Pantagraph 24 June 1865 Letter from Dr. Stewart of 94th

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Pantagraph 24 June 1865 Letter from Dr. Stewart of 94th - a 4 SOUSD. ; The following extracts fr jm a...
a 4 SOUSD. ; The following extracts fr jm a letter written written by Dr. Stewart, Surgeon of ilia 94th Illinois to Dr. U. Noble, eeem fcfusei-ceedingly fcfusei-ceedingly fcfusei-ceedingly valuable and full af sound sense: Mv DkaE Friend : I had the pleasure of taking part in the Biege of the last stronghold stronghold of the onfederaey, and he honor of climbing into Spanish For alongside of Col. MoNuIta. . By the way, when we gel home, you must make a speeoh ia the name of the families of the 94th, to give Ool. MoNulta tironer credit for the exceedingly fine man ner in whioh he has always kepi hia men covered in time of action. . . . B.ave, tu rashness himself, he Ukes ai much care of his men as if they were hn own children. Al Prairie Grove we did a. much execution as perhapa any other regi-moi.t regi-moi.t regi-moi.t in the fiold-coriainly fiold-coriainly fiold-coriainly we did our dutyycC owing to his careful manage-mont, manage-mont, manage-mont, Instead of losing from on. to two hundred men, we eame out . with a few scratches. So during the sieges, bt Is continually on the alert to see that his men do not unnecessarily unnecessarily expose theinselvos. Hore at Spanish Fort I saw him walking back and forward in a perfoel biAY of bullets, bullets, damming Tom, Dick and Harry for sticking their head bp to see what was going going on, and I am proud to ay that that was all ho had to Cud fault wild. . If we take home as we shall more than ono half of the men we brought out, the credit, is in a great degree, due to Col. MoNulta. As a militarr uiau iu action, I do not know his stiporior. , .j I am sorry to say that tha Maiican Tarantula Tarantula has bitwn hiia badly. , If it was not f,r hi wife and tmbie. I am quite sura be would I off upon what I cwaidar vary unjiwiifiaWoipsJ'ti"" toward the halls" Hint Dr. Karr impose to bold a Democratic e,UIJtt in , I mean of soars those of M. milium. I wa very numb shocked indeed, to bear f the death of the Fuuks, especially I'nole 1 ' I never MtaemrJ bia true worth until I wnt with him to St. Loqis, when ewol to ,re...ut the lUtf tl me regimeut. 1 was hi leeompauifa (' "leys and nUlita, and I l-ft l-ft l-ft him with a very bh opinion In-dJ, In-dJ, In-dJ, ojI of Funk, tha eattla dealer and millionaire, millionaire, but of Funk, tha man and gonlla-man gonlla-man gonlla-man fir be wm emphatically ktt i tall . (ouUeman, one of tiod l own wana beart- beart- l, iiiipuUive,a Ueary mean aim a v hater: nothing but r-iroumAlauc. r-iroumAlauc. r-iroumAlauc. preveol- preveol- J hi l)nil iaiiirn aim-aft, aim-aft, aim-aft, or great mii-nt mii-nt mii-nt even elrrum.ianwa cull bindrf hi bm a great mail where be wa kn its I c.o.i 1-r 1-r 1-r that in bia 4a I ' aukta!- aukta!- . a per"Hl br-.r'..i.uA, br-.r'..i.uA, br-.r'..i.uA, a4 1 fl san.iblv hv' f .am;.. U pr" lh r.. u.ii u in liia 1 bU hiw. ' euuuiy anil ecaiert ia natural ( witbwl hi. " ' Y-Mir Y-Mir Y-Mir upiiii f the Li.laiur I f4 deal uf fa H bA aallpal4- aallpal4- Tv saj t'tal ua4"f Kb elreumir- elreumir- ma uuiMfally kept r. W aymg a r-J r-J r-J .I...I toia than I can ivti ti-! ti-! ti-! J of i! MIU Miilt of ) in lb army lruuki. h pTvail4 it friihlfal ttri,i ituring iba wr. 1 wa al rr-n rr-n rr-n .n rfUn l.f 0n. AaJi M l-S-i l-S-i l-S-i l-S-i l-S-i a'l Hi l'Mwa;wr insiixj. I'an'b end wtnt wia freely rr- rr- 1 aa-l aa-l aa-l I hM lnli l ay mat M.v ol. bTT.bae.N '! b- b- . . ,. i shoald Iblbk II tu y Ibal ,h.nnr.n....7s . It . .L - 4 manner. .. t II ... tnir atl-aii atl-aii atl-aii li aver ! gs. aican-xi aican-xi aican-xi wm w p. f.f.n. In Ibal Jil will b. ' I aw'y paak f lb mhm iar.a ar.-l ar.-l ar.-l Ik.1 ot b . la-'f la-'f la-'f a. tata.u ibjoas ih fo f antagtapb. o. L. stbili. a. a. C4piwe. eo. ...,. - - ,a- ,a- Vv-. Vv-. Vv-. yuiuaHU DAILY, alOlPt 8VHHAT, BY STEELE, CAEPESTEB & CO- CO- TKHMH Delltred by th. Oarrler. in the city, vol w,... Beatbyia.ll.OMYaar.p.ysl.bjIa rti'WM.- rti'WM.- 8at by mall Six Month., 4 s M gout by mail Three Mouth., bjw.l IM U.fl I k till' 'J m lUa if IHey b4 Aea bavlag l-a l-a l-a al b.. . " a b r-iri. r-iri. r-iri. . r. trrjV" I fwl .a. 1 1 ''' .bi..f... , bWk Ua. V m - . i. aa a W v L...libiib..b..W.ali"fh'' ..-...i ..-...i ..-...i 4 ii r0t """I"' l. i-m i-m i-m a. Uf ae.l .- .- 1 ''v I ff I ...s m a t- t- Wal4 ba, ,.e-,.t ,.e-,.t ,.e-,.t IUVS. I .l. . . a atira Mi- Mi- w laal, I al I . U a , Vv N 1 J j I l ' f,t: J-.t.i.. J-.t.i.. J-.t.i.. lb.. i.,.,;!, ba (y Ua Ut "s : eTt J ,w , Pl V C'hl ! k.IL . w "... ' " w H. -t -t . IS, a. b t ;l. i aty atiat, a lI It at.a 1 -'. -'. tw w...H TT" M-M- IM.,, "1--' "1--' "1--' "1--' " t IbU .a. , Mi1i,H,uiM.w,, I, I MeMHi. lt.kJ ' as f v i ay a ta Ma a. Taa fitj ,nr4,M4H eH F t ! VaL I el a Hurt lI w.U ,4.. .i.a ay bk t4,,lv, tka M.t.F iamri t, ii ..g. .a-, .a-, .a-, .... ia b-wa4.. b-wa4.. b-wa4.. A, r. .m .,., MM ta IMif kaa4a .a .a.l bat y w 4, , k kk b I , , II. f t I ' ! VIA tv. fea ,

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The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)24 Jun 1865, SatPage 1
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  • Pantagraph 24 June 1865 Letter from Dr. Stewart of 94th

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