4 Sept 1960, Santa Cruz Sentinel "Mistress II Is Windjammer Winner"

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4 Sept 1960, Santa Cruz Sentinel "Mistress II Is Windjammer Winner" - & & Guaranteed Paid Grcutatiort of tha Sentlntl...
& & Guaranteed Paid Grcutatiort of tha Sentlntl Friday was J Weather Report Temperatura fof 14-hour 14-hour 14-hour period and-ing and-ing and-ing at S p.m. yesterday, maximum 79, minimum 53, Monterey Bay Area Variable high Cloudiness this aftarnoon and tonlghti overcast tomorrow morning, clearing in afternoon) littles change in tempera- tempera- 104th Year-No. Year-No. Year-No. 209 US Traffic Toll illounts Steadily By The Associated Press Traffic 159 Boating 6 Drowning - 18 Miscellaneous . 20 Totals 203 By The Associated Press A shattering head-on head-on head-on auto collision collision took six lives in Lufton, Tex., Saturday, and traffic casualty reports reports from holiday-minded holiday-minded holiday-minded America America poured in with increasing momentum. momentum. The long Labor Day weekend was still young, but 159 persons were dead on the nation s highways, highways, as of 2 a.m., EDT, and 6 persons perished in boating accidents, accidents, for an over-all over-all over-all total of 203. The Texas smashup the worst reported so far in the holiday-occurred holiday-occurred holiday-occurred when one car, attempting attempting to pass a truck,' was trapped in the oncoming lane. Fair, warm weather which enticed enticed millions to outdoor activity brought a heavy traffic stream onto highways. The National Safety Council estimated that 460 persons could die between 6 p.m. Friday and midnight Monday, local times. It urged drivers to use extra caution. The 460 figure was only one short of the record traffic toll for any Labor Day weekend, 461 in 1951. The 1951 three-day three-day three-day period also set an over-all over-all over-all mark of 658 for deaths in all types of accidents. accidents. In comparison, the council said, a non-holiday non-holiday non-holiday weekend of 78 hours in this season of the year could be expected to bring 330 accident accident deaths. The Associated Press made a survey two weeks ago for com- com- Jiarative purposes. This period, rom 6 p.m., Friday, August 19, to midnight Monday, August 22, brought 389 traffic fatalities, 34 boating deaths, 61 drownings in non-boating non-boating non-boating accidents, and 90 deaths in miscellaneous accidents for a total of 574. Last Labor Dav weekend the toll was 438 traffic deaths, 29 boating fatalities, 62 drownings and 84 miscellaneous accident deaths for a toU of 613. The record over -all -all accident death toll for any holiday was 884 during the four-day four-day four-day Christmas period of 1956 when a record 706 traffic deaths was recorded. In the most recent holiday peri od, Independence Day this year, there were 442 traffic deaths. During this three-day three-day three-day holiday, boating accounted for 34 deaths, crowning for 126 and miscellaneous miscellaneous accidents for 111. The over all toll was 713. US Citizens Warned About Cuban Travel Entered as second class matter at tha Post Office at Santa Cruz, California Begonia Queen Adele Louise Antonelli was crowned queen of the Capitola Ilcgonia festival last night at the Aptos Heath inn. The 17-year-old 17-year-old 17-year-old 17-year-old 17-year-old Santa Cruz high school student is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Antonclli of 760 17th avenue. She will reign over the festival float parade next Saturday on Soquel creek. 'Operation' On Street Is Costly For Santa Cruzan A pair of "physicians" performed performed a $715 operation on a Santa Cruz man yesterday afternoon on a city street. Alonzo Babcock, 83, told police a man approached him on the street near his home at 839 Riverside Riverside avenue and asked him how he felt. "How're your legs feeling?" the man asked. "Fine," said Alonzo. "C'mon over to my car and let my nurse examine you," the man said. Alonzo went over to the car and a blonde young woman sitting in the front seat checked his chest and legs. She pronounced him fit. After the pair drove away, Alonzo decided to give himself a checkup. Sure enough, his wallet, wallet, containing $715 cash, was missing. missing. 16TII VICTIM OF I S ARMY SHELL DIES Grafen Woehr, Germany UP!. The toll of a grim U.S. army training accident rose to 16 Saturday Saturday with the death of one of two seriously injured victims. The casualties, all enlisted men, were killed by an 8-inch 8-inch 8-inch howitzer shell that overshot the artillery range and landed in a tent camp Friday morning. f , 1 l v jv J A Pennsylvania Strike Talk Bogs Down ' Philadelphia 11. Bargaining talks aimed at settling the three-day three-day three-day Pennsylvania Railroad walkout walkout appeared to have bogged down as the leader of, the picketing picketing employes advised his men: "Dig in for a long strike." Michael J. Quill, fiery president of the Transport Workers union, gave the tough message before heading for Altoona, in western Pennsylvania, to address a major strike meeting. About 8400 of the 20,000 strikers work in Pennsy shops there. Negotiators for both sides, meeting separately with federal federal mediators, kept silent counsel. counsel. Quill, however, said there was no real progress. Railroad spokesmen were inclined inclined to agree. Railway Board mediator Francis Francis O'Neill Jr. said fresh ideas were needed to solve the work rule and job security dispute that has embroiled management, TWU and another striking union, System System Federation, for over three years. Wages are not at issue here. Thousands who had looked to the Pennsy, America's largest railroad, to carry them to their destinations in the long Labor Day holiday weekend found other other transportation without apparent apparent trouble. Extra tiuses and planes were pressed into service. service. Automobiles clogged highways highways over the eastern United States. Normally the PRR operates 722 passenger trains and 870 freights daily over the 10,000 miles of track in 13 states and the District of Columbia. Giant Football Schedule Is On Page 10 Today Football fans won't want to miss the Giant Sentinel .Football .Football schedule in today's sports section. The schedule, only one of its kind in the Monterey bay area, has the complete slates of all area high school and junior college teams, along with the major northern California California college and professional squads. Turn to Page 10 and be sure and clip it out for future reference. Only The Sentinel offers this giant schedule. Premier Meets Worker Serving Santa Cruz County SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1960 uA7 r A n (n i fin nn f o ? UU UUULUJ JUUuUuulgiJ u ':. ,: :.... . :' ':v .;..' . lr ' iiiii' '-:'::.' '-:'::.' '-:'::.' .;i,,S:if"--l .;i,,S:if"--l .;i,,S:if"--l .;i,,S:if"--l ;M L 3'' ;- ;- Leaders Of West Are Cool To Nikita's Suggestion Helsinki, Finland (J) Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev called Saturday night for the chiefs of government of the world powers to meet at the United Na tions to push disarmament. Khrushchev already has an nounced he will head the Soviet delegation to the U.N. General Assembly opening in New York September 20. He previously has suggested that the leaders of the big powers get together there to talk about disarmament. Here for a two-day two-day two-day visit, Khrushchev said: "We the Rus sians know that the way to dis armament is difficult but we are for M ore Than 100 Years Mistress II Wins -.' . '''. 'v:-"r 'v:-"r 'v:-"r '.Mi: prepared to do everything and not to save any effort. "This is a difficult question. Therefore, the chiefs of government government should head their delegations delegations to the General Assembly in order to be able to come to a rapid solution." The Soviet Union announced Thursday that Khrushchev would attend the Assembly session. That action, however, brought a cool response from the big Western powers for top-level top-level top-level talks. Still stung by the breakup breakup of the summit meeting in Paris in mid-May, mid-May, mid-May, the governments governments of the United States, Britain Britain and France indicated there were no plans for their top men to join Khrushchev at the United United Nations. The visiting Soviet premier earlier earlier was reported to have told a Finnish workman and a woman translator that the Soviet Union is getting ready to launch a 60-ton 60-ton 60-ton "tarin" into space. Increasing his pressure to bring about a summit meeting at the U.N., Khrushchev said the. "international "international climate has somewhat deteriorated JIM Windjammer Race M 4 Caribbean Is Bracing For Killer Storm San Juan, Puerto Rico VP). Hurricane warnings were raised in the northern Leeward islands Saturday night as a killer storm approached with winds of 150 miles per hour. A hurricane watch was ordered for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Winds are expected to begin rising in the Leewards early Sunday and reach hurricane force by 8 a.m. At last report Hurricane Donna was about 700 miles east-southeast east-southeast east-southeast of Puerto Rico or 1800 miles from Miami, Fla., the nearest U.S. mainland point. It is moving west-northwestward west-northwestward west-northwestward at about 17 m.p.h. Donna, which may already have taken 63 lives, has hurricane force winds of 74 miles an hour or more extending 100 miles to the north and 75 miles to the south. Gales extend 225 miles to the north and 150 miles to the south. Donna is expected to maintain its course for the next 12 hours with a slight increase in size and intensity. The Leewards, part of the West Indies, comprise the U.S. Virgin Sunday and Dally Excepting Saturday jUiSXii'i 'f'' 'iliai"iVi'',ii eii' le'rai-'1 le'rai-'1 ''il'iii''' iWi'iarti' 'iii'iv',i'r''''''fi'"'ir'aiir'ri''-'''i"-' 'iii'iv',i'r''''''fi'"'ir'aiir'ri''-'''i"-' 'iii'iv',i'r''''''fi'"'ir'aiir'ri''-'''i"-' 'iii'iv',i'r''''''fi'"'ir'aiir'ri''-'''i"-' 'iii'iv',i'r''''''fi'"'ir'aiir'ri''-'''i"-' ''"'-'ly'i'-rll ''"'-'ly'i'-rll ''"'-'ly'i'-rll ''"'-'ly'i'-rll Mistress II, a 38-foot 38-foot 38-foot Faral-lone Faral-lone Faral-lone clipper, has her sails hauled hauled in as she crosses the finish line to win the annual Windjammer Windjammer race yesterday. Skippered Skippered by Aldo Alessio of San Francisco, the sleek yacht won the Class A honors with a corrected corrected time of 11:41.33. School Bells Start Calling Pupils Tuesday School bells start ringing their back-to-the back-to-the back-to-the back-to-the back-to-the books message Tues day, but the full chorus won't get under way until Sept. 12. Schools set to begin Tuesday include Aptos, Bonny Doon, Cor-ralitos, Cor-ralitos, Cor-ralitos, Freedom, Salsipuedes and Watsonville units. Opening on the twelfth are those of Santa Cruz, Davenport, Soquel, Capitola, Live Oak, Cen tral, Scotts Valley, San Lorenzo Valley, Boulder Creek, Happy Valley, Bald Mountain, and Mountain. Cabrillo college classes also get underway on that date. New student registration has been completed at most of the schools. Those still needing to sign up should contact the individual individual school offices by phone as teachers and administrators may not be in because of in- in- service training sessions and 10c Wmmm 14,883 MISSED PAPCRt If you pon OA 3-4242 3-4242 3-4242 before 9:30 a. m. a Sonlirwl will be delivered e you if you Ijv within tha city limits. TWENTY-TWO TWENTY-TWO TWENTY-TWO PAGES Cut-Throat Cut-Throat Cut-Throat 1 Is Set For Noon Today Aldo Alessio's Mistress II crossed the finish line at Mu-.' Mu-.' Mu-.' nicipal pier in a corrected time of 11:41.33 to win the-annual the-annual the-annual San Francisco to Santa Cruz Windjammer race yesterday yesterday morning. Kim, skippered by Dick Connick, was the Class B winner -in -in 12:11.31 corrected time. Mistress II won't compete in the Cut-Throat Cut-Throat Cut-Throat today. The race to Elkhorn Yacht club, in Moss , Landing, gets under way at noon. Mistress II, a sleek Farallone . clipper, finished well ahead of the 38-yacht 38-yacht 38-yacht field. She was also " first across the finish line. The race was tabbed "only av 1 erage" by time keeper Don Sea-; Sea-; Sea-; ton. Last year 25 boats finished before sun-up, sun-up, sun-up, but no yachts t checked in before dawn yesterday. yesterday. ... Mistress II came in with 1SL. minutes under power left over. ' She toured the 67-mile 67-mile 67-mile course iiu 13:54.11 and sailed under a 2-12--38 2-12--38 2-12--38 2-12--38 2-12--38 2-12--38 handicap. No serious mishaps were re-, re-, re-, ported. The last boat across, Colleen, Colleen, wasn't timed but a Coast was all right and would finish., the race Kim made the trip in 15:13.95 to defeat Leilani by eight corrected corrected minutes. Kim's handicap r was 2-54-22. 2-54-22. 2-54-22. 2-54-22. 2-54-22. . ... Mistress II won the Gass B competition last year after Echo-was Echo-was Echo-was disqualified. She moved up to Class A this time because few--er few--er few--er few--er "big" boats were entered. The officials try to make the cut as even as possible so that both large and small yachts-have yachts-have yachts-have a chance to win the tro-' tro-' tro-' phies. .- .- Mistress II carries en - th-name th-name th-name of Alesio's original Mistress Mistress which won the Windjammer classic five times. This was the 38-foot 38-foot 38-foot cupper's fifth Windjammer. Windjammer. An award dinner-dance dinner-dance dinner-dance was held last night at the Riverside hotel. Seaton presented trophiesr' to the skippers of the first two finishers in each class. Alessio was a happy man as he relaxed on his yacht after the race. "It's good to be back in the winner's circle," he said "my crew did a fine job and I'm real proud to win." The likeable skipper races out of St Francis yacht club in San Francisco. His crew consists of Hal McCormaek, Mel McCormack, Chris Vogler, Karl Tulp and Chris Gasparich. "We really enjoyed the trip down," Alessio put in. "it was a typical Santa Cruz racing day. Thousands - of Santa Cruzans will line the cliffs and beaches today for the Cut-throat Cut-throat Cut-throat race. Alesio's Alesio's Mistress II won't make the trip because his crew wants to get back to San Francisco. (Additional pictures, stories and results of the Windjammer race may be found on Page 9 of The Sentinel today.)

Clipped from Santa Cruz Sentinel04 Sep 1960, SunPage 1

Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, California)04 Sep 1960, SunPage 1
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