when they believe that a buried person has turned vampire, go to the grave, even if it is one of their own relatives, and drive a stake through tha corpse. They do not hate or blame the dead person. They pity him. And they call the Btake, "the stake of deliverance." The persons supposed generally to turn vampire after their deaths are men who in life were wizards, witches, dabblers in black magic, devil worshipers, suicides, those who have come to a violent end, and people who have been cursed either by their parents or the church. . . But a perfectly innocent person may become a vampire after death if any animal, animal, especially a cat, leaps over the coffin, or a bird flics over it. Sometimes the vampire of superstition is thought to be the soul of a living person person which leaves his body while he is asleep, and - goes off in another sort of astral body, to suck the blood of others. There are terrifying stories of beautiful beautiful young girls, puro and innocent, whose souls go out in these trances, but in an astral body which looks like their own, to visit their sweethearts at night. The sweetheart thinks it is the real girl. She bends over his bed. He thinks she is kissing him. He falls into a delirious Burne - Jonet'f Famou. FT - . - .

Clipped from The Springfield News-Leader11 Jan 1925, SunPage 22

The Springfield News-Leader (Springfield, Missouri)11 Jan 1925, SunPage 22
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