Kidnapped man writes note on Ottumwa Courier paper. Pt.1

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Kidnapped man writes note on Ottumwa Courier paper.  Pt.1 - 1MAPPED; A STORY - - AEOUT All INVB11T0R titlng...
1MAPPED; A STORY - - AEOUT All INVB11T0R titlng a Veracious Account cf How Two Desperate Men Ab-ducted Ab-ducted Ab-ducted Little Mr. Cove. SAYS HE CAN TAP THE SUN Wilfred Doe (Not Related to the Justly Celebrated John) Starts Sleuths on the. Trail. - The 'whole Police Department of New York got worked up yesterday over an fcllesed kidnapping case. While the mystery mystery lasted Police Headquarters was at fever heat and when It was alt over and the kidnapped person found there yet remained a suspicion In the minds of all the sleuths concerned that they had been la ily hoaxed. If the kidnapped person had set out to get some free advertising, which was the conclusion reached by Inspector JcCaf-ferty JcCaf-ferty JcCaf-ferty cf the Detective Bureau, the Most resourceful Broadway preen agent couldn't have achieved greater results. The tale has to do with a meek-looking meek-looking meek-looking l.UIe tnan about forty years old, named George II. Cove. He wears glasses, has a MKh bald forehead, and a drooping "mustache. He lives with his wife In a hoarding- hoarding- house at 031 West Flftj-el.htb Flftj-el.htb Flftj-el.htb ctreet. The little man proudly Informed the detectives when the eeerch for hlmi was ov? r that he la the President ef the Ftm Electrlo Generating Company, with offices at US Maiden Lane. Cove modestly admits being the Inventor ef an electrical machine which is designed to extract heat from the sun for the purpose of generating "power. The ma-thine ma-thine ma-thine ronsists of an arrangement of mirrors mirrors tyund around with wire, all forming a box. about four feet square. He admit-ted admit-ted admit-ted fh.u business had been dull of late, yvhlca fact. Inspector McCafferty thinks, was probably responsible for the deep furple riot which Is here unfolded. It el! began at about 8 o'clock on Sun-flay Sun-flay Sun-flay r.!git. A messenger boy at that hour m rived at Cove's residence with a tele.r m i signed with the name of Dr. O. B. Bachman of 250 West 108th Street, asking him to come to his house Imme diate!-. diate!-. diate!-. ,Cove thought It suspicious that Dr. I irfiman should write when he always always bad telephoned, but he kissed his ( wife food bye and departed. He ap-' ap-' ap-' rear-.l rear-.l rear-.l at Dr. Bachman's bouse all right, leavi .5 there about 9 o'clock. - " Sot Related to Job Dae. living with Mr.and Mrs. Cove fa a pale, Jreamy-eyed Jreamy-eyed Jreamy-eyed young man named Wilfred Doe. He emphatically told the police that be was not related to the justly celebrated John Doe. He said ha was Cove'a secretary. secretary. . When Cove did not return home at mid-tight. mid-tight. mid-tight. Doe called up Police Headquartero nd tkod that a general alarm be sent! 4ut for the Inventor. Detectives Betts and Dale were sent up to the Fifty-eighth Fifty-eighth Fifty-eighth Street houseto see what the trouble waa all about. They met Doe, who told w . i them about one Frederick W. Sustls. who. he said, had often besought Cove to allow tlm to put on the market his wonderful sun-rays sun-rays sun-rays electrical device. When Cove refused, said Doe. Eustis used threats. hintinr darkly that some one might kid nap Cove sometime. The detectives went to EueUs's home and found him asleep, TheV ttlAfi film 4n mrA Tf . A -- -- . . u .v A .quartera, however. Just to have a chat witn Inspector McCafferty. It was at this point that the disappear-anre disappear-anre disappear-anre of Cove took on a thrilling Interest Fe'.k-emsta Fe'.k-emsta Fe'.k-emsta Kiel of the West Thlrty-sev-street Thlrty-sev-street Thlrty-sev-street Thlrty-sev-street Thlrty-sev-street Station waa plodding through West Thirty-fifth Thirty-fifth Thirty-fifth Street about 3 o'clock yesterday morntng when, as he got In front bf . 815. something white on the pavement caught his eye. Ib was a hair-tern hair-tern hair-tern letter on the stationery of Dr. A. W. Slaught. Coroner of Wapello . County, Iowa., and read: Sir: I have Just been reaflln In Ths Ottumwa Courier a report ef your wonderful wonderful dl.verr. Have you perfected those Unl'atiUty r""'T'ur" U It ol prao-The prao-The prao-The rest was torn off, and Kiel was about to throw It away when he turned It over. His eyes bulged as he read the following, written faloliv in lead nentl- nentl- f ws forrrd fBto ' an automobile snl - f"tisHt this hoiiM, where I am twin and for what I do not know. Have bn slone for some jme and Just lipht ennojh i- i- wrivf. i nr room ia oa tne thirl or fewrth floor. wih on. w!nlow. . Will try end throw this dlrertlr tn front of th boum. Cannot aive trlptlof of nien. as U was dark when tfccv wrre here. ttEORGK H. COVB. 531 West KUtyighth Street. t Hat Sleuths a the TralL Xlel looked around, but there wasn't any eijrn. of a kidnapped person, and he made fast time to the station house. The alarm went to Headquarters, and In half an hour ten sleuths were scouring through tha West "Thirty-fifth "Thirty-fifth "Thirty-fifth Street block where the note had been found. Tha place was an ordinary west side tenement On the ground floor waa a tsHor and a plumbing ebon, on the second second the Janitreea lived, while on th third was a respectable German family. On the fourth .was found an Irish family who had lived there six years. But there was no trare of Cove. nr was he in any of the otherJ housea in the blork. - The police retted on their oara after hat until word rot to Headquarters about 10 p nock that Cove had been heard from. Iiy that time every one around .'"0 Mul-iwrrv Mul-iwrrv Mul-iwrrv Street was anxiously awaiting the solution of the mystery. Inspector Mere Mere f ferty sent Detectives Hyams and 71 shes to oves fumlhed rooms in Fifty-eiphth Fifty-eiphth Fifty-eiphth Htreet. and two more sleuths to Ma e'iop in Mablen Lane. These lat-ir lat-ir lat-ir found No. H a flve-storV flve-storV flve-storV brick i. uM dir. k -where -where In a loft on the top floor rove bad his office. There was no nam on the door, nothing but the word " en- en- a L .-Norm .-Norm r-?l r-?l tl --""" 7 .i X, I t bad his 1 To 12 ft

Clipped from The New York Times19 Oct 1909, TuePage 16

The New York Times (New York, New York)19 Oct 1909, TuePage 16
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  • Kidnapped man writes note on Ottumwa Courier paper. Pt.1

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