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Lantz - NOTES AND QUERIES. lttorlenl. Biographical and...
NOTES AND QUERIES. lttorlenl. Biographical and Genealogical CCXLVII. Military Abdou in 1823. At this the followinz volunteer military companies : Pennsylvania Guards, Harrisl.urg Junior Guards, Harrlsburg Union Infantry, and Dauphin Cavalry. Just to think of it, four companies in a town of about 2,000 inhabitants. Military ardor mutt have been at fever heat THE CUJIBKIUjAND VALLEY. Brief Sketches of Its Early Worthier. BtrcnANAK. Thomas. Thomas Buchanan, son of Robert Buchanan, Buchanan, was born in 1747,inEast Pennsboro' township, then Lancaster county, Province of Penn'a. He received a good English education, and had quietly settled down to married life, ncor Big Spring, when the long - roll at Lexington reverberated down the Cumberland Valley. He was commissioned June 25. 1775, third lieutenantin Capt Chambers' Chambers' company, Col. William Thompson's Buttalion of the Pennsylvania Line, and upon the organization of the First Penn'a regiment was commissioned Captain, October October 1, 1777. He resigned Sept. 26, 1779. On the 18th of April, 1780. he was appointed appointed by the Supreme Executive Council, one of tho sub - lieutenants for Cumberland county, which position he held until the clese of the war. In August, 1787, he was keeping an inn near or at Newville. He was elected sheriff of Cumberland county in 1789. and subscauently served as ungaoier General of the Militia. He died October 13, 1823, aged sevent - six years. General Buchanan Buchanan m. about 1774, Nancy Macfarlane, daughter of William Macfarlane, of Big Spring. Of their children eight reached maturity. Blythe, Benjamin. Benjamin Blythe was the sou of William William Blythe, who was a prominent Indian Trader, and served in the Provincial army, being commissioned a Lieutenant. December 24th. 1757. For his services he shared in the laud grants on the Bald Eagle. The son was in the French and Indian war, and was wounded at Sidling Hill, on the 2d of April, 1756. In the Revolution Revolution he served with distinction, and was Colonel of one of the Cumberland county battalions of ossociators. He was commissioned commissioned by the Supreme Executive Council Council a sub - LInutenant of the county, March 12th, 1777, and again April 18th, 1780. Ho wts a man of unusual prominence in political affairs, and was one of the leaders of the opposition to the Federal constitution, being the author of the call for the Harrisburg Harrisburg conference of 178. He died at his residence near Shippensburg, and was buried at Middle Spring Presbyterian church - yard, but we have not th date or age. Mr. Blytho was undoubtedly one of the most influential influential men in the early history of the valley, and it is to bo regretted that the biographical biographical facts at hand are so meager. Boyd, Robert. Robert Boyd, a nativoof the Province of Ulster, Ireland, and of Scotch parentage, settled In tho Cumberland Valley in what was afterwards Letterkenny township about the yenr 1 737. He was a gentleman of education education and influence on tho "far frontiers" of the then Province of Pennsylvania. During During the French and Indian war he was commissioned commissioned a captain in the Third Battalion of the Provincial forces, Colonel Hugh Mercer, Mercer, his commission bearing date May 1, 1758, and participated in tho Forbes expedition. expedition. He died about 17C0, loaving the fol lowing children: . John. ''. Margaret. tit'. Jane, iv. Agnes. v. James. vi. Esther. vii. Samuel. viii. Mary. The eldest son, John Boyd, who served in the Bouquet expedition of 1764, died in March, 1770, leaving a wife Mary, who died June 30, 1778 (all burled at Rocky Spring graveyard) and children: I. JAMKS, b. 1749. 't. Elizabeth, b. 1751. Hi. Robert, b. 1755. iv. William, b. 1757. v. Samuel, b. 1759. t. John, b. 1762. vii. Thomab, b. 1764. THE LANTZ FAMILY. 1. Philip Lantz, b. in the year 1725, in Switzerland. At the age of Ave years be was kidnapped and brought to America. On arriving arriving in this country he was brought into Lampeter township, Lancaster county, Pa., hiving landed at Baltimore, Md. He was bound out to one Peter Yordy. This Peter Yordjr was a lame man and tradition states that the township above named derived its name from his being lame and his Christian same, and familiarly called "Lame Peter." When Philip grew to manhood he married one of Peter Yordy and Margaret Leibe's daughters. Many years after Mr. Yordy and wife's death letters came to Lancaster addressed to him inquiring after his wife and stating that her brother had died in one of the German - French provinces, leaving a large fortune to which she was heir, but as nsnal the inheritance was not secured. Peter Lantz died in 1808. They had issue: 2. t. Jons, b. 1761; d. 1806; ra. first, Christina Kreldor; m. secondly, Regina Sh.rrick. " b ''. Jaoob, died at the age of twenty - three years; m. Miss Rodacre; and had issue, two sons and one daughter, of whom one son was living in the year 1877, seventy - eight years old; the remaining children died young. in. Peter; m., and removed to Westmoreland Westmoreland county, Pa., where his wife shortly after died, leaving him two sons, Paul and Felix, and ono daughter. The children are supposed to be residing in that county. iv. Christian; late in life m. a Widow Bechily (?). He died at the age of sixty - two years, leaving no issue. f. Mary; m. a Mr. Werfel or Warfel. tl. Susan; m. a Mr. Harnish. t't". Franoes; m. a Mr. Lehr (?). ?''. Eliza; died in Carroll county, Ind., about the year 1874, at the age of ninety - two years. II. John Lantz (Paul); born in the year 1761, in Lancaster county, Pa.; d. 1806. He m. first Christina Kreider, daughter of Tobias Kreider, of Lebanon county, Pa., a on of John, of Martin, of Jacob, who, in 1712. located in the Conestoga settlement. She was b. 1764; d. 1875, in Ohio. They had issue: i. Susan; b. 1789; d. 1867. She io - sided after tho doath of her mother, with Abraham Landis, at Rockport, Allen county, Ohio; rn. Richard Campbell, and settled In Knox county, O., in the year 1824, and had Wue (surname Campbell) : 1. Daniel; m., and resides in Alton county, O. 2. Mary; m. Louis Rowe, and resides resides in Knox county, O. 3. Margaret; d. s. p. 4. Elizabeth; m, Martin Bauer, an.t resides in Iowa. 5. Susan; m; William Campell, and resides in Iowa. 3. ii. Abraham, b. May 5, 1791; m. Magdalena - itcs. 4. HI. JOHN, b. 1793; m. MaryTrout 5. 'c. Tobias, b. Nov. 25, 1794; m. Charlotte Resxler. John Lantz, m. secondly Regina Sker - rick. They had issue: v. Jacob; removed to tho Western country. III. Abraham Lantz (John, Paul), b. May 5, 1791, in Manor township, Lancaster county, Penn'a; d. May 20, 1870. After the death of his parents he was taken to the home of his guardian, Abraham Landis, of Lancaster county, Pa. At the age of eighteen eighteen years he went to learn the carpenter trade, with his undo, James Lantz, which occupation he followed some time. In the year 1846 ho was chosen by lot a preacher in the Reformed Mennonite Church, in which office he remained a faithful minister nntil his death. Mr. Lantz m. June 6, 1819, Magdalena Sites; b. May 6, 1795; d. Aug. 29, 1802. They had issue: 0. i. Jaoob, b. February 26, 1820; m. Maria Bear, 7. ii. Samuel, b. July 8, 1821 ; m. Leah Brubakor. Hi. Fannie, b. January 4, 1823; m., December 30, 1841, Jacob Stehman; b. November 5, 1812; d. February 3, 1866, and had issue (surname Stehman) : l. William, b. September 7, 1842 m. Louisa High. 2. Abraham, b. June 14, 1842; m. Mary Rex. 3. Anna, b. April 13, 1846; m. Rett ben Balzart. 4. Mary M., b. November 9, 1848; m. Henry Kunkel(?) 5. Curtis J., b September 15, 1850; m. Emma Keffer. 6. Fannie, b. November 19, 152; m. William Rude. 7. Harriet, b. March 25, 1856; m Hudson William. 8. Francis, b. April 21, 1860; m FlorvKeaey. 9. Elizabeth, b. April 27, 1862; m. Charles Bear. iv. Abraham, b. An trust 24. 1824: m. first, December 8, 1867, Barbara Cassel, b. December 11, 1831; d. April 10 1878, and had issue: 1. Martin, b. March 3, 1869; d. April 14, 1374. 2. Abraham, b. November 11, 1870. Abraham Lantz m. secondly, Janu ary 30. 1880, Susan Haber. v. Magdalena, b. April 18, 1826; m. September 27, 1856, George Haut, b. September 30, 1829; and had issue (surname (surname Haut) : 1. Bybon - Bushness, b. February 9, 1857; m. Alice G. Kauffman, b. December 2, 1857. 2. Clayton - Benton, b. April 28, 1859; m. March 11, 1882, Fletta Still wagner, b. March 9, 1863. . Francis, b. October 11, 1827; re sides on the old homestead in Ohio; m. Anril 11. 1814 Electa Wallace, b. March 29, 1835; no issue. vii. ESTHEjR (twin), b. Jan. 24, 1830. viii. Henry (twin), b. Jan. 24, 1830. ix. Mary. b. January 9, 1833; m. November November 3, 1856, Francis Ash ton; reside in Lima, O., where he is engaged in merchand izing; and had issue (surname Ashton): 1. Elizabeth Magdalena, b. Dec 16, 1858; m. C. D. Dunann ; reside at Englewood, 111. 2. Mary - Ruth, b. July 10, 1860; m. R. M. Hughes; reside at Lima, O. 3. John - Rudgard, - b. August 3, 1 862 ; married and resides in Lima, O. 4. Fanny - Bell, b. July 27, 1865; d. June 24, 1872. 5. Harriet - Benson, b. July 19, 1868 6. Frances Lantz, b. May 6, 1875. IV, John Lantz (Abraham, John.Paul), b. in 1793. After the death of his father he went to his uncle, Jacob Lantz, with whom he learned the blacksmith trade, which he followed a few years, when he removed in 1833 to the vicinity of Waynesboro, Franklin county, Pa., where he engaged in farming nntil his death, which occurred in March, 1878. He ra, Mary Trout. They had issue : '. Barbara; resides in the vicinity of Chambersburg, Pa. ii. Maria. Hi. Elizabeth; resided in Lancaster county, Pa. iv. Susan; lesides in the vicinity of Winchester, Va. v. Catharine. vi. Martha. vii. Anna. viii. John. ix. Barbara. V. Tobias Lang; (Abraham, John, Paul), b. November 25, 1794. When quite a small boy his mother died and was taken from his home in Lancaster county, to his grandfather, Tobias Kreider's, near Lebanon, Lebanon, Pa., where he remained until he grew to manhood, and learned the trade of a tailor. He m., February 20, 1820, Charlotte Charlotte Ressler, b. in 1802; d. August 18, 1848. They had issue. t. Eliza, b. October 2, 1821 ; m. Dec. 6, 1846, Jacob Embick; reside in Lebanon, Pa. ; and had issue (surname Embiok) : 1. Mary Ann, b. Aug. 20, 1848. 2. 3. Charlotte, b. March 22, 1850. Sarah II, b. Oct. 26, 1855; d. s. p. 4. Louise, b. Sept. 19, 1857. ii. Maria, b - March 4, 1824; m. Frederick Frederick Staeger; no issue. Hi. Catharine, b. April 7, 1828; m. Daniel Bliestine; and had issuo (surname Bleistine): 1. EPHRAIM, 6 Sept 15, 1852 2 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 19, 1859. 3. Samuel, b. Sept 3, 1868. iv. SARAH, b. July 5, 1836; m. December 18, 1856, John Benson, an attorney at law, residing in Lebanon, Pa.; and had issue, (surname Benson) : 1. LAURA E. b. June 6, I860; m. Jacob G. Adams, attorney at law, Lebanon, Pa. 2. Cyrus L., b. Dec. 15, 1862. 3. Charlotte, b. March 21, 1866; m. Charles S. Havard. 4. Sarah M., b. May 17. 1868. ' 5. Mary G.f b. Dec. 8, 1879. v. Cyrus Ressler, b. August 26,1842; educated in the public schools and college; brought np a farmer, then to school teaching, and read law, admitted to the bar of Lebanon county, Fa., where he now resides engaged in his profession ; was a soldier in the Rebellion, enlisting in the 127th Regiment, Pa. Vols.; served in the following offices: borough council, deputy county treasurer, District Attorney for Lebanon connty, and Senator of the 14th Senatorial district, 1880, for two years; m. April 27th, 1865, Mary Kauffman, b. April 10th, 1842, and had issue: 1. Lily J., b. Feb, 13, 1867. 2. Harry K b. Feb 19, 1874. Tobias Lantz married a second time. VI. Jacob Lantz (Abraham, John, Paul) b. Feb. 26, 1820, in Penn'a. ; removed with his parents to Richland county, O., thence to Morrow county, that state, where they resided for some years, and finally to Porter county, Ind., near Valparaiso. He m. Maria Bear, b. March 13, 1826, daughter of Benjamin Bear and Elizabeth Hnpert. They had issue: . Franklin - Winfield, b. Jan, 14, 1849, at Mansfield, O. ; he entered Valparaiso Valparaiso College in 1864, and in 1867 Asbury (DePauw) University, Indiana, where in the year 1870 he received the degree of A. B and in 1873 that of A. M. ; in 1872 one of the founders and editor of the Columbus (Ind.) "Republican;" "Republican;" in 1875 appointed to a position in the U. S. Tresury Department at Washington, Washington, D. C, where he resides; is the author of "Stock Tables," N. Y., 1884; he m, March 31, 1885, Mary Lois Sherman, daughter of Charles E. Sherman and Margaret Margaret Elgar, b. June 9, 1850; no issue. ii. Amos - Bear, b. Feb. l, 1851, at Mansfield, Ohio; m. Oct. 25, 1882, Ce - linda Sylvania Hiland, daughter of Shad - rach Hiland and Sylvania Herendeen ; she was b. July 30, 1661 ; and had issue: 1. A. Brice Hiland; b. Aug. 20, 1883. Hi. LYDIA - ANN, b. July 5, 1853; m. May 21, 1880, Richard Shumaker, son of Edwin Shumaker an J Martha Jones. They had issue (surname Shumaker) : 1. Nellie - Maud, b. April 7, 1881; d. June 1, 1888. 2. Franklin - Howard, b. Sept. 23, 1882. iv. Amanda, b. July 20, 1856; d. May 21, 1864. Mary - Ellen, b. Jan. 13, 1860; d. May 20, 1864. vi. Harvey, b. May 1, 1874; in 1888 received the degree of Ph. B. at De Pauw University; is now superintendent of Spencer (Ind.) public schools. vii. Emma, b. Dec. 22, 1866; d. Aug. 11, 1870. VII. Samuel Lantz (Abraham, John, Paul), b. July 3, 1821, in Strasburg township, township, Lancaster county. Pa. Ho learned the blacksmith trade, which he followed for fourteen years; since then he has been engaged engaged in farming, residing near Belleview, Richland county, Ohio. He m., April 20, 1843, LEAH BRUBAKER; b. July 24, 1825. They had issue : . Henry, b. July 7, 1844; engaged in farming; ra., Dec. 19, 1872, Mary E. Steel, daughter of John Steel and Mary Knox; she was b. Aug. 12, 1851. H. Catharine, b. Oct. 4, 1847; d. Oct 27, 1848. Hi. Harriet (twin), b. Oct 4,1847; d. Oct 27, 1848. iv. Benjamin Franklin, b. Sept 17, 1850. V. MARY, b. March 29, 1853: m. 1st, Benj. Conklin; m. 2dly, William Thoma. vi. Albert, b. Sept. 5, 1855; d a. p. '. Fanny, b. April 7, 1859; m. Harry Shenafield. viii. ABRAJIAM, b. Ang. 29, 1862. ix. Sarah, b. Ang. 5, 1865. e. w. s. p. -

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Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)09 Nov 1889, SatPage 5
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