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TEE dCBA&TON TBUm WEDNESDAY AFTEIiNOOi?. AUGUST 31, 19C2. . v. V, 1 tASLY every ON ENHAS TIONEY DURN J. Third National Ebnlc, 118 Vyominf Ave Scrantoa, V. UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY. .Capital, $20D,CC0; Surplus Corned, $7C3,M3. v,, Ot ,ntercst paid on Savings , Accounts, whether O large or small. Interest compounded Jan. 1st and July 1st. v ', . OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS 7:30 TO 8 :30. WEST SCRANTON. : s . Constable McGinty in a New Role. r in Which He Came Out Victor - fbs - : OAer Happenings. Constable James McGinty. of the JTwentv - flrst' - ward. has received con - V slderable notoriety since he has held 'tnat office, nsving wen arrested several several times, suffered a fracture of his 'nose, had hi foot and head battered a number of timet, and also figured In a number of other escapades, but yesterday the other fellow was the victim, and as a result John O'Reilly, of Cameron avenue, Is now a patient at the Moses Taylor hospital suffering i rom a fractured leg. . McGinty and O'Reilly engaged in a spirited dispute regarding each other's wrestling ability, and finally it was agreed to go out into the back yard and engage in a friendly bout. They pulled and - tugged at each other for several minutes, and suddenly both were seen to fall, with McGinty on top. O'Reilly screamed with pain, and an examination of his leg revealed the iact that It had been fractured. V, A wagon was procured and the victim wu taken to the hcvpital for repairs. Morning Wedding. Michael Schimmelphfenlng of 127 Cameron avenue, and Miss Mary Woehrle, of 1915 Jackson street, were united in marriage wtih a nuptial mass by Rev. F. A. Fricker at 9 o'clock this morning at St. John's German Catholic Catholic church, South Main avenue and Luzerne street. me Driaesmaia was miss josepnine lelnhauser and the groomsman was Jip Calira. The wedding marches slaved by George seise, organist l church. The bride wore a vhite silk and mousscline de k white chiffon hat and car eer book. Her maid wore and mousseline de aoie, a carried pink carnations. redding a reception was kmc of the bride s par - Ileft this afternoon for on a wedding tour. On fey will reside on Lu - jrroom conducts a Darner snop romtnent members of St. John e Funeral ; Announcements. The funeral i services over the remains remains of the f Ite Mrs. Elizabeth Nolan, who died at her home, 910 Swetland street will take place tomorrow tomorrow afternoon. It is expected that Rev. L. R. Foster, of Green Ridge, will conduct the service. Interment will be made in the Washburn street cemetery. The funeral of the late Hugh Logan mho died at his home ,512 North Sumner avenue, wil ltake place tomorrow tomorrow mornig at 9 o'clock. A requiem requiem mass will be celebrated in St. Patrick's church. Interment will be made In the Cathedral cemetery. Recent Social Events. Mr. and Mrs. John Earth, of Price street, entertained friends last Monday Monday evening, and among the guests were the members of the South Side orchestra, the members of which furnished furnished many pleasing selections. The guests were: Mrs. August Gem, Mrs. Conrad Schroeder, Mrs. Frank Det - tenmyer. Misses Minnie Barttrt Minnie Getz, Rose Barth; Messrs. Edward Gets, Edward Hauser, Joseph Johler, Leopold Ratzel, Charles Naher, Wm. Risky. Emll Irion, Wendell Phillips, Edward Barth, Mrs. Raymond Grat - whol and son .of Syracuse. N. Y. v. Miss Ethel Pre? ton. of South Main "V) V3 1 1 1 1 i avenue, entertained a number of her friends at a farewell reception at her home Monday evening, prior to her going to - 'Philadelphia. The usual games and music was enjoyed after which a supper was served. Those present were: Misses Florence Williams. Williams. Ruth Williams, Margaret Phillips, Phillips, Sarah Evans, Elizabeth Davis and Ethel Preston; Messrs. Gordon Reese, Bert Lewis. Stanley ' Thomas, Joseph Jones and Willard Jones. The members of St. Patrick's church choir spent last Sunday at Lake Winola where they passed a ,s most delightful day. in various ways. The ladies of the party served lunch at noon, and later in the day the slng - a sacred concert. Those who the party were: Misses Mar - llv T.. i Menermol t. Frannpi rs Aiaunce looir. lurs. K , t , . w ii onyir. j iiuinaa oam, niiuiii zrwir I'K. jnnn n la irnnpKKV. r - i iitrn Devers, Thomas Martin, M, Hogan, vv. Madden, V. Kelly and William Vans - ton. Wedded in Bliigliauiton. Three West Scranton couple were married In Bingharhton recently by Rev. John W. Phillips, and the announcement announcement has Just, been made public. public. They are Thomas Jenkins, of Thirteenth avenue, and Miss Emma Martin, of Evans court: William Wat - kins, of Scranton street, and Miss Catherine Slater, of this side; Freeman Freeman Capwell, of North Main avenue, and Miss Elvira Jenkins, of 732 North Sumner avenue. ,Th first named couple were mar ried on June ii. the second on Wed nesday or last weeK. and tne uiira last eek, and the third last Saturday. All quite well known and are now re - ng the congratulations of their ds. 'aalng &ocl Function. fra or company u, first ncera, Catholic Total n of America the St. trps. and their lady leaning social rune - hall last evening, by the newly - military com - ef feature, and of ji hun - hemswves to r orchestra. conducted in, P. Mur - ry Rainey. ngan. imtat ana V 1 Vds f but the wise don't burn U. Instead they deposit it in the social this evening in the St. Mark's Lutheran .church, under the auspices of thcjuvenile and church choirs. The young people of the Jackson Street Baptist curch and their friends wil lenjoy a trolley ride to Jermyn this evening. The Ancient Order of Foresters will hold a meeting in Morgans' hall this evening.. Two Weddings. - August L. Getz of 830 Harrison ave nue and Miss Henrietta Hetzeroth, of 3 1 5 North Hyde Park avenue, were married this morning at 10 o'clock at the home of the bride s parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Hetzeroth, by Rev. Jacob Schoettle, pastor of the German German Presbyterian church. The bride and groom were unattended unattended and only immediate relatives were present. The bride - wore a gown of gray voile over silk and carried carried bride roses. After a reception and dinner the bride and groom left for New Tork where they will spend their honeymoon. Upon their return they will reside at Hyde Park avenue and Jackson street. George Lewert. of South Scranton, and Miss Kate Simon, of South Ninth avenue, were married recently at the parsonage of the German Presbyterian Presbyterian church on Farview avenue by Rev. Jacob Schoettle. They were Attended by Ralph Teager and Miss " Anna Simon, a sister of the bride. BRIEF NEWS NOTES. The new Keystone bank will be open this evening from 7 to 8 o'clock for the transaction of regular business. business. Savings and business accounts solicited. Interest - paid on - - time deposits. Auxiliary banks furnished on application. ' Foreign drafts Issued. - . . R31U Prof. Harri E. Jones has been engaged to give a concert In North Scranton on September 28. He will be assisted by a . number of well - known vocalists. He - has been requested requested to organize a ladies party and will probably do so in a few weeks. An open air euchre party and lawn social will be held this evening at the corner of South Main avenue and Landis street under the auspices of the Blessed Virgin sodality of St. Ann's church. The public is invited to attend. attend. Rev. J. S. Wrightnour, D. D., will conduct the covenant meeting at the First Baptist church this evening, having returned home from his vacation. vacation. The West Side Board of Trade will resume their meetings after the summer summer vacation on September 9. The sessions will be held during the 'coming 'coming winter at the Electric City Wheelmen's Wheelmen's club house. The choir of St. Mark's Lutheran Church. West Scranton, will give an entertainment and social this evening at 7:30 o'clock. A huckster named Joseph Marshinos - ki collided with Henry D. Justin's wagon wagon recently and a warrant was sworn outjby Alderman John for his arrest. Constable John Davis located him yesterday yesterday and the case was settled by the defendant paying the coBts and damages. damages. President Frank C. Hagen, of the West Park Ooit club, has appointed R. A. Phillips, W. H. Loomis. Griffith Griffith T. Davis and Charles E. Olver as the social committee to arrange the programme for the fall aid winter meetings. Rev. J. P. MofCatt. D. D., paator of the Washburn Street Presbyterian church, has returned home from his vacation vacation and will have charge of the prayer meeting In the churrh this evening. evening. Jlrgular services will be held In the Bible school room next Sunday morning and evening. The choir will meet for rehearsal next Friday evening. evening. A night blooming cereus unfolded its beautiful petals at the home of Mrs. John Williams, on Tenth avenue, last evening, In the presence of , a large number of people. Two others will be In bloom In a few days. Adam Ludovitz. of Morris court, an employe in the Brlggs shaft, had his head cut yesterday by a fall of roekl Dr. D. J. Jenkins dressed his injury. - u v 1 1 1 1 i iii i vi np v. lull uoi.ivauii pi 1 1 l t , was arraigned before Alderman Jones ( last night on complaint of his wife, who accused him of assaulting her. She displayed a scalp wound, live inches In length, which he had inflicted with a belt. He was held in bail for his appearance appearance at court. Andrew Sinko, a mine laborer, was arraigned before Alderman John last night at the Instance of John Rosenko, another mine worker, who Alleged that the former struck him on the head with a piece of "boney" while they were In the mines. He was fined $3 for disorderly disorderly conduct. Th dog catching brigade was at work lir West Scranton this morning and up to 9 o'clock had succeeded In corraling three inoffensive - looking beasts. General General Loftus expected to have many more before the day's work was completed. Luke Horan, an habitual prisoner In police court, was sent up again yesterday yesterday by Magistrate Storr for thirty day - R In default of a fine of $3 for being being drunk and disorderly. A report comes from Lake Wlnola to the effect that Prof. Alfred Wooler.' of Price street, recently landed u black bass weighing four pounds and three ounces, which measured twenty - two Inches in length. A new dwelling house is being erected on Farr's Heights for Christopher Fleh - ler, and another Is being erected on North Bromley avenue for Simon Thomas, , A wheel came off an ale wagon at the corner of Main avenue and Jackson Jackson street yesterday afternoon and resulted resulted in the stalling - of a number of street cars for some time. PERSONAL MENTION. Miss Ellen Jones and niece, Miss Maxy Maddocka, of Edwards court, ara visiting Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jackson, in New Tork. Griffith Jones, of Toongstown, O., is visiting at the home or David 8. Evans, Evans, of North Garfield avenue. Prof. Griffith Jones, of Wllkes - Barre, spent Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd on Rock street. Miss Castner, of Kingston, returned heme yesterday from a vtsitl with - Mr. and Mrs. Jay Reese, of North Hyde Park avenue. ., - - , B. G. Morgan and son; Ray, of South yin avenue, have returned home from dLhhort visit in Brooklyn, guequehanna eounty. R. W. Luce, of South Hyde Park ave - nue, has returned home from Brooklyn, Susquehanna county, where his family is sojourning. - - The wedding of August Getz, of Petersburg, Petersburg, and Miss Henrietta Hetsml - roth, of North Hyde Park avenue, will take place this evening at the home of the young lady's parents. Elmer Lewis, a sailor on the United States boat "Buffalo," Is spending a furlough at the home of his parents in North Decker's courts George Transue. of Tenth avenue, 1 visiting with relatives In Northumberland. Northumberland. Miss Mabel Dershimer, of South Main avenue, is the guest of relatives at Pittston. ' , Miss Esther Hurlow, of North Bromley Bromley avenue, is the guest of her sister In Garfield avenue, have returned home. Miss Cora Pecklns and M'ss Arrlla Schooley, of North Lincoln avenue, have returned home from a visit with friends in Dorranceton. Mrs. W. B. Evans and daughter. Anna, Anna, of Lake Sheridan, are the guests of West Scranton friends. Mrs. Thomas Evans, of North Lin coln avenue, is entertaining her daugh ter. Mrs. (eorge Bevan. of Luzerne, Misses Elizabeth Thomas. Anna and Edith Evans, of this side, are spending meir vacations at Lake Ariel. Miss Corinne Davis, of North Main avenue,, is entertaining Miss Lillian Ja - cohy, of Bald Mounti Mrs. Samuel Polhemus ,of North Main avenue, has returned home from a "islt with Mrs. John Lack, at Bradley Beach, Mrs. Imefon, of North Main avenue, has returned home after two weeks sojourn at the seashore. Mr. and Mrs. John Tal Jones, of Archbald etreet. left today for an ex tended trip to Wales. Mrs. Margaret Widden, of Jackson street, is at. East Benton. Griffith T. Davis' family of North Main ave:,ue have returned home from Lake Winola. . Mr. and Mrs. Everett Frear, of Lake Winola, who have been visiting at the nome of the tatter s mother on Garfield avenue, have returned home. George B. Carson's family, of South Main avenue, who have been summer ing at Lake Winola, are home. Elliott Acker, Hugh McDermott, Arthur Arthur Sweetser and Arthur Chase are camping at Lake Winola, Wilford Thomas, of Eynon stret, had nia arm sprained Monday. Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Gould, of Jack son street, who were enjoying a two weeks, drive in the mountains of Luzerne Luzerne and Lackawanna counties, have returned home. D. B. Thomas, of South Main avenue, has returned home from Cadosla, N. T. Mrs. Thomas V. Eaton fnd daughter. JMizaDetn, of South Sumner avenue, nave returned home from Welsh Hill Susquehanna county. Miss Olive Heath is 111 at her home on Snyder avenue. Mrs. Benjamin Robathan and daughter, daughter, of Albany, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Robathan, of fcoutn Hyde Park avenue. Mrs. J. Lewis, of South Wilkes - Barre. has returned home after a short stay witn Mrs. is. it. Roberts, of North Gar - neld avenue. Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Crawford, of jl,isi, . - s. v., are entertaining Miss nea mmipg. or swetland street. Miss Belle Snyder, of Twelfth street, is visiung at Honesdale and Haw ev. Miss Kate Minihan, of Meridian stret, has returned home from Belvi dere, N. J. Common Councilman Benjamin Grif fiths. who was operated upon at the Moses Taylor hospital recently,' is im proving rapidly. James R. Mears, of North Main avenue, avenue, wha was !n New York for the benefit of his health, has returned home. Mrs. Byron Buckingham and daughter, daughter, of South Lincoln avenue, have returned returned home from Niagara Falls and Buffalo. Mrs. F. G. Gray, of New York city. Is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Fowler, of Jackson Jackson street. Ralph and Roy Williams, sons of John H. Williams, of South Main avenue. and Miss Reba Williams are in Neath, uraarora county. Rev. T. A. Humphreys, pastor of the Plymouth church, accompanied .by his family, are now visiting the St. Louis Exposition. Next Sunday the usual services will be held In the church and Rev. Humphreys will have charge. Terrible plagues, those itchinir nest - ering diseases of the skin. Put an end to misery. Doan's Ointment cures. At any drug store. WALES CASE IS ON DECK AGAIN. President John Mitchell Sub - poenoed to appear in Bingham - . ton, September 19. OAL PRESIDENTS SERVED. 1 On last V Yiday night, just before leaving Nerork city on his way to Indianapolis, John Mitchell, president of the United Mine Workers of America, was served with a subpoena by a New York officer summoning him to appear in Blnghamtoti on September 19 for examination in the suit of Attorney Wales against him and the United Mine Workers to recover $50,000 as compensation compensation for settling the big coal strike in 1902. The names of W. H. Truesdale, president president of the Delaware. Lackawanna and Western railroad, and E, B, Thomas, of the Erie, were also on the subpoena. After President Roosevelt Intervened In the great strike by apopinting the commission and settling the strike, Attorney Attorney Wale presented a cllm of $50, - 000 as a fee for the settlement of the strike, alleging that it was he that devised the scheme whereby the strike was ended, and that he had been engaged engaged by the United Mine Workers to devise a plan to end said strike. It Is admitted by Mr. Mitchell that Wales came to him In Scranton and voluntarily suggested a method for ending the strike, but he denies that he entered into any business relations with him. OA8TOHZA. Beamtba Tlw Kind You Havt Always Bought Slfiatu ef Richard Saltier, publisher of Lieutenant Lieutenant Bilse's notorious military romance romance exposing the alleged rotteunesa at German military posts and garrison tewna. has received the manuscripts of labout ISO Imitators, most of them retired retired officers. you mm WAS !W STRUCK. She Came From New York and Her Mother Found Herat Bloomsburg. - ALREADY TIRED OF STAGE. "Mm. Mary Martin, who Is said to be a writer, composer and artist, hailing hailing from the metropolis, arrived front New York city at? an early hour yesterday yesterday morning and Informed the local uifthorities.that her daughter left New York to Join a 'theatrical troupe, and sne Denevea mat sne was in this city, says to - day's Wilkes - Barre Record. "The woman was dressed In the height of fashion and made a hand some appearance. When she brushed into the office at the city building Sergeant. Conroy, wo was at his desk, looked up upon heajttg the' rustle of silk skirls, and saw a woman of queenly queenly appearance, presenting a picture not uniiKe a uibson drawing. He dotted his cap and informed the woman tHat he was at her service. "She told him that her daughter had probably joined a theatrical troupe and ; was supposed to be In Wilkes - Barre, and she wanted the sergeant sergeant to corn out on the street - with her and help her And her, The woman hurst into tears and became almost hysterical. The - sergeant finally calm ed her and told her the girl would be round it sne was tn the cn. DAUGHTER DISAPPEARED, i "The woman said her daughter had a desire to go on the stage. The mother tried to reason with her. telling her that she was only 14 years of age, and tnat she should first have a proper education, and later a stage career might be considered. On Friday last the daughter disappeared. The woman at once went oira search of theatrical agencies. She found an agency con ducted by a man named Travis, ind he told her that he had booked her daughter .with a troupe which was located in Pittsburg. The woman's friends told her to go to the New York police. She did so, and they telegraphed telegraphed to Pittsburg, but learned that the daughter was with no troupe in that city. "The police then sent a detective with the woman back,to the theatrical agent. The latter told a different story. He told (the. detective that the girl had been sent on to Wilkes - Barre to join a troupe being placed on the road by a man named Gotthold, who said that he owned the Wyoming Val ley Hotel 'and the Hotel Wilkes - Barre in the ctiy of Wilkes - Barre. The de tective advised the woman to com" to Wilkes - Barre at once and tell (the police her story. She first went to the Wyoming Valley Hotel, and asked for the man whose name she had, who she said was proprietor of the hotel The clerk told her that no such man owned the place, and that no theatrical theatrical troupe was stopping there. He advised her to go to Hotel Wilkes - Barre. It was then that she came to police headquarters. FOUND AT BLOOMSBURG. "After telling Sergeant Conroy all these facts he set out, and found that the man was in Bloomsburg rehears ing a troupe. The sergeant ''advised the woman to go to bed and come .to police headquarters in : the morning: This she did. She arrived early in the morning. Chief Jones was present then, and he telephoned to Bloomsburg, Bloomsburg, and informed the chief of that place to meet the woman at the station. station. The chief of police of that town met her as requested, and when she told him of the troupe he took her to a hotel where the members were stop ping, and in a few minutes she was with her daughter. "There was a "scene" between mother and daughter, - but It lasted but a few minutes. The daughter was repentant repentant and willing to go home, being already tired of theatrical life. The mother was forgiving and the return trip was soon made to Wilkes - Barre. "The woman again appeared at police headquarters yesterday after - r.bout 4 o'clock with her daughter, a handsome young woman, looking to be all of 18 years instead of only 14. She is quite tall and graceful, has snappy black, with coal black hair and was attired In a rich white silk costume. The mother was In a much different mood than when she first arrived at headquarters, and was profuse in her thanks for the part the police had taken in helping her to find her daughter. The mother and daughter daughter hurried to the station and caught the Black Diamond for their home in New York." 1 ENDLESS CHAIN SCHEMES BARRED FROM MAILS. Washington, D. C, August 3 J Schemes for profit, in which the endless endless chain principle is a basis, will not be admitted to the mails. This was the decision of the Post Office Department Department yesterday, in ordering the mails closed to Hayden & Co., of Jersey City, N. J fountain pen dealers. "Such schemes are inherently fraudulent and deceptive," it announc ed. "When reduced to .final analysis they are found to he impossible of realization,, owing to the final exhaustion exhaustion of the field of available purchasers, purchasers, and those entering it in Its closing closing stages are assured only of loss." McGANN'S 441 N. MAIN AVENUE. Children's School Suits One hundred and twenty SchoolSuits in sizes9toi6years Made from good solid cheviots. All seams taped. Reinforced Reinforced seats and knees. Ten styles of patterns to select select from, This week i Green Trading Stamps P. J. HcCANfJ, 441 N. MAIN AVENUE. f eft ( J & Woolen Trousers to your measure $1.98 a pair. This ooc - a - leg Remnant sale of trouserings will soon be over. Our Fall opening is not far distant, the first cool days will end the ooca - leg sale. !y - . ' Hundreds l f ine wollen remnants are still left for you to select from. Get your order in now. We guarantee the fitting. V 1 ' SPECIAL NOTICE Following our custom of past 'Trouser Sals, we wi'l ' make to' your order a pair of trousers Free, it you order a suit or top cot now, ) ; ; . CARBONDALE NE WS. Paul Galuscia Committed to Jail For Assaulting William Yannock With a Steel Bar. Special Correspondence of The Truth. Carbondale, Pa., Aug. Sl.T - Paul Oa - luscia, of Richmondale, was committed to the county jail in default of bail by Alderman J. B. Gilhool last night for felonious assault with Intent to kill William Yannock. , . . .It all happened last Saturday night. With several other men they assembled assembled at the home of a neighbor to enjoy enjoy the evening. A keg of beer was brought forth, and every one in the party got some of .it. Galuscia' used the stimulant more liberally than tha others, and was too Intoxicated to be in good humor, and the others knew it. It Is said Yannock started to tease Galuscia Galuscia when the latter picked up a huge steel bar and struck Yannock on the head with it several times, rendering him unconscious and almost 'killing him. ' , There are several ugly looking dents In Yannock's head, and It was fearcj at first his skull was fractured. He was confined to his home under the care of a physician until yesterday, yesterday, when he swore out a warrant for .GaluBtla's arrest. The latter had a hearing last night and in default or. bail was committed to the county Jail. STEPHEN KANK INJURED. Stephen Kank is the name' of the man struck and injured by a south bound engine while walking the tracks of the Ontario road, near Simpson, yesterday. yesterday. ' Kank" was employed at the northwest min anrt lived on River street in this city. He was enroute home from his work when the accident nappenea. ji didn't get far enough away from the tracks as the engine swung around a curve and struck him. He was hurled to the side or tne tracks and rendered unconscious. . In this condition he was removed to the Dundaff street station In this city, and thence to the Emergency Hospital. After th Hiirereons of the Institution had examnied him it was learned he u.acn't Kcriouslv iniured. There were several bruises on his head from com ing in contact with jthe emlwnKmcnr, and he was also cut ahout the right hip. He was able to leave the hospital ihortly attcr admission. JAMES WHITE DEAD. James White, a prominent resident of this city, and a veteran of the civil war. died suddenly yesterday in the Emerecncy Hospital from heart dis ease. The deceased had been in feeble health for the past several years. Mr. White was born In Ireland about 70 years ago and cme to America in jw!l. settling in Hopesdale and finally taking up tils residence In Carbon - dale. At the outbroak of the Civil War he enlisted in the Union army In Company Company H, Seventy - seventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, with whom he served from Fentember in 1861 until October in 1SB2, when he was discharged for disability - He received gun shot wounds In the riaht - shoulder and the right foot at the battle of Plttshurg landing. The deceased was mustared Into tne Grand Army of the Republic, Nov. 12, 1880, and at the time of his death "as a member of William H. Davles Post, No. 187. of this city. The post will meet at Its hall to - morrow morning at 9 o'clock to uttend the funeral In u boly. The rortege will leave the - home of E. J. McIIale on Washington street at :15 o'clock, tomorrow morning for St. Rose's church, where a requiem high mass will be celebrated' over his remains. remains. Mr. White has no nearer relatives than Mr. McHale, who Is his nephew. He was a brother - of the late Luke White with whom he llvsd for many years. The deceased was a man of fine character and his death causes much regret here. ' COMING MARRIAGES. Announcement has beep madt of the approaching marriage of Miss Margaret Duffy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mich ael Duffy, of Brooklyn street, to Charles Burke, of Arehosld. It will take place during the coming month. Roth Miss Duffy and Mr. Burke are highly esteemed esteemed and popularly known in this city, where they have a wide circle of frlensd who will be pleased to hear of the coming event. , - . Another marriage scheduled to occur soon Is that of Miss Mary Kerlns, daughter of Mrs. Bridget Kerlns. of Brooklyn street, to Charles Duggan, of Sand street. DEATH OF MARTIN LOFTUS. Martin Loftus, one of the city's oldest mi I UL I1IUOL i u . j nimn i , miciw, uiti yesterday at his home, 8 Vine street, m 2 . FINE WQOLENS, UNION TAILORED., " 227 LACKAWANNA AVENUE. of general debility. His health has been failing him for the past several years. , - The deceased was, 72 years, old and was born in Ireland. He lived in Carbondale Carbondale for over fifty years and among the pioneer residents he was especially favorably known. , With them he had established a reputation as a man possessed possessed of sterling character and integrity integrity and his death is generally regretted. regretted. Mr; Loftus is survtved by one daughter, daughter, Mrs. Anthony Kane, and two sons, Martin and Michael Loftus. The fun; eral will probably take place tomorrow. tomorrow. CARLISLE TOMORROW. The Lindner team of Carlisle will play Captain Walsh's men on Duffy's field tomorrow"" and Friday. It is one of the best semi - professional teams in Pennsylvania and has been secured under under a heavy guarantee. Charles Spencer, Spencer, of Scranton, is captain of the aggregation. aggregation. On Saturday Honesdale will be here to contest the fourth game In the series and following this on Sunday will be the attraction. The Scranton Semi - Pro - fcsisonals are scheduled to play two games here on Labor day. FUN AT. BOYS' OUTING. Abe Sahm on Monday gave an outing at Crystal Lake to the boys of the Second ward. The affair was a great success. There were 4S0 in the party ami a fine dinner was served them at the lake. Some of the cottagers and sojourners at the lake assisted In serving the lads and their help was greatly appreciated appreciated by Mr. Sahm. Frank Mauley, nf West Carbondale, caught the greased pig and won the $1 prize. Raymond Wade, of Washington Washington street, climbed the greased pole and got a dollar; while John Rierdbn won the 60 - yard foot race and got the 50 cent prize. There were twenty entries for th blackberry pie eating contest and Charles Brown, of the Sixth avenue shoe shining parlor, was the winner. He got outside of a pie with hands tied behind his back in two minutes and forty seconds. ' 'All the hoys returned home highly pleased with the outing. . , A NEW BUILDING. Contractor Gibhs has begun work on the excava - tions for a two - story building building to be erected for Andrew Mitchell in the rear of McNulty's restaurant on North Main street, on the site of what vas formerly the Tingley pharmacy. The new building will be a brick structure and replaces a wooden one that has been a danger spot In that locality because of its inflammability. COSTA YET AT LARGE. A careful search by the police of th'! Italian colony near Drumrnond avenue failed to reveal any trace of Frank Costa, the young man who shot and wounded his father in a quarrel Saturday Saturday night. Vnimif fnKtn la Ktlll nt lut'cp anrt fvereffort to locate h,lm has been of no avail., i lie ponc - e ii priKsrcuie mm, despite the wishes of his family. SATURDAY'S REUNION. Carhondalo will be pretty well represented represented 'Saturday at Nay Aug Park by the employes of the former Delaware and Hudson gravity railroad in the an nual reunion of the Pennsylvania Coal company's gravity employes. This reunion will bring together many of the pioneer railroaders in Northeastern Northeastern Pennsylvania. ' . SOCIAL NOTES. The summer guests at Fern Hall, Crystal I.ake, gave a danea Inst evening evening in honor of Miss Delia Bailey, of this city. The affair was thoroughly enjoyed. : Thomas F. Connc ll. of Wnocllawn avenue, has returned home from a ten days' sojourn spent at Atlantic, City. Miss Gladys C. Price, nf South Wash - Inton stret. and Miss Grace Osborne, of Ash avenue, are visiting friends at Pittston. Miss Anna Huta, of Itlpoit. Wis., and Miss Bertha KuU; of Albuquerque N. M.. are guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Rlvenburg, of North Main street. Miss Mary McWIIllams. of Scranton, Is visiting her cousin. Miss Annie Duggan. Duggan. of Brooklyn strret. Mrs. William Hlsted. of Wyoming street, returned from Lake Ariel.1 John Bryden, of Brook stret, Is recovering recovering after a three weeks' sickness of appendicitis. Mr. and Mrs. William Shannon and children left yesterday for. Rhode Inland, Inland, for a two weeks' sojourn. Miss Madeline Stevens and Miss Ruth Hlsted, of Wyoming stret, are at; Lake, Ariel. ' t. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clarkson have - returned from a week's stay at Fern Hall, Crystal Lake. Mrs. G. W. Keene and Miss Anna - Farrell returned home from a visit with friends in Lordville, N. Y. v Miss. Grace Rettew has returned frorn a visit with relatives in New York city and Easton. The Misses Elsie and Minnie Roesiger haye returned from a fortnight's trip to Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Miss Janet Edwards, of Hawley, is a guest of Mrs. Andrew Gramer, of Park street. : Mrs. Henry J. Battle and sister, Miss Tillie. Nealon, returned home after spending two weeks in New York city. 1 LITTLE PIECES OF NEWS. :: 'John H. Thomas, of this city, has' been appointed a member of the Re publican executive committe of ten, to c c; r t vuai - fic ui tut i - uuuij t. 1 1 1 j i no rpc l ar i nririin arm rt avy Alliance service win oe nei fveiiiiitt in i hp . i fi tic i ita.L iiinH - i i . preach a sermon. anereiis no cnaiige io - aay in ine ill of a stroke of partial paralysis; Taylor, who underwent an operation aco. laying a new service main along Wood - la wn avenue, in West Carbondale. Hiram A. Arnold, of Deposit, N. Y., a brother of Mrs. J. iZ. Haley, of this city, underwent an operation in the Emergency Hospital yesterday. Prof. W. D. Evans and Mrs. J. B. Evans, of this city, have accepted invitations invitations to sing at services connected with the opening of the new organ in the Calvary Church at Taylor next Friday evening. The St. Aloysius Society of this city will present a line appearance in the October 10 parade at Scranton. The society is being driied nightly by officers officers of Company K, C. T. A. U. Regiment. Regiment. John Walsh, a five - year - old boy living living at !)9 South Main street, is ill of membraneous croup. The case was reported reported to the board of health. Joseph Glennon, after he returns from his vacation at Cliff Haven, will accept accept a position with the Carbondale Machine Company, with offices al; Bradford, Pa. t Yesterday's clam bake and shore dinner dinner at Lake Lodore, under the auspices if the Order of Railway conductors, was one of the most successful held under their auspices. Nearly fifteen hundred persons went over the mountain to enjoy enjoy the dinner. Paul Burton, the day baggage agent at the Delaware and Hudson's Trinity place station, has returned from Chester, Chester, Pa., where he attended the state encampment of the P. O. S. of A. Joseph Connerton has resigned his position as a conductor of the Scran - ' ton Railway Company to resume his studies at the Bloomsburg State Normal Normal School. Miss Lulu Reynolds, of this city, was elected secretary yesterday at the eighth annual reunion of the Reynolds in Foster. A number of Curbondalians attended the reunion. TRANSFERS OF REAL ESTATE RECORDED. The following property transfers were filed yesterday in the office of the Recorder Recorder of Deeds: Gardner and Wbitemore - to Mary IX Stone, lot in May field; consideration, !M)n. Theodore G. Wolf and KverPtt War - rent, trustees, to Frank Riweck, lot Pricebuig; consideration, $150. E. S. Culkln to C. D. Simpson, lot In Waverly; consideration, $350. H. S. White to C." D. Simpson, lot In Waverly; for $350. . Aehille Vllardi to Casper Cole, lot In Dunmore, for $1,400. Thomas D. James to C. D. Johnson, lot In Scranton, for $2,500. Van Hultemon to John Zals, lot in Covington, for $300. Isaac Fplts to Richard Davis, lot in' Taylor, for $1,100. Antonio Kcrrh - se to Vito Girardi.'lot in Iiumnoie. for $2,500. ; J. W. Miller to J. S. Miller, lot ln; Waverly, for $2 - 5. ' C. W. Thmnp - 'on to L. E. Springe, lot:' In Mooslc, for $3."0. ; "Now good digestion waits on appetite, appetite, and health on both." If it doesn't, try Burdock Blood Bit - ' ters. . G' - nTi'il Keller, who was killed tha, othr day while commanding the Run - ' slan forces at Motlen Pass, was. oddly; enough, a great admirer of Tolstoy.; - Not so long ago, however, he explained 1 In an Interview that, although he had w ritten an appreciative criticism of ," Tolstoy's work, his admiration for tha man was for Tolstoy, the novelist, not for Tolstoy, the philosopher. r

Clipped from The Scranton Truth31 Aug 1904, WedPage 7

The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania)31 Aug 1904, WedPage 7
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