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Belle Snyder - "?( " V r t - - - ' ' - - v Veer 7EST SCRANTOm...
"?( " V r t - - - ' ' - - v Veer 7EST SCRANTOm V Local Minstrel Men Are Scoring a Great Hit at the Lyceum - Other Interesting Notes. r Fitrona of "Colombia," the Amert eu dram now being presented at the Lyoetim theater for the beenrtt of the Tonne Women'! Christian association, re very enthusiastic in their praise of the West Soranton minstrel men. who are coring a rreat hit in the Emancipation scene. In the last act Their performance Is the second last number on the programme, and it seemed as if the audienc would never tire of their work 'last night, and It was necessary for them to discontinue, in order o permit the performance to conclude on time. Several encores were accorded them, and it was necessary for the boys to introduce some extra work in order to satisfy the audience. Miss Freda Kann, who assumes the role of Topsy, was unable to sing last nlcat and Ben Allen, the Inimitable comedian of the Electric City Wheel men, rendered "Teasing" In such an admirable admirable way that he was obliged to sing the second time. This did not appease the audience, and the famous "Gas light Quartette," Tom Stephens, Lu ther Thomas, Tom Thomas and Hal Battln, came out and save something about a bug on a wall, which was made up for the occasion. Master Frank Raymond, the wonder ful child buck and wing - dancer, re celved a double encore and a nice, big box filled with choice candy. His dancing is marvellous, when his age is taken into consideration. Tom Stephens, Stephens, who takes the lead In the songs of the scene, made the hit of his stage career, and his work stamps him as one of " the best amateur minstrel per formers ever seen in this city. - His dla. lect is perfect, and his natural manner of expression, together.. with his won derful make - up, singing and dancing, combine an ideal negro character im - ersonation. The members of the scene are Ed ward Eisele, Fred .Weinss, Luther Thomas, Thomas D. Thomas. Ben Allen, Allen, Tom - Stephens, Frank Raymond sr.,. Frank Raymond, jr., Nathan Ja cobs, Victor Wenzel, Emrys Joseph, Robert Kreig, Walter Jones and Chas. Berhtold. Much credit is due Miss Freda Kann for the able manner in which the scene is enacted. The concluding concluding performance will be given this evening. Jemoernts Made a Good Showing. The Democrats had a demonstration and mass meeting last evening. Bauer's band had been engaged, and their music always draws a crowd on Main venue, and particularly in .the even ing; when there is generally many peo - ple'"bn the street, but a large rcpre - errtrftion of last mcbt athering came hole First Legislative district. ' An early meeting was held in D. D. vans' hall, on South Main avenue, and the big meeting was in St. David's hall, where addresses were delivered by Mr. Howell, E. C. Amnierman. John J. Fahey, Fred Hammes and Timothy D. Hayes. A large banner, bearing a picture picture of Mr. Howell and illuminated with electric lights, was strung across Main avenue in front of Olldorfs hotel. ! Repnblican Club Meetings. The Fifth Ward Republican club, one of the strongest political organizations In the state, will hold a rally and smoker this evening in the rooms of the West Side Republican club, at the corner corner of Main avenue and Jackson street, where all voters will be welcome to hear the issues of the campaign dis - cusserd. Several good speakers will address the meeting. The Fourth Ward Republican club will meet in regular session tomorrow evening in the office of Alderman Owen D. John, at 108 North Main avenue, when officers nominated anl elected for the coming year. Several matters pertaining to the campaign will also be discussed and acted on. The Fourteenth Ward , Republican club has been successfully launched, and the members are now being organized organized for systematic work at the polls next Tuesday. The Fifteenth Ward club, the 'Twenty - first Ward club, the French Roof club, the Swedish Citizens' Republican club, the Cambro - Ameri - cans, Tripp Park club, the West Park club and the West Side Republican club are all fully organized and in line for the whole ticket to be elected next T esday. Bond Committee Statement, third anniversary of the dedication of Baptist church. South Main avenue, have "served their time" at the bench can produce satisfactory shoes. Our shoes are made by manufacturers who employ the latter class of help. Men's Shoes, $2.$0 to $400. Ladies Shoes, $2.50 to $4.00. art CTAKTOC With purchase of $1 on Saturday, or - 3U ailifflJrO Monday, if you bring this "ad." Republican Lewis, Ruddy, Davies & Murphy, " ' 230 Lackawanna Avenue. f - OTT'O PENNYROYAL of menstruation." They are "LIFE SAVERS" to girls at womanhood, aiding development of organs and body. No Unovra remedy for women equals them. Cannot do ham life becomes a pleasure. $1.00 PER BOX BY MAIL. Sold by druggists. VP. MOTT'3 CHEMICAL CO., Cleveland. Ohio. b v; - 7 Ci 4 , u a rc: herewith desires to thanks to all who express . heartfelt have so liberally contributed to the building Indebtedness. Indebtedness. For thejr information it submits the following; statement read at the third anniverssry of he dedicaion of the house of worship .October 23: ' . ' Amount paid in on bonds and subscriptions subscriptions up to January - 1, 1904, $7, - 902.80; amount paid since January 1, 1904, $1,948.08; total paid in. three - years ap to October 23, 1904, $9,850.88. W. C. Davis, chairman, F. Peters, Jr., secretary. secretary. ' - ; : Barraca Literary Meeting. A very interesting contest In pronunciation pronunciation of words often mispronounced was held at the' last meeting of the Baraca Literary Society of the First Baptist church, conducted by Rev. Dr. Wrightnour. Four persons pronounced all given them correctly, viz.; Miss Watklns, Mrs. Hutchison, Mrs. Toray and Daniel Williams. A presentation of - the views of the four political parties was made by Mr, Tiffany for the Republicans, T. H, Mead drafted into service for the Dem ocrats, J. R, Griffiths acting for tic Populists, and B. G. Morgan for the Prohibition party. Three ladies acted as judges as to the best manner of presentation. Each speaker was limited to eight minutes. It was very interest ing. Attorney D. R. Reese was in the chair. . Recent Social Events. ' A party was held at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Evan Hughes, of 312 Thir teenth a,venue, recently, in honor of the Shady Side Club. The young peo pie presented a beautiful spectacle in theirf different costumes. The parlor was decorated with autumn leaves and rye straw, and at a late hoar refresh ments were served; also flashlights were taken by Stephen Fletcher. Those present were Misses Lioise Beddoe, An na Lovering, Lulu Breese, Lizzie Jen kins, Lizzie Davis, Anna Ackinson, Ma bel Back, Anna Meese, Margaret Grif fiths, Belle Clark, Emma Dobson, Cora Decker, Corinne Smith, Viola Morgan Esther Hughes, Margaret Hughes, Margaret Stevens, May Seymour; William William Lossey, Charles Berghauscr, Jo seph Johler, Charles Nair, George Breese, Thomas Lovering, William Shank, Arja Griffiths, Reese Reese, Thomas Seymour, Walter Hughes, Jo seph Sweetser, Llewellyn Jones, George Beddoe, Jenkins Reynolds. Charles Ear ley, Stephen Fletcher, William Hoff man, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Long, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Davis and daughter. A pleasant party was beld at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Phillips of South Bromley avenue. Monday evening, in honor of their daughter Miss Elena Phillips, riano selections were rendered by Miss Vannie Powell. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Phillips. The party was composed of the fol lowing: Lizzie Davis, Vannie Powell, Bertha Powell, Belle Snyder, Lena Frounfclker, Margaret Mi - Knight, Mar tha Marshall, Jennie James. Mabel Da vis, Lizzie Davis, Alma Phillips, George Morton, Reese Morgan, Morgan Davis, Edgar Powell, Edward ' Powell, Clar ence Beanl George Howell, William Phillips and Howard Davis. A party was held at the home or Mr. and Mrs. Justus Weber, of 329 North Bromley avenue. Monday evening, in honor of their daughter, Elizabeth. Mrs. Weber was assisted In receiving by Misses Martha and Elizabeth Stern, of Archbald. Those present were Misses Elizabeth Weber, Elizabeth Thomas. Irene Kapp, Emma Matthews, Ruth Hill, Ruth Phillips, Josephine Matthews, Helen Koehler, Florence Wale. Edith Jones. Nora Phillips, Le na Mohr, Mollie Mohr, Verda Wingert, Ida Wineert. Grace Hill. Anna Belle Fletcher, Margaret McAndrew; George Koehler, Daniel Mohr. John Denne - baum, Bayard Hughes David Phillips, William Mattern and George Weber, The Bellevue Eisteddfod The programme of the annual eis teddfod of the Bellevue Biblical and Literary society, to be held on Christmas Christmas day, has been completed and is as follows: Party of mixed voices, 16 to 20 in number, "Now by Day's Retiring Lamp," by Bishop; prize, li.. For juvenile choirs (not less than Za nor over 30 in numDer, ana not over 15 years of age), "Coming Today, No. 337 gospel hymns 5 and 6; , prize, $18 It's in the man who makes the Shoe That good looking shoe which proved ill - fitting and poor wearing came from a fac - v tory where workmen who can do only one part in the great work of shoe making were employed. employed. Only shoe makers who PILLS They overcome WesJc ness, irregularity and omissions, increase Tig. or and banish, "pains - Duet, tenor and baas. Tb Spirit mt WrattKw. - ty TofcJawr prtoa. $ . Xfcritoa aofai TJie Boa of the Des ert Am l. ramp; prise, S3. - Tenor aoto. The Pilgrim," by Steph en Adams; prise, $2.M. Ton I Wragedd (Dim dan 4 oed), Mendelsohn, "Ar y Oeirlan. Babel Owy - mpa er ei Chryfed, Jjfyr Tonau Meth odist lad"; prise, $2.' Solo for boys (not over IS years of age), "Almost Persuaded": first prise K; gospel hymns f and . Second prize. $1. . i Solo for 1rlg(not over 15 years of ae), "Over the Line." First prise, $2; gospel hymns S and (; second prize. $1. Addroddlad i Rhai Mewn oed Gar - phenwyn. Gau R. Ddu Eryl, O Lyfr Darllen a Siard; prize, $2. Recitation for adults. "Miser's Fate.' Standard Recitations No. t; prise, $3. Araeth Cynildeb (Economy) Amser, i mynyd (Welsh or English); prize, $2. Ts - grif Nodweddlou Japaneaid (Jap anese characteristics). Tu Gymraeg, 10 tuadel note paper; prize, $3. Englyn Berdong (Pianoforte); prize. $t Impromptu speech, Welsh or English, II. ' The names of the adjudicators will appear later. B. T. James, secretary. 28 South Uinth avenue. Events of This Evening. The Anthracite Social Club will conduct conduct a dance in Mears' Hall this even ing. The ladies of Martha Washington Chapter, No. 3, Order of the Eastern' Star, will close their rummage sale in the McKeever building:, on Jackson street, after this evening - . The regular weekly prayer meeting will be held In theElvmouth Congrega tional ChurcTr - thls evening. The Gleaners Society of the Simpson M. E. Church will open their rummage sale in the Mullin building, on West Lackawanna avenue, this evening. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Wash' burn Street Presbyterian Church held their regular meeting to - day in the parlors of the church. - There will be a meeting of Division No. 3, Ladies' Auxiliary of the A. O. H., in their hall in Bellevue this even ing, for the purpose of nominating of ficers. The Father Whelan T. A. B. Society will hold a meeting in St. Leo's Hall this evening, when the membership contest will be brought to a close. The Swedish Citizens'' Republican Club will hold a meeting In French Roof Hall this evening. BRIEF NEWS NOTES. The funeral of the late Thomas Saul will take place to - morrow morning at 9 o'clock from the famllyresldence on Price street. A requiem mass will be celebratd in St. Patrick's Church, and interment will be made in the Cathe dral cemetery. Esther Assembly, No. 16, conferred the Noaml degree on three candidates at their recent meeting. Some business of importance will be transacted at the meeting to be held this evening. - Preston Schall, of Main avenue and Jackson street, had his arm injured In a foot ball scramble at No. 14 school this week. J The pall - bearers at the funeral of the late Mrs. Hannah Price yesterday af ternoon were Thomas J. Williams, Owen D. John, Jacob ' Jenkins, Evan Reese, D. D. Evans and Richard Owens. Because his three weeks bride would not give him all her money, John Crum - mie, of Fourth - avenue, deserted her, and has gone away from the city. He came here from Rome, N. Y and mar ried Annie Coblitsky, who had $400 in a savings bank, which she refused to turn over to him, and he deserted. Alderman Alderman Noone yesterday issued a war rant for his arrest. Mrs. John Smith, of Eynon street, fell In her home a few days ago and fractured fractured her hips. .The employes of the Bellevue, Dodge. Taylor, Pyne and Holden mines will be paid to - morrow. The birthday social to be given by the - Sons of Veterans' auxiliary has been postponed until a week from to morrow night. The contest for the child a tea set will also close on that date. The proceeds are to go towards paying for the piano the ladies are buy - ins. The West Side Keystone Club will hold a meeting in Janes' Hall this evening. All members are requested to attend. William bhoemaker wishes to deny the printed announcements that he took part in a match game of ten pins on the West Side alleys a few days ago. Marion, daughter of District Presi dent T. D. Nicholls. of the United Mine Workers, is critically ill with an attack of bronchitis. PERSONAL MENTION. DeWitt Neely, of North Rebecca ave nue, has recovered from an attack of quinsy. Mrs. Walter Capwell, of Swetland street, has returned after a five months' visit at Niagara Falls. Miss Margaret Gibbs, of South Main avenue, has returned from a visit at New York. Manley L. Lee and sister. Miss J. Louisa Lee, of North Lincoln avenue, have returned from New York. Mr. and Mrs. Kresky, of Tunkhan - nock, are visiting their son, - C. L. Kresky, of North Sumner avenue. Mrs. Myron Cobb, of Jackson street. is suffering from the quinsy. W. R. Davies and Dr. Winebrake have returned from a hunting trip. Miss Laura Wittlck, of Ariel, has re turned home after a visit here. Miss Bertha Jones, of Eynon street, is dangerously ill at her home. Mrs. Randolph Jones, of Jackson street, has returned from New York, where she was the guest of her son. Mrs. J. J. Lenihan, of Meridian street, is recovering from an opera tion, which she underwent recently. Mrs. Harry Holly, of Elizabeth street, is recovering from a serious illness. Born To Mr. and Mrs. William Pfeiffer, of Elizabeth street, a daugh ter. . Jerome L. Beers, of Mt. Cobb, is visit ing Charles S. Lewis, of North Main avenue. Theodore Barkley, of Jersey City, is the sruest of Dr. W. J. L. Davis, of South Main avenue. W. H. Davis, of South Main avenue, has returned from Boston. Miss G. Gardner, of North Main ave nue, has returned irom uuuonwooa. , Mrs. L. M. Washburn, of North Sum - nfrr avenue, nas returned iruin iw York. - WrnrV Rush, of Railroad avenue, is seriouily ill at his home. Born To Mr. and Mrs. John Giles, of Hampton street, a daughter. Mrs. Palmer waiKer, or vananng, nas returned after a visit wun Mrs. icn - ard Jones, of West Gibson street. Miss Jennie Davis, oi nnu street, SPECIAL SALE OF MEN'S SWEATERS All wool, all colors. Prices from $1.50 upward. Dispayed in our window." Men's extra quality fleece lined underwear - tspecial value at 50c garment, Men's Flannelette Night Robes, excellent quality, extra long at 50c pch. Men's fine cashmere half hose in natural, gray or black special, 25c pair? Our furnishing department offers brilliant values. The litte wardrobe necessities, such as correct neckwear, stylish shirts, dress, gloves, h andkerchiefs, etc., are here in varied assortments to suit all tastes. Close Saturday Nights at Nine O'clock. and Elma Davis, of Morris court, - attended attended attended the thirteenth annual com - en - tion of the Sunday school union at Pittston this week. Mrs. L. M. Speck has returned from! Canada. Frank Lewis, of Hampton street, Is home after, three years' service in the United States cavalry. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Posner, of North Main avenue, are visiting in Newton. Miss Lillian Musgrave, of Division street, has returned from Bloomsburg. where she spent several weeks with her grandparents. JERMYN AND ...'"HATFIELD A reception was given last evening at - the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Oooley on Fourth street, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. William Johns who recently recently returned from, their wedding tour. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. William Langman, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hall, Mr. and Mrs. John Kvans, Mr. and Mrs. George Jeffrey, - Mr. ana Mrs. John Friend, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rennie, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Griffiths, Mr. and Mrs. Kellerman, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johns, Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. Champion, and the Mioses Polly Gibbs. Lenora James, Clarissa Waters. Emily Beckwith, Lucy Bennett, Mildred Joplin, Ann Burdick, Elizabeth , L'sner, - JwizaDem Hockaday, Madolin Burdick, Mamie Johns, Sadie Johns, Pearl Cooley, Stella and Nellie Battle; Messrs. Robert Robert Hall, Thomas Prltchard, John Johns, William Seymour, SValter Reeves. Andrew Martin, John Cooley, John Dinner, Richard Cooper, George and Abe Pritchard, Edgar Burton, Wm. Martin, George McLean, John McLean and William Cooley. Stephen Miller, of West Mayneld, hail his shoulder dislocated while at work repairing the porch of Place's store at Poplar street and Lacka wanna avenue in Mayneld yesterday. He was struck by a piece of falling timber. Mr. and Mrs. H. JN. .Barrett, Dr. ana Mrs. I. S. Graves, Misses Grace and Gertrude Vail attended the banquet given last eyening at Scranton by the Alumni association of Mansfield State Normal school. Mrs. Arthur Fowler entertained the members of her Sunday school class at her home on North Second street yesterday afternoon. Mrs. W. S. Badger ana son f resion, are visiting relatives in Hancock, N. Y. Miss Margaret Mumrord, or Mam street, Is visiting friends in Pittston. Mrs. Moyles, of Elmhurst, is visit ing herdaughter, Mrs. A. E. Sherman of Third - street. Mrs. John Bray, of Hazleton, has returned home after an extended visit among relatives nere. The machinery or tne stocKer cut Glass company has been installed and It is expected the new plant will be ready to begin operations within two weeks, as soon as ine cnarier is se cured. ' Mr. and Mrs. William Bell, of Scran - ton, spent yesterday as the guests or relatives here. The borough council will meet in regular session to - morrow night. Henry Hemeirignt win leave ror California on the 15th. He will make an extended tour of the western states and will not return until next June.' Burglars are not the only people who take things as they find them. HEATERS AND RANGES We are showing three reliable makes. The IiehigO, The Stewart and The Pittston. Come and pick out the one that suits you and pay for It as you can. THOS. KELLY i 131 - 133 TcT FRANKLIN AVE. Fl t - SAMfM Complete Outfitters. CARBONDALE NEWS. A Quiet, But Pretty Nuptial Event Last Evening - Former Resident Resident Dead. Special Correspondence to The Truth. Carbondale, Nov. 3. A quiet but pretty pretty nuptial eent took place last evening evening at the residence of Mrs. H. C. Wheeler on North Church street, when her daughter, Hazel, was united in marriage marriage to Robert A. Blackwood, civil engineer engineer for the Consolidated - pany. Owing to a recent bereavement, only the immediate relatives of the popular young couple will witness the ceremony. The marriage was performed at. 5 o'clock by Rev. Charles Lee; pastor of the First Presbyterian church of this city. The bride was neatly attired in a brown traveling dress. The couple were unattended. The interior of the house was handsomely decorated with palms and chrysanthemums for the oc casion. After the marriage a wedding dinner was served, after which the couple left on the 8:30 Delaware and Hudson train for a wedding trip, which will include New York and Boston. Upon their re turn home they will take up their resl dence at the home of the bride's mother on North Church street. The bride, who is a young lady who is very prominent in social circles and posseses many fine qualities, is a member member of the graduating class of 1902 of the Carbondale high school and has a wide circle of friends. Mr. Blackwood, who is superintendent of the Consolidated Water company of this city, is one of the most popular of the city's young men. The many friends of the contracting parties join in wishing the couple a happy wedded life. Among the guests at the wedding dinner were: Mrs. Blackwood, of Scranton, mother of the groom, and his aunt, Miss Minnie Zang, of Scranton; Mrs. Berths, of Jersey City; Dr. and Mrs. Mark Bailey, Mrs. Ida Forbes, Miss Marion Munn and Mr. Jacob Ei tel. of this city. FORMER RESIDENT DEAD. A telegram was received in this city yesterday bringing news of the death in Camden, N. J., of Mrs. Arthur Wood, wife of Rev. Arthur Wood, former former pastor of the Congregational church of this city. The deceased had a number of friends in this city who will be grieved to learn of her demise. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from her late ' home on Linden street, Camden, N. J. BRIEF NEWS NOTES. Mrs. James Gerrity, of Pike street, left last evening on the 10 o'clock train for Buffalo, whtre she has been called to the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. J. P. McLaughlin, who is not expected to live. She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. John Buckley, of Sand street. . Rev. W. A. Gorman was a Scranton visitor .yesterday. Frank Buckley, who up to a few months ago was one of the firm of Buckley Brothers, who conducted one of the most - up - to - date blacksmith shops in South Scranton, with his brother, Michael, also of this city, a short time ago sold their building on River street to Lynch & Bronson. William William Buckley will continue business in the Devlne building opposite the old stand. W. S. Wannacott and , brother, of Waymart, left Tuesday for St. Louis, where they will spend a few weeks of sight seeing. Mrs. C. B. Wills, of South Main street, left yesterday for Palm Beach, Fla., where she will remain for the winter. Among those from this city who witnessed witnessed the production of "Columbia" at the Lyceum in Scranton last evening were Frank Collins, Joseph Connor, M. D. Lathrop, Timothy J. Gilhool and Harry Brownell. Mrs. Taylor, of Binghamton,' N. Y.. nee Marie Louise Burr, is the guest of Miss Josephine 'Burr. Misses Katherine and Lucy Farrell spent yesterday in Scranton. Mins Sarah Boyle, of Farview street, is visiting friends in Hazleton. Miss Edith Seeley has returned home after a two weeks' visit with relatives in Scranton. Misses Katherine and Elizabeth Brady, Brady, of Honeedale, have returned home p WITT) mac - m OUR SPECIAL' AT $2.75. This hat is the equal of any sold in this city at three - fifty. Made to our special order of semi - flexible felting insuring: comfort. The corrugated , . sweat band allows ventilation to the heed, a feature . worthy of your investigation. Many novel conceptions conceptions in stiff and soft hats are on - display in our ,ealarged bat deparment full complement of styles. m after afshort visit with friends in this city. Mrs. Webster Colvin and son. Gussle, have returned home after visiting former former neighbors in Hyde Park. Mrs. Thomas Padden. of Fallbrook street, was yesterday reported to the health authorities as suffering from dipththeria. The members of Trinity Guild, of the Trinity Episcopal church, are being entertained entertained this afternoon at the home of Mrs. George Fisher, on Lincoln avenue. The Fortnightly Club was entertained entertained at the home of Miss Florence Harrison Harrison last evening. Robert Blackwood, superintendent of the Consolidated Water Company o this city, was sued by Nathan Jacobs of Honesdalc, to recover damages caused caused by an automobile, in which Nathan and Joseph Jacobs and horse were Injured. Injured. The amount of damages claimed is $550. Rev. William Powell, of Cardiff, Wales, will speak at the Berean Baptist Baptist church tonight on the "Passive Resistance Resistance Movement in England and Wales." Mr. Powell is a distinguished Baptist minister. While in Carbondale he will be entertained at the home of William Howells. Rev. J. C. Luke, pastor of the Welsh Congregational church in this city, was elected scribe at ths twentieth annual annual convention of the Wyoming Association Association of Congregational church, which opened in West Pittston Congregational Congregational church Tuesday. , John P. Bryden is confined to his home on South Washington street by an attack of illness. Mrs. J. E. Brodie, of this city, was elected one of the managers for three years of the Florence Crittenden Mission Mission at their tenth annual meeting which was held in Scranton Tuesday evening. Colonel John McComb was present at an entertainment and banquet held by the Sons of Veterans in Memorial Hall, Scranton, last evening. , 0LYPHANT. John Coleman, son of Mrs. Ellen Coleman, of Dunmore street, was Instantly Instantly killed by a fall of rock yesterday yesterday while at work in Johnson's mine. Mr. Coleman was 29 years of age and besides his mother he is survived by one brother and sister, William and Mary, of this place. Funeral announcement announcement later. The Excelsior Hose company held a meeting last evening and reorganized for the coming year. The following officers officers were elected: President, John Kilcullen; vice - president, Martin Moo - ney; secretary, David Voyle; treasurer, treasurer, C. M. Hathaway; first assistant, J. Lawler; second assistant Austin Lynch; trustees, P. M. Laren, J. Edwards and P. J. McGinty. F. M. McLaughlin was appointed delegate to attend the next convention to be held at Scranton. Thomas Rogan will be the alternate. The company decided to hold a fair during the holidays. It has not yet been decided in what hall it will be held. The Crescent basket ball team will have as their opponents tonight the Mi ners Mills team. Mr. and Mrs. August Olendick, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. McGinty, Misses T. F. Hanahue, Jennie Patten, Mary Hana - hue, Mame Lyons and Sadie O'Malley attended the banquet given by the Alumni of the Mansfield State Normal School at Scranton last evening. Thomas Harris, of Delaware street, was seriously injured by a fall in No. 2 mine yesterday. A special meeting of the C. Y. M. T. A. and B. society will be held this even - HIGH GRADE RUGS COMPRESSED AIR Carpet Cleaning. Mattresses, Springs, Iron Beds, etc. THE JEWELL - BENTON RUG CO. ing at 7:30 sharp at their rooms In the Father Mathew Opera House. The object object of the meeting is to make arrangements arrangements to attend the funeral of our late Brother, John Coleman. All members are urgently requested to attend. James E. Loftus, president; M. J. McHale, recording secretary. AV0CA. A barn dance wajs given in Murphy's barn, on Main street, on Monday evening. evening. The costumes were unique, and the event was the jolliest ever given in the town. Refreshments were served. Miss Anna Hastie entertained a party of friends at her home on Monday evening. evening. A musical programme was given,' after which supper was served. Mrs. Jean Cowan and two daughters, Mary ana Anna, returned to their, home in Glasgow yesterday after spending several months at the Frue residence on the West Side. Born To Mr. - and Mrs. Harry Gi'. - liskie, of Church street, a daughter. , William Curan is recovering from a severe illness. Thomas, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burke, of Grove street, ' was operated upon on Saturday at Lackawanna Hospital for appendicitis. Peter Parryremoved his family from Scranton to the Davis block on Lincoln Hill. james ijranam removea nis lamily to Peckville yesterday. Miss Anna Dommermuth entertained a party of friends at her home on Monday Monday evening. Many social diversions were indulged in. Refreshments were served. , Misses Helen Breen, Agnes Morahan, Josephine and Kate Osborne returned to Stroudsburg Normal School yesterday. yesterday. An English doctor says the taking of ginger in the form of essence or strong tincture is a growing form of inebrity . in both England and America. It is the . result of "weary brains and a disordered disordered stomach and gives no relief to the . brain. We Have Replenished ' Our Stock of Negligee Shirts Some with cuff others without. Material a little heavier than in the summer stock CONRAD'S 305 Lackawanna Av. Green Trading Stamps, too. MADE FROM OLD CARPETS Ite sale hjr all Druggists, L

Clipped from The Scranton Truth03 Nov 1904, ThuPage 7

The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania)03 Nov 1904, ThuPage 7
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