Freeland enters hound at Fox Hunters show 28 may 1940

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Freeland enters hound at Fox Hunters show 28 may 1940 - THE DAILY PANTAGRAPII. BLOOMINGTON. Fox Hunters...
THE DAILY PANTAGRAPII. BLOOMINGTON. Fox Hunters Will Show Hounds At Springfield Memorial Day Com- Com- men high a .la A i Basket Dinner At Noon, Other Events Planned With the Sportsmen Raiders Net Roberts But Coach tennis team lay afternoon Hit 12 bana. Although land II V JOHN S. IM1MMAX. liiit event thu week for Illinois spoilsmen, the Illinois State F. Hunters iatun's annual spring hour d show and basket dinner, Is chedu'.ed to be helj Thursday. Memorial Memorial day. at the stale fairground in Sr-nr.fielJ. Sr-nr.fielJ. Sr-nr.fielJ. Annually a red letter day for the of-! of-! of-! majority of fo hui.tera and do fanciers through ut the middlewet. and .--v .--v .--v .--v t I arcordir.i to Cr.arie n't Sprtr.- and Drum- Drum- far recent Jack rot Dunn of i:jo.miEjcton. Mr. Dunn, a state di rector, wi;i be master of ceremonies. Ik-nle Ik-nle Ik-nle at Noota. Feativi'.ies will start at 10 a. m. with formal entry of hounds. At II a. n, a s;-eakinic s;-eakinic s;-eakinic program featuring featuring outstar.dinx fox hunters from all part of the country will begin. This wi:i be fullowed with a bl pic-nie pic-nie pic-nie dinner at 12 noon. The bench show will get under way at 1 p. m. with W. II. Wanford of Hickman. r Me-. Me-. state brixht- brixht- thejTenn, nationally prominent field record trial and bench ehow Jude as chief and 1 ofilcial, Rinrrmaster will be Ernest Even .Dawson of Scottland. I.L no for with Among the speakers during the forenoon will b Sam Vooldridte of Llnzton. Ky.. editor of The ;ib- ;ib- iChawe. ore c f the leading foa hunt in Journals. J. U Iyd. director of ajsrieuHure of for the State of Illinois, will give thehe adire.aof welcome. Ward Offered. The bench show will offer 82 !awmra, fur n d.fTent clw.ea with ior been lat is in picnic (he track, to-nl(ht to-nl(ht this I first. econd. third and fourth place for each event. Among those from this area expected expected to attend or have entries in the meet are Dr. It. K. lrosaer. Po-lira Po-lira Po-lira !-ttrl !-ttrl !-ttrl Holla Jones. Jeane HaWaer of Danvers sceretary T"ell M!ean group. John tlen- tlen- seal and Marion Pippin of Stan-fori: Stan-fori: Stan-fori: Alec Hale. Freeland Salmon and Frank Shonta of Itloomlngton; Charles Moody of Clinton; Carl Turner of I-ane; I-ane; I-ane; Davis Bros, and "Van" Van Winkle of IJncoln: Mr. ard Mr. Oke Kilgua of Falrbury. and Th' mas I'mbarger and James Beeves of Carloek. Glenn B. Boaweil of Danville 1 president f the state organization and Reed CJowler of ML Vernon is uamp bn stufe fo prrxrrre f f.iiforical and educational value. . Pttllutton uhatement. S Prevention of u n w i s e drainntje and rexturation of noturul htttiltiit on idle innds fo precent trunum and re st are vtldUfe. f. t'i it Mervire for all employes employes of the dt jmrtment of conrrvntnn. 7. Incrrun in Ike fuihrming ntiimul populdfloa in fllinnh. S. .Von fHirf kin ml ilnifri-fion ilnifri-fion ilnifri-fion of the drptirtment of rim-srri rim-srri rim-srri of ioa. 9. i'urchnxtng and lenxtnij of additional hunting and fixhiny ground in the Htate. 10. yttfdifionn! Irqixltit ion nec-rxntry nec-rxntry nec-rxntry to prevent forrht fire in sfurV. if. Cloned )iu nim; neanon and the enforcement thereof for all ili. erctpt perch and ante It in Ltike Mirhfjun under )tnt Mponxorthip of IIihuu, Indiana, Indiana, Wisconsin and if ichigan. It. Paagi of the -Ruck-hill -Ruck-hill -Ruck-hill -Ruck-hill aiding the restoration of a. I. Conf iHMofiox of the long term program of thm depart' tnent of connrrvntion. H. Continuation of the pres ent program of the itate dit-is- dit-is- dit-is- dit-is- i Ion of park. IS. Co-operation Co-operation Co-operation uith government government in preservation and of mineral and other natural resource accessory fo the r conn conn m w welfare and defense of the rounfrs. Members of the Iegion commission commission who attended the session were Theod'-re Theod'-re Theod'-re F. Beinhnrdt. Floaa-muor; Floaa-muor; Floaa-muor; Jack Pack. (Irayslake; A. 1. Crump. Barry: Dr. J. V. Spresser. Taylorville; Otis Iarnar. K'ulrUre; ThoniM J. Lynch, atate conserva tion director. " i IIKI.P. IIF.I.P. I We're glad to be back after about a 10 day absence. lx days of which i were spent reclining at Brokaw hos-1 hos-1 hos-1 pital. (Had to report we'ie feeling better than ever now and we want to hear from all you sportsmen and get the news of all Central IUinola outdoor activities. We want you to feel this Is YOUR column for distribution of Interest ing iiems or wnai you and your fellow rod men and hunters are doing. doing. So nhoot u the lowdown and as Hal Moiey often pr nii.ies fn his interesting go;r department, we won't tell where we got it. honest. Roland Mar count of found the Just pleased 22-oz. .v mi . ittr trams en aars secretary treasurer C..f--n. afil! Voi'i Ir le bmrbm'. f.n an lr:o if jjr jo iars oi-l'tixna oi-l'tixna T'- T'- fmtUtm L.-j-1raj L.-j-1raj r ut a Ai4ra,, a? k- k- tr -av'.rf- -av'.rf- -av'.rf- Ci- Ci- aa b-ua b-ua b-ua In t p r ! a-1 a-1 a-1 a f!?a:: 416 N. SHOUT Hark, there anglers! IK jou realise that the central tune haa aesvaon opening la Jut av few da off? Yea, It opens Saturday. Saturday. Juno 1. But Juat a word of rautlon: lteniemler only In the central tone. NOT In the northern tone, which remains cloved until June IX. for the tteneflt of eerone concerned, all rountlea llng north of Mclean Mclean county are In the northern tone. Ijike Bloomington. of roup, U n the central tone and ran he flahed lefally for ha HetrtnninK Saturday. 1 The conservation commission of a T ' .-4 .-4 .-4 tr,. I I-ECION I-ECION I-ECION HAS PIUMiBAM faaar- I II ;a"a- ;a"a- ant the IKinoia depart ment of the Amer- Amer- I. a-a a-a a-a aara'l'n fc'i ! & !'" ll'n recently made public lU 15 point conservation projrram. Ir.cluded In the platform were a recommendation that the present . n a . program of the state department of s.i connervation he continued and an endorsement of the "nor partisan administration" of the department. Follow in r U the program adopted: I. Teaching of conservation in puhlie- puhlie- trknnlt. f. C'oHfinu'if ion of the I'ltt-tnonUot.rrt I'ltt-tnonUot.rrt I'ltt-tnonUot.rrt a art, auiing the atate in v ildlife restoration. S. Purchase of tamarack ivarua f -r -r J 0:ar !:!r-a' !:!r-a' !:!r-a' . . . 1 a. : aa is la rac-.-a rac-.-a rac-.-a rac-.-a a-r a-r a,f lha a Ufa t.. t Sa At laaa la lia TO MAKE BOI ND ABOl'T. Ontario Is a great place to be this tln-e tln-e tln-e of year, take it ftom two local angling groups which just re turned over the weekend from ex peditions to the northern wilds . . . Back from Fa:le Ivike are lender Van Oundy, Alan Scle, Wilfred Mahan and Bulaa" Conklln . . . Home after a successful outing at Crow lake are Noble Taston, Edgar Uindeen and n and I. J. Bower . . . Both parties brought back plenty of trout and wall eyed pike . . . The Logan County Sportsmen's Sportsmen's club haa set Sunday. July 2S. as the date for its annual fish fry, Irealdent IC 11. Clarke of Lincoln haa announced . . . Save ua a place. Brother Clarke . . . The affair affair will be held at Gorman, hiidge . . . Apparently contemplating a distant trip soon ia Carl tllon, the beauty ashop man, who haa been acquiring acquiring different varieties of tackle i the last several weeks . . . Boh1 Feik is another getting ready to shove off . . . Boh K I k e n lerr would welcome a dry spell, at least while the boss is gone . . . Every time he'a planned an aaicling trip event to Lake I'loomington rain in terfered . . . Blue gill and catfish catfish are beginning to bite along the Klckapoo. according to (.torse Mutln of Downs . . . Tho-a Tho-a Tho-a nx,n- nx,n- hunteiat. t.rurge I'rrguaon ""ova rr" I teaarh. Bill IWk. etc. split up Sun day, part going to Morris and the others to Wlllia nuaoeld. but without succesa . . . Thev all lout out In the finals . . . When thev aren't bttlrg any place elae. go to I'eorla and fish at Dtxon'a pond, advises Lawrence Evan ... He and I-arry I-arry I-arry Gregory went over Saturday and brought back about RO pounds, of carp . . . Mv, I miiat have a Fresh Slued Smoked Fresh Pure 2-!b. 2-!b. 2-!b.

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  1. The Pantagraph,
  2. 28 May 1940, Tue,
  3. Page 13

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  • Freeland enters hound at Fox Hunters show 28 may 1940

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